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Education Pack


Education Pack

by Free the Slaves

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This education pack is teacher and student-tested and can be adapted for classrooms from upper elementary through high school.  It contains many activities, projects, fact sheets, quizzes, pictures and illustrations.  Schools, community groups, congregations and other organizations have been able to adapt material from this education pack to teach others about modern slavery and get them involved in the fight to end slavery.
The Education Pack has five sections, which you can download from their website:

    • Slavery in the 21st Century—This short section introduces the topic of modern slavery and places it in the context of global human rights.
    • Slavery Throughout History—This section compares and contrasts modern slavery with slavery in the Old South and provides accompanying activities.
    • Slavery and Human Rights—This section provides activities to help students understand human rights and anti-slavery advocacy.
    • Bonded Labor Campaign—Bonded labor is the most common form of slavery.  This section explains the issue and provides ways to help.
    • Resources and Contacts—Find other materials and organizations to continue your work on the issue of slavery.

Why does FASTEN recommend this resource?

Educators, parents, and youth group leaders can easily adapt activities to create and supplement lessons.  Free the Slaves is one of the leading organizations in the fight to end modern-day slavery, and they have found that when young people learn about modern slavery—particularly about kids their age who are enslaved—they are inspired to learn more about it and act in a positive way to end it.


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