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First 12 hours in America-Happy Thanksgiving

It's 2 am, Thanksgiving morning. I am sitting all alone in a hotel in New York City. Only on four 1 1/2 hour naps in the past 48 hours, I should be tired and sleeping, but instead I am wide awake. I am wide awake because in less then 12 hours I will be seeing my family for the first time since the beginning of January, or I am wide awake because today marks the end of a life changing experience on the World Race. It's hard to believe that eleven months ago, had only been to one country besides

When You Feel Like Going Home

I wrote a blog to my squad about eight months ago, describing how fearless we all were; about how we were strong and determined. We were Dauntless. Well now I feel called to write another. It's a little difficult because I'm on a bus right now and I get crazy motion sickness. But this is urgent. So please take the time to read it. D-Squad, this is for you.   I want you to know how proud of you I am. I'm proud of you for hanging on; hanging on for dear life. This ride is not easy

Teammate Spotlight: Jarin Harvey

So I thought I’d let everyone get better acquainted with my 4 awesome teammates by featuring them each in a muy especial blog, and Jarin’s up first!

  NAME: Jarin Harvey AGE: 25 NATIONALITY: Canadian (though I’m constantly forgetting… :D)


She works out every morning at around 5 am. Yeah, girl is intense. She’d known about the race for a lonngggg time before she finally decided to go on it. She went to YWAM and did one of th

Happy Thanksgiving.

Yesterday, I finished a draft of a blog about Thanksgiving.  Tonight, I was led to write something I never intended to share publicly.  But here I am - God has interrupted my plans (again) and so grateful he did.  Be blessed! I remember this story from my childhood so vividly.  Let's visit 1987; I was 5 years old or so.  There was a lady at the gate.  I did not know who she was but my mom greeted her and visited for quite some time.  My Ate (big sister) decide

The Essence of Faith

When you hear stories from former World Racers you hear stories of paralyzed people walking, blind eyes given sight and limbs growing back. As skeptical as I was when I heard those stories, I still expected this month to be salvations and healings and miracles, one after another. Even though I grew up in church, very little was taught on the subject of God’s healing power and the miraculous power of the Holy Spirit. I grew up predisposed against this kind of thinking, but despite my skepti

God in my hoping, there in my dreaming.

This is a post that I've wanted to write for quite some time, but I never felt like I had the right words to tell this story of God's faithfulness in the seemingly insignificant, because I want you to understand just how significant this small story of a dream come true is to me.  But I finally sat down and started typing, because the same God who has given me a story to tell will surely give me the words to tell that story.  Not only is He capable, but He is so, so faithful!Every

Joan of Arc

"You know who you remind me of? You remind me of a young woman who was martyred...Joan of Arc," said Dennis Wainstock. Okay, let's back up. I decided to take a late lunch at work today, so I could drive on home after I was finished. I wanted to eat somewhere that was about 30 minutes away from the court house I work at, and I was thinking maybe Panera, or even Chinese. But then, I felt that still small voice asking me to go to Starbucks. I mean...I LOVE Starbucks...but today I just was not feel

Video: Most Important thing no one has told you for the Race!

I made a video cause i didn't feel like writing it... and it works better! This is for people who are going on the race, are on the race, or are planning on traveling around the world.  If you live comfortably in the ole U.S. of A. don't worry bout it, cause it'll be weird. ENJOY!  


Ursula LeGuin on Resistance and Change

Ursula LeGuin, in her acceptance speech for the Distinguished Contribution to American Letters at the National Book Awards, said this, in defense of writing and humanity:

Hard times are coming, when we’ll be wanting the voices of writers who can see alternatives to how we live now, can see through our fear-stricken society and its obsessive technologies to other ways of being, and even imagine real grounds for hope. We’ll need writers who can remember freedom – poets, visionaries – realists of a larger reality.

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Praying for Ferguson

Our hearts are with everyone in Ferguson. We are burdened for the community, the families of both Michael and Darren, the students who cannot go to school, as well as the businesses that have been burned down. We know that the only true peace comes from the Lord, so please join us in prayer. 

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Are We Grateful For the Father?

Yesterday I drew this trinity spiral. I hesitated before I wrote Father on the stone because I know that for many of my friends calling God father speaks of a patriarchal God they are not willing to accept. I too have eagerly embraced non patriarchal images of God – Creator, Eternal One, Holy One being […]

A Coffee Shop With No Name

My favorite coffee shop in the Northern Virginia area is right next to my Alma Mater, George Mason University. It recently switched ownership and has become nameless. Kinda sad, but its not too concerning because they still have the same beverages. PHEW! Anyways, yesterday, I was having a crummy day, for no particular reason. I was feelings lonely, sad, bored, lazy, and guilty for not getting stuff done. I was having a difficult time giving these feelings over to the Lord for the majority o

God is BIG Enough For BOTH

"But how can they call on him to save them unless they believe in him? And how can they believe in him if they have never heard about him? And how can they hear about him unless someone tells them? And how will anyone go and tell them without being sent? That is why the Scriptures say, 'How beautiful are the feet of messengers who bring good news!'" Romans 10:14-15 So, a LOT has been going on the past month since camp internally and externally.  I have been extremely distraught that

Double Rainbows and Tarantulas

Some months on the Race are a struggle. Living situations can be a little rough. Living in community is not always roses. Ministry is almost never what you'd expect. And, we rarely have control over what we do or how we live or what we eat. We talk often about “choosing joy” in the midst of unpleasant situations. Some months it is hard to choose joy, but this month it was a piece of cake!   For my FINAL month of the World Race, my entire squad of 43 people got to serve togethe

Do You Believe In Miracles?

43 people were packed into 2 van-like vehicles. We started in Middleburg, South Africa and headed to Mbabane, Swaziland. We crossed the South Africa, Swaziland border, drove through the countryside, and on a dirt road traveled up to the top of the mountain where our ministry would be for the month.   We lived and worked at an orphanage called El Shaddai. It is located on top of a mountain and looks out on mountains that go on for days. One can count the number of houses you see on the sur

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