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Effective Congregations

Resources for developing and sustaining transformational leaders
Leading Congregational Change: A Practical Guide for the Transformational Journey
The Path from Faith to Action
Congregation 2 Congregation
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Developing Vision
Instructional models, Biblical principles, and catalytic learning/serving opportunities to garner momentum in your church for greater external focus
Profile of Second Baptist Church
The Urban Plunge: A First Person Taste of Inner City Renewal
Profile of Calvary Chapel Ft. Lauderdale
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Spiritual Dynamics
Resources to keep transformational community ministry truly holistic
Training for Evangelism
Our Church’s Mission Devotional Guide
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Church Assessment
Identifying your congregation’s strengths, resources, assets, and needs in order to facilitate greater external focus
Ideas for Moving from Relief to Development
The Eyes Have It
A Strategic Church Transformation Process
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Community Assessment
Resources for researching, partnering with, and understanding your community context
Christians Supporting Community Organizing
An Introduction to ABCD for Church Leaders
Foundations of Urban Ministry
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Ideas to Action
Practical how-to’s and tools for getting started in transformational community ministry
A Guide to Running the Citizen Leaders Program
What Every Church Member Should Know About Poverty
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Mobilizing the Church
Resources for motivating, equipping, and deploying your members in externally focused service
Template for Outreach Serving Survey
Standards of Excellence for Host Organizations
The Equipping Church Guidebook
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Information and how-to tools for building and sustaining effective partnerships for transformational community ministry
Core Ideas on Partnership
Expanded Key Principles for Success in Kingdom Collaboration
Self-Help: Communities Turn Inward to Solve Problems
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Funding Your Ministry
Resources for fund-development for transformational community ministry
Resource Packet on Working with the Media
Fundraising Bookshelf: An Annotated Bibliography
Winning Grants to Strengthen Your Ministry
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Information and how-to tools for evaluating your transformational community programs and initiatives
Measuring Outcomes
How Can We Design Survey Interviews and Questionnaires to Give Us the Best Information Possible?
Using the MA Family Self-Sufficiency Scales and Ladders Assessment Form
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Program Resource Sheets
Quick, topically oriented guides to orient church leaders to models and resources for launching new ministries.



Foundational Principles
“Overview” type resources on church-based transformational community development
Summary of Churches That Make a Difference
Acting On Your Faith: A Guide to Success in Service and Social Action
Biblical Principles for the Church
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Developing Vision Bookshelf: An Annotated Bibliography
Summary of Churches That Make a Difference

Profile of Calvary Chapel Ft. Lauderdale

An Introduction to ABCD for Church Leaders

Our Church’s Mission Devotional Guide

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