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Office Supplies and Products with OfficeMax (Non-profit Discount)

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Must be a Consorta member to receive non-profit discounts.

Membership with Consorta is free and available to all TechMission members. Click here for more TechMission membership information.


Cost Range or Discount Range: 

OfficeMax will provide a market-driven pricing program availble for Consorta participants, offering special discounted pricing and catalogs to this customer base.  In addition, OfficeMax will issue Retail Connect Cards to Consorta participants enabling them to buy products and print services at discounted prices while shopping in any of OfficeMax's retail stores.


OfficeMax is offering discounted prices on office supplies.

How to Get This: 

You must be a member of Consorta to receive non-profit discounts. Please visit the web link for registration information.



Good quality and cheap office supplies is just something you do not find it does not exist binder pockets you just have quality or just low prices

Thanks for keeping us posted

Thanks for keeping us posted although I think I need more information about how can I become a Consorta member. I need discount office supplies for my new business and it looks like I am in the right place.