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Hearing God’s Voice Communally by Lynne Baab

Today’s post is by Lynne Baab who has encouraged me to focus on spiritual direction over the next few months. Talking about communal listening is a great place to start this. As Lynne says, individualism has too great an influence on our faith. Lynne M. Baab is the author of numerous books on spiritual practices.(...)

The Very First .CHURCH Websites are Live!

Today (September 17th, 2014) marked the first day of general public availability of .CHURCH domain names, with annual registration fees are retailing for around $25-45/year. (though during the past 7 days, some 600+ registered early by paying an extra premium setup fee.)

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Into the Woods

I’ve been in Gainesville for a total of four days now, in that time I’ve hiked eleven miles with a forty pound pack, spent three days in the woods (twenty four hours of that completely alone), and made several new friends. It’s been absolutely amazing and for the first time, since the Race, I finally feel like I am where I am supposed to be. On our camping trip I was paired with nine individuals, only one who I truly knew before, to spend the next three days with living life o

A Tour of My Race

Here is the list of nations that I will be serving in during my Race! My next post will be a littler different but I wanted to give everyone and idea of what The World Race will look like for me. INDIA   With nearly a sixth of the world's population within its borders, India is a country bursting with people and culture. Home to a diverse array of beliefs from Hinduism to Islam, to a blend of folk religions and other faiths, it is a country of pluralism with twenty-nine languages spoken

India Video

Another huge shoutout to JACK for the awesome video! Here is a glimpse into All Squad month in India with G-Squad!   


Tent City

Down below is my team mate's photo of where we handed out food this morning. A community they call "tent city". Pretty hard to take it all in when kids and elders alike are staring into your eyes, holding out their cups and containers to be filled. The kids teeth are rotting and they are naked and barefoot running in the crap and litter on the streets, and yet they have so much love to give you when they grab your hand and ask "whats your name" over and over again. Felt like crying num

Dirty Little Secret

So, I've been hesitant to post this cause I'm not really excited about my family reading it.  After talking to some of my squad mates, I realized how real the struggle is and that there are way too many of us. Shame, guilt, nausea...Jesus I'm soo sorry.  I'm not worthy enough to even ask forgiveness... I knew before I started that it wasn't the best choice, not even close to being a good one.  How did I get here God? Loneliness, stress, boredom.  I'd been sucked in again (S

This is not what I expected..

I haven woken up to the sound of a dozen roosters for a week now. I still wake up feeling like I'm in a dream. Writing a blog post is somewhat stressful to me. There are about 1,000 things I want to say, images I want to try and create, stories I want to share and yet I sit here staring at my keyboard. We all want to say something inspiring. We all want to do something impactful. Well, I need to admit something...God has taught me this week that I've been having the wrong mentality. Since stepp

A Child-Like Faith

Wow.  This is the only word that can begin to describe my experience in India thus far. We’re merely a week in, but yet my heart yearns for the locals. If you’ve never been to a country in such conditions, it’s hard to imagine the state of their living. I was shocked to see cows, pigs, chickens, and dogs roaming free in the street. Garbage fills the roadsides and is covered with smells more pungent than I have ever smelt. Many people are subject to a small cement or woode

Fundraising Update

Hello Friends   So I just want to share a little about how fundraising is going and what the next steps are in preparation for launching in just under four months!    First off I would like to say thank-you to everyone who has supported me in various ways. You are a huge blessing and I would not have made the first deadline without your continued support and prayers. The first deadline was towards the end of September, the total being 3,500, I am grateful to say I have fundrai

I Believe in Healing

Being completely honest…I did not want to post this blog…but I am stepping out in faith and I am going to trust that God has a reason for it, even if it’s me practicing the things He has called me to do: being honest and brave. It’s a tad long but I encourage you to read and trust that my heart is in the right place.   This summer, a week before training camp, I had a dream. I dreamed that I was wandering through a random house but all the people there were fami

The Difference of Six Days

Six days ago I stepped off of a plane into the hustle and bustle of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. My stomach was in knots from fear of the unknown, exhaustion, and nerves. One question ran through my head like a ticker on Wall Street, "what did I get myself into?" Timid to turn every new corner, I wondered where my sense of adventure had fled to. Looking ahead to our ministry only added more feelings of uncertainty. The Unsung Hero program, with the sole purpose of seeking out new ministry contacts for

Something to chew on

I was so excited when I was accepted to go on the World Race. I remember the phone call full well. I was on the road home to Virginia to visit family and friends for a few days back in August and the call caught me off guard. I remember hanging up the phone, lifting my hand in praise (the other on the steering wheel), crying, and thanking the Lord for a new season about to unfold. It's like when you're on a hike and you come to a precipice of a cliff or an outlook and you can see the beautiful w

Where's Terry Tate When the Rooster Crows?

So you know we all miss them – the best commercials ever with Terry Tate in an office setting, tackling officemates and otherwise leaving the viewer in stitches. I don’t even remember what was being advertised – Reebok? I just remember laughing out loud each time the commercials came on! I am going to share a “Terry Tate” moment from the mission field. I was not an eyewitness to this – it’s something I heard about and felt led to share. Buckle up! God&r

Forget About The Price Tags

  This is the one post I didn't want to write. The one thing I dread asking. The one topic I will have the hardest time talking about.  Money, Baby. So I'll keep it short. Basically,  Well, disclaimer first: I once heard you should write as if the reader knows nothing. So, I apologize if anything is redundant.  But, basically, I have to fund a good chunk of change to go on this mission. I am still iffy about whether or not to throw the actual numbers up. But all in all a

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