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Every Door Closed: Barriers Facing Parents with Criminal Records


Every Door Closed: Barriers Facing Parents with Criminal Records

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by Amy E. Hirsch, Sharon M. Dietrich, Rue Landau, Peter D. Schneider, Irv Ackelsberg, Judith Bernstein-Baker, and Joseph Hohenstein (copyright 2002 by Community Legal Services, Inc. and the Center for Law and Social Policy).



Life after incarceration for parents and their children is not easy.  They encounter myriad struggles.  This report focuses on some of the barriers that tear families apart, create unemployment and homelessness, and guarantee failure, thereby harming parents and children, families, and communities.

Why does FASTEN recommend this resource?

This sobering report reminds practitioners of the barriers—in housing, education, employment, public benefits—faced by ex-offenders. It includes a series of policy recommendations for addressing these barriers. Organizations working with children of prisoners may be interested in advocating these policy recommendations.

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