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What I Learned From A Three-Year-Old in Cambodia

It was an just another ordinary day in Cambodia. Well, as ordinary as life can be on the World Race I guess. I got up early, made myself a cup of coffee, and sat outside on the front porch to have my morning devotional time. Sok Eng, our ministry host whom we were living with for the month, was out there with me, tuning his guitar. We could hear Omnor, his three-year-old son, starting to cry from the other room (as he does most mornings when he first wakes up). “Omnor, Papa is here.

Drop Your Nets

Why? Why am I doing the World Race? Why am I quitting my job and leaving my friends and family? Why am I deciding to travel around the world while living out of a backpack? Why am I leaving a life of comfort and security for a life of risk and uncertainty? So many people have asked me these questions, not to discourage me from this decision, but to know the true desire of my decision to do the World Race. And my answer to these questions is found in scripture. As He was walking along th

Stolen Tears

I could say one word, ‘WOW’ and be done with this blog. This would be the word to sum up the past 3.5 weeks, as well as last weekend. Last weekend as we piled in the car to go to our kids club, God told me to speak to the children about the story of Jonah - Specifically, don’t play hide and seek with God. Little did I know that around the same time my mouth uttered the words, “Don’t run from God when you make bad choices” to the children, back in the jungle,

Coffee Dates

Meet Chinh. She is a mom, Je$us follower, and a p@stor’s wife for forty two years. She came to me at a nearby coffee shop and we have decided to meet every day since. She orders us coffee and we read the book of Matthew line by line. It has become my favorite part of my day and I thank Je$us that He hand delivered her to me one day over coffee.

The Art of the Spring Roll

  We got the opportunity to make spring rolls one afternoon for lunch. Can't tell you the name in Vietnamese, but I can tell you they were DELICIOUS!  

Without Power for 30 hours!

In Vietnam, the power tends to go out about once a week. Generally after it rains pretty hard. The first time it happened for about 30 hours, the following week it happened for only 4 hours. These times were actually really good for our team. We were able to come together and come up with creative solutions that we wouldn't have happened otherwise. Definitely a bonding experience. The cheer when it came back on was so loud. So if you ever find yourself in need to amuse yourself for 30 hours with

It's Snack Time

My teammates AnnaGrace and Saraya started a new vlog series about snacks that we come across. Yours truly makes a guest appearance. Enjoy!  

The Country isn't Closed to Him

So far it’s been an awesome month in Vietnam with some pleasant surprises along the way. I would be lying if I said it didn’t feel like an extended vacation with the beach being so close to our hostel. We do coffee shop ministry for 3 hours a day and my down time has been filled with surfing, beach running, parasailing, and hiking. But just because its been fun does not mean it has not been fruitful….   I was skeptical about doing coffee shop ministry in a closed countr

Let Spring Emerge

by Christine Sine Sunday was the first sunny day we have had in Seattle for a long time. Tom and I walked around Greenlake, rejoicing in the daffodils with smiling faces shining in the sun. My soul is singing as I rejoice in the beauty of God’s creation in this springtime glory just beginning to […]

Praying in the Prison Yard

This month we have had many different ministry opportunities:  We help out at the church on Saturday and Sunday.  We help out at multiple schools.  We help out at a home for young women who are in hiding because of sexual abuse and finally we help out with women’s prison ministry. Of all these ministries the one I am the most excited about is the women’s prison ministry.  The past two months we have taught English and as awesome as that has been I’m ready t

I am a control FREAK...who knew!

First off thank you for reading my blog and following my journey! So, I have never really thought of myself as a control freak, I always thought that I was super laid back and just went with the flow. HAHA! Man was I wrong! As I have been going through this process I have been praying GOD, illuminate things in my life that I need to work on. And when you ask God to do something or to show you something; He ALWAYS shows up! I am so thankful that I can go to God and be real and ho

UPDATE ON LIFE!!!! can you say re re re mixxxx

I'm leaving sooner?!?!?!   Hey everyone, I haven't written in a while, and I decided to write about how my life is going pre race! This past week I was offered a job to be a resident counselor at a christian summer camp called Lakeshore. Since I'm leaving for the world race in September, I had no plans of going back to camp this summer, I thought it would be a better idea to work at home, and spend quality times with my friends and family before we go off in different directions.

To The Boys Who've Hurt Me

Today is Valentine’s Day and all day I want to do is be home. Missing my parents and our Valentine’s Day tradition is difficult. Every year for as long as I could remember I woke up to a card on my night stand and a single red rose from my daddy, but this year, that wasn’t possible. This year, I woke up to nothing on my night stand and my dad was nowhere in sight. I was there in my bed, missing what used to be. Sometimes on the race you miss home so much that you question whet

Madagascar Update: The Day the Lady in the Grocery Store Invited Us to Dinner

I love how the Holy Spirit works.   Sometimes it’s like a game of connect the dots, and only when you get to a certain dot do you realize the other dots were there to serve a purpose.  Let me explain.  Last month, I didn’t even know what Iris Ministries was (an organization started by Heidi Baker out of Bethel in Redding, CA). I found out about it in Swaziland when I watched a movie called Compelled by Love with my friend Cj, a fellow Kentuckian. A movie that h
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