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God Incomprehensible

  Hopefully you guys (my faithful readers) aren’t becoming bored with reading mostly about my thoughts rather than what is physically happening in my life. Let me just tell you, my spiritual life and thought life is much more interesting than my daily physical life. Despite that, I am content with my physical life and find a lot of joy and pleasure in it. Simply there isn’t a lot going on in it that is really worth sharing. With that said, let me dive in.   God Inco

Psalm 27

Worship has always been my most intimate connection with the Lord, musical worship specifically. I love to sing. It gives me the opportunity to be raw with the Lord, and maybe express things I couldn’t find the words for. It is always a simultaneous release and refuel. Being the worship facilitator on my team has been a treasure and a challenge. I have the opportunity to share my passion with my team, and also push myself to experience worship in ways other than singing; ways that will all

A New Chapter

With only 7 days of high school remaining, we have began to pack up our school room and close this chapter of our lives. There is certainly a mixture of emotions happening. Sadness, because I am thinking of everything I must leave behind in Swaziland; Joy, because I was never a big fan of school lol; and finally, suspense. Have you ever been in a situation where you finally get used to one thing and then it changes again? This is how I feel right now. For the past 4 years of my life I have calle

Meet Martie

Martie is the newest member of my team. He is small, handsome, and thoroughly enjoys happy, upbeat music. He is currently in a very serious relationship with our other teammate, Stella. She is quite a bit taller than him, but that’s kind of her style. Martie’s complexion is very smooth, and he has very round features and quite a long neck. His voice is high (even higher than Stella’s), but he can really hit those falsettos.   Martie was born in China, but adopted in

Baptism in Sri Lanka!

We were honored beyond belief to share the gospel with and baptize one of our new friends in Sri Lanka! This life is wild - Jesus may it become the new normal! Listening to Papa's voice daily, following his lead, sharing the good news, and making disciples of the NATIONS! As you watch, may you be blessed and encouraged in your own walk with the Lord, knowing that he can do the same (and even greater) things through you right where you are. 

Go. Do. Good.

Hey friends!  This month I am partnering with Go Rings.     Go Rings sells homemade, local jewelry that benefits missions. How cool is that?      They will give me up to 30% of every sale made this whole month! All you have to do is choose my name at check out. Soooo easy.  I got my own ring and I L O V E it. Seriously.  Just go to and check out all their awesome merchandise; then choose my name at checkout.  Thank you all for

9 Weeks people!!

I meant to post this last week but…  We only have 11 weeks left on the Race. Like What how did that happen. Read to see what I have been up to the last 11 weeks!  Month 7-Lesotho Teaching history to high schoolers. Who would have known that I would have been qualified to teach History to Lesotho children just because my dad made me learn and retain information! I got the opportunity to teach 8th-12th grade students about WWI and they helped me learn about Southern African His

Perspective & Perseverance

Written on April 14th As I'm traveling six hours to see Victoria Falls, I've been praying about what to write for this blog. The thought of asking someone to write a blog for me crossed my mind and the idea of writing a funny blog popped into my head too. But, this blog is going to be about what I'm currently going through and vulnerable, because I was trying my best to avoid what God wants me to share with all of you.Before I begin, I'm reminded of what one of my teammates said once- "I will d


Hi all, April is flying by and May is around the corner. Warmer weather came for about 48 hours here in NY and then quickly left us for cold and rain. Hopefully in May we will have more consistent warm weather. I know I have some new subscribers, so welcome! Here is a quick recap and support raising update. Q: What is The World Race?  A: The World Race is an 11-month missions trip to 11 countries through an organization called Adventures in Missions. Participants go through an extensive

A Land of Foreign Gods

My heart sank. To my right, clouds of incense filled the air. There were huge sticks of incense as tall as me, burning in front of an old Chinese temple. There were idols sitting inside mini temple houses, about 5 feet tall. Images from the old Testament filled my mind. God’s people were offering gifts, burning incense, and worshiping idols. For the first time in my life, I actually witnessed this with my own eyes. Not just the one street, but several. If no large temples are in sight, the

Jesus Knows My Love Language

I geek out about languages. I could talk about the way we talk for hours, and if you know me I may have already exhausted your interest in this subject. Languages can show us how different cultures think, reason, and process information. The different words, tones and sounds reflect centuries upon centuries of history and cultural movements, and can reveal so much about a people group. Some languages are more closely related than others and the ones with similar roots fascinate me. I love being

psalm 22

He went into the field He went in . Surrounded by bulls . the fence said, "Do not enter" but they were made by the breath of his mouth So he entered . Being trampled, jammed against a wall or gored by a bull is one of the most frequent causes of death . "Handle the bull with a staff and take no chances. The gentle bull, not the vicious one, most often kills or maims his keeper." . Bulls. not even  - just 4 little letters - merely a syllable could undo deteriorate disintegra

The Person NOT the process

"But seek first His Kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you." (Matthew 6:33) Honestly, where do I even begin. Just in the past two to three weeks God has shown himself to me in so many ways, that are meant to draw my attention and focus on him, that I am just full of joy and peace. First of all, God has shown that there is a difference between Discovery and Revelation. Discovery= is a process that focuses on how hard you have to work or try Revelati

The Final Beginning

A week ago, my team and I moved to our final ministry on the race! It is hard to wrap my head around this fact, that the nine months is ending in just a month and a half. I go back to my first month in Colombia and think of how new everything was. The constant change, the language barrier, new sounds, smells, new friends, and new leaders for this season of life. I can think back on each country and tell you the defining moments, the hard and easy, the happy and sad. But, I am still on the race a
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