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City Vision College: Online Training for Urban Ministry

TechMission is excited to announce that City Vision College (formerly Rescue College) is now a part of TechMission. Its mission is to train those involved in urban ministry.

Students can pursue a certificate in urban ministry or a Bachelor of Arts in Missions (with Ministry or Management focus) or in Addiction Studies. Individual courses may also be taken for personal or professional development.

The college is fully-accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council and is an affiliate member of the Association for Biblical Higher Education. DETC is recognized by both the U.S. Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). All faculty members are urban ministry professionals with graduate degrees and a passion for mentoring future leaders.

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Accredited member of DETC - Distance Education and Training Council

City Vision College Online Courses 2008

Spring Term I - Jan 2, 2008

  • 301 History of Urban Missions: An introduction to the history of the urban mission movement. The course begins with the early efforts of
    evangelicals in the nineteenth century and concludes with an up-to-date look at urban missions today.
  • 308 Food Services: An introduction to food service operations. Topics include nutrition and menu planning, principles of food procurement and purchase, safe food handling and preparation, systems of serving and food service equipment, sanitation and health standards, budgeting and cost controls. Also includes a look at using volunteers and clients in a nonprofit organization’s operations.
  • 309 Fund Raising Basics: Along with an introduction to the essential elements of fundraising, direct mail, capital campaigns, annual funds, etc., this course is intended to help the student to develop a Biblical perspective of development
Spring Term II - Mar 17, 2008
  • 307 Facilities Management: The theoretical and practical approach to maintenance of buildings and equipment. Topics include: preventative
    maintenance, housekeeping, public image, record keeping, and inventories. Also includes a study of the most common legal issues faced by nonprofit organizations; governmental bodies to which the organization is accountable; issues relating to property and liability insurance; and basic operational, health and safety requirements.
  • 310 Intermediate Fund Raising: Explores the various approaches to effectively communicating the organization’s message to potential clients, staff, community, churches, and donors. Topics include: major donor research, cultivation of contributors, and using written and digital publications
    to communicate with an organization’s constituency. Will include a look at working with various forms of media (Internet, TV, radio, newspapers,
    magazines, and video) used to promote nonprofit organizations.
  • 311 Theology & Strategies of Urban Mission: This course deals with the Biblical mandate for urban ministry and presents some of the global issues that impact the lives of city dwellers.
  • 403 Urban Evangelism & Discipleship: Biblical and practical motives, methods, and means of bringing the good news of Jesus Christ to unbelievers in the setting of the inner city. The course focuses on helping respondents move toward spiritual and successful Christian life and service. Includes a study of how evangelism and discipleship are practiced in urban ministry, along with how to make a clear presentation of the gospel, how
    to lead others in discipleship, and how to help ministries improve in these critical efforts.

Summer Term - May 26, 2008

  • 302 Nonprofit Administration: Principles of operating a not-for-profit organization including the development and purposes of organizing documents, the reporting requirements for maintaining an organization’s non-profit status, the functions of the Board of Directors, and the relationship between the Chief Executive and the Board.
  • 303 Nonprofit Accounting: Covers both the mechanics of non-profit accounting and the necessity of financial accountability. The outcome of this course is the development of an accounting policy manual for an urban mission or similar nonprofit organization.
  • 401 Counseling in the City: This course examines the role and theory of lay counseling as it applies to urban ministry settings. The coursework guides the learner into increased awareness, knowledge, and skill in interacting with multicultural and diverse populations. Counselor attributes, cultural sensitivity, and the concept of contextualized counseling will be explored. This course also focuses on client assessment and approaches to addressing problems common to distressed urban dwellers seeking counseling.

All courses are $150/credit hour =$450/course. There are additional costs for course materials. Courses are 10 weeks and take about 10-15 hours of study time per week.

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