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He Makes me Brave

This song is relatable to my life these days. He is the one who makes me brave. He is the one who called me out beyond the shores. He is the only one I will always say Yes to.      "You make me Brave" I stand before You nowThe greatness of Your renownI have heard of the majesty and wonder of YouKing of Heaven in humility, I bowAs Your loveIn wave after waveCrashes over me, crashes over meFor You are for us You are not against usChampion of HeavenYou've made a way 


Finish Your Race Sprinting!   Dear World Racers,   A long long time ago while in the land of Far Far Away. Sitting you were, living the 'normal' life, looking at the horizons and wondering if there's more beyond what the eyes can catch. Coffee mugs, desks, clocks, couches, pencils, exams, midterms, morning vehicles warm ups, traffic, bills, make-up, what should I wear, were part of the routine. Along a Man came by as you were staring at the horizons. You already knew Him but still

The Gospel in My Own Words

The Gospel is the Good News!God is Real! There is a creator; and He's not just a loving god, He is Love. He made everyone and everything. In fact, he made people after His own image. And He Loves us. He's absolutely wild about us.God is Real, but so is the devil. The devil hates God, and he doesn't want us to experience His Love. He does everything in His power to tempt us to give up God's love for a lie. This is sin, when we trade a beautiful gift that God has given us, for a shadow of that glo

Breaking Barriers: Week 1 in the DR

My awesome team (En Fuego) and I, along with 4 other teams in my squad are serving through H.O.P.E. DR ( this month and couldn’t be any luckier! HOPE stands for Helping Others Pursue Eternity and their ministry is doing exactly that through planting churches and educating and feeding children in need all throughout the DR. ***200,000 children of this love land are orphaned and over 70,000 children live in the city of Santiago’s dump area. Roughly an hours

How many Chinese churches are in the USA?

Statistics are useful for strategic planning for the future of churches and ministries, or any organization for that matter, even if they’re estimates.CCUC Chinatown Chicago

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Taxes by Leroy Barber

This morning’s post is written by Leroy Barber the global executive director of Word Made Flesh. I am reposting this from his recent newsletter firstly because the sentiments in the letter so touched my heart. The question they raised in my mind is How can we support and be hospitable to people of colour wanting to work in(...)

In The Moment thoughts from last week that I am finally getting around to posting... Month 11 exposes a lot of mixed emotions for World Racers. For some, weak community or deep family struggles await their return home. Others may be excited about returning to a new job, a loving family of faith, or strong community of believers. Whatever the combination or variation of above options, I believe God wants us to live in the moment of each day. As I write these thoughts down, I am “preaching to the

Pre Training Camp Excitement!

     Training Camp is today!!!!!!!    In  less than 13 hours and 45 minutes I'll arrive  in Gainesville Ga. to meet my World Race family/squad for the very first time! To say that I'm excited is truly the understatement of the year! Y'all.... I can't sleep! I just keep thinking about training camp and meeting these wonderful people I've imagined introducing myself to since October 2012! What am I supposed to do? Squad & all of World Race training camp byst

Stellar Supporters: Geena Nohinek

I want to set the record straight. As gracious as the Lord has been equipping each and every World Racer with strength, endurance and perseverance, He’s also blessed each and every January 2014 World Racer with some stellar people to support them, stellar supporters  if you will. One woman who is CONSTANTLY encouraging me, helping me trust who I am in Christ , speaking truth into my life, and calling me higher than where I think I can be is my Alumni Squad Leader, Geena Nohinek. 


I have run into at least one person EACH day this week who does not know what I am doing.         "So, Ashley, how is... ummmmmm..... *puzzled look*... how is your preparation coming?"   ... and I realize that quite a few people still don't know what I am doing.   So, let me let you know.   I am about to leave on what is called The World Race.   No- it's not a race. No- it's not a vacation. No- it's not a whim.   The World Race is an

Things I Will Miss...And Not Miss...When I Leave Asia

I have had the privilege of spending the past 5 months in Asia. Which one week left in Asia, I am preparing to finish my time here well and prepare my heart for Ireland and Eastern Europe, I began reflecting on the things that I have known and seen over the past 5 months. India. Nepal. Thailand. Cambodia. Vietnam. All of these are VERY different countries with different cultures and norms. But over the past 5 months, some things have become normal to me that I will not see in other parts of the

Praying in the Midst of Tragedy and Despair

This morning John Birch of posted this prayer on the Light for the Journey Facebook page. It is such an apt prayer for this time that I thought I would repost it here. Thinking particularly of that tragedy in Ukraine, but encompassing so many others… We pray for all whose lives have been touched by(...)

this is totally different than what I imagined.

in 2008, my senior year of high school, if you were to ask me where I would be in 5-6 years I guarantee it wouldn't be where I am today. back then I had so many plans yet no plans at all (if that makes any sense) I wanted to do a little of everything. I wanted to pursue journalism, get my doctorate in nursing, own my own business anything but where I'm currently at. which is --- moving back in to my parents house, working 2 jobs and not even able to finish my associates in college. now, in writ

16 Hours until Training Camp, where did time go?

Here I am, the night before I leave for traning camp! My flight takes off at BWI and I will be getting to Atlanta around 2 and then I will finally be meeting my team for the first time in flesh! Because I am a master at procrastination, I am just now fitting (more like stuffing) everything in my big backpack and it's quite frustrating, to say the least. It's all about how you roll your clothes and how you stuff it in your packing cubes and how you re-arrange them in the backpack

The Whole Sha-Bang (Part 1)

  World Race Recap (Part 1)   I’m not even going to pretend like I know how to recap the last year. I’m not going to come close to what it entails through a few comments either. I believe I would need months of processing and writing to attempt to do so, however, as a glimpse I wanted to put together a few pictures from each country I visited and a brief description of what I did:     11 countries, 11 months, 1 backpack, 1 tent and a serious lack of personal

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