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I am an Elephant

  I want to share everything that happened 2 nights ago because it's something that I never want to forget. January 24, 2015 was the most scary, intense, special, and and memorable night I have ever experienced. It was the night God allowed my team to be a part of an amazing woman's brave choice to walk away from her old life of abuse, prostitution, and sin, and step into a new life of freedom, safety, and God's love. Every Saturday evening, my team goes out to the streets where prostitut

Let God’s Love Speak to You – A Prayer for the Week

A couple of days ago the sunrise out our front window was absolutely breathtaking. I rarely notice it because my office where I spend most of my time during the day, faces west. However at this time of the year, the sun is usually emerging when we sit down for breakfast. I take so many […]

Ecuador the Beautiful

Ecuador is an incredibly beautiful place. Flying in, we could see the Andes Mountains, a lush green landscape, and lots of what appeared to be farm land. At our ministry host for the month, Inca Link, we are in the city of Quito and are right among the mountains. The view from my window every morning is incredible! I can see about half of the northern part of the city and many of the mountains that surround the city. At night, thousands of lights illuminate the land below.The landscape isn't the

11 Reasons Why

            I am overwhelmed by the texts, Facebook messages, blog views, donations, love, support, and prayers I have received over the past few months by people who are so excited about the adventure of the World Race that I am embarking on in September. To all of you who are following on this journey with me, thank you for loving me well.           As you read my blog and follow my journey please know that I am not a writer by any means,

Rebirth Rights

I recently read Genesis 25. The end of that chapter tells the story of Esau selling his birthright to his younger brother Jacob. You can read it for yourself in verses 29 through 34, but here’s the Melissa Paraphrase Version (MPV - not just for blood tests anymore!): Esau comes in from the fields, tired and hungry, and happens to find Jacob cooking a stew. He demands some stew from Jacob, who in turn demands that Esau sell him his birthright. Esau is so hungry that he is ABOUT TO DIE, lik

The day I stopped saying, "but God, it's mine"

Before I was even accepted to the World Race, I began looking at the things in my life, my possessions. My computer, my tv and my car were three of the first things I decided to get rid of. My MacBook wouldn't have been added to that list quite so easily but God intervened in the most delightfully undelightful way.. He crashed it. When applying I thought, I can't give my Mac up! It has all of my stuff on, pictures, everything. So what did God do? He took my three year old MacBook Pro

Just Walk Away

  This evening, my team and I saw God's life changing power in action. This evening, my team and I saw a prostitute walk away.  Each Saturday, my team visits the park where prostitutes wait for customers. Tonight, we met Nud, a 52 year old prostitute in a severely abusive relationship. Nud has been in this relationship for a year, is beaten daily, and has been in the hospital four times. She has been beaten with a shovel, hit over the head with a rock, had cigarettes extinguished on

A story about a brunette, a blonde and humbleness

Once upon a time..   There was a girl named Raquel who went with a team of amazing people to Peru and spent a week at an abandoned boys’ home.  While there, another team came.  And in this second team was a girl…who shared Raquel’s name.  Except she spelled it Racquel.  And she was blonde.  And had a southern accent.   There was a girl named Racquel who went to Peru on her first mission trip to spend some time sharing God's love at an a


  WORK:    It's not a nine to five. It's not just another paycheck.     There are no weekends.   No hump days or Mondays.        No ladders to climb...or fall. It's about your hands.   It's about your feet.     It's dirt mixed with sweat.    Putting your all into each day.           And every day.  No 401k or quotas per day.      You don't get hired.    You

that one time I thought god healed my vision

one night after a long evening of devotions and team time I was extra tired and ready for bed so I decided to take two Benadryl just to ensure I got a good night sleep. after I did that I climbed into my top bunk and proceeded my nightly routine before passing out. I took out my daily contacts, threw them away and then zipped myself into my bug net for the night. (Not today malaria, not today) I woke up in the morning, rubbed my eyes and looked around the dorm to see who was up when all of a su

Too Much Fun - My Appendectomy Adventure!

I didn’t wanna go, but my contact insisted that he take me to the hospital. After all, we were kind of in the middle of the nowhere Amazon jungle of Ecuador. So to humor him, I gave in, and before too long, I found myself in the OBGYN room at the clinic in Lago Agrio, Ecuador getting an ultrasound done for some weird discomfort in my lower right side…

(The Amazon of Ecuador)


As I lay there I couldn’t help but laugh. I guess the OBGYN room served as the

I just want to give up & go home.

First off, know that this blog is a little different than all my other ones. I feel like God wants me to be brutally honest about what I'm going through right now. Know that change is not easy when you've been a certain way for so long. Know also that when God calls you to change, provides the opportunity, & then you take it, there's no looking back. I am inexplicably thankful for everything God is doing in my life right now. So, hang in there & make sure you read the end of this- it mak

Ministry In India

Acts of obedience to The Lord can have lasting effects on a village, region, country, and world.  This month we are honored to be hosted by Pastor John and his family's ministry in the Manipur state of India.  Within a mile they have a seminary, school, and hospital.  How did all of this start in the far reaches of north east India?  The story is good enough for a movie, and in fact, there has been one made about it!   In 1910 a Welsh missionary named Watkin Roberts sen

In India!

After three days of straight travel, four different plane rides, and an overnight stay in the Kolkata airport, I am excited to say we have arrived in the Manipur region of India.  We are staying outside of Imphal, the capital of the Manipur state as an entire squad with a ministry (Partnership Mission Society) that runs a seminary, school, hospital, child sponsorship program, and more.  Each day we will be doing different ministries from visiting villages, mobile medical clinics, excu

Finally! A Quick Update!

Sorry for my absence from the blog! internet and electricity in gemeral have been quite interesting... Often non existent when I need it. Here a really quick bullet point list of what's been happening so far:- arrived at Imphal airport 1/12- bus ride through villages made me tear up because I'm finally living out my dream!- arrived to curry the first night... Glorious. - woke up to chai the first morning!!! Better than I had remembered. - colder than we expected. Morning and night cold. 4 hrs of

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