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Why should you blog?

Why should you blog for

  • Because we want to hear from you!
  • It's fun and easy.
  • It's a way to vounteer.
  • It's great for networkingIt's a way to share and help others.

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Why Blog for

Getting Started

So you're ready to start blogging on social justice topics?

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Meet My People

Well friends, this year-long journey of following Jesus into the nations and reminding the world of His great, constant, unending love for us begins in just six days! SIX DAYS! I am excited, nervous, and grieving what I’m about to leave behind while rejoicing with thoughts of what’s to come. I wanted to take some time to introduce you to the people I will be serving alongside and living life with during this next year. Spoiler alert: THEY’RE FABULOUS. O Squad Wolfpack Meet O

Discover and Call: The Tale of Two Promises

Back in June, 2015, when God called me to the World Race, He gave me two promises. The first was helping me discover my gifts. The second was giving me direction for His calling on my life.Before applying to the World Race, my life lacked meaning. I had a good life, family, and job…but it was lacking Kingdom importance. I was only existing, and not living as God intended. Through the first six months of the Race, enduring many tough lessons, God fulfilled His first promise. I stepped int

Is The Honeymoon Stage Over?

This past week has been really hard. I was sick last Saturday and Sunday and when I’m sick, I just want my own bed and my own bathroom so that I can sleep on my own floor so that I don’t have to worry if there is a ten inch centipede crawling on me (That didn’t happen, but it could’ve). I just wanted my mom to come and rub my back while I slept in my own bed.   Instead I have wonderful teammates that took such good care of me. I had gotten up at about 2:30am and wa