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Call me Mara

Recently while in a conversation, someone on my squad asked me about the traits that I would want or the characteristics that I would choose from someone in the bible. It took me a moment as I thought about it. My first thought was Ruth and how after the passing of her husband she stays loyal to Naomi, her mother in law, because she loves her. I think the most amazing thing about her is how humble she is before Boaz, the Lord, and with Naomi. Ruth is firm and consistent in who she is and stands


Hey subscribers!! As you may have been able to tell on my race, I love blogging and sharing what the Lord has laid on my heart through the written word. That hasn't changed since being home, and I don't foresee it ever changing. So! If you want to keep up with me in this crazy mess of life, I have a new blog URL for you to follow YAY!!  You can find me writing my stories and blogs once more at.... Hope you enjoyed the journey of the race, and I

What I learned from my World Racer

What I learned from my World Racer…….Nicaragua PVT Kate asked me to write a blog about the Nicaragua PVT. I have struggled with what to put down on paper as I feel like I am still struggling with all that I saw and experienced. What I did realize was that there were a few things that my 27 year old, World Racer daughter taught her 55-year-old mom. She has taught me that showing the love of Jesus Christ does not necessarily mean that you have to be fluent in the language of the pe

Nature as a Living Labyrinth

By Shelby Selvedge — I recently have spent some time learning more about labyrinths and the purpose behind them. I was asked to draw a labyrinth and it prompted me to want to know more about it in hopes it would inspire my drawing, it did. What stuck with me is the process of releasing […]

Good Father

This past month in Jamaica I had the opportunity to get to know children in the surrounding community. One boy would come by the church where we lived and spend time with us almost every day. He's 14-years-old and we soon became pretty close. He would open up a little more each day to me about all that he was going through. He told me how he has had a brain tumor since he was 5 and how the neighborhood he lives in is so dangerous that it scares him to go to sleep at night. On one of our last nig

Amazing grace.

Every Tuesday this past month, my team and I would join our ministry hosts for prayer and fasting at church. We would read scripture, pray, sing, and share what the Lord was laying on our hearts.  One Tuesday, I began to flip through the old hymnals they had laying around and came across amazing grace. I really paid attention to the lyrics, and God began reminding me of how truly beautiful his grace is, the song says:  Amazing grace how sweet the soundThat saved a wretch like me.I on

Groovin' in Central America

Groovin' in Central America  I think I've come to a point in this journey where most days feel 'normal'. I've adjusted to the change that comes every four weeks and rearranging scheduling almost daily. I've grown accustomed to my knees being covered and my stomach not seeing the light of day. Life kind of just happens around here, and I forget that I haven't always been where I am or doing what I'm doing (sounds crazy I know). I take less pictures of places we go, people we meet, and thing

What Makes a Healthy Team?

We are quickly approaching the end of our first third of the race! Time is going ever so quickly and our squad is about to undergo some changes. At our upcoming debrief our leadership is going to mix our teams up a bit. We've been doing life with the same 5-6 people thus far, but there are 51 people in the squad. Changing teams provides us the opportunity to really invest and get to know other people in the squad and to continue growing.  Living in community is not always the easiest thing

Bad Christians in a Sea of Muslims

As a white, male, Christian from a middle-class family in the mid-Atlantic, I am not used to being a minority. Nor am I familiar with my religion being maligned as responsible for incubating terror groups, and I’m certainly not used to Christianity being implicated for committing horrific acts of violence. So this past week in the Bosnian city of Sarajevo was a new experience for me, in more ways than one. My squad of 30 Christian missionaries met at a hostel in Sarajevo where we fellowsh

Adventure Day Gone Wrong (Sri Lanka)

We left Malaysia on the 20th and now here I am in a crazy place called Sri Lanka. When we arrived my brain immediately began trying to catagorize and identify this place with somewhere I have been in the past. It came up with a mix of about three places-Madagascar, Cambodia, with a little bit of Vietnam. Mix this in a pot, it's a little bit like Sri Lanka. We have only been here for three days and it already has been very interesting. I've been a lot of places around the world, I've met a lot of

What It Means To Be A Daughter

God gave me a song. Throughout my life, there have been songs that have been special or carried meaning for God and I, but this was my first experience with God saying, Becky, this is my song to you. The song is Atlas: Daughter by Sleeping At Last and is sung from the perspective of father to daughter. I love the band Sleeping At Last and listen to them often, but when I first came across this song I only listened uncomfortably for a minute or so before skipping over it. I didn't listen again u

Become Apart of My Journey

Update: My biggest need at the moment is support. Both prayerful and financial. I have currently raised right at $3,000 -- but as many of you know i have to continue to raise $14,951, so i have a long way to go and can NOT do this without you. My first deadline is June 15th, and its coming FAST! i have to have $5,000 by this date. I am so totally faithful that Jesus is going to provide these funds because i know that this is His plan for my life. Please consider joining me in this ministry, and

No I'm Not a White Missionary

     I am far from being a full-time missionary. But for this particular season in my life I am. Every month I have traveled to a different country where I have grown in obedience in telling people about Jesus through faith and deeds; people from all walks of life, to the Christian church, to "Christians", to non-believers, to children, to teenagers, young women and men, the elderly, basically to anyone that is willing to hear about this incredible triune God. My teammate, fr

Moment by Moment Miracles

If I haven’t mentioned it yet, following Jesus is always an adventure and just so much fun! Indonesia was never a part of our route, but when God wants you somewhere, He’ll not only show you, but also ensure you get there. My teammate Rosa has an Angolan passport and was only allowed a 14-day Malaysian visa (which came in the day we left Ethiopia for Malaysia which was a miracle!). After many attempts to get an extension or special pass, it was clear we would not be able to stay in

Not a Prostitute, but a Princess.

The pain behind her eyes is unlike anything you have ever seen before. The smile she curves her beautiful mouth into lacks life and joy. Her clothes are few and her face is hidden behind an array of a rainbow of colors illuminating every feature she holds. She leans against a doorway that leads into a small room the size of an average American walk-in closet. The room holds a bed, a small trashcan, and a table for her personal belongings. Who is she? To the world, she is filthy and worthless
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