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Month 2/ ECUADOR

Leaving Colombia was hard, but something about crossing the border into Ecuador felt so right. The 30 hour bus ride ended when we arrived in the magnificent mountains of Quito. The sun seemed a bit brighter, the air had a freshness that filled my lungs with excitement. My team was told we would leave our squad in Quito to travel 6 hours south to THE COAST for the entire month!! Portoviejo, Ecuador, to be exact. I've only been here a few days & it already feels like home. Strangers have becom

I'm Walking In Freedom

Every night at debrief we have an all squad meeting starting with worship, and ending with one of our leaders or mentors pouring into us. Tonight, our squad mentor shared bits of his testimony. He spoke of how he needed to forgive the people that hurt him. He spoke of having to forgive his grandparents for something that happened when he was a teenager. And in his story, he spoke of a time overseas when he prayed over someone to forgive themselves. His testimony had a main point of forgiveness,

Good Good Father

Having a conversation with a friend tonight I said, " I had such a great day today, for no reason. Like, I was just in a good mood all day. Don't you love that?" So as I was driving home, I put good good father on. I've heard this song 1,000 times, but this specific time the lyrics just clicked in my head. "You're a good good father, it's WHO YOU ARE." It's who you are. It's who you are. "I'm loved by you, it's WHO I AM." It's who I am. It's who I am. Lord, I didn't have a good day for no

A Day In the Life - Haiti, Week 1

October 14 2017  Here it is - a day in Monwi, Haiti.A little look into the life and times of Lucie, and the ministry being done through Supply and Multiply. 6.30am This morning started with a real solid 1 mile run down the road and back with Katie and Ashley. Seriously worth it. The sky was beyond beautiful and some of the boys in the town run behind us keeping us company. definitely a little out of shape. It's about 30 degrees at 630 so its a great way to start the day off sweating. 8.0

Little Surprise for Greater Works

Hello!! I just wanted to give some updates on ministry and our plans for the month. I think that it has now been 7 days since my post about our ministry opportunities that we had for the upcoming month for being in Ecuador. Just some updates, we departed from Colombia on Oct. 10 and arrived to Quito, Ecuador on Oct. 11. After spending about a day in Quito, our team Greater Works was informed that we were being relocated to a city about 6 hours south of Quito. So, right after lunch on Oct. 12, Gr

bigger and better than high school soccer

i'm alive!!!!! and in Haiti. wild. immeasurably wild. i'm living in kay pawson (in english kay pawson means fish house) Unlike the name, it's a baby pink house with 4 rooms the size of a master bathroom, and no fish!!! In this little house strung with warm twinkly lights lives 21 girls and myself. You got that right!!!!! Twenty-one; empowering, bold, strong, & unique WOMEN!!!!!! We are the ladies in Haiti. We've been here in Haiti for a whole week now, and our ministry for the week so far, h


On October 10th at 8 am, our entire squad piled onto a bus. We left Boca Chica and drove through the Dominican Republic, crossed the border, and drove all the way through Haiti. We arrived in Port-Au-Prince around 7 pm. The three co-ed teams and the three all girls teams got on different buses for our separate ministries this month. We drove about 2 more hours from Port-Au-Prince to Montrouis (pronounced as Mowi and spelled in Creole as Monwi). Our house, called the fish house, is so cute!!! It'

Haiti: week one

Bon jou! Me and my team have arrived in Haiti. We are staying with a ministry called Supply and Multiply. This month is all-girls month, and all of us girls teams are staying together in the "fishhouse". It is our fifth day here in Montrouis(mo•wee). I'd love to give you an idea of what our ministry looks like here. This month, part of our ministry is helping take care of the granmoun(gran•moon) (the Haitian word for elderly people) and spend time with them. Supply and Multiply has wh

I'm Moving to Africa

I'd like to preface this blog by saying that I have it less figured out now than I ever had, however I have a better grasp now of how big my God is. I have seen Him bring many things in my life full circle and He is continually redeeming the mistakes I have made. His promises are yes and amen. They never change. When I was 16 years old, I went to a summer camp where the preacher asked whoever felt the Lord leading them to a life devoted to ministry to come forward so he could pray with us. I di

adios Dominican Republic and month 1

Dear Dominican Republic and month 1, You were weird. For the first two weeks I couldn't really put my emotions into words, all I knew that I felt was weird. Settling in was not comfortable, and this uncomfortableness yielded home sickness; I just wanted to be home with my friends and family, people who knew me without having to say anything, and already love me. I started to get frustrated as I felt like I had been here for weeks upon weeks and it had only been four days. It feeling like such a

Bonjour from Haiti

Bonjour! Wow, Haiti already. We have now entered our second month of the race, and it’s wonderful. Our squad of 42 has now split and 20 girls and I are now living in a pink house in Mountrious (pronounced mow-y), Haiti, with Supply and Multiply. This ministry serves the community in a wide variety of ways, which we will come to be a part of by the end of this month. Some mornings we walk to areas that Supply and Multiply has not been to yet and get to evangelize the old fashion way: walk

Hello, Haiti.

Leaving the Dominican was hard, but I am excited to say I'm back in Haiti. Haiti is the place where I fell in love with missions work in 2015, the only reason I chose to apply to this route on the World Race. Settling into a new place with a new routine has been hard but also good. We live in a little Pink house called the fish house and we're working with an organization called Supply and Multiply. The kids surrounded the gates of the house we are living in from the moment we arrived and have b

That Was Fun.

This Is just a short blog post to tell y'all that I am alive and what the plans are. For the past week, my squad and I have been resting after India. We stayed at a hostel in Kathmandu, and we got to experience the culture of the city. We got to do a lot of tourist type things, since we had a break from ministry, and most of it was fun.  And no, I do not want to talk about the massage that I decided would be a good idea to get. Also, I ate a lot of food. I went over on my food budget. (Sorr

An Open Letter to my Supporters

October Fourteenth Two Thousand Seventeen  An open letter to my friends and family, Here I am in month two of the world race in the beautiful country of Haiti, more specifically in the city I have fallen madly in love with in four days, Montrouis (pronounced: Moh-Wee). Ministry looks like spending time with the granmoun (creol for elderly), spending time with kids outside of our compound, putting on bible clubs in the school yard, singing in a Hatian church choir, and visiting an orphanag

Women of Gap O! - Kelly Loughran

meet kelly!   Q #1:   how have you viewed yourself in the past?   kelly’s answer:   In the past I viewed myself as unworthy, dirty of sin, defined by opinions and thoughts of others.   Q #2:   describe who you want to become in three words.    kelly’s answer:   I want to become known as a child of God (not 3 words sorry but close(; )    Q #3:   what’s one thing that you want to accomplish on the r
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