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When You Give God Room

     This past weekend was probably the best weekend of my race. It started out with us running back and forth with different plans because things never went as expected. But, this left room for God to move and work in each situation that we were in. This weekend our team helped lead over 40 people to Christ... all praise goes to the Lord. Here's the story:       We were invited to join a retreat for young girls on Saturday in Botha-bothe, where our ministry hosts'

Setting Captives Free

The past 2 days have been some of the hardest and most rewarding days of my whole race. It all started a few weeks ago when my team decided to use some of our off days to go and explore Lesotho. We don't get out much, besides going to our 2 local malls for groceries/wifi ect. We found a cute little lodge that we could camp at and have a nice relaxing weekend before we leave for Swaziland in a few days! About the time we started working out details, our host informed us that there was actually a

How Have You Experienced God?

How have you experienced God? This is a question that we as racers ask ourselves monthly. The question might be posed as “how have you seen God this month?” or “When have you felt closest to the Lord?,” but the premise is the same; How have you allowed God to reveal Himself to you? While in Central America, my team was blessed with immaculate landscapes and jaw dropping sunrises and sunsets. I would often take advantage of the sunrises and spend time alone with the Lor

El Salvador

Hello everyone, I realize I haven't posted in a while. While I can come up with many reasons why I didn't, it boils down to one. I just didn't have a good enough blog that I wanted to share. I am however going to tell you about my time in El Salvador and of the beautiful people there. El Salvador was beautiful, we partnered with Andrea and her family in the El Tunco community. We were on the beach and got to enjoy many sunsets and sunrises.  The ministry was originally founde

Focus Fox! In a Life of Distractions

I gave a sermon in Malaysia that spoke to me probably more than it spoke to the people in the audience. It was my first time "preaching", but I honestly feel at home speaking in front of a crowd. The beauty of speaking to other people is reflecting and learning over and over again on the topic for oneself. Here is the message I shared. I hope that it blesses you. Make sure to PRAY!! Testing - the challenge to make a conscience decision If we are not intentional about our choice Satan can pull

I Hated My Name

Confession:   I hated my name as a child. Cara Marie Lutes.   I boldly pointed out the fact that my parents made a mistake.   I disliked when people spelled my name incorrectly.   I detested when people mispronounced my name.   No children's book I owned told the adventures of Cara.   Disney Channel didn’t broadcast the life of any Cara.   Worst of all: Colorful keychains with my name were nowhere to be spotted at tourist shops. I know. T

A First: Christmas Caroling... Which Happened to be in Malaysia

Ma Raj, our ministry host's mother, asked me question about caroling. I can't remember what exactly she wanted to know, but I do remember sheepishly telling her that I have never been Christmas caroling before. I remember having some Christmas traditions as a child, but in my family the Christmas holiday mainly surrounded activities for the children. As an adult, and since I have rededicated my life to Christ, I have yet to make of my own traditions that take the time out to glorify Christ in t

When God calls you higher

I'll start by saying the past month and a half have been filled with tremendous growth. October was a really low point in my life. So much was going on that I was drowning in a sea of despair, but in the end I had made a choice. A choice to fully surrender everything to God. I chose to give him literally all of me. My thoughts, actions, and desires. That has been the best decision I could have ever made! I have had so much growth since then. I have found a joy I didn't know was possible, and a f

Take Me To Church

Since I was raised in the church , the word “church” looked pretty much the same to me all my life. Growing up, when I heard that word I would think of the place that my family and I went to on Sunday mornings, youth groups, bible studies, eating lunch with other families, events, church camps, and the list goes on. All of those things are really great things, don't get me wrong. But I don’t think they are the only things that make up church.  You may have a very differen

The Makings of Genocide

Today I stepped into a room with 9 thousand skulls. 9 thousand of nearly 3 million. There are some things that you cannot unsee and some feelings that you cannot unfeel. I have seen sights and heard stories during the past few weeks in Cambodia that will haunt me for the rest of my life. Perhaps, though, they are stories that deserve to be heard, so in this blog I will impart some of what I have learned to you. In 1975 Cambodia had been weakened by conflict and civil strife. The United Stat

A quick update

Hello all! Did something a little different for this blog, It's in a video and it's very awkward and cringe worthy but I have tried to actually write a blog since I've been here and nothing. SO lets give this a try and hopefully next week I can't write a true blog. Thanks for all of your support and love!! (copy and paste the link in your search bar and it should take you to youtube for said video) 

Here is the typical "The Race starts now" blog post

Before I even applied for the race I kept on reading one sentence that kept on popping up throughout people’s blogs, or even throughout AIM’s website… The term never really rung true for me until now, when I am in the position they were talking about. The term is simple, “The Race starts now.” I never really grasped what that meant, despite the fact that I thought I had everything figured out. I thought I would be completely fine just living my every day life just

"What do you need?"

   I get this question a lot. This is such a huge journey, and I truly believe that people want to be a part of it. So if you're a racer in need of a packing list or a supporter, this is for you.     Let's start with the packing list. These are items a racer would need to purchase, or a supporter may want to donate. This information comes from the WR website, as well as, other blogs. I put together what I thought would be the essentials. Fair warning, as a woman, I can

Run with Endurance

Endurance. Merriam-Webster says it's the ability to withstand hardship or adversity, especially in sustaining a prolonged stressful effort. Alistair Begg says it's a key indicator of spiritual fitness. The Bible even tells us those who endure temptation are blessed. In general, I think of endurance as a quality to be admired and aimed for. It signifies strength, patience, and authentic faith. It's what happens when we live out our hopes through the most trying times life throws at us. While I

Saying Yes to the Waters

-- The following post was written on the night of 1/13/2017 -- *For the safety of our hosts and partners, some words have been changed with asterisks. It’s 8:16 pm in Hyderabad, India (meaning that it’s about 7:45 am back home in Colorado), and almost all of the girls in my room are asleep; we arrived here at about 5:00 am this morning after more than 16 hours of travel (we basically lost Thursday as a whole… it feels like it never existed). Between cots and floor space, the
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