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Connect with Ministry Models, Mentors and Partners

Connect with ministry models, mentors and partners

Why this step is important: Healthy partnerships expand the horizons of your mission. Connect the principles of holistic ministry with real-life models and resources by researching best practices, cultivating a relationship with more experienced ministry mentors, hosting guest speakers, and identifying follow-up contacts and resources in your church's area of ministry calling. Develop collaborative relationships with other churches and agencies that can bring additional resources, skills or expertise to your ministry.

How it is helpful: Connecting with models and mentors expands your ministry horizons, helps you avoid reinventing the ministry wheel, and provides your church with counsel, expertise, and encouragement as you move forward in holistic ministry. Ministry partnerships allow a church to do more and different ministry than it could on its own, particularly if the church is new to ministry. Cross-cultural partnerships, in particular, can be a sign to the world of the unity of the body of Christ.

Your church might benefit from this step if ... you want to spark greater interest in outreach; you want to connect with other churches or ministries who have more experience in holistic ministry and can give practical advice; you are looking to collaborate with partners who share your vision; you lack sufficient resources or staff on your own to carry out your ministry plans; you want to reach out across racial, geographical and denominational lines.