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Training Camp

  As I got out of the car, I was instantly greeted by lots of shouts, horrahs, and hellos. I was instantly overwhelmed by the energy. I quickly saw a crowded area of tents and a whole lot of orange. My squad. The people I would be doing life with. As I scurried behind one of the trainers as he began to introduce me to squadmates, they began hugging me left and right, and were welcoming me with open arms... as if I knew these people for ages. A bit awkward that all these strangers

I am the Minority

I am beginning to realize that I am the minority. I was just thinking of where I was last year. I was in Uganda studying Theology at a Bible College for 3 months. I was one of two Canadian students (Alyssa). We were the minority. We were two white young adults among 60 African students. (Can you find me?)

Alyssa and I often did ministry together, but there was a few times when I got to go with just the African students. This was stretching for me at first. I was now the only white person get

Meditation Monday – Lord God Almighty May We Dwell In Your Shelter

A couple of days ago I watched the video below on Facebook. The first time I watched it I held my breath as the mother duck shepherded her chicks across the freeway. The next time I watched it, I found myself reciting Psalm 91. I have always imagined God’s sheltering wings to hold me in a(...)


Hello family and sweet friends! I am missing you all SO MUCH! It's Thursday October 23rd and I'm writing you this blog from my tent. It's pouring rain today and our ministry is all outdoor work so our ministry host, Hermano Lucho has given us the morning off until our weather clears out. We are camping this month and don't have access to wifi unless we go into town so that's why I haven't been able to update you guys. So, I will start from the beginning!We are in beautiful Bolivia! We arrived he

A little bit about Me

Well here we go... 50 facts about me!

I have lived in the same house my entire life I’m the middle child of 5 My favorite animal is a Zebra My favorite color is purple I love shopping I am crazy about clothes! Its more of an obsession really I’m in love with fall I love kids I hope to someday adopt one or more babies from another country I promised God when I was 10 that I would never be a missionary Sometimes I break my promises Sweet tea is the bomb! I rarely, if ev

Wedding Day

Two years ago on October 27th around 3:30 pm, I slipped my white lace dress on, I placed my pearls around my neck and my hair was curled and braided to the side. It was the day I had dreamed about for so long, it was my wedding day. Excitement filled my heart as I walked down the aisle holding my bouquet of yellow and red sunflowers. All my friends and family gathered to celebrate. I could only picture forever as I said my vows, but forever would be short lived. As I look back on that day, it i

It's T-Shirt Time

I am selling custom made soft gray T-Shirts as a fundraiser for my World Race Mission Trip. These shirts are a nicer soft material and fit a little snugger than a normal fit t-shirt. So if you are concerned about the fit go up. I am really excited about these shirts and all that will come of them.  By purchasing a shirt you are investing in my journey. You are saying YES to not just me but to support God. God is trying to use me to tell the world about Him! By purchasing a shirt you can to

My World Race Swag

SIDE NOTE *If you sent in a check to Adventures in Missions and 1, haven't received a call or thank you card from me, or 2, haven't received a receipt from Adventures in Missions, or 3, it hasn't been taken out of your account please call or e-mail me asap.* ____________________________________________________ I designed some shirts to sell as a fundraiser for my World Race trip in January! Let me know if you would like one, and I can ship them to you as well. (add $5.95 to the order) I have

My Yes Is Still Yes

Gainesville, GA   As sat down to write what God has been speaking to me, it seemed a little familiar. I went through my blog list and sure enough!...I’ve already written about saying yes to the Lord.   Yet here I am again.   Before heading into this season, God told me that I would be going through the fire. It wasn’t a word that was super exciting to receive, but I decided to dive into it. I opened up to Daniel 3 to see what being in the fire was all about. Thre

All This Time I Was Finding Myself...

And I didn't know I was lost...Yes, I just stole Avicii's lyrics. But, I love that song, and it was a foreshadowing of the Race for me, but that's irrelevant to this post.I never thought I'd put the following words on paper in a public forum, but I have something pretty awesome to tell you guys that can't be said without the back story, so here we go.When I was 18, I lost my mind. I believe in popular culture, they call it falling in love. I fell fairly fast, and super hard. As with many teenage

Learn To Join The Dance

Last month in Haiti, I downloaded a bunch of songs to my phone. One of those songs is called "Through Heaven's Eyes" (special treat for the first person to comment and tell me what movie that's from. Don't cheat). I've listened to that song AT LEAST 100 times in the last month, no joke. One of my favorite lines, and my personal motto for October, is "and though you'll never know all the steps, you must learn to join the dance." Some of you reading this know me well, so you could see why that's a

How One Word Changed October

Positivity. Before I left La Paz, my mother sent me a message saying the word of the month, for both of us, was positivity. But it was a voice message that I didn't actually listen to until I had been at my ministry site for a couple of days. My first few days at Campanento El Puente were discouraging. My foot was still in pretty bad shape, so I was out of the groundskeeping the rest of my squad was up to. I spent my days pouring over my bible, but found little hope or consolation. #OldTestament

My One Night with a Prostitute

Her name was Lacy.   The last thing she said was, "I can't believe anyone would love me." I met her at a Waffle House on the highway just after midnight, and she broke my heart.

  Let me back up, and start the story over.  It was sometime in August or September on a Saturday afternoon.  I drove thirty minutes from my house to meet up with some friends.  We met at the church to carpool out to Batesburg, SC to attend a revival service at the Chapel in the Woods. &nbs

At his feet I was humbled

God has been shaking my life during the time that we’ve been in Guatemala. He is bringing me out of comfort zones that I’ve been so safe inside, He’s humbled my heart, and has shown Himself in everyone and everything around me. Johnny was the proof of all of this.   This past week we hit our regular spot on the streets of Guatemala to hang with our youth friends. During our time out here we play cards, bingo, paint nails, color, draw, and build relationships. One of th

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