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Dan Hodge: Beyond Beats & Rhymes - The History & Societal Effect of Hip-Hop on American Society: UYWI 2008

Have you been wondering what this whole Hip Hop thing is really all
about? Do you feel that this Hip Hop thing is just too dang “evil” and
we should just leave it all alone? Well, then this is the class for you!
We will be discussing the historical and cultural attributes of Hip Hop
culture as it relates to ministry and the young people we serve. This
class is for anyone wanting to know a deeper and broader historical
perspective on Hip Hop and go beyond the saggin pants, long
necklaces, Escalades, confusing lyrics, and the “Bitch-Ho” industry
that has dominated the appearance of Hip Hop in this country. We
will be discussing the last 25 years of Hip Hop and discover its deep
spiritual roots and its connection to Jesus. So come on in, you know
you want to!

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