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God Will Provide

The last couple of weeks have been a roller coaster ride for me internally. I have been in the midst of a constant battle within my own mind. I've been fighting wave after wave of intense negative thoughts and discouragement that have whooped my behind. I have been blessed with so many different people speaking encouragement and hope and truth into my life, each pointing me back to how awesome and faithful God is. That has kept me going through this incredibly difficult season. As it stands toda

A letter to the Church

This support letter is to the church. To the body of believers, gathered together and spread out across the nations. Wherever you are, we are united together through the blood of Christ, and we are joined together as the Church, the chosen people that Christ continually pursues. We are to help each other in life, to spread the gospel, whether it be going or sending out. I need the body of Christ to help send me to the nations, because the Lord has commanded me to go.    <---------

My Route!

  Below are all the places I will be going with the World Race and a description of the needs there or what I may be doing. These are tentative and may change, but I will go wherever God sends me, even if He changes my route completely.   


  Known as "the warm heart of Africa," Malawi is a place you visit to ignite your passion for God’s love. This country has a beautiful landscape and an even more beautiful culture an


Aloha everyone! TSHIRTS ARE FINALLY IN!!! If you are interested in supporting me, this is a way you can help. The top image is the front – Hawaiian islands with a heart on the Big Island because that’s where I’m from, plus a cool henna design. Bottom image is the back – world map with the 11 countries highlighted, my blog link, and a Hawaiian translation of Romans 10:15 “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring Good News.” (Mahalo to my friends Jessica fo

My Fundraising Letter

Wow! I can't believe how time is flying by. Before I know it, I will be off to travel the world. Ahhhh I am sooooooo excited!!! It is time to buckle down and get to fundraising. I do need some help though. Prayers and donations are greatly appreciated!   My fundraising letter: Dear friends and family,  I am so excited to have the opportunity to travel with The World Race for eleven months. The Race is a Christian missions organization that is sending me and 40 other young adults to

A look inside a World Racer's Refrigerator- VIDEO

#enjoy & #givejoy WR Refrigerator from Nicole Bouza on Vimeo.

The Journey To The Journey

There are many things that have brought me to this point in my life, and to this trip. My Junior year of High school I had a chance to go on a 10 day journey to study the Civil Rights movement with some of my classmates. I was interested in the subject, but the big pull for me to go was getting a chance to travel and learn on the road and meet new people from other cities. I had a fabulous time, I met tons of people, I hugged famous and well known individuals that had major roles in the movemen

Don't go on The World Race!/ Buckle Up!

  So you are planning on going on The World Race? Here are some questions and answers that I hope you find helpful. Let me know if you have any others and I would love to help.    Q: What should I pack? A: Put down the three drafts of packing lists you have written. Read something other then the 30 packing list blogs. Give your Amazon and REI searches a rest and trust me for a minute. I am not going to give you a list because I don’t really think anything that I brought

#WorldRace: Mother's Point of View

A lot of people have asked me how my family is taking the news that I'll be gone for 11 months. I decided to let my mom tell you for herself. Guest blog post!            

Ashley asked me to write something on how a mom feels when their child signs up to go on this crazy World Race Mission Trip…how does this mom feel about her child going around the world to minister to “the least of these”? It’s deeper than that, I don’t

My Fundraising Letter

I am sending you this letter to update you on what I’ve been doing, and where I’m headed next. I’m also writing to invite you to partner with me in something incredible.   After withdrawing from the University of Texas in November, I began working for lululemon athletica. Besides getting to sell crazy comfortable stretchy pants, I was encouraged to open my mind and dream big about what I wanted to do. God immediately filled my heart with the longing to travel, serve othe

The Blue Floors of Elutuba Cafe

My teammate Brittany Vander Naald created this video of our first month in Valga Estonia. Enjoy!!

The Blue Floors of Elutuba Cafe

Blog Say What??

I am having a hard time deciding what to blog about. I’ve been avoiding Social media for a while now.  I don’t have a Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest, or whatever else may be available account.  I’ll get on Facebook every once in a while.  It just isn’t something I use often or get really excited about.  My squad is challenging me on this.  They post comments regularly, share daily events, pray, and set up Zoom chats (I had to ask, didn’t even

If You Want to be Subversive Follow Jesus Through Holy Week

It’s Holy week and Jesus journey towards the cross has begun. Many of us have already processed around the church on Palm Sunday, and bought our Easter eggs and hot crossed buns, diverting our attention from the real meaning of Easter to its commercialized version.  How many of us are sucked in?  What is the(...)

Our Schedule for the 2014 OC Easter Tour

We the Chuang family have a tradition of multi-churching during the 2 biggest Christian holidays of the year, Easter and Christmas. Here’s a schedule of church worship services around Orange County, California, that I charted out with 18 churches that had multiple service times for Easter weekend::

This is our proposed agenda for the Chuang Family 2014 OC Easter Tour (with 8 stops):

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Diet Coke and Vodka, No Ice

"Diet Coke and Vodka, No Ice"  This is what he was sipping on as we chatted over live country music, clinking glasses, laughter, and the continuous murmur of conversation.He was singing hand written Irish folk tunes, in between personal anecdotes from his well lived life of 77 years. He shared about his loving family and friends, the joy that swelled in his heart at the mention of his community of Colerain, and his love for people regardless their denomination ( Church of England / Ch

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