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WR Round 2: Squad Leading!

Friends, family, and loyal supporters… I am doing the World Race yet AGAIN! 1. But I thought you already did the World Race? Yes, I did! I launched September 2013, with 2nd generation W squad and have only been stateside since August. This time I won't be a racer, however I'll be Squad Leading. 2. So you're doing it again? Yes and No. As a Squad Leader, I'm leading the entire squad of 28 racers with three amazing co-leaders Ashley Francis, Lauren Argue, and Kathryn Law. We will be jo

Let’s Celebrate Freedom Sunday

It is rare for me to do two posts on a single day but I was so moved by this prayer and the wonderful resources available from the Church of England on sex trafficking and slavery that I just had to add this. The prayer comes from this excellent resource Freedom for Worship and Action(...)

Learning from Teresa of Avila

October 15th was the feast day of Teresa of Avila. And I missed it, partly because I was so occupied with the concerns of this world, the pull of World Food Day and the aching desire to pray for those impacted by ebola. But I did not want to let the week go by without highlighting this(...)

Fears, Failures, Frustrations to Passion

One of my biggest fears coming into this trip was my inability to naturally encourage, affirm and motivate people. I did not know how I was going to co-lead a young adult women’s mission trip when I did not know how to encourage or affirm them.  Or did I know why God was calling me to do so. Within our second week here, I received some constructive feedback after a conversation with one of the girls on the team. She told me that after our conversation about some personal things, she

We love Moldova

Here's a video summing up our time spent in the beautiful country of Moldova!

UH Mana Ministries- Romania

This month my team and I are doing what is called Unsung Hero Month. As the World Race grows they are in need of more ministry contacts around the world for future World Racers. The main goal of Unsung Heroes month is to look for "heroes" who are enhancing the Kingdom of God and specially if that "hero" rarely receives recognition for their dedication and service. 

One Unsung Hero we met with is Cerbu and his wife Nadine. Cerbu is a Hippie Rockstar

Heart Talks on the Lakeside.

Teacher Alyssa!  Come sit by me!Almost all of my students from my advanced English class came to our outing to the lake this morning.This past week, I feel like the ice was finally broken amongst my students and myself.  The "strange American teacher" is now considered to be "supa cool", "really smart" and "knowing a lot of thing about life". I sat down on the side of the dock next to one of my 16 year old students, *Sarah.As we dangled our feet in the water, she told me about how her

I Found My Treasure!

The struggle is real when I can’t seem to figure out what to blog about. Every day is packed with so much information I just don’t know how to tell you about it all in one blog… its a lot harder than I would have thought haha. We’ve done a couple of things up to date, such as: praying in Hindu Temples for salvation, trekking up a hill to build an alter for Kathmandu, going into the slums, going to a bar to talk to those in the trafficking business, and treasure hunting!!

Let Down Expectations, Better Realities, and Constant Companions

Despite what World Race staff advised us against, having expectations, I am but human. I came into this year expecting certain things.

Being challenged in my relationship with Christ. Having experience with a multitude of ministries and countries. Falling in love with a particular people or country, ministry. Getting close to my team and feeling like a family. Missing my friends and family tremendously/dealing with home sickness. Having bizarre experiences, adventures. Crying. A ton. Ou

The One With Yared Joder

"You never saw him, yet you love Him. You still don't see Him, yet you trust Him - with laughter and singing."   - 1 Peter 1:8 

No his name is not Yared Joder. It's actually Jared Yoder and I want you to meet him. 

Jared is on the World Race with myself and E squad. A fun fact about him is that he's actually the youngest one of the 50 of us! I'm older than him by only 1 week though. So the both of us are really the youngest ones on the squ

My Familiar Family of Strangers.

I ride over another hole in the dirt road and feel my rickety bike plunge down and then lift me back up to safety.Didn't see that one coming, I said to myself.I'm riding my bike in the pitch black darkness of night, but I am not alone.  My entire team was close behind, as well as our ministry hosts.Should I grab my headlamp before we leave?  I thought to myself.  Nah, I like living on the edge. After a long day of ministry, our hosts from University of the Nations, Pouk

Khmer Life

Cambodia welcomed me a little over two weeks ago with it’s beautiful landscape, sunny skies, and great people. Team Fearless Love is living in Pouk Village this month, which is a short tuk tuk ride from Siem Reap. We are staying at the school we are serving this month. Village life has been wonderful change of pace and each day has been an exciting one. Here is what a day could look like for me this month… 5:30 am: Alarm goes off as the sun begins to rise 5:40: Get out of bed, pre

Pastor Nelu and Pastor Josif

This is week three for my team and our pursuit of Unsung Heroes in Romania and I can’t help but be thankful for the people that I have gotten to meet in the past few weeks. God is doing so much in Romania! It is encouraging. Even with our brief meetings and the knowledge that the chances of our meeting again this side of heaven are slim, in those moments we get to see the outworking of the Holy Spirit in the lives of others and as we encourage them they too encourage us. Unsung Heroes lo

A different mindset

This morning I woke up at 5:40 not ready to get up and go to visit little ones in the nursery until noon. When my team mate and I arrived at the orphanage we walked in and the beginning of our morning consisted of holding babies, feeding toddlers, bathing them, cleaning up after them, and playing endless games with them. About half way through my morning a team from Singapore came into the orphange and started playing with the babies and children. They also began to set up for worship and a skit

C3 Church

The end of last month in Moldova, our team was informed that we would be doing an Unsung Heroes month in Romania. Essentially that meant we were tasked with searching for, seeking out and meeting with potential contacts for future World Race teams to partner with. Instead of being partnered with one ministry for the entire month like usual, we would be traveling around Romania looking for ‘unsung heroes’, men and women following God’s call for their life by living out the great

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