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Details and Abilities

I have grown to adapting many traits and mentalities in my life. Many them being acquired during the struggles faced while in nursing school and building my tiny house. A situation would arise, I would asses it, think it through seeing if it made sense, then make the necessary measures to solving or accomplishing whatever it may be. It's what people do when they want to aspire to becoming or making something better. It's how I wanted to grow as a young man. Become knowledgeable in craftsmanship,

Newspaper Ready?

Ok, I don't know about ya'll but I've never been in the newspaper...until now. The local newspaper in my hometown, The Colorado Hometown Weekly, just ran an article about me and my trip! How cool is that? I had an amazing chat with the lady that wrote the article, Kimberli Turner, while she interviewed me and she is such a sweetheart! It was awesome because while we were talking I found out that she is also a Christian and she kept saying how excited she was that she was getting to write the art

Coffee & Critters

India. My words can't even do it justice. This country is rich in culture and beauty. As soon as my team arrived, we took an overnight bumpy jeep ride to our host's house for Easter weekend. We suffered from some major jet lag; so, needless to say, we spent an entire day sleeping without even meaning to. We awoke to a delicious Indian dinner of rice and spicy chicken curry and then were taken out by our pastors wife to go shopping -win! We purchased some tunics and the materials for our saris t

I Can't do This

Sometimes I find myself thinking.."how am i going to leave the U.S for eleven months"..."how am I going to raise over $16,000"...."how am I going to show others Christ in a countries I have never been to and don't know the culture." All these statements sound the same."how am i..." The truth is, I can't.I can't raise over $16,000, I can't be away from my home for eleven months, I can't preach The Word and save others. I can't.   But Christ can   I have been thinking of all the thi

Operation Christmas Child Montenegro

When our host said to us at the start of the month that we might distribute Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes at a school in Northern Montenegro I was stoked.  Like many North American Christian families, packing shoeboxes was a Fall tradition when was growing up.  I remember my Mom buying items for the shoeboxes in July!  What a wonderful and thoughtful woman who thinks about the less-fortunate all the time it seems.  We could never use the red and green shoeboxes that Sam

Why short term missions are important

When I was in High School, I took my first mission trip to Pascagula, Mississippi.  A small town East of New Orleans that got hit by Hurricane Katrina.  It wasn't a foreign trip outside the country, but it was just as important. I remember as a15 year old being so excited that I was getting a chance to leave the state of Missouri.   I didn't really understand the concept of missions at that point in my life or the importance, but I knew I was leaving.  As a young youth, I wa

Resources for Earth Day and Care for Creation 2015

A couple of days ago I was asked for a resource list for Earth day and so thought it was about time that I posted on this topic. Here are some of the best that I have found to add to the prayers and liturgies I have already posted on this blog Prayers and Liturgies […]

Tis so tough to trust in Jesus

($11,919 of $16,250)   India. I remember when learning about traveling to India, I heard a saying, “Take everything you’ve ever imagined about India: the sights, the smells, the people, the culture, the colors, and multiply that times ten…and that still won’t prepare you for India.” I’ve learned these past few weeks that that’s pretty accurate actually. Though all of this is true, the people here are beautiful and have such a rich culture…

Identity Crisis

  So I'm now on month 8 of the race and I honestly never thought I would be where I am right now. I don't mean physically, I knew I was going to be in Cambodia in the dead of their summer experiencing heat like I never have before and I also knew that it would be month 8 of the race where things start to change and you start to talk about entering back into the states. But spiritually, I never thought I would be where I am now, nor did I ever know it was possible. The truth is, before the

Soup Night

"Why is her blog titled, 'Soup Night?'" Well, Soup Night is where several members from my church meet every other Monday where there is sometimes soup, lol, but basically where we get together and pray and are real with one another. Soup Night has changed my life these past few months and have helped me in rough times. The people that attend this are like my family whom I love DEARLY. At Soup Night tonight (yesterday now that it's well past midnight), we grilled out and celebrated a awesome la

The Beginning

        I have been thinking about writing my first blog for a while now. i have been contemplating on what i was going to write, where i was going to start and where i was going to stop. Well tonight is the beginning. i wont promise i will blog every day  but i will try to keep it updated as often as possible. Soooooo where do i even begin a lot has been happening, since i committed to follow Jesus around the world. I cant wait to see were God is going to take me. Who i


Welcome to the World Race. Welcome to forced community and frustrations with 'lack of unity'. Welcome to the people who are your new family for the next 11 months, what? They don't 'feel' like family, shocking the six to seven strangers around you are not living up to your ridiculous expectations you've set for them. Strange. Their habits annoy you, their opinions make your cringe and roll your eyes, their why of being on the race doesn't match up with your why, so inwardly your questioning your

Meditation Monday – Meeting God In Creation with Andy Goldsworthy

Collect your journal, a pen and a coloured crayon. Take a walk outside into the garden or your neighbourhood park and take a few deep breaths in and out. Stand for a few moments and savour the beauty of God’s creation. Look around you at the trees and their different leaves. Admire their shape, feel […]


The last few weeks have a had common theme threaded between them… perspective. When your perspective changes and you start to see things with a new lens, life begins to change. The things that used to seem like a struggle to deal with, become tiny bumps in the road and are immensely easier to overcome. You start to find a purpose in the things that seem mundane and start to become enjoyable again.  One thing that changed my attitude about something in my life was one morning during

Do Not Support Us. We Cannot Make a Difference. Part 3.

Last but not least . . . the end of a trilogy. A couple of weeks back God spent some time holding me very close. All right, so He is probably always holding me close, but I feel like this time He gave an extra little squeeze to make sure that I knew He was there. He blessed my days with assurances and reminders that He is the one who will be in charge of our World Race trip. You see, I started to feel guilty as our friends, families, and communities started to show up. As generous people gave

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