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CSM Houston: Hurricane Ike Update

Hurricane Ike swept through Houston this past weekend, leaving a path of destruction and hope from an all-powerful, all-knowing God.
CSM has three full-time staffers in Houston, many partner ministry sites, and countless individuals we love very much. Greg Pennington (CSM Vice President) weathered the storm with his family and is now living at his church and helping to reach the surrounding community as it wakes up in shock at the damage. Here's a quick update from him:
"No power for most of the city. We are staying at our church, which has power (AC!), showers, and a working kitchen.  We are cooking/sharing meals with several members of our church and having a real New Testament church experience here! Doing the yard and street clean up "thing", and doing that at our church, as well. Not many gas stations open so very long lines. Grocery stores are opening up and limiting purchases and having long lines.  All of us here at the church just brought our refrigerator/freezer and pantry stuff up to the church to share - multiplying the loaves and fishes. We are going to start feeding the neighborhood this afternoon with whatever we can put together. Keep us and the city in your prayers!"

CSM's Houston City Director, Paul Randall, evacuated to a friend's house in Austin. Here's an update from him:
"I just got a call from one of the ladies at our housing site - apparently the roof of the gym came off in the hurricane and water "poured in" down through our staff housing area to the first floor. I'll update once again when I am able to get over there and scope it out. We continue to appreciate your prayers for our community."

Please be praying for those affected by this storm. We'll be sure to update you with any news.

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