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Dirty feet, dirty hands...

Back in 2006, after attending my last CHIC Conference (Covenant High in Christ), I shared with the local congregation my heart's desire to really get my feet dirty to change society and people's lives for the better. Since then, I'll admit, I have shied away from getting dirty and instead have sought desperately to fit in where I think society wants me. To serve a little at church, help my family as I should, work towards a career, and find that special someone who could make my whole world com

Videos from Central America

Here's a visual of Month Two and Three with Team Bioluminescence! ...another Big thanks to my teammate, Mason, for putting these memories together. Enjoy! :)   Month 2: Grenada and Zapatera, Nicaragua   Month 3: Catacamas, Honduras  

Ellen Cantor at the Wattis

There are only a few days left to see the Ellen Cantor show at the Wattis, curated by Jamie Stevens and Fatima Hellberg.


Jamie Stevens writes, in an introduction to the show:

A prolific artist who lived between New York and London, Cantor combined readymade materials with diaristic notes and drawings to probe her perceptions and experiences of personal desire and institutional violence.

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Who Is On Your Spiritual Mt. Rushmore (Pt. 3)

Each of us have a spark of identity within our being, placed there by God at the dawn of our existence. We can either smother that spark or gently tend to that spark in such a way that it can catch fire, ultimately expressing the true nature of who we are. I firmly believe that I am who I am because of how others have helped me tend to that spark of identity, expressing well my God given nature and identity.

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You Don’t Always Have to Hustle

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Silence, Solitude, and Stillness

by Mark Votava Sometimes I think about what will help me to have a conversion to see the sacredness of all of life where I no longer go back and forth from the dualities of my own making. Is there such a thing as coming in and out of God’s presence? I don’t think so! […]

The Conservative Silence on Race

How come conservative Asian American believers don’t want to talk about ethnicity and race?

In this conversation with Nate Lee, we explore the following:

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Hi everyone! I am beginning the process of fundraising by selling t-shirts! They are $20 each and are Comfort Colors brand. Please consider supporting me on this journey. The link to sign up is below: I am accepting cash, check, or Venmo up until I place the order at the beginning of March. Thank you so much for the support I have received already, it means more than you could imagine! And

Surfing Through Matters of the Heart: Costa Rica edition

After a month of being in the beautiful country of Costa Rica I learned a lot about myself, community, and what ministry looks like. My team and I were able to engage in the community of Jaco and meet people that stole our hearts immediately.  However one of the coolest experiences by far was learning how to surf. We were super fortunate to be living along the coast this past month. Even though the heat and the sun were intense it only made the waters that much more refreshing. Refreshing

Hello, beautiful people!

Hello Everyone! It's been awhile. I just wanted to give an update on my fundraising... I'm 66% funded, with eight months until I launch!! And, I found out recently that my church is going to support me for an additional 8% sometime in the future! bringing me up to almost 75% of my grand total!! I'm so thankful for all of you who have supported me. Please continue to pray that people will follow Gods leading to partner with me on this exciting journey. I love you all!!Hannah

6 Months Home

I recently passed the six month mark for returning home from the Race.  I would like to say that I purposefully didn’t write anything for those six months; that I was settling in, and seeing the ways in which God would be growing me in this new season of life.  But if the race taught me anything, it’s that I cannot gloss over the rougher moments of life - no, honesty is required; required for learning, growing, and moving closer to God.    These six months hav

If Your Lover Hid A Love Note, Would You Find It?

  I am a person of written words. I especially enjoy expressing words on paper, or sticky notes, to be exact. Each time before I leave for an international trip, I have a habit of carefully placing sticky note love letters for each member of my family to find.    There’s one thing in life I know, and that is that my Heavenly Father loves loving on me. I even like to believe He is bias in His love for me. After all, He designed me perfectly. He made me with and for a purpo

Finding my identity in Kosovo

Part one: In month four my team was in Kosovo.   While we are on the race Adventures in Missions encourages us to leave something behind in each country.  Something that is actually tangible. Something that has been a struggle. Something that is symbolic for you.  It can really be anything you choose.  I brought small bouncy balls on the race to give away. Each month I have prayed and waited for God to show me what exactly He wanted this ball to symbolize for me. Each mo

Yes, The Toilets Flush Backwards

I just killed a scorpion not 20 feet from my bed. Seriously, you try sleeping after doing battle with a venomous, deceptive creature whose sole purpose in life is your demise! Ok, not really,  but  I am tucking my feet up a little higher in my hammock. That’s where I am now. It’s 11:30 pm and I’m tucked in my hammock on the roof of our ministry site, looking forward to our last day in Peru. Not that Peru hasn’t been wonderful, although it was questionable after


As the new year began a little over a month ago, I wanted nothing to do with resolutions, reflections, or goals. That’s what a new season is about: reflecting on what happened and looking forward to what’s coming. I didn’t want any of that. I really just wanted to hibernate until everyone was over posting about their past year and what they want in 2016.   And then, a month later, the Lord spoke to me about my 2016:   Abundance...   Continue reading this po
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