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What Kind of Gas Are You Putting into Your Car Daily?

  Today I was talking to my CGA Guatemala Track Leader Marielle about a couple of things going on in my life. One of the things I talked to her about was feeling the need to perform at a certain level to be accepted in a group. Some of this has came up while I have been down in here when I am playing volleyball and at ultimate frisbee. I am a very competitve person and I don't like to lose because I've been on so many losing teams in my lifetime.  I told Marielle about when I

Training Caaaaaamp!

This blog post is long overdue! So many people have been asking me what training camp was like and if I had fun. I'm not sure that I would use the word fun, but it was an amazing week of growth, love, and laughs. I remember after every team formation exercise I was asked how I was doing.....all I ever said was "this is solo hard" Every. Time. We were told to leave our expectations at home and come with a willing spirit and just let go. We knew what we needed to know when we needed to know i

I Still Believe

We walk over to the Espana household for breakfast in which we think will be a typical day in Xenacoj, Guatemala. Ashley and I sit down at the table and right away German, our ministry contact, tells us that a 12 year old girl passed away yesterday and that we will be attending her funeral in 1 hour. We are shocked and saddened for the death of this little girl. The rest of them team come in and we tell them that we will be attending a funeral at 10am. They sit down,nobody really knows what to s

rabid dogs, miradores, and life metaphors

(warning: here is a very long story.)From above, La Paz is a city that looks like it's been sifted into a bowl made of mountains. Breathless from the altitude, the chill, and the excitement, all 41 members of J Squad huddle in taxis that sit waiting for us outside the airport. It's nighttime - we flew in around golden hour, the perfect time to circle the peaks around La Paz from above - and as we ride down to our hostel for debrief, the highest capital city in the world glimmers and shines its o

Great (or not so great) Expectations

So I am supposed to blog about my expectations for this trip. To be honest, I don't want to have expectations for this trip because I know the reality of my trip will be quite contrary to my presumptions. But I will share my thoughts so far. First, I love traveling and I am so excited to see parts of the world that I have never seen! I intend to stand in awe at the variety and beauty of His creation. I know that I will have limited time off, but I will spend those days off being spontaneous and

I'm No Savior

In one of my classes this semester we have spent much of our time reading the many patterns of historiography, which refers to both the methodology of a particular historian and to the development of historical study itself. Enthralling, I know but I think the most important thing that I have learned is that the world is a far more complicated place than we could ever understand. No matter the amount of reading, no matter the amount of lectures you listen to, you will never understand the world

Surrender...Who me?

Control. It is this thing most of us strive to hold on to. We look for it in the smallest areas of our life, and we freak out when we lose it in the biggest areas of our life. This is something I have struggled with for a majority of my adult life, and if we are being honest, most of my adolescents as well. And then God spoke. He reminded me that my control over every facet of my life was hindering His ability to work through me. I had created a mental block in my own life that kept me from wan


I'm not really even sure what to say today.  Happy Birthday Brooke.  You captivating human.  

Quite the pouty face.  About the cutest baby human around. And the funniest.

Despite my charming haircut, I love these pictures.  And how lady like Brooke and I are sitting.  Susan tells me that Brooke used to sit by my crib and remain very attentive when I was a babe. I love that. We are our mother's daughters.

Brooke and her life was beautiful. B

Test Post


Have We Forgotten About All Saint’s Day?

November 1st is All Saints’ Day, and to be honest I almost forgot. There is so much happening at the moment that All Saints Day hardly registered for me. Which is a shame as remembering those who gone before, and those who continue to impact our lives is very important. The Episcopal Church website explains:(...)

Praying OVER the Middle East

This month ministry in Romania has been absolutely amazing! I've mostly been working as an office assistant at Hope Church learning so so much about the logistics of church planting which I can totally see God using in my future! We’ve been staying in a very spiritually dark town called Draganesti in southern Romania and by through being here the last month, God has opened by eyes to so many things working against us. I’ve been more exhausted, more depleted, had more sickness in our

"I just want to die."

“I feel so my soul.  I just want to die.” Those were among the first words Bogdan said to us.  We met him on our way out of the church building where we were sleeping.  Steve, Hunter and I were on our way to the mall to meet Team No Greater Love to accompany them to an English service at Harvest Metanoia, another church in town.  He was there on the steps and started speaking to us in Romanian.  We thought we’d be on our way as we told him w

Walk like Jesus did!

      Costa Rica, one of the most beautiful places on earth, a place of tourism, honeymooners, and surfing. Within this haven, there lies one of the darkest places in all of Latin America- Los Guidos. A community of brokenness, a place where children are abused and hungry. At night you can hear screams and gun shots. A place where grown men that drive taxis all over Costa Rica laughed and made the sign of the cross when we said the words "Los Guidos". In the midst of darkness ther

Long Awaited Training Camp Blog

Training camp is literally indescribable. In my last blog, I stated that I would drop my expectations at the airport. Well let me tell you I kinda did. So I had a few expectations because Training Camp did not meet the expectations I had. But I had this weird feeling from the moment I got there. After registration and boring stuff I threw on my 35-pound pack and my stuffed daypack to walk to our campsite for the next week. I suddenly felt this overwhelming peace. I knew at that moment I was righ

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