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South Africa |VIDEO|

Endings and Beginnings

I often sit down to write a blog and come up with nothing. Well, it's not that I come up with nothing, it's that I come up with everything and there's no words I could ever write to describe what the Lord has done in my life over the past year. No matter how much I fill these pages, they still seem empty in comparison to the reality I know. I have seen many things both good and bad. I've seen people missing numerous limbs lying in the ground day afterday, crawling up an

Prior restraints upon speech are presumptively unconstitutional

Please remember this phrase; we might be seeing it more and more in the days to come as people of faith and good will are threatened by the courts with criminal sanctions for speaking, videos, books, blogs, online publications, (eventually perhaps Facebook posts and Tweets).

The phrase is: “Prior restraints upon speech are presumptively unconstitutional.”

It means that if they tell you you can’t speak, or what you can’t speak, or how you can’t speak it, they are breaking the law. This applies to law enforcement, courts, governmental agencies and presidents.

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God Almighty Restore us, Renew us, Refresh us – A Prayer for the Week

As you can imagine getting ready for our annual retreat is not always a renewing and refreshing time for me, but this week I have deliberately taken time to make it so. This prayer is adapted from one I wrote several years ago to help me focus. It will be my morning prayer throughout the […]

God’s Way – Narrow Path or Wide Open Blessing?

I have just been out in the garden watering, my favourite evening chore as I get to enjoy the beauty of the fading light and the fresh smell of the garden. I also get to enjoy the delight of picking tomatoes and squash, savouring the exquisite flavour of cherry tomatoes that somehow end up in […]

The One

The One I Will Never Forget The one who touched my heart and broke it at the same time. Someone in need of my help, someone's help, a mother's help.  I have written about this "one" child before. An orphan child. A boy who was at the orphanage when I visited for Christmas in South Korea. I don't know his full name. But I still think about him and pray for him. For God to be his protective daddy and his comforting mother.  For this little precious boy to come to know Christ. To be fi

Training Camp Destroyed My Expectations

Describing training camp in words, especially through a blog in a limited space, is just honestly not possible. I went in with expectations, however, they were all greatly exceeded. This is what I expected... 1. I expected to sweat a little bit and be pretty hot since it was in Georgia. 2. I expected to meet the people I would be traveling with and make friendships. 3. I expected the staff to tell us where to go and what to do. 4. I expected our squad mentors and squad leaders to be pretty c

India You Make Me Smile

Greetings Reader, So here it is, as I promised… a look back of all the fun and funny things that have happen to me and my team whilst in the mystical land of India. After being here for 4 weeks and even though everyday isn’t as eventful as most of us would like, we still find ways to pass the time. The lovely people at Adventures In Missions tells all of us Racers that a big part of the race is to “Hurry up and wait.” No truer words have been spoken. Once my team arri

Is God your Father or your boss?

I'm still struggling to put into words my experience at camp. I know I'm not the only one, so there must be a reason for that. Perhaps because it is something you simply just have to experience for yourself. Anyway, I want to share something with you that God revealed to me, about myself, at training camp.   It was during one of our sessions on the 8th day of camp, and the speaker mentioned about a point in his life where he was always asking God what His plans were for his life rather th

The Formation of Team Liora

One of the most exciting parts of Training Camp is finding out who exactly you will be serving with for the first few months on the field.  Adventures in Missions (AIM) staff spends a lot of time observing us as they have us work through teamwork exercises with each other.  Through this observation process, they are prayerful as they begin to form our teams and gather feedback from each of us on how working with particular people is going.  They are intentional to put us in groups

Oreos and Instagram

Since coming home from training camp, my eyes have been glued to the book Kingdom Journeys by Seth Barnes, the creator of the World Race. It heavily focuses on abandoning comfort and allowing God to take up that space. If I could, I would quote the entire book for your benefit..its just that good.. but here are a few lines that got me thinking about the control I try to steal from God and the comfort I have been relying on. "If we never get out of our comfort zones, we can't grow into the plac

Fundraiser T-shirts!!

  LINK TO BUY BELOW!   "He has shown you, O mortal, what is good.     And what does the Lord require of you?To act justly and to love mercy    and to walk humbly with your God."  Micah 6:8   I am so excited about these shirts and what they mean!! I want this to be echoed in my life and a push to call me higher. No matter where we are, this is what the Lord is requiring of us: To see justice, love mercy, an

I lost my life

I have to be really honest. I don't know what to say. I'm at the point in the race where there are so.many.experiences. There are so many experiences that happen in the day to day moments. So many experiences that happen in big situations. So many thoughts. So many tears. So much growth. So much change. So many failures and so many victories. So much brokenness and healing and restoration and regeneration. How would one describe the pressure cooker that is the world race? 10 or more years of gr

The World We Live in Today

I have officially been back in the US for 9 weeks now. It seems kind of crazy to think that a year ago I was on my way to Peru, figuring out why I was on the World Race, and feeling so undeserving of what God has done for me up to that point of my life. Being back in the US has had its ups and its downs. I have loved spending time with my family, friends and of course my pup, Beau. I got a job for the time being and have gotten into a routine. We all have a daily routine. Wake up, brush your te

That Time God Got the Fairy Dust Out

In May, I walked across the stage at East Tennessee State University and received a diploma representing 4 years of hard work and a whole lot of money. And so, when people excitedly asked me what I was going to do with that degree that I had worked so hard for (which happened on an average of 4.6 times a day), I usually just stared at them, a little scared. “Well, uh.. Um. I am putting off adulthood for a year and doing the World Race.” That’s at least how I was looking at it
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