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Organizational Start-Up
Helps you find the support and nurturing you need to grow great ideas into social service programs and organizations to serve your community.
Congregational Resources Guide: Resources for Congregations
Christian Community Development Association (CCDA)
The Community Toolbox
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Management & Leadership
Effectively impact your community with an organization that is on-purpose.
Nonprofit Good Practice Guide
Performance Appraisal: Common Pitfalls and Solutions
Qualities of Effective Board Members
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This topic area will help you recruit, train and motivate your volunteers to make meaningful, long-term contributions to your organization and community.
The Hidden Benefits of Helping
National Service: a Resource for Faith-Based and Community Groups
Standards of Excellence for Volunteers
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Program Evaluation
Articles and tools in this topic area will help your organization to faithfully pursue its mission and to design “doable” evaluation systems that track your programs’ results—helping you to both improve your work and communicate its value to your funders.
The Manager’s Guide to Program Evaluation
¿Cómo Estamos Haciendo? Una caja de herramientas para la auto-asesoramiento de organizaciónes de se
Amherst H. Wilder Foundation-Research Center
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Volunteer Toolkit: Practical Equipment for Effective Volunteer Management

Outcome-Based Evaluation: A Training Toolkit for Programs of Faith

Maintaining a Positive Relationship Between Your Nonprofit and Your Church

The 12 Basic Needs of Every Volunteer

Structuring Your Board of Directors

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