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13 free videos on building multi-ethnic communities of faith by Dr. Mark DeYmaz

# Dr. Mark DeYmaz graciously agreed to let us post 13 short teaching videos edited from a talk he recently gave at the InnovateChurch Conference. They are filled with great stories and insights on building multi-ethnic churches and ministries. You may want to consider converting the videos to DVD and showing them as a part of your Sunday service or meetings. I have featured a few of the videos below. Enjoy!

Chad Brennan

Sit Your Nalgas Down!

#"In this segment, Mark DeYmaz explains why the pursuit of cross-cultural competence is not without its lighter moments. Do not miss this hillarious story from the annals of Mosaic’s history!" watch »

It’s Not About Racial Reconciliation

#"In this segment, Mark DeYmaz explains why a healthy multi-ethnic church must not be focused on racial reconciliation, but on reconciling men and women to God through faith in Jesus Christ; and on reconciling a local congregation of evangelical faith to the principles and practices of first century churches such as existed at Antioch and Ephesus." watch »

Ephesians - Part 1 of 3

#"In this segment, Mark DeYmaz explains why the book of Ephesians is Paul’s clarion call for diverse believers to walk, work and worship God together as one in and through the local church." watch »

John 17 - Part 1 of 2

#"In this segment, Mark DeYmaz continues his exegesis of John 17, pointing out the two (Greek) hima clauses in the passage and their significance in terms of Christ’s prayer that the church be one so the world would know God’s love and believe." watch »

The Coming Integration of the Local Church

#"In this segment, Mark DeYmaz explains why - in an increasingly diverse and cynical society - the gospel will be unintentionally undermined when preached from segregated pulpits and pews." watch »

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