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Dear Future Me,

Dear Future Me,            11 months is a long time in it of itself. Yet spending it abroad away from your family, and without a regular routine by any means might make it seem even longer.               Last weekend I spent my last few days in Ventura, where I have spent the last 4 years at a church in the town I went to college. Thursday night we had all service prayer and at the end our senior pastor,

I was once The Lost Sheep

I don’t believe in lost causes.           There was a time in my life when I was the definition of apathetic. I know this may come as a surprise to those you have met me after that, or known me before, but it really happened. Brené Brown once said “We cannot selectively numb emotions. When we numb the painful emotions, we also numb the positive emotions.” I can testify the truth in that statement, because I was once in the depths of darkness an

Future World Changers

Today I got the privilege to speak to some future world changers about my trip.  I love this age group and I love that the Lord has placed a passion on my heart for them. I am so thankful that the Lord has given me the opportunity to be here and pour into these little ones during my time of preparation for the Race. (Only 4 months till we launch!!!) God has placed a passion for kids on my heart and I am excited to see where that leads me next year. Kids are the future and what an h

First a little bit of vision...

I look at this blank page, thinking about my last summer as a college student and all that it encompassed and I am a little overwhelmed. The task of sharing my vision for packing my belongings into a backpack, getting on a plane and beginning the eleven month, eleven country journey that is the World Race seems daunting to say the least, but as Maria Von Trapp states in The Sound Of Music, “Let’s start at the very beginning, it’s a very good place to start…”  

Location Based Prayer by Lynne Baab

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how I pray differently in different places. For the past eight years I’ve lived in Dunedin, New Zealand, a city of 120,000 people in a beautiful setting with water and mountains. Now I’m in Seattle for seven months, another city in a beautiful setting with water and mountains. […]

Something Worth Losing Everything For

“I could give up [on going overseas] and get married and become a music teacher. All of this is very noble and to be quite honest, sounds good to me! But in my heart, I want to change my world – more than I want a husband and more than I want comfort. I need…to tell others about Jesus.”                                                     &nbs

A Lesson Learned - Zimbabwe

Last month we were in Zimbabwe. We worked with an organization called Scripture Union. They go into schools, start Bible clubs and visit the clubs they have already started. My team would split up into two groups so that we could visit about 4 schools each day. We would take a very full mini bus (they stuff 20 people into a 15-passenger van) to the schools, have a little Bible study with them, sing songs and play some games for 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the school.     

Hitting The Ceiling

Isn't it just amazing when we clearly see God moving and see our prayers answered? I've had the honor and privilege of seeing His hand in my life lately. From my battle with anxiety to the financial concern of this missions trip, to relationships starting to heal. All in one week. But how quickly I can take these blessings for granted, or even forget them. I sat down, unsure of what to write about tonight. I couldn't think of anything the last several days to write about. Then, as I sat st

The Turtle Caught in the Storm

An excerpt taken out of my Journal: August 13, 2015 Yesterday I got to go do construction, we moved bags and bags of dirt to make cement; it was hard and dirty all at the same time. About an hour into working nonstop it starts pouring(I blame Brittine because she prayed for it) so we go sit underneath the tarp so we don't get even more soaked. By the end of the 4 hours of construction time I would say we spent about an hour and a half waiting for the rain to pass. After a while of waiting one o

It's Okay to Be Scared

12 days. In 12 days I head to Atlanta for launch...this is absolute craziness!  I love questions...I ask a lot of them...I love to answer them. Some questions, though are difficult for me to answer because I don't want to be honest...I don't want to be vulnerable...I don't want people to know the truth because a rule I made for myself somewhere along the way is I have to be the strong one. These past few weeks, I have had multiple people ask me the same question over and over agai

When you need a friend

( leitores brasileiros desçam a página para blog em Português) Sometimes you just need a friend. Someone to make you feel accepted, welcomed and cared for.  Some people are really good at making you feel at "home", and I'm not referring to the place, but to the comfortable feeling, the same feeling we get when we are in fact at home. During my season at Hillsong church, in Australia, I actually learned a lot about this feeling- their whole mindset is to make you feel l


My thoughts have wandered ever so much as my time at home is coming to a close. Is this journey my calling? Am I on the right route? Will I ever be fully funded?  My mind has gone off in tangents, but what I have learned is when I seek His face He clears my mind of negative thoughts and opens my mind to see his perspective. He is closer than you believe and when you realize He is all around, you experience love, peace, and joy.  As of today, I am fully funded!! God hears what we need

The UNSHAKABLE gem named J O Y

  This month, my team and I were placed in the beautiful mountains of Nicaragua. Our ministry partner was an organization called Casa De Gozo, which in Spanish means "House of Joy". Little did my team and I know that this month God would be teaching us about what it means to choose joy in all circumstances. Through the ups and downs of this month, we learned what it meant to be joyful. Joy is a beautiful trait of Jesus! A beautiful piece of who God is, a joyful Father; joyful because He

Support Letter

Good Day Everyone! I apologize for not updating in awhile. I've been pretty busy the past month, but definitely need to be more proactive in sharing more about this race I'll be doing. Praise the Lord, I finally finished my support letter! I will be sending out about 100 of them  by the end of this week. Please pray that I follow through with this and that the folks that I will be sending this too will read it and be open to supporting me via prayer, finances, or encouragement. Here's what

"No Regrets" conquering "Failure"

    It's been two months since I came off the field from my World Race.     Two months before I left for my Race, I remember reading a blog of a racer who had at the time been off the field for a few months as well. She wrote about the numerous things she wished she would have done differently on her 11 months. It highlighted everything she regretted, encouraging racers to not fall into bad habits and patterns that might cause disappointment later.   I remember th
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