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Hi all! I have exciting news! I AM FULLY FUNDED! Yes, that's right all $17,017. Fundraising has been both an amazing and frustrating process. I am beyond blown away by all of the support, love, and generosity that my friends and family have shown me. Without my supporters I would not be here. It is because of all their support that I have been able to take this journey and help love people all over the world. I just want to say, thank you to all who donated.   If you still want to give

Meditation Monday – Unleash Your Inner Child

by Christine Sine. As many of you know I am working on a new book on creative spirituality. I have recruited a group of friends to walk with me through this process and add their own creative energy to the project. Last week I sent some beginning ideas to these friends and received this wonderful […]

World Day of Social Justice: Contemplative prayer as fuel for social justice

Lynne Baab — Twenty-five years ago, my congregation began offering contemplative prayer events, sometimes in a class setting on Sunday mornings and sometimes at quiet day retreats on Saturdays. I went along to try out silent prayer with others. I learned how to do centering prayer and the prayer of examen, as well as lectio […]

We’ve Got Rhythm

Hailey Joy Scandrette – This reflection is excerpted from the book, Belonging and Becoming: Creating a Thriving Family Culture,  chapter 3, A Thriving Family Finds Its Rhythm. I like to know what to expect and what’s expected of me. I like getting new calendars, making to-do lists and reading course syllabi. Although I don’t always come […]

Spiritual Insights From the Garden

Andy Wade – Slowly the snow is giving way to reveal the garden. It’s been a long winter, colder and snowier than normal, a stark contrast to the past several winters. Even as seed catalogues arrive weekly, it’s difficult for me to think about gardening when everything is cloaked in white. The warming shelter I […]

Towards Erasing the Shame of Mental Illness

Preparing for a conference workshop is typically done at a desk with a stack of books researched next to you, or behind you if you’re in the library or have a voluminous library of your own.

In my case, it so happens, I’m getting the bonus of doing workshop preparations in a front row seat of every day life, my own life, as I’ve been going through an unexpected & unscheduled manic episode (also known as mania) that’s a part of my diagnosis for having a mood disorder, as referred to in my previous blog post.

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Searching in the Dark

Kristen Kludt --When I close my eyes       I look for you—       the light in dark places—and, sometimes, I see black:      the backs of my eyelids      inscribed with the gray-green shadow      of whatever object just left my vision            until that, too, […]

On St Valentine

Jeannie Kendall — February sees the second largest card-sending date of the year (after Christmas) – Valentine’s day – with an estimated billion cards a year. It has never been a particular favourite of mine, perhaps because as a teenager I never received any cards!! The theory is that you send a card to someone […]

Meditation Monday – Creating a Lenten Journal

by Christine Sine Last week I talked about my preparations for Lent, and the process I am planning to follow each week. This week I have worked on putting a special journal together for the season. I did something similar for Advent and so enjoyed the journalling experience that I decided to try it again. […]

Godspace-MSA Feb Update

Andy Wade — I woke up this morning to one-half inch of ice covering everything, including the near-foot of snow that fell the past couple of days, which was on top of the foot of snow still covering the ground after a storm on December 9th. We’ve had a real winter here in Hood River, Oregon. […]

A Good Story

Hailey Joy Scandrette — This reflection is excerpted from the book, Belonging and Becoming: Creating a Thriving Family Culture, chapter 4 – “A Thriving Family Discovers a Common Story” I’m a sucker for a good story. Actually, sucker doesn’t quite capture it. I use stories to make sense of life: made-up stories, factual stories and stories […]

Don't Miss Out.

Don't Miss Out. Its nearly been 5 months since I’ve shared with you.I’ve sat down and stared at a blank computer screen many times - I just cant seem to find the words. But God’s really been putting these words on my heart:DON’T SHUT DOWN. With the countdown almost to single digits, coming home has been on my mind a lot. ?I know ‘home’ means; homecoming, celebrations, opportunities to catch up, opportunities to share God’s incredible works… and

22 Lessons I've Learned From 22 Years of Life

As my 22nd birthday has come, I wanted to share just a few of the lessons I have learned in my short 22 years of life.  1. When in doubt, drink more coffee.  2. Never underestimate the importance of a smile. For both you and the people around you, smiling can make all the difference.  3. Trust the good in people. See it, encourage it, and show it to others.  4. Be kind, even if you don't want to. Even when it's really hard.  5. Forgive generously and forgive quickly

Dear Class 10

All twenty of you changed my life in that little classroom on top of the hill in Saiphai, India. I arrived in India depressed and hurt. My heart was broken (remember the lesson on what/who you place your value in?) and I wanted to go home. For three days, I though I had made the wrong decision in going to India instead of going home. But then I taught your class. All twenty of you showed me that I have purpose and value. You taught me that God has a much greater and more beautiful plan than the

Taste of Saiphai

These sweet girls were shy at first but after we played "Peel Banana" and "Little Sally Walker", they warmed up to us pretty fast.  These crazy boys go to the school that we taught at! Racing bamboo carts down the road!
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