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Businesses Felons Can Start

Finding a job with a criminal record is a very tough job. It will take hard work, planning and dedication. No one knows when all of your hard work will pay off. It may be next week, next month, or three months form now. The reality is, you probably have financial demands that must be met. Starting a business may be the perfect choice to earn some money. With a little creativity and hard work, you can start your own business. There are many ways aggressive people can get started in the business world. There are many self-employment options that have low start-up or investment costs. Your criminal record won’t matter running your own enterprise. Here are a few ideas:

A Painting Service

Painting is a messy job, so if you have some experience and some friends there are surely some people who would pay you to do it. Be sure you can offer professional results at a lower cost than a professional company would charge.

 Selling Drinks or Bottled Water

During the hot summer months, an ice cold drink at a good price would be a welcomed thing at a park, playground, or anywhere there is activity. You could purchase drinks at a wholesale price, chill them and they would sell like crazy.

A Cleaning Service

People who don’t have time to clean their homes or small businesses would gladly pay someone to do it for them.

 Graffiti Removal Service

Property owners would gladly pay someone to remove unsightly graffiti.

 Car Washing/Detailing Service

People who don’t have time to wash their own cars would be willing to pay someone to keep their automobile clean inside and out. This type of business is very easy to get started and you could set up appointments at the car owner’s location.

 Dog Walking Service

Busy people and homebound people would gladly pay someone to exercise their pets. You could get regular customers or even take care of pets while the owner is away.

Exterior Window Washer

Small business owners would jump at the chance to keep their shop windows clean at a good price. A bucket, scrubber, some soap and a squeegee could have you pulling in big bucks right away.

Yard/Basement Cleaning Service

A nice looking yard is nice but not everyone has the time or the energy to do it and would gladly pay someone. Cutting grass, weeding, planting flowers, and raking leaves could have you raking in bucks in the summer. Also, a lot of people have cluttered yards or basements that would pay someone to handle the mess for them.

 Holiday Decoration Installer/Uninstaller

Some people enjoy putting up decorations at holiday time, still other do not. No one likes the tasks of taking them down. This unique service would make a lot of people happy.

Home Handyman

Are you good at fixing things? Do you have carpentry or plumbing skills? You could offer to do small jobs at a fraction of what contractors would charge while guaranteeing quality work.

These are just some ideas that could have you earning income while looking for a job. Who knows? Your small business could grow into something big. Starting your own business will be a lot of work. You have to be prepared to work long hours finding and promoting your business. Handing out flyers, knocking on doors, and getting referrals is hard work that could pay off in a big way.