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How To Save A Life: Part 2

The rest of the crazy, awesome story about how our team was used by God to save someone's life...

Update 2

Hello all, I have reached my first funding goal of $5,000 by the deadline of Sept. 23. I am currently at $6,431, which is just under 37% of the total goal. I give hearty thanks to all those that have donated. The next deadline is $10,000 by December 16, but I would like to be much further ahead than that, in order to be fully funded by the time I leave in early January. This isn't technically necessary, but I would like to be done by then anyway, no need to drag it out unecessarily. Lately, I h

My Big Prayer

I apologize for not blogging more. I wish I had more words to say or big things to share more often. Truth be told, many of the things I am learning and growing in are many little things so it is hard to blog about them if it is only a paragraph. Although, I will probably blog about all the little learnings together another day. Today, however, I want to write about something I have been thinking on and wrestling with the past couple days.  It is my nature to strive for perfection. Becaus

Freedom 202 Spiritually Free: When God Gives You Peace and Quiet, TAKE IT!

Work, Work, Work, Work, Work… Yes, I’m quoting Rihanna’s song, not with any connection to the song, but simply because that is what we feel we must do. Religion makes makes us feel like we must “work, work, work, work, work” for God’s love. But the truth is, He’s loves us regardless. He has always loved us and will continue forever to love us. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. The same God who gave what was most precious to Him in exchange

Everyone has a Story - Ethiopia Part 2

Our ministry this month is with Hope International. Hope takes boys off the street and gives them a safe community to be part of. My team was split into two groups, half with the younger kids and the other half with the older. My team was with the older 20 year olds. So, that was not intimidating at all :) Throughout the race we have worked with younger kids, they are much easier to entertain. Now, young men close to my own age?! That’s some next level stuff right there. My team assigned m

Flash back to Guat!

I am so excited to announce that I have not only met my first goal but surpassed it! The Lord has continued to provide and He is bringing His people together. It has been beautiful to watch this happen and see The Lord working.  I can't wait to go back overseas and thought I would share some words from when I was in Guatemala a couple of years ago.    I have been inspired, I have been challenged and I have been loved because of one man's story. I hope that you will be touched j


Debrief is something that I have always been intrigued by. I’ve had past racer friends try to explain it to me, stalked countless Instagram accounts, read all the blogs, but I never could fully wrap my brain around what goes down during this week of crazy community living. Last Sunday my team and I loaded up in our little van (Big brother Brian wouldn't let us take the chicken bus because its sketchy, so he drove us <3) and went back to Antigua. The first day was super chill; there wasn

How I almost ran away last week

  Little preface to this blog: I’ve been trying to write for a long time and nothing has come out. I always type 50 pages then save them and never look at them so i’m taking a leap here and I’m just going to publish what I had written last night. I don’t care if its good - sorry IB English, I tried. I just wanted to get my thoughts out there! Also, for those of you who don’t know yet, this is my final week in Oregon! I leave for Georgia on saturday and Cambodi

Enjoy Me

"Laughter Came from Every Brick"Laughter came from every brick.Just these two words He spoke, changed my life.'Enjoy Me.'What a burden I thought it was to carry- a crucifix, as did He.Love once said to me, 'I know a song, would you like to hear it?'And laughter came from every brick in the street and every pore in the sky.After a night of prayer He changed my life when He said 'Enjoy Me.' My friend Amanda shared this poem with me before I left for Costa Rica, and I now keep it taped in my bible

The Power of Prayer

September 25th, 2016. Our team sat around the dinner table giving feedback. Sharing what was on our hearts, and figuring out ways we can grow and be affective here in Puerto Viejo. My teammates and I have broken hearts for this city and all the darkness in it. It is literally around every corner you turn. A drug deal going down there. A bar full of people giving into their fleshly desires here. A neglected child crying in the back of a car. A girl giving her body to something that dishonors the

My Story

Hello there, As I sit down at my desk and prepare to write a blog post that will introduce me to someone who ventures to my website, I am met with excitement - not fear, not tepidness, not even nervous butterflies. I am excited because I cannot begin to fathom the type of person who might be reading this posts. Maybe you are someone who I grew up with, or someone I went to high school with and now you get to witness the next chapter of my life journey. Maybe you are someone I met college and y

You are still good. (SONG)

Author's Note: This will be my last post before INDIA! The Lord told me he would give me songs this year. As I was driving around Fresno this morning, anxiety welled up within me. I barely made it home before bursting into tears. And then, the Spirit gave me this song. It’s a reflection of this past year and looks forward to what is yet to come.Not that it needs a preface, but it's intentionally unpolished and unrefined. I promise I'm not here to impress or perform. I’m he

Sorry I Made Your Kid Cry

My muscles are growing. My stomach is full of rice (a whole lot of rice). My sweat glands are putting in extra time. My clothes smell like mildew and mud. My emergency snacks are already gone. On the other hand, my face is tired of smiling so much because I am living with 11 other incredible people and we have the opportunity to build a church in the middle of a gorgeous Costa Rican jungle! We even see monkeys on our way to work. I never imagined that my team and I would be hauling ginormous pa

How HE Loved: Shepherds visit Jesus

10. Shepherds visit Jesus - Luke 2:8-20 Luke 2:8-10 “And there were shepherds living out in the fields nearby, keeping watch over their flocks at night. An angel of the Lord appeared to them, and the glory of the Lord shone around them. But the angel said to them, ‘Do not be afraid. I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people.” The angels did not report Jesus’ birth to the rabbis and great men, but to the humble shepherds.. The flocks that the sh

|| I was visited by a demon

We are in The Graveyard for Missionaries. Dragonesti-Olt of Romania has been given this title because of the numerous missionaries who have visited this area only to leave faster than they had planned. The hearts of the people are hardened and turned away from the Gospel. I wish I could say that an Apathetic attitude is the most difficult part about this area, but I would be lying. There is a dark spiritual presence in this town that is most likely tied to the evident practice of witchcraft and
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