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Deshonna Collier-Goobil: Christ Transforming Culture: UYWI 2008

Learn the theological backdrop of Christ’s ability to transform Hip
Hop culture and teach your young people how to raise the ethic in
their music culture. In today’s world Hip Hop, Goth, Rock, and other
forms of popular education dominate the thinking and subsequent
behavior of our youth. More often than not the church’s response
to this is to demonize popular culture and ridicule youth that
choose to participate in popular culture, failing to see the wonderful
evangelistic opportunities that our youth are placed in. The Hip Hop
culture/community specifically, lacks an ethic. This session will deal
with H. Richard Niebuhr’s classic model of “Christ Transforming
Culture” with a contemporary spin and will teach attendee’s ways to
different ways to approach Hip Hop youth.

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