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Living One Month in Ecuador video will give you a glimpse into some of the work and special moments we had with our kids at COVi in downtown Quito as well as sharing some of the exciting adventures some of my squad mates and I got to experience in the beautiful country of Ecuador.   Watch this video and relive some of the best moments of the month from the random musicians on our bus rides, to hikes up volcanoes, to teaching our kids english, to preparing meals for them, to tickling t

Annite's Story

Annite, 86 years old, on the porch of her colorful little home in the village of Simonette in Haiti.    This is Annite. We met her while we were in the village of Simonette in Haiti. While we were walking past her home, she called out “Bonjour!” to us and invited us to stop and speak with her. All 9 of us in the group took a moment to introduce ourselves to her. We asked her about herself and her life here, and she began to tell us about her family and life. Annite is 8

Unity - A cry against being divided as a body.

I’m gonna keep this blog entry short and sweet. Fair warning you may be offended by what I talk about. I wasn’t going to initially blog about this but some friends of mine encouraged me to speak what is on my heart. So here goes. Recently I decided to take a break from being a part of a ministry. Why? Because I was finding myself by what I was accomplishing in the ministry field. Yeah it was in God’s name and it was good but it was becoming an idol. My identity had become work

Monday Meditation – A Hidden Wholeness

One of my favourite books is Parker Palmer’s A Hidden Wholeness. Drawing on Thomas Merton’s phrase there is in all things a hidden wholeness, Parker explains that: Wholeness does not mean perfection: it means embracing brokenness as an integral part of life. Knowing this gives me hope that human wholeness — mine, yours, ours — need not be […]

When You Want to Forgive but Don’t Know How

STUCK Book Graphic

Today’s blog post is a guest post from my friend and fellow Rainer Publishing author: Mark Riggins. Check this out:

I’m embarrassed every time I admit this but I’m a pastor who carried a grudge for three years.

My best friend (and fellow pastor) and I had ended our friendship over a significant disagreement. I needed to move on. I needed to forgive. But I couldn’t.

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Flickr users with the largest number of photos uploaded is one of the most popular photo sharing sites on the Internet, but it doesn’t provide a ranking of its flickr users with the most photos uploaded (yet?). I’ve found flickr to be my favorite place to find photography inspiration and where I find photos in the Creative Commons, which may be used like free stock photography depending on its licensing.

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Photos :)

      I just wanted to share a few photos from the past two months. We have had the opportunity to work with some great ministry's and meets some amazing people, Ecuasol, Casa Blanca, Savage Ministry and ministry de la torcha and last but not least, these boys who have stolen my heart. We have also had some adventures along the way... Sand boarding, a frozen banana fight with my team lol and riding a Llama statue.         Much love and G

Robbed and Exposed

This last week has been really rough for me and I am still recovering to be honest… Last weekend a bunch of my squad decided we were going to go to Antigua, Guatemala for the weekend and stay at the Hostel we stayed at during debrief weeks before. By this time we were pretty familiar with Antigua, where to get the best yet still inexpensive food, where the wifi was, and good coffee. I particularly loved being there because I knew my way around. I was in Antigua for a month on my World Ra

Peru in Pictures!

This month we are in Trujillo, Peru! A broken yet beautiful city.

Our neighborhood is one of the more poorer neighborhoods of the city.  

Our first week in Trujillo, we put on a VBS for the neighborhood kids. Each day we had between 70 to 90 kids. 

The Savage Ministries Compound is a safe refuge place for these kids, many of whom have bad home lives and rough situations with their families. 

More than likely, these kids' fathers and brothers (if present) are involved w

When to yell "AMEN!"

The church we are working with is small but mighty. The pastora of the church is a little fireball. Most of the time, we don't really understand what is going on, but she still expects us to be on fire for the words that are coming out of her mouth. We tend to get looked down on when we don't yell "AMEN!" So we've learned to listen for some ques on when to follow with a shout. If we hear, "amen o amen?!" Or "hola?!" Or "hola, estan aqui?!" Or a crescendo of her voice while she intently stares us

Rhyme With Reason

Until that very moment when I gave it all away. There was the past that haunted me evening to day. Lies from the Devil that kept me hidden from the light. I was completely blind and stumbling without sight. And then came that next moment not a moment too late. When God called to me from the pearly gate. He says my child turn on the Christian radio station. In His voice I obeyed and began my salvation. For Jesus cradle my heart in his hands. The hands that were nailed to the cross for His plans.

Loved. Love.

I think if there was a theme to life, it would probably be love. Love consumes so much of us. We base our worth in how much we believe we are loved. We have a desire to be loved and to genuinely love others. Some pursue love through romance. Some only have a love that's bruised to offer. Some think love doesn't exist, usually from scarred experiences of what they perceived to be love. Some think love is sex. Is love the same as intimacy or is intimacy just a symptom of love? Some say love is ear

Invest in Eternity Through Your Giving!

If you have a few minutes, check out this short little birthday video! Thanks so much!

Hows Georgia, Carly? What are you doing over there?

Greetings from Georgia!   In case you haven’t heard, I’ve been living in the dirty south for the past four weeks. It’s been a while since I’ve blogged and I’ve been getting questions on what I’m even doing here in the first place! SO. Here’s the skinny on what I’ve been doing: I’ve been part of a program called CGA (Center for Global Action). I spend Mon-Fri at the Adventures in Missions (AIM) Headquarters. AIM is a missions-based or


This video should explain all of the beautiful experiences I’ve struggled to put into words last month. It was a great month. God is good!

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