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From $70K to Food Bank, One Family's Struggle

In these days of financial anguish, it's amazing to see the hope that continues to shine through debt, worry and tears. Families across the nation have been hit hard these last few months. Women and children continue to be the fastest growing section of homeless individuals. It's the little things that count. Take a look at this recent CNN article about a family that went from living on $70,000 a year to needing to utilize their local food bank. It can be life-altering for someone to come to the point of needing help, but what a beautiful reflection of God's grace - when people step up and give of themselves to bless others in need. Whether it means volunteering at a food bank, offering to pay for somebody's utility bill that month or just spending time with someone who is lonely. There are countless ways for you to reach out. How will you be Jesus' hands and feet today?