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Adventures in Los Angeles

Wow I don't even know where to begin but I guess I could start by telling you that I really like the city. I guess sometimes when you get so caught up in wanting to go to other parts of the world outside of the US, you forget how much need there is in the city. Tonight we shadowed a group and went on what we call the "Prayer Tour." As we are driving through Skid Row, on one of the streets there is a party going on. There are people listening to music and dancing in the streets. Then we drive a few blocks away and an LA Lakers game is just getting out, and people are partying and dancing in the streets so to speak. Two vastly different groups of people both rejoicing, but for different reasons. One group will find it's bed on a sidewalk as the rain drizzles down their faces. The other in a nice warm bed with a couple of pillows and blankets. One will beg for food, the other will walk to their refrigerator and have whatever they desire.

Still Jesus would have been in the midst of both groups. One of the questions we ask our groups to think about at CSM is where would Jesus be standing? Would he be standing with the poor or with the rich? Or would he be somewhere in the middle. Jesus did not come only to save the poor, nor did he come only to save the rich. So we think of Jesus standing in the middle. I guess for me that's a new concept so to speak, I think of Jesus hanging out with the poor and the outcasts (which he definitely did), but he also spent time questioning the rich and trying to help them understand his Father's way.

I wonder sometimes if I could look at my entire life how many times I have stood on the rich side? How many times have I stood on the poor side? How many times have I stood in the middle? If I'm truly attempting to be like Jesus wouldn't I be standing in the middle?

How can I stand in the middle? Think about that for a minute....I mean it's definitely a hard one to process.

Some other things I am learning are.....

I am more of a processor than I realize. I can be really extroverted, but sometimes I just need time to think about what I have seen or what is going on.

I love Nicaraguan & Indian food!!!

I don't like that there is not much grass in LA, but I'm told that there is more in Northern California.

Today I learned what a "Smog Check" is.

The pigeons out here are black with red feet and red eyes (weird)

Lastly, I have a lot of things to remember this summer, but with God all things are possible.

God is in the midst of it all, and He sees the big picture more than I can, so trusting Him is the way to go. I hope you enjoyed reading, you can look forward to more stories soon!!

-Amanda, CSM Los Angeles City Host Summer 2008