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Im Not that Racer....

I’m not that Racer What I’ve learned on the World Race: -Life doesn’t make more sense when you live in another country. -You don’t leave your insecurities at home, you pack them with you and while you cross oceans they grow. -New people aren’t any easier to understand or get along with than people from home. -Just because you are on a “mission trip” doesn’t take away the struggle to sit down and do quiet time consistently. When I was accepted fo

Shameless, Audacious Communication = True Community

  My community for this year, Q Squad! I think it’s funny the words communication and community are so similar. For me, the most beneficial and stretching part about the World Race so far has been living in community. Now, for all my Taylor University folks (represent!), we’ve heard the phrase intentional community enough times to dream about it. We talk about it, use it during orientation week, weave it into coffee dates and during interviews for leadership positions. But did

When Prayers Get Answered

One of the hard things about the race is leaving a location and not knowing what will happen. Three month's into the race the team that I was on was located in the jungle of Bolivia. Our purpose for the month was to help construct a church. Yep, a team of seven ladies were there for construction. Bailey and I were the only ones with any type of construction background so we were asked to help with drawing plans for the church.  We got started working the first full day that we were there.

finding Jesus in the bad days

Once again, I've been wanting to share with you more stories of what ministry looks like on the Race.  Sure, some days are beautiful, joyful, satisfying, fulfilling.  But the World Race is just life, and not every day of life or of the Race is a happy one.  I'm finding, though, that sometimes, if I'm willing, Jesus will show me His fingerprints all over even the days when all I want to do is scream or cry.  So here are two stories of the bad days, and of Jesus' fingerprints.

Contentment in discontentment

It's Month 10. Before the World Race had even begun, I thought a lot about Month 10, what I would look like, and what I would feel like. This is nothing close to what I imagined. This month, my team and I are working with a church outside of Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. We're living with a local pastor's family. In total, there are 15 people living under one roof that contains 3 rooms and one bathroom. Our "room" is the side wall of the main living room. We're getting great use out of o

A letter to Ya

The month has come to a close and we said good bye to our village yesterday. We are taking a few days to rest before we head to Vietnam for our last and final month of the race. This month we worked in a small village teaching English for a few hours a day and loving on the people around us. The people and children were so incredible but one little girl captured all our hearts and it was tough to say good bye to her for sure. This one goes out to you girlfriend.

  My dearest Ya, M

Let’s Get Creative With Rocks

I love collecting rocks, and much to my surprise discovered recently that I am not alone. When I ask a group of people “who likes to gather rocks?” probably half of the hands in the room are raised. We pick them up on the beach, beside a stream, along a trail. They remind us of […]

And the packing began

We began to get busy packing for move to Vancouver, WA where I will be the Curate at St. Luke’s~San Lucas Episcopal Church.  Different from our previous move 2 years ago, this one feels wholesome and right. While sad to move away from the close proximity of the amazing community of friends we’ve cultivated in the Seattle are, we are excited to continue the journey in a new place and season. 


Expectations & Communication

Two years ago, I studied abroad in Greece for four months. It was a life-changing opportunity that opened my eyes to a different way of life and nourished my ability to dream. It was beautiful. Another, unexpected result of that trip was that I connected deeply with several far-away friends who I didn’t otherwise interact with regularly.  Multiple people kept up with me through email, blog posts, and pictures. It made me feel incredibly loved and gave me an opportunity to share my jou

Cheers to Blogging!

     So for Easter I received flower seeds. I was excited by the thought of being able to see different types of flowers and colors right outside my window. I did not think it would take a lot of effort, I just knew I was about to have a whole lot of pretty in my front yard.     I might have underestimated the amount of energy it was going to take to receive the beauty I wanted so badly. In closer examination of my flower bed I realized that I was going to need

Update Time!

Hey Everyone!  It's been a while, So I wanted to update you all on how I'm doing, and what's going on with my trip!  Update #1: I am officially 75% funded!! Which is HUGE!! It has been amazing to see how God moves and provides! Praise Jesus!  Update #2: I have definitely grown more confident in my faith, in how I see things, and how I see myself. Knowing that God is providing and doing things beyond what I thought were possible, just for me to go and share His good news. To kno

Phoneless & Falling Forward into Family...

I know, I'm super late on the update but better late than never, right?  My life since training camp has been one crazy blur!  Between traveling to say my final goodbyes to family and friends, finishing up my last minute packing (which I'm still working on & I leave tomorrow OMGOSH!), and processing all that we learned at Training Camp, blogging has been put on the back burner and I sincerely apologize for waiting this long to update all of you!  So instead of a normal blog I

Take It Up

“Take it up” is one of those phrases we Christians (especially Racers) like to throw around. It means take your concerns to God and ask Him what He has to say about it. Clearly, this should be our first response to any situation, yet I struggle with it. Going to God and seeking His advice before going to our friends, families, or pastors. “Take it up” is a quick way to remind a brother or sister that we are not the ones they should be talking to first. This month God orch

Georgia Bound

It's time.  Time to tell you all about our crazy adventure to Georgia.  It's hard for me to believe we came off the field a year ago. And here we are, starting a life in Georgia.  Some say, "Oh, this will be nothing compared to leaving your life behind to backpack around the world" but I say... "This is the most radical life change I have made... so far".  Back in the fall Ben and I both began to dream big dreams. I dream of putting U.S. teachers in the classroom in other

Letter Writing Project

8 days until training camp 23 days until I move from Athens  71 days until I leave for Asia It's so crazy how fast everything is starting to fall together, especially considering I've been preparing for this since last December. The idea of being away from my friends and family honestly hasn't even hit me yet. But I know that while I am gone I will miss so many people. So I got this idea from past World Racers to ask friends and family to each write me a letter. The idea is that each mo

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