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Update from Chile!

Hola from Chile! I'm just finishing up my second month in South America, and this was one like no other! Here's the scoop of what my month has looked like: The World Race has a program called "WR Exposure" that gives 18-21 year olds the opportunity to join a team that's already out on the field for one month, and our team was one of those chosen. We had 2 lovely new members on our team for the month, and they were such a blessing! My team spent our time in Lo Prado, which is one of the poorest

Do You Need A Good Sabbath Rest – Read This Prayer

I posted this prayer on the Facebook page Light for the Journey this a few years back. It is a beautiful prayer and I wish I knew who wrote it. As you enter this weekend and prepare for your own Sabbath rest, sit quietly for a few moments and rest your own soul. Read the prayer aloud […]


Bulgaria   We are headed on a 7 hour bus ride tomorrow to Sofia Bulgaria for a few days. It's going to be so cool! Why I'm sharing this with you however is because I've learned some really cool facts!!  1. Bulgaria is the rose capital of the world and produces the most rose oil 2. They shake their heads no to say yes 3. Bulgarian cheese tastes different because of something in the air.   All facts are thanks to Elise Swepston (my cool random facts person and team mate) &n

When Doubts and Fears Control Your Life

When doubt and fear creeps in it can dictate how you live your life. God has been showing me how my doubt and fears have controlled actions I have and haven’t taken in life. I’ve struggle with the fear of rejection and failure for the longest time. While at training camp it has hit me that I’ve let these fears run my life for some time. To do the World Race there is a fitness hike you have to do with your backpack fully loaded with your gear. My pack weights about 30 pounds. F

The Hike

Last week was training camp, 10 days of meeting my squad, breaking into teams and meeting my leadership team who will be our guide while we are on the field.                                                The Hike One of the most physically challenging things I went through during the 10 days I was at camp. See we had to hike 2.2 miles in 39 minutes with our big packs on our

A Heavenly Transaction

I'm in love with God and His Kingdom. I just want to start by saying that. The one that reigns on Earth until Jesus' second coming does everything he can to keep us ignorant and oblivious of the vastness of the inheritance that was purchased and given to us through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. He will do everything in his power, which is limited and incomparable from the power of the One who saved us, to keep us from reaching out, accessing, and actively engaging with the reality o

Money can keep you from experiencing Christ

You know how everyone says everything happens for a reason? I’m guilty of it all the time, especially when someone asks or questions why something in their life has happened. I say well I don't know why but.. “Everything happens for a reason” And I think to myself well why did I just say that if I don't know the reason. As people we have this desire to have a reason for why things happen in our life because then we can have the answers. Yet sometimes we just don’t have th

Embrace the Uncomfortable.

Embrace the uncomfortable. This statement reminds me of the ocean. When you look at the full picture of it, it looks beautiful. Then you think about going in the water and all that lives within it, it can be a little intimidating. Anyone else thinking about jellyfish, stingrays and SHARKS right now?!? Fear can easily come in thinking about all that could or could not happen. If you let the fear consume you then you won't be able to fully embrace the Freedom of being in the ocean. Once

Empowered Women

 Women. Daughter of the King. Bride of Christ. You are loved and are so valuable to those around you and even more from our Lord. Our God is a faithful, generous, merciful, and loving God. He works in mysterious and incredible ways across the world and in this little village of Nygatare. This blog post will be a brief summary of what occurred during one of our Wednesday intercession meetings. At this point on the race I find it difficult to figure out my favorite days of the race, because

A Glimpse Into The Bigger Picture of Missions

Honestly, there have been about six dozen times on the race that I wonder what the heck I’m doing here—“here” being any of the nine countries I’ve done ministry in over the last nine months. How many times can I struggle through an English lesson when I don’t speak the native language? How many times can I stand around acting engaged when my translator is really doing all the work building relationships? How many church services can I sit in on in one weekend?

From Evangelist to Preacher

Hello to all my supporters, friends, and family! This month I am currently in Rwanda for month 9 of the race! I am currently $1,513 away from being fully funded and have 2 months left to raise this amount. I ask that each of you prayerfully consider donating any amount towards this trip. God has been on the move in Africa and my heart has been anxiously awaiting the day I can fully share that I am fully funded. For those that have already donated, thank you so much! I hope that you are blessed b

The Man Who Didn't Wear Shoes

On the very same day we arrived in Romania we went to a gypsy church that is very lively and colorful. It is full of jazzy, joyful music and worship for the Lord. Everybody takes turns singing for one another before the message, including us. However, one thing that stood out to me was that there was a man who didn't wear shoes. This thought came and went from my mind because shoes are not very important to me. I love running around barefoot. But there was something different about this man. Es

A Breath Of Fresh Air

   We’ve been in Albania for almost 3 weeks now. After spending 5 months in Asia(which I did enjoy! Asia was awesome in a lot of ways but SO different from America) Albania is a breath of fresh air. Literally and figuratively. The air is cleaner and clearer here and the culture and food is amazing! I’m having a bast and I can’t believe this month is almost over. It’s insane!    First of all, I LOVE it here! I love the culture, the people, the food, a

Meet my new son!!

This incredible little boy is Patrick! My sponsored child (I like to think he is my son). I was blessed to find him this month because I was his teacher for 3 weeks. This month we worked with a ministry called International Healing Center in a small village in Rwanda. Our main ministry was to help in the school of about 200 students. The aim of the school is to provide an education to kids that would not otherwise afford it. Our host, the incredible Pastor Fatier (pronounced Fatia), work
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