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AmeriCorps + Bachelors Degree with Scholarship Stipend

TechMission Corps provides a partnership with City Vision College where AmeriCorps members may work toward their Bachelor's degree through City Vision College during their AmeriCorps service period. Any TechMission Corps member that does not have a Bachelor's is required to either be enrolled in a Bachelor's program or working toward their GED. The TechMission Corps member may be enrolled in any accredited school, although City Vision College provides additional discounts and benefits to TechMission Corps members.  These include the following:

  • Up to six hours of credit for your AmeriCorps service
  • Scholarship stipend (see description below)
  • Ability to take courses online while active in service
  • Delayed payment of tuition until AmeriCorps educational award is received
  • Students qualifying for a Pell grant or other federal financial aid will receive cash payment of the full amount to cover living expenses 

City Vision College currently offers the following 3 degree programs, and will soon offer an Urban Ministry Degree with a  focus in either Urban Youth Ministry or Urban Chaplaincy.

Nonprofit Management

302 - Nonprofit Administration
303 - Financial Accounting and Reporting
304 - Ministry Management
305 - Human Resources
307 - Facilities Management
308 - Food Services
309 - Fund Raising Basics
310 - Intermediate Fund Raising
405 - Financial Planning for Nonprofits
406 - Joy at Work (Theology of Work)

Addiction Studies

Urban Missions

301 - History of Urban Missions
305 - Human Resources
306 - Residential Recovery Programs
307 - Facilities Management
308 - Food Services
311 - Theology & Strategies of Urban Missions
401 - Counseling in the City 
402 - Life Skills Training
403 - Urban Evangelism & Discipleship 
404 - Case Management

Tuition and Scholarship Stipend

Upon payment of tuition through the AmeriCorps Educational award at the end of each year, City Vision will pay the student $2,550 as an additional scholarship stipend to cover living expenses (this is similar to providing the student a 50% discount on tuition).  The following is a summary of how this would work with a full-time student.

  • AmeriCorps Stipend Paid to AmeriCorps Member    =$12,100
  • Tuition Cost = $600/course x 10 courses                  = $6,000
  • AmeriCorps  Educational Award Paid to City Vision = $5,550
  • Scholarship Stipend Paid to AmeriCorps Member    = $2,550
  • Net Payment to City Vision                                        = $3,000