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Curriculum in a Box: Middle School Confidential


Curriculum in a Box: Middle School Confidential


by Human Relations Media (Human Relations Media, 2000)


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This comprehensive boxed-set curriculum for middle school/junior high students focuses on identifying drug resistance skills and building life skills.  It includes 10 videos, 2 teacher resource books, and a variety of worksheets and fact sheets.  The video programs are each under 20 minutes and deal with smoking, spit tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, inhalants, anger, tolerance, popularity, conflict resolution and time management.  The videos correspond to topics found in the teacher resource books and covered in worksheets and fact sheets included in the curriculum. (The videos can also be purchased individually.) All worksheets are easily reproducible and the curriculum can be used repeatedly. Middle School Confidential is a secular program—faith-based organizations wanting to make the curriculum more faith-friendly or faith-specific would need to complement it with their own materials or exercises of interpretation.


Why does FASTEN recommend this resource?


Curriculum in a Box: Middle School Confidential is somewhat expensive initially but contains well-written, quality materials that can be used a number of times.  The videos are engaging, quick-moving and narrated primarily by young people.  Other activities can be selected based upon the goals or grade level of the class and all the materials can be used as supplementary materials for a faith-based prevention program.


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