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The Citizen’s Handbook


The Citizen’s Handbook


A Guide to Building Community / Charles Dobson / Vancouver Citizen’s Committee


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Resource Type:  An online book with excellent how-to’s, advice, and ideas for community organizing


Main Audience:  For any group or individual hoping to pursue community organizing




The Citizen’s Handbook is an online book which takes individuals and groups through every step of grassroots community organization.  It begins with a thorough yet succinct guide to starting the process – from researching the community to gathering a team to fundraising to strategic thinking.  The second section provides an extensive list of ideas on community organizing projects, including information, advice and resources for each one. 


The third section of this resource includes articles from others on community organizing that will provide readers with a deeper understanding of the philosophy behind it as well as more advice, tips, and ideas from a variety of perspectives.  The authors then include a “Citizen’s Library” with book recommendations on local democracy, action organizing, media advocacy and working with others.  Some short case studies are offered, and it concludes with a list of links to connect readers with further resources.


This book is extremely accessible and will be helpful to groups of all sizes and abilities.  It takes readers through every step of the process and includes an abundance of advice, guidance, and ideas.  It is an excellent starting place for anyone interested in community organizing. 


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