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Pre-Race: How I Got Here

I am currently sitting at a nursing home, on my very short 30 minute break. I chose to take on a schedule with one day off a week, working 7a-10p almost everyday. Each morning I wake up, I press snooze way too many times and I roll out of bed and head to a day full of picking up, feeding, cleaning, and taking care of the elderly. Being a nurse aid is the most rewarding thing in my life right now, even though it puts wear and tear on my body, even though I don't have time for anything else, even

Training Camp happened

June 8th I arrived at World Race Training camp with a ton of other people from all over north America to spend 10 days preparing for the World Race.  For the first time I got to meet my squad, about 50 young people ages 17 to 21 who I will be living with for nine months.  These strangers will be my family as we go through an incredible time of growing like we’ve never seen before.  Knowing this I was super exited to finally meet my brothers and sisters, but also a tiny bit n

A letter to my Mother

It's a funny thing how the mind works. Each time I take a moment with God, I try to reflect on my blessings. What makes me, me and what I can thank God for. Every single time I think about my blessings, my mom pops into my head. It seems so natural to most people to picture their moms as a blessing in their life, but to me.. I feel as if it is so much more. My mom, this woman who gave birth to me.. is the biggest blessing in my life. I have never told her this. If she's reading this now it


 Some days you’re just cranky. There’s no good reason. It’s not “that time of the month”, nothing tragic is happened; you are just in a bad mood. One of the most logical responses is to exercise. Exercising gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy and happy people…are just not cranky (had to get a Legally Blonde quote in there somewhere).   Well today for exercise, we were supposed to climb the volcano! While that didn’t end up actual

Entering into Another's Labor

It’s been a while, I know, but after being home for seven months, I have some exciting news! I’m excited to announce that for the next nine months I will be Squad leading gap year!! Beginning this August, I am headed to Albania, the Philippines, and South Africa with F Squad for three months in each country. F Squad is an amazing group of 49 incredible, sacrificial, and inspiring young adults that have decided to leave the comforts of the United States in order to serve the Lord i

I came home - Llegue a casa

English From today has been 10 days since I came back from The World Race Training Camp. What can I say, the best 10 days of my life. I knew a different face of God, I saw Him differently ... He was so perfect. Maybe is crazy what I'm feeling right now, I don’t know, maybe yes. How can I say that the best 10 days of my life were those days that I was in need, I was afraid, I was hungry, I felt suffocated, I get sick and I had just a few hours of sleeping? During those 10 days my desires


Greetings friends and family, It has been far too long since I last updated you on the personal journey I have been on and the journey I will soon be taking. The past year has been full of transition & development, and a year of personal & spiritual growth. This year has been full of changes and as my relationship with God continues to evolve. He continues to speak, and I have been doing my best to listen. Recently I have turned my focus back to World Race. It’s been more than a y

God's Next Plan For Me

Hello everybody!!! During the past year at camp I discovered a great program called The World Race. I did some research and it looked really amazing. A good friend had heard of it from another friend of his and highly recommended it. I have never done any sort of missions work before and I thought that this would be a great opportunity (I also had no other plans). I did a lot of praying and asking God if this was his plan for me. I didn't get a no, so I took that as a good sign ;P. I started th

The "Visitor"

   Oh, Training Camp.    I look back now and picture myself groggily stepping off of the Adventures In Missions Shuttle Bus that delivered us to a 10 day camp. I carried my backpack down the steps and looked out to see dozens upon dozens of anxious looking faces. Some younger, some older, some joining in conversation and others taking a step back in awe of their surroundings.     I remember my first thought being, "What in the heck have I gotten myself into."

Fundraising Letter

Hey everyone it's Jake Teachey!  I have decided to sway from the traditional straight from high school to college route, and am taking a year off. I will be spending next year on the World Race Gap year through Adventure in Missions, an interdenominational missions organization that focuses on discipleship. I will be traveling to 5 different countries over 9 months. These countries include Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Ethiopia, Nepal, and the Philippines. In these countries we are going to be wo

The true reality of God

As tears streamed down my face, my heart began to race, and my stomach leaped with joy, I was at a loss for words. For the first time in my life, I could hear God’s voice loud and clear. Yes, God is real and when you pray, He answers, but never right away. He takes you on a long, gravelly, winding road before that can be revealed. God sits somewhere down a dirt road off in the distance and He will occasionally make an appearance in your life when you feel the need to invite Him in, and He


"Why do you want to do that?" That is the response that I get from people when I tell them that I will be traveling in a backpack for 11 months and telling people about Jesus. It always make me smile whenever I get asked that but I just respond with why not? I mean honestly why not? I am young and free and in love with the desires God has given me and put in my heart. He has given me such a compassionate personality that I don't want to just sit back and watch things in the world not get

8 things I learned from having a yard sale

I had one of my potentially biggest fundraisers this weekend, a yard sale! My sale was open over 4 days and I made a grand total of $1,500!!!!! How amazing is God?! This was my first yard sale (and probably my last), and as much as I learned about yard sales, I learned a heck of a lot more about myself.  I'm going to use this blog post to make a personal note of things that I need to remember. And maybe you guys can help me pray that God can creatively find a way to use me during the WR de

You Don't Need That: Training Camp Part 2

“I’ll be honest. When I first met you, I wondered how you would do without things.” One of my teammates admitted this to me, and my heart started to race. I thought, oh boy, they see right through me. What am I going to do without things? **** For two months I’ve been trying to move out of my apartment in New Orleans. Yep, two whole months. Blame it on my knack for accumulating things, my reluctance to leave, or my sheer hatred of packing, but the majority of

Cambodia: 11 Things

Month six is finished. Cambodia was one for the books. I loved our ministry and getting to know the students we taught English to. It was great learning about culture from them, both through talking with them and just observing them in every day life. So here’s a little bit about my month in Cambodia.   1. High schoolers are too cool for school. It doesn’t matter if it’s Cambodia or the U.S., there are going to be high schoolers who just don’t want to be at scho
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