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Unsung Heroes

This month my team & I were assigned unsung heroes, which means we have been traveling around Malawi looking for ministries for future world racers to partner with. So far this month has been full of depending on the Lord and seeing his blessings pour out as we have met amazing people who are doing wonderful things around Malawi for the kingdom. Here are some of this ministries we have learned about and made contact with :  Live Love/HOWMS:Live Love and HOWMS are two inspiring ministri

Love Like a Monsoon

For the past week I have been living in Klang, Malaysia. The weather here has been hot and very humid; you sweat just trying to fall asleep here. It is also very rainy. It is Monsoon season right now which means that most afternoons here it rains, hard. It can rain for 10 minutes or 2 hours. I have only ever seen so much rain in a short period of time once in my life. It was back in 2007 (I think) when Concord, North Carolina, and other parts as well, received many inches of rain in 1 day. Every

Don't put your hope in underwear.

It’s funny. On my first World Race, I managed to lose one (just one) thing. It was my iPod Touch. I left it on the bus in Vietnam that dropped us off at the airport to start our travel to India. I was sad, yes, but I didn’t let it get me down mainly because my Dad was bringing me a new one a month later when he came out to our Parent Vision Trip. 

I learned and grew a lot on my first Race. I used that Race to runaway from my past, but it was on the Race that God made me face

I'm in De-Nile!!!

I’m Emily Werness and L Squad and Team Burning Joy safely arrived in Uganda a couple weeks ago – spent a  few days in debrief with the whole squad in Jinja – reflecting on the past couple of months and making goals as a team for where we want to grow and accomplish in Africa. It was a relaxing time, but also crazy fun because most of our squad rafted and swam in the Nile. As in the NILE RIVER. As in the river baby Moses went a’crusin down in a basket. They were class

A Brazilian and a Floridian

A highlight on two of my teammates…   Let’s start with the Brazilian. Not because she is more important but rather at this moment she is more in need. My Brazilian Beauty is named Piva (or Dani, if you like) and she is just that—beautiful. She has these long locks of golden waves, and fair porcelain skin like that of Snow White. Her height is graced with stature at the way she holds her head and keeps her posture strong. She is not timid to invest in her beauty as she f

Moment of Truth: The Reason I Came on The World Race

Moment of truth: the reason I came in the world race   Each month has brought many people into my life for me to love and cherish. I have great memories that will last a lifetime. But something was lacking. Then I met Maya. She was selling small hand bags in the streets of Kathmandu, 3 for 100 rupees. That is about $1 for each sale. It doesn't seem like much, but to Maya it was good for her to be able to make anything at all. I didn't have money at first. I hadn't taken any out of the ATM

Let All Creation Sing for joy

Meditating on what it means to rejoice in the Lord, and writing this morning’s post stirred this prayer within me.

2 Reasons NOT to ‘Keep Christ in Christmas’

2 reasons not christmas

*Guest Post: By Jeff K. Clarke


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Lighting the Joy Candle

Yesterday I lit the joy candle in my Advent garden an exhilarating moment that marks the halfway point in our journey toward the coming of Jesus. The scriptures we read at church were all about joy and rejoicing. I will greatly rejoice in the LORD, my whole being will exult in my God, we read in […]

Third Sunday of Advent Podcast With Ryan Marsh. (Repost from last year)

This is the third podcast which we recorded last year. Enjoy Story by Mary September Music by Tracy Howe Wispelwey, In Mansions and Church of the Beloved Reflection by Rev. Karen Ward, All Souls Episcopal Church, Portland, OR Meditation by Christine Sine, Mustard Seed Associates Produced by  Ryan Marsh, Church of the Beloved, Edmonds WA Listen to Mary […]

Unsung Hero: What's the plan?

Unsung Hero (n.): Men and women who are dedicated to serving some of the most impoverished populations in the world, yet rarely receive recognition for their dedication and service. These givers may also live with meager conditions but give consistently from an abundance of God’s love. Their names may not be in history books, their acts unknown to the rest of the world, while unrecognized, they shake a generation and move a culture and ultimately build the Kingdom. This is it. This is wha


On my Race, my friend and teammate, DeAnna taught me a lot about words: how to use them, how to study them, and, super importantly, how God speaks through them. As I’m back in America, I’ve been taking some time to reflect on my journey. Tonight, as I was reflecting, like a flash, the phrase “imparting a print” came into my mind. The way I saw it in my mind was like this: I’mPARTing the I’mPRINT. 

  Let me break it down for you ( and for me too

Hey-Hey!! Month Six = Malaysia

Malaysia Fun Facts:

Life expectancy is 74 years old. A former British colony, Malaysia became an independent country in 1957. The capital is Kuala Lumpur (KL), which means ”Muddy Estuary” in the Malay language. The world’s tallest twin towers, the 88 stories “Petronas Twin Towers”, are located here. (Justin and Amy Chesnut also live in KL- let’s hear it for Iowa State friends! Go State!) Malaysia is also known as the “Food paradise of South East As

whatever - part 1.

I am three and a half months into this wild journey. Three and a half countries completed, seven and a half in the future.  While in Guatemala, I felt like I was tossed into the ring without a moment to adjust.  I realized, I understood and I grew.  In Nicaragua, I was washed over with love, day after day.  The Father called my name, met me and showed me his quiet, gentle grace.  Life in the Philippines was unstructured, unique.  I thought I would hate it, but I dov

I am NOT a Survivor

At the beginning of this month, we spent five days in Quito for debrief. Most of the time, debriefs are a relaxing time to get rest and rejuvenated. They also allow us time as racers to reflect back on previous months and what we can work on in future months. Our Quito debrief brought a lot of insight into an area in my life I didn't even know I was struggling with. I have been living in survival mode for the past couple years of my life. One can classify survival mode as getting through a parti

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