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Symantec Donation Programs (In-Kind Donation)

Cost Range or Discount Range: 

Depending on the type or number of Symantec products and services selected, there is an Administrative Fee that ranges from $1.20 to $350.00.


Symantec Donation Programs

We are pleased to announce that the Symantec Donation Program now includes Symantec Enterprise Products, Symantec Desktop Products, and Subscription Renewals for Symantec Desktop Products.  Qualifying organizations are invited to maximize the individual benefits of one, two, or all three of these exciting offerings.

Symantec Enterprise Products are installed on a server to provide security for multiple networked computers in a small to large business environment.  Review complete Symantec Enterprise guidelines and restrictions.

Symantec Desktop Products provide security for a single computer.  Please note: 501(c)(3) schools and 501(c)(3) libraries are eligible to receive Symantec Desktop Products.  Review complete Symantec Desktop guidelines and restrictions.

Subscription Renewals for Desktop Security Products keep your computer secure against new security threats for an additional year after your original subscription has expired.  Review complete Symantec Desktop Renewals guidelines and restrictions and read our Subscription Renewals FAQ.

Please note: Symantec does not provide telephone technical support for donated products.  Please feel free to visit their award-winning Web site for free online technical support.

Categories of Products and Services:


How to Get This: 

To be eligible, your organization must be registered on and meet the requirements of the Symantec Donation Programs (See the Restrictions Section).