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Come and Listen

I woke up early this morning before the hot African sun could begin to melt away all energy and motivation. Tea in one hand, pen in the other, I was mediating on the words and laws I had just read from Leviticus. And by meditating, I mean more like pleading with the Father to reveal the treasure and wisdom He had to share with me amongst all the sacrificial laws... Click the following link to read my full blog post at:  For the Love of Coffee and Rainbows - Come and Listen  

Reckless Abandon

  Currently it is 10am and I am sitting on a deflated sleeping pad, in the living room of a small African house, in a village in Lesotho (can't pronounce the name), and just finished reading Crazy Love (an awesome book by Francis Chan that y'all should all check out); and I am at a loss for words. I want you to understand the challenging lessons God has taught me during the past month of living in South Africa with the squad being all together, and I want you to know how hard it was waking

My Dad: A Truly Manly Man

Recently, I've been reading a book called Mansfield's Book of Manly Men. The book was given to my teammate and friend, Josiah Harden, by our squad leader Nic. Once Josiah finished the book, he lent it to me for a read. I'm not about to write a blog about the book. Josiah has already done that (check it out; it's worth a read), and I haven't yet finished the book. What I really mean to do is write a thank you letter to my own dad. You see, my dad is one of the best men I've ever known

Don't Let Me Forget

This month I had the privilege to do a story on a fellow squad mate, Sarah Kate Caudle. She reflects on some of the thoughts she had as she prepared for the race. Nepal was beyond gorgeous and the people were amazing so it’s sad to leave, but were on to Vietnam and I couldn't be more excited. Next month my blog will be password protected because Vietnam is a closed country so check out my facebook for the the password. Also be sure to check out my facebook profile for some photos from this

Five Fantastic Facts on this Fine Friday Ep. 3

  Delayed post time! I wrote this Friday update a few hours ago when I was still on the ground in Dubai. I'm currently somewhere over Southern Africa and am just going to post what I have! So, without further ado... it's time for FIVE FANTASTIC FACTS on this FINE FRIDAY! 1. IT'S SATURDAY, I THINK?! I'm currently sitting in the Dubai airport. Can I say that one more time? It's 8:20am on Saturday morning and I'm waiting to board my last flight to Lusaka, Zambia! Let me tell you about thi

ocean tides and dreams

We are now in Malaysia! There will be a blog about Thailand soon. There will also be more about what Malaysia has been so far with the city and ministry, but today I feel like the Lord is telling me to write about what he showed me this afternoon. While in Thaliand I reached a good place of living in joy and gladness at all the Lord has before me. As our time in Thailand came to a close, old insecurities began to rear their ugly heads once again. I was not surprised; when we are at a good place

Steep Hills and Lots of Mud

Yes, the hill was steep. No, the truck couldn’t make it up with us in it. Yes, we had to walk up and yes, my calves were burning. I’ll put a picture of the road below. Looking out the side of the truck as we were going up, the ocean looked like it was sideways. Thankfully, the truck made it up after we got out. Once we reached the end of the paved road, we parked the truck and got all the boxes out. We had food, and tons of boxes of Toms shoes. We carried all of this stuff for about

May We Never Lose Our Wonder!

Lately, Jesus has been teaching me about wonder - about never losing it and being awestruck by Him. He's been teaching me to be present in every second and opening my eyes to His beauty - the beauty of His people, His creation, His heart for me, and His heart for this world. My prayer is that I would spend my whole life with my jaw dropped and eyes wide open, without ever taking His beauty for granted.  I see His beauty in the kids I teach English to each day - in their smiles and laughter,

Sacred Spaces

Gregory Nelson — It is 5 AM in the Pacific Northwest and I am listening to the ancient choral music of Thomas Tallis in my den. Each morning I light three candles in front of a small wooden cross on my bookshelf.  Above the cross is an impressionist painting of four dancers – a reminder […]

How do you say T H A N K Y O U. . . .

I wanted to just give the biggest thank you that I can think of, I have no idea how to even begin to explain how much your love and support means to me! Thank you for praying for me, for thinking of me in your busy lives. Thank you for making me feel more loved then I have ever before. I am grateful for your giving hearts because without every single person who has donated to me I would not be here in Nicaragua, and I truly from the bottom of my heart thank you. In some of your situations I know

Adopt an Ornament

New Fundraiser just in time for the Christmas Holiday! The first two months of the World Race have been nothing short of incredible and my squad has been able to accomplish so much work here in Central America. In order to continue that work we need a little help getting funded.  Adopt an Ornament  This year for Christmas I will be in Honduras which means I cant enjoy having a real Christmas tree. Instead I have a construction paper tree and I need help filling it with ornaments, 100

The Reality of the Worldrace

The race has been the most difficult thing I have ever done. They say the first few months are the most challenging but I wasn't expecting this. My heart and soul has been stretched and I'm struggling. The Worldrace isn't this light hearted adventure. Yeah, you might get some great pictures and stories about traveling but it's so much more. Its the people you encounter and the ministry that you engage in. Its impossible to love without attachment and leaving again is heavy on my heart. There is

Give us today our daily bread

    In Exodus 16 when the Israelites were being led through the wilderness by Moses, some complaints arose about what they would eat. Some people even wished that they were back as slaves in Egypt because at least they had meat! The Lord eventually promised the people that he would give them fresh manna each morning. So each morning the Lord gave them manna with instruction to only take enough to sustain them for the day.     But….of course some people selfishly tried

Through the Looking Glass

Ever have one of those moments that you are constantly in your head thinking about your own problems/issues that you forget to put your head up and look around you? Yeah, me too-all last month. I was so invested in the things I had going on around me throughout the month that I didn't make time to thank God for the awesome things that had happened! I was worried/stressed to the max about finances that when one of my squad leaders asked me to speak up about things we can celebrate God for in the

suppose we were meant to meet

As soon as I saw you, I knew a grand adventure was about to happen     I think that at times the Lord blesses us with people in our lives and the funny thing is, in the moment of meeting them, you have no idea what that impact is going to be. I am constantly blessed with meeting new people on a regular basis and in that I have the opportunity of getting to connect and get to know them. I love that! I love that I can meet people and just talk to them, it doesn’t have to be ab
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