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Why should you blog for

  • Because we want to hear from you!
  • It's fun and easy.
  • It's a way to vounteer.
  • It's great for networkingIt's a way to share and help others.

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Meditation Monday – 6 Lessons I Am Learning from Transition.

by Christine Sine Transitions mean change. They are always challenging, sometimes painful. We want to hold onto the familiar and the comforting. The leeks and garlic of Egypt, all that sustained us in our past lives, beckon us. Change is usually marked by deliberate steps we take that say life is going to be different. Jesus marked […]

Video: I'd Surf Till The Sun Sets

Had an awesome time working with Amigo Del Mar (Friends of the Sea). This is an incredible ministry, equipping kids with education and challenging them to dream bigger than they thought possible. An incentive to attend classes all week is spending the weekend learning different water sports with their teacher, Pedro. We were so blessed to share in this ministry and I'm beyond excited about what is being done by this inspiring organization.     For more info on this ministry chec

So Very Thankful

I’M GOING TO CAMBODIA!!!! Many of you may or may not know but during training camp my squad was informed that our route is changed! So instead of going to Thailand for the first 3 months we will be going to Cambodia the first month and then Thailand the next 2 before heading to Malawi in January! I am so excited for this new twist in my adventure and I know God will shine His light so brightly into the dark corners of this broken country!! Now for what you’ve all been waiting for&h