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A celebration of MLK's legacy

The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was one of our country's most passionate and self-sacrificing advocates for ethnic unity. We still have a long way to go in building a less racialized society and a more multi-ethnic church -- but, we wouldn't be near as far as we are if it were not for the teachings and sacrifices of men and women like Dr. King. Even forty years after his death, his teachings remain amazingly relevant and powerful. I have included some "classics" as well as a few you may have not seen before in this post. I hope they will help to encourage you in your efforts to build biblical, multi-ethnic community.


I Have A Dream Speech

#One of the most powerful speeches ever given. It changed his generation, it changed our country, and it changed the world.

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He who is greatest among you...

#Dr. King challenges, "You can be that servant!" A short, but powerful excerpt from Dr. King's "The Drum Major Instict" speech. A classic.

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Letter from a Birmingham Jail

#An insightful letter which Dr. King wrote in response to a statement written by eight white Alabama clergymen condemning the civil rights movement.
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KING: A documentary on TV this week

#" unprecedented journey back in time and forward to today. KING goes beyond the legend to delve into the man, the questions, the myths and, most importantly, the relevance of Dr. King's message in today's world." (on TV in many areas) more »

MLK's prophetic last speech

#He continued to advocate for the poor and mistreated until the end (he was in Memphis to protest low pay for black garbage collectors). He declares "I just want to do God's will" on the night before he was assassinated.

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