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China Earthquake Update

As many of you have already heard, there was a 7.9 earthquake in China Monday morning (their afternoon). It was a big enough earthquake that people in Shanghai (a city 1000 miles away) felt it. Imagine an earthquake happening in Denver, CO and people in Los Angeles feeling it. Currently, Yahoo! reports that there have been a count of 12,000 deaths and rising. Many kids were still in school when this happened, and many got caught inside buildings as they collapsed around and on top of them. I think this is an important time for us as believers to come together and pray for the people of China. They are facing a great crisis, and need international help. I know for many of you, this may seem like a far away place, with no relevance to your life, but to bring it a little closer to home I would like to tell you about some of my family that is out there right now. My great aunt's family lives in Chengdu, a metropolitan city just 60 miles from the epicenter. Her family, and many like hers slept on the street last night, and will do again tonight because they are too afraid to go back inside buildings. Early yesterday morning (at night in China), my mom, who was in Shanghai at the time of the earthquake, flew to Chengdu to help aid these people in whatever she could.
Thanks in advance for your prayers. Your prayers for salvation and hope in a situation that can only described as heart-wrenching. Prayers for peace and love and joy when those things seem absent. And your prayers for calmness in spite of the fears and anger. Thanks again! Jonathan CSM Los Angeles Scheduler