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[Video!] Welcome to India!

Welcome to India!! At training camp, God prophetically named us team Mountain Movers. At launch, we identified specific goals that will help us become the team God has given us faith for. In India, we got off to a great start as we experienced the joy of building a community that will forever share this incredible World Race adventure.   Team Mountain Movers

We are a community that is committed to intentional growth through authentic vulnerability. We listen to each other, are slow to

Where my Missions Journey began and who helped start it

It was the summer of 2009.  I had just finished my last year of High School and I didn't know what I was going to do next. I didn't know if I was going to go to Arkansas State for a business degree or wait a year and go to school. I had no clue.  I was young, confused, and looking for answers.  For the past three summers I had been going to camp called Gasganade Christian Service Camp.  A small camp in Eastern Missouri about an hour north of Springfield.  It was a beauti

Most Popular Sermons by Pastor Rick Warren

As September 2014 marked the start a new school year, Saddleback Church is doing an encore of sermons by Pastor Rick Warren, titled “ the best messages that I wish my friends could hear” and noted as “six of Pastor Rick’s most talked about, most watched, and most shared messages.”

Winning with the Hand You’re Dealt

How to keep from stressing out

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Leading Spiritually – What Does it Look Like

Last week I published a post on Leadership as Spiritual Direction. It has made me think a lot about what I feel a good spiritual leader looks like. Our modern idea of leadership, even of Christian leadership is often a very hierarchical model, based on power and prestige. Success is often judged by growth in numbers(...)


The Fusion Route is something the World Race has never done before. It is a team of international racers coming together as Christians to spread the Gospel despite the difference in culture and language. I'm happy to say that God has called me to switch to the fusion route! With that said, here are some changes that goes with switching to this "first time for everyone" Fusion Route- Training camp will be in January in Thailand instead of in October in GA. Then right after camp we'll jump int

The Unexpected..

Everyone loves unexpected things right? We usually have an idea (or want to) of what things will be like on a daily basis….this brings a sense of comfort and security. Well I have two unexpected stories that happened this past week and weekend that God has used in my life to teach me about how little control I really have and why that is ok!   Rioting? Thursday of this past week during a normal day of ministry at the daycare I got a call from my Team Leader who said ‘be advi


Can I just say that I already LOVE my squad? Because I do! They're the best! I'll tell you now that I was super nervous about meeting my squad, the people I'm going to be spending all day, every day with for ELEVEN months! Thoughts kept running through my mind- worrying if they would like me, or if we would get along, or if we'd have anything in common, etc etc etc. And all of that worrying was for nothing, of course! God knows whats going on, he knows each and every one of us and we were plac

Real Life: Philippines

Real life is... Coffee and quiet time on the balcony, watching the sunrise through the mist swirling around our mountain-top paradise.  Real life is… Being welcomed into an incredible, loving host family. Real life is… Spending all day on the roof hanging gutters and painting on sealant, wondering if we’re more likely to get struck by lightning, washed away by rain when a storm comes out of nowhere, or fall off the roof while running from one of the giant spiders th

Riches to Rags and Back Again: Real Talk

Five months ago, I was a worship leader at Biola University, surrounded by an amazing community of people who knew me and loved me. I had professors and mentors who encouraged me and affirmed me. I thrived in multiple positions of leadership and got to be involved in ministry decisions. I was well recognized for my proficiency at school and many told me I had a promising future ahead. And then it was gone. Graduation ripped me out of the sphere in which my life circulated. It may seem like a c

Just Say Yes!

Everyday of ministry in San Felix, Panama has looked very different for my team and I, and today was no exception. Our ministry host Danny and Heather have both been sick this week, so we have found new and creative ways to do ministry around the area where we live. One of the girls I am living with named Rhema felt like we should go to the hospital and pray over people. We where all a little nervous, but where also excited to see what God had in store for us as we followed God’s leading.

Neural Surgery Blew My Mind

Part 1 Dr. Juoquin Palmac called us into the operating room for the second day, and as we stood and watched in awe as they begin operating on the spine of a six-day-old boy, I remarked to Jessica how I wanted to add helping out with an operation is one my bucket list for this trip. She told me to pray to God about it, and I did, and immediately after Dr. Juoquin barked at me to go sanitize my arms and join them! I immediately jumped at the opportunity. Instant gratification in the healthies

The World Race Sucks: Turn down for what???

My team and I listened to a podcast from Passion City Church by Louie Giglio called “The Dash.”  The main purpose was to discuss the fact that when a tombstone is made on our behalf, we have three pieces of information: the start date, the dash, and the end date.  The dash is all we really know, barring any symbols or extra words, about the person’s life yet it is the most important part of all.  It summarizes what that person did during their time on Earth.&nb

I love you moments

I've noticed a pattern with the kids I gravitate towards. They are usually the strange, quirky ones with some spunk. Ones that march to the beat of their own drum. Josue is one of those.   The first time I met Josue he punched me in the arm because I took his crayon. But that didn't stop me. I knew there was something special about that little boy the second I saw him. So I acted a little creepy and followed him around. After awhile Josue must have decided I was worthy of playing a game;


Fix your eyes on Jesus and...WEIGHT PATIENTLY        I keep retiring to ONE word.  Kabowd (Kaw-bode)  Yes, I meant to type returning, but just maybe, retire is a better fit.  To retire is to REST or go away to.  Oh how I love my bed chambers (aka one bedroom apartment).  It's official, my precious niece Ellen and her love of princesses have consumed my thoughts.  I don't know about you, but in THIS life I find that far too many word

Remember November (A guide to re-entry for Spanish Racers)

A little joke that has gone around our squad is called "Remember November". This joke refer to relationship within the squad and out of the squad. Basically if we came on the race single, we are supposed to stay single until we get back from the race in November. Everytime one of us would make a comment about an attractive member of the opposite sex, we would all say, "remember November!". But really now, relationships aside, we are going home in November...that's exactly 59 days! I remember i

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