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Same Same But Different

Same Same But Different As I have traveled now to nine different countries in three continents I have started to realize that some things are the same while others are very different. In every place we have visited Coca-Cola is easily accessible even in the Bolivian Jungle or the Malawian Bush. Also in every place we have visited there is rich and there is poor and sometimes not much in-between the two. But there is one thing about this month in Thailand that most of us havent experienced be

Parent Vision Trip - Thailand

  The Parent Vision Trip is an opportunity for parents to join their racers on the field and partner with a ministry for a week. J-Squad's PVT experience took place in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We were blessed to be able to partner with Lighthouse In Action, a kingdom-focused ministry that strives to love on ALL people mixed-up in the mess of the sex-trafficking industry along with many other services and acts of love. Here is a snip-bit of the Scott Fam Bam PVT experience!    &nbs

Transition at the Mustard Seed House

Many of you know that my husband Tom and I live in a small intentional community in Seattle which we call the Mustard Seed House. We are currently in transition. The Mustard Seed House is making a new beginning and we are looking for one couple or single who are looking for community to join us! […]

The Earthquake

I've felt too overwhelmed to even begin telling the story of what's happened in the last three weeks, but I know that The Lord can and will use each of our stories to encourage others and to glorify Himself. So I've decided to just begin writing one small piece at a time. This is today's portion, and I will continue as The Lord leads me each day. I love each and every one of you so much and I could never possibly even begin to tell you how much your support means to me.   Grant and I were

A Prayer from a Pacifist on Memorial Day

prayer pacifist

God, help us to remember…

…that life is a gift. To call it a gift is to imply that we did not earn it. Life is grace. Peace preserves life. So on this Memorial Day weekend we remember that Your intention for this world is shalom. This would be a world where human beings find themselves in right relationship with You – God, with each other, with the earth, and to one’s own self.

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Meditation Monday – Bear Fruit That Will Last.

I appointed you to go and bear fruit, fruit that will last. (John 15:16) These words that Jesus spoke to his disciples really caught my attention the other day. It is strawberry season here in Seattle. Tom and I are relishing the fresh berries I pick each day from the garden. And I have to […]

Get Your Bibles Out

My thoughts today mainly consisted of the Yezidi and Christian women and children that are being displaced by ISIS. Girls as young as 9 years of age being sold for $170 to these ISIS pigs. They are being beaten and forced into sex slavery and then having an operation to “”restore” her virginity” for their next owner. What kind of person does such a thing? ISIS legitimately believe that they have a religious right to take these “Infidel” little girls as sexua

Helping People is Hard

One thing I've realized, and come to embrace this month, is that helping people isn't easy.  It started with a one night stay in Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras.  The extremely generous man who let us stay with him, Aven, has a ministry in Tegucigalpa that works with street kids.  Basically, he talks to them, feeds them, tries to give them opportunities, ect.  He was telling us about his work.  He had some really cool stories but he said his favorite was one of the

A Work in Progress (plus an exciting announcement!)

Several months ago I posted a blog called "Chronicles of an Adventurer Part 1." If I had followed through on my intentions, part 2 would have followed immediately, and you all wouldn't have been so confused about that title. Summary: an adventure with Jesus does not have to be this wild excursion you embark on, but it's just doing life with Jesus where you are on a daily basis. (Here comes the part I would normally conceal behind this computer screen). I wrote that blog because I was convicted

India wrecked me.

India wrecked me. I am changed and I will never be the same. It's the best and the worst and everything. Hence why this blog is 2 months late. I don't know how to write it but I’ll do my best. Covenant Worship Center. Basically it is this huge mansion in the Beverly Hills area of India. Not really what I thought of when I pictured a mission trip in India. I pictured slums, heat, and dirt. When you walk in the grand marble entrance way you will always run into a brother or two. Twenty to f

I Am Not Going On The World Race

As you read this, keep in mind that this came as more of a shock to me than it will be to you. I am still processing what happened yesterday and I ask for your patience as God speaks to me in this season. Yesterday was the third full day of Training Camp for the World Race. Up until then, I was doing great. I had no problems sleeping in my tent or keeping up with the busy schedule, and I actually really enjoyed the bucket showers. Don't get me wrong, it was definitely a hard few days, but it wa

The Best Thing that's Happened to Me on the Race

So, I'm gonna try to tell a pretty long story in the most concise way possible. Because the lessons I learned from it are actually far more important than the story itself. About two weeks ago, I took a sunrise hike to the cross monument that overlooks Antigua with three of my friends, Andie, Kevin and Ryan. We made it to the cross, began to take pictures of the gorgeous view of the entire city, and then sat down to worship. As Kevin began playing, and we all began worshipping, we didn't see the

Limited Communication

Many people ask me about how I will communicate with friends and family back home while I’m on the Race. I don’t know the details, but I know that my ability to communicate will be limited. This will be a shift for me, culturally and personally, but I’m finding myself more and more grateful for the opportunity to explore the world, step into a life of love and ministry, and let God’s voice fill my heart.  I don’t often get a chance like this to take a break

Check This Out!!!!!

Hey Everyone!!!! I have a new blog -  I would love for you to check out my new post and subscribe to get updates :)


This month has been a straight up g i f t. Thanks Jesus! I have a new team of people I love, we are on an island, our ministry contacts are like mom and dad to us, and ministry is busy, challenging, and sweet. It's easy to take a month like this and praise Jesus for it all! We have had times as a team to worship on a rooftop overlooking the ocean, we have gone snorkeling for free and even held SLOTHS. This month is the farthest thing from what I expected my month in Honduras to look like. It has

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