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Come As You Are

by Jenneth Graser How do we make ready for you?At the time of your coming in unexpected places? What if you were born in our neighbourhood –no room made for you but here? Among the people walking and living on our streets,we hear your crying on a night whennoise is carried. Crying that is comforted by […]

The Saltier the Better

“You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot.”??Matthew? ?5:13? ?NIV?? As I mentioned in a previous blog, I was carrying shame and guilt for over ten year for partying the night before I was baptized and doing it for the wrong reasons.  Being vulnerable about the deepest parts of my life has been hard, but it has been the number one cause for

Fitting My Life Into Perspective

The race is over. It’s one of my last blog posts on this site. And I’m supposed to write some sort of wrap up of my year to share with you. Which seems to make it one of the most difficult blog posts I’ve written this year. I find myself feeling a little anxious at the lack of thoughts and direction for this blog post. But yet I press on and am sucking it up and writing. So. 11 months. How do you wrap up 11 months of unexpected moments and learnings? Of 11 months of teachings

End of the year update {VIDEO}

  It may be the end of the year, but not the end of adventures! Check out what is coming up next for me as I continue to walk out everything the Lord is doing in my life!            Subscribe on the left hand tab to receive blog updates every time I post! Follow me on Facebook: Esther Gordon Instagram: estherjgordon Phone: 719-684-5082 250 Ranch Drive  Woodland Park, CO 80863

How Plans Have Changed

Since my last post on my birthday, a lot of things have changed. I went to training camp, and it was amazing. It broke me down physically, mentally, and spiritually, and I walked away knowing more of who I was in God, and how much I felt called to share his Word not only on this Race, but also on a deeper level in my day-to-day life with those around me.  Although camp made the World Race feel a lot more real, one thing that popped up in my mind more than before was: I need to wait. I didn

World Race Scarves

Hey y'all, it's cold outside, and y'all need a scarf or three! I'm taking last minute Christmas orders! But these aren't just any normal scarves, these are handmade by yours truly, with love and prayer, and all proceeds go to our #WorldRace! I'm selling these, other colors, and can work with you if there is something you would like but don't see! Small ones are $15, large ones are $20, plus $5-$8 for shipping. Would be humbled and honored to warm your neck! You can reach out through

Trekking through the Sohoton Cave in Samar, Philippines

On November 27, my team decided to spend our adventure day exploring the Sohoton Cave in Basey, Samar, Philippines. On our way there, we passed over the longest bridge in the Philippines. We also rode on a banca, a traditional filipino boat, to get to the cave system. Come explore with us by checking out the video below.

The Fear of Sailing.

How cool is that quote mentioned above? It makes me think back to the 14th century when many people (Thales, Leucippus and Democritus) believed that the world was flat, and so they wouldn’t venture far out into the ocean (or venture at all) for fear of falling off the face of the earth. And y’all know I Googled that history, there’s no way those names would have lasted in my memory (which operates 90% in short-term, it’s a real struggle) from high school. Can you imagi

O N E - M O N T H

O N E    M O N T H    In exactly one month we will be launching with our team as we head out to India! It's hard to believe that our trip is coming up so soon! If you're reading this now do you mind lifting us up in prayer? [please!] This last month will require a lot of tough goodbyes, spiritual growth and a plenty of last-minute tasks! ALSO, in return - please let us know how we can be praying for you and your family this holiday season!!   Many p

The First Step

So, this is it huh?  This is what it feels like to be writing a blog.   When I first considered going on the World Race, a myriad of thoughts went through my mind: “Is this really God’s plan for me? Am I truly a person whose help is needed in the world? Will I be able to leave my home and everyone I know behind for 11 months?” But I have to be honest, the biggest fear I had while pondering the World Race was, “How in the world am I supposed to blog about my t

Yo, what's up?

"Purpose is the reason you journey. Passion is the fire that lights your way." So by now you're probably thinking I'm crazy and I would have to say you're right. I'm crazy on fire for God's love. I have always imagined traveling the world, but never knew how to/never thought it would be like this. But, guess what? I am super excited to be doing it this way! God literally spoke to me through a lovely friend of mine, telling me to not only go and be a light to a dark word, but to seek his kingdo

Why Doubt?

When I first heard about The World Race from a stranger at the time, I thought she was crazy. There was NO way I could leave my whole family for 9 months, travel across the country, leave behind everything and go teach people about Jesus. I knew I could do that from here in the United States or even here in Louisiana. I didn’t need to go anywhere else. A lot had changed since that day I heard about The World Race. That girl who first told me about The World Race is now one of my closest f

"Still in construction. Thank you for the patience"

I like to consider myself a work in progress. Many ups and downs. Despite the countless mistakes, I have great memories to share. My 27 years of life have been a continuous Adventure. By the time I turned 17 I had already lived in 4 cities, then I added 3 more to my list. Adventure is ingrained in my soul; becoming familiar with the unknown, accepting the different, and loving the new is my natural state of being. I think I forgotten to mention that I am Brazilian (born and raised), that I

Freedom for the Captives

I haven't produced a valuable blog in awhile, which if I'm being honest is because I haven't felt like it. I think the fourth month of the Race was my slump month. I hear everyone has one. Having made it to Lesotho, and begun month five, I feel like my slate has been wiped clean. Like I have a new start with my teammates, with myself, and with God. And that is so relieving. We have been doing such a variety of work here, from digging up dirt to lay a foundation, to axing trees, to sharing devo

Serving God In The Mundane

      The race isn’t what I expected. This isn’t just another typical mission trip.       This whole past month I’ve been trying to write a blog, but every time I went to write one, I couldn’t think of what to say. I wanted to have some incredible story to tell you, so that I could “prove” to you that your money was being put to good use.        I wanted to be able to tell you about some insane miracle that h
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