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Kill Him with Kindness

Meditation Monday – Draw Your Circle Around Me Lord

by Christine Sine Last week some of you may remember I posted this circling prayer meditation. One person commented: In a busy place draw a circle around you with your finger and envision God enfolding you in a cloak , ask God for peace to hear him . I have spent the whole week doing just that […]

My Challenge to You.

As I sit here at my gate in Houston Texas waiting for my next flight home, I have nothing but time and a million thoughts going through my head. And I'm pretty sure some of you are probably interested in what those thoughts are. So I shall try my best to give you a peek inside this crazy mess of a brain of mine. But first.. lets rewind a little bit. Last night I went to sleep around 11 pm in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua. We (Z Squad) woke up and left the hostel by 1:45 am and headed to Managua ai

Cool, You're Home... Now What?

One word comes to mind when I think about this past year: Deconstruction. As I spent each month traveling from country to country, my idea of the life I wanted to rebuild back home began to deteriorate. God used these 11 months to show me what I was putting more value in instead of Him. How I was trying to build a life in accordance to what our culture insists will ultimately fulfill us. Go to school. Get a job. Get married. Have a family. Now spend your life seeking affirmation from others,

CHRISTMAS IN JULY! (and Easter, My Birthday, Thanksgiving, Halloween, 4th of July and New Years)!!!

Its the last Saturday I get to spend with my Dad before he and my sisters head to Colorado for the French Family Reunion and I head out into the world for the next 11 months. All I know at this point is that Dad asked me to save the entire day to hang with him. We leave the house at 9am, make a quick stop at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf to grab me a White Chocolate Mocha Latte (w/ whip cream of course) so I can function for the day and we head to the beach. We find the spot we used to go to when I

Hey. Here's an update.

Hello sweet friends. I'll start this off by apologizing for not writing this blog sooner. Sheep happens (sorry, training camp joke).  But seriously, I've been putting this blog off for the last few weeks. Training camp was incredible and honestly too incredible to even express fully in words. That being said, I haven't been sure of what to say about it other than the fact that I grew SO much over the course of those 10 days.  At training I was finally able to meet my squad (the 40 peo

Farewell to the World Race

Solviture ambulando. It is solved by walking.  I read those works, a quote from Augustine of Hippo, somewhere around 3 a.m. on an overnight bus from Zambia. When I read it then, I don’t think I fully understood it. I’d only been through five months of the Race, five months of life lived wildly different than anything I’d done before.  There are some things about faith you can only learn by walking through them. The soil under your feet teaches you more than than

A World Race Reading List

At the beginning of the Race, our squad got sent out with a bunch of books that we could pass between us, which AIM thought would be beneficial to us. To be honest, I read almost none of these books. Not because they weren’t probably great reads, I was just interested in other stuff. So here is a list of things I actually read (mostly) on the Race that I think every Racer should read.  Not every book on the list relates directly to the Race, but all of them made me think and taught

It's Not a Dream Anymore...

It's worth fighting for. Today has been overwhelming.      Over the weekend I dealt with some issues in my personal character. I felt hurt by close friends, and had to fight the instinct to run away from situations that felt controlling or like they may mirror abuse i have faced in my past. All night i wrestled thoughts in my head reminding me that i can't trust anyone, it was stupid to move in with my mentor and rely on people who may decide they don't like me, it was dumb to t

We Prayed in a Forbidden Hindu Temple

Our ministry this month involved traveling to many different regions of Nepal preaching, doing devotionals, sharing testimonies, and praying for healing. Before we left on this trip, we stayed a few days in Kathmandu doing ministry. One day after ministry our host wanted to take us to see different parts of the Nepali culture, so we went to visit the oldest Hindu temple in Kathmandu called the Pashupatinath temple. The temple serves as the seat of the national deity, Lord Pashupatinath, and is v

Fundraising is hard

In 2009 I told God that I would go anywhere in the world that he lead me to with one condition. I wouldn't have to fundraise. So for the last 7 years I have been all over the world with out having to ask people to help support me. This past February, everything changed when I applied and was accepted to the World Race.    This has been one of the hardest toughest seasons of my life. Blogging and talking about my past and what all God has done in my life is so easy for me. I feel like

//Not a Race//

WORLD RACE FUSION 2017 is not a race!!! World Race is nothing like the Amazing Race, Survivor or any other adventure like TV show. I know the name is a little deceiving. According to the Mission of World Race, “Every day on the World Race looks a little different. Some days will be packed full with construction, VBS, building relationships with orphans, or praying for the sick at a hospital. Some days could be slower — shopping for groceries at the market, cooking for your team, an

Gods Plan > My Plan

Preparing to go take on this amazing adventure has pushed me to rely on my faith more than ever. I have made some big changes in my life since committing to this 11 month mission trip. From selling my car, moving back in with my parents, telling my work I would be leaving for 11 months and cutting 6 inches off of my hair (which is actually a bigger deal than you would think) it has been a whirlwind of events. Preparing to leave my comfortable lifestyle to travel around the world and share God&rs

Abandonment and brokenness

Seth Barnes is the executive director of Adventures in Missions.  Our squad (#wolfpack) is currently reading his book, Kingdom Journeys.  I wanted to share my thoughts on chapters seven and eight, which talks about abandonment, brokenness and surrender. Abandonment Unfortunately, I think we go in and out of stages of abandoning our lives to God, depending on where we are in life. During the times of truly giving our whole self to Christ, we always come out way ahead. Sometimes it is

The blog that few people enjoy writing, and even fewer enjoy reading.

This is it… The blog that everyone dreads…. The blog about fundraising. All jokes aside, this blog isn’t easy to write. When I do, I feel like I am disrespecting the amazing supporters who have so generously donated in the past. The enemy creeps in and whispers things like “who are you that you get to ask people for money AGAIN. What are you doing that is so important?” But I rebuke that.   I know I am called to squad lead again, it was a hard decision&
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