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Across the Border

This spring break I went with a team of student's from Corban to Tecate, Mexico to build a house for a family in need. Here is something I learned from my trip: 

Each night after our group worked on the house we would drive back to our camp sight. We'd drop our things in the dirt outside our tent, change into a swim suit and attempt to wash ourselves behind a piece of plywood up the hill that separates the boys from the girls. Not long after our "showers" it would get surprisingly cold.

I'm Going on an Adventure! -A bit about me and how I got here.

Hello! This is my first blog post ever! My name is Serena Morgan and here's a little bit about me:

I am 21 years old and have lived my whole life in the small town of Naches, Washington with my awesome parents and fantastically crazy little sister. I am completing my basic associate degree at Yakima Valley Community College. I work with my dad for a group of art businesses in a nearby town, and enjoy spending my days making books, mosaics, and other artsy things. I absolutely love just abo

In the Hands of God

It has been a while since my last blog, and the reason is because of this video I have been editing. I made it as a tool to be used in the hands of God, to help get me where I need to be. The closer I get to graduation, the closer I get to everything I know changing. I am becoming more and more aware of the open space in my mind where my goals, and desires should go, but the more I realize it is there, the more I am able to fill it. I have slowly but surely been putting God not only in that spa

In All Things

     Over the course of this past month my team and I worked on a farm. It will one day house up to ten families.  Ten families without a husband, therefore, these families will all have one commonality: the widow.  Working on this pig farm will give them sustainable lifestyle in a Lao culture where most widows are shunned. These widows and their families will be discipled by the farm pastor and his family.  This month my team and I caught this vision and used it

Calling All Prayer Warriors!!

Yep, if you’ve clicked this, I need you. April is coming. Brace yourselves.Strapped in tight? Ready? Okay. We're all in this together now. Lets Go.From April 1st - 11th, I am calling on all of you to help me out in prayer. I think this could bond us together in this journey as the body of Christ a little better. Each day from April 1st - 11th, I am going to be setting aside time to pray for each of the countries I will be visiting and I would love for you to join me. I will list each coun

They Have Never Heard The Name Of Jesus

We don't know exactly how you will get there because we have never been there before! These are words my host said to us before my team and I headed out to do some prayer walking in a very rural village in the mountains of Laos. I was excited as I jumped onto the packed bus with a small backpack with my clothes, snacks, and my tent. I didn't know what the next week had in store, but I was fully trusting God to provide because we had no idea what we where doing! After being on the bus for two an

Cherry Trees and Beagle Puppies

One of my most vivid childhood memories was my first pursuit to "run away from home". At that time my daddy was the pastor of Tangier Friends Church in the middle of the ruralest of the rural in Parke County, IN. My momma was the worship leader and lead guitarist for the most rocking worship band in our sleepy town. We lived in a 1-story white house with a big yard complete with cherry tree, fully climbable propane tank, plastic baby swimming pool, and a sidewalk long enough I could sprint down

A-B-C, 1-2-3: Cambodia

   This month in Cambodia we were at New Hope School, right outside of Battambang, teaching English to the sweetest children. Sweating all day in the heat while playing games, loving on them, singing the alphabet, and teaching them songs like “Jesus loves me” and “Father Abraham.” The vision of this ministry is something truly inspiring and the Father used this placed to teach me new layers of His character in what it means to serve and depend on Him. If you r


It began again quietly, almost as a whisper. It meandered its way into my daily routine, fighting for attention, begging to thrive. It’s calling out for change. I ignore it in hopes that my life won’t have to be drastically altered again, last time I felt this restless I committed to the World Race and left for a year on one of the greatest adventures.  Restlessness had dragged me kicking and screaming through brokenness, abandonment and into dependence over the course of the ra

God says, "Go to the Bathroom"

I was having coffee with a great friend of mine the other day and she said something that really stroke near and dear to my heart. She said, “I just appreciate learning who people are- knowing them deeply and experiencing who they truly are, no facades, no masks, just them.”  More than anything I value honesty. Being transparent with people is scary, it’s hard, but it’s real and it’s good. This is what Jesus wants. He wants all of us- no walls, no masks, no b

Meditation Monday – The Subversive Walk of Holy Week

Jesus’ ride into Jerusalem was obviously headed for a collision with the powerful Roman empire – a collision that would cost him his life and change history forever. Jesus triumphal entry into Jerusalem may have begun with crowds shouting Hosanna but it ends with Good Friday and shouts of “crucify him”.  It doesn’t end with a gold […]

Put down your broken chains.

In a former chapter of my life, I worked as a teacher. Students are interesting creatures. They teach me a lot about myself. They teach me a lot about life. On one page of that chapter, there was a high school student who came to class every day, walked to the back of the room, and sat in the last row in between two people that he referred to as his friends. He sat there every day. Same seat. And every day his friends would steal his books, take his pencils, hide his notebook, and other bother

I AM the Wizard of Oz (part 1)

  “And how long will be blame the devils on our shoulders, And pose like angels on the outside?” As Cities Burn, “Terrible, how terrible for the great city” This month in Cambodia was a good month consisting of teaching Bible and Public Speaking classes at the Theological Seminary and, on the contrary, a fair amount of downtime to be honest. Normally, I want to just GO GO GO GO!!!! All the time. BUT this month showed me that there was something to be learned in

Blah blah blah

I don’t think I expected things to be this difficult. College has never been all-consuming. For the most part I could do my work and then whatever leisurely activity I wanted to, whether that be backpacking, cycling, a nice day hike, an extended trail run, etc. This last semester, my last semester in college, that has not been the case. And quite frankly, I should be doing homework now. School is not the only thing that is weighing heavily on me though. This World Race is too. It is just

Married to Bolivia

There are blessings all around us. Some blessings are more evident then others. This month has been fun of many blessings. One of those blessings is a Christian family that I have gotten to know. When we first arrived in Santa Cruz I met their son and daughter. The son I got to sit with at lunch and hear a little about his life before we went out into the community that day to do ministry. His name is Andres and a University from the states wants him to come play and so this fall he is planning

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