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I Went to Heaven Today...

Yeap…you read that right. I have hesitated to release this post, but alas, the Good Lord has urged my heart once again. I feel like I am taking a big risk here, but the peace that I have surpasses everything at  the moment…and so here this goes. What I am about to share with you is not because I am a super-Christian or blessed any more than anyone else. The same power that raised Jesus from the dead is in you if you are saved and about to be in you ask (Romans 10:9, If you dec

Heart Holes and Sportsing in Foreign

I realize that I never blogged last Tuesday. Or Friday. Or the Friday before that. I apologize. My team decided to take a week-long wifi-break and it really messed with my schedule. Also the fact that our house switched up the wifi schedule really messed with my schedule. Literally. Now instead of having wifi on Tuesdays and Fridays, I have it on Mondays and Thursdays. So there's that. But anyway, I went with a group of nine people (five of whom were from my team) to see the Mayan ruins at Tika

Karaoke Bars

Sex trade. The words don't get easier to say or understand. There are karaoke bars everywhere as we drive through parts of the city. Girls, all done up, sometimes looking to be teenagers, sometimes a dozen or more sit at the entrance to one place.   But once in the karaoke bar men may have a line of women come into their private room. The girls are numbered, they don't even have the dignity of having a name. They are chosen based in the man perverted lusts and desires. They are not j

Christian Life Simplified

Nothing can separate us from Your love....Romans 8:39 And who am I to deserve this love? Well, I was a nobody, but now, now I am the daughter of a King. So yes I am a somebody to somebody. And I’m not just a somebody, I’m everything to somebody. And that somebody is the God of the universe. You don’t think He is big enough to love everyone like that? Your brain isn’t big enough to comprehend what He is capable of, so I understand because my brain isn’t big enough

Part One: God, You Threw Me a Curve Ball

Before training camp I was excited for The Race, but school overpowered my thoughts. This made The Race seem like a distant dream of the future. I found myself thinking about it, but thinking about it like you might think of graduating from college as a freshman in high school…it just did not seem real. The weeks leading up to camp were hectic. I had to finish a whole weeks worth of school a whole week early while I’m taking a whole lot of classes (16 credits). I probably wrote abo

Math, Art, and Why We Share the Gospel

One of the things that I think about on The World Race is "what are we doing here?".  I don't think about it in a the sense that I don't know - because I know it in part, but I want to dig deeper into that question.  "What are we really doing here?"  Why are we in Thailand or Cambodia or, wherever, working with people who have a different native tongue, people that don't look like us.  Why are we here with these people that think so differently as a culture; "What are we real

Conference on Asian American Christian Mentoring

I am officially inviting you to the Asian American Ministry Conference on the theme of “Mentoring for a Lifetime” on Saturday, November 8th, 2014, being hosted at Biola University in La Mirada, CA. Whether you’re local or within driving distance of the greater Los Angeles area, or you need to book a round-trip flight, this is a special opportunity that you won’t find anywhere else!


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Monday Meditation – Attached to God By A String

God in heaven holds each person by a string. When you sin, you cut the string. Then God ties it up again, making a knot – and thereby bringing you a little closer to him. Again and again your sins cut the string – and with each knot God keeps drawing you closer and closer.(...)

Atonement and Why it is Necessary

This blog is related to my above blog "Math, Art, and Why We Share the Gospel" and gives a brief explanation of atonement, what it is, and why it is necessary: To first learn about what atonement is it is helpful to start in Genesis when Adam and Eve eat fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  From this point on, every human on earth has known both good and evil and all have chosen evil on some level, whether it be a great amount of evil or just a small amount of evil. &nbs

Video from Month 1 (Cambodia)   Hey blog readers, The link above is a 7 minute video about our 1st month of ministry in Cambodia.   Additionally, it was made by my teammate Diane Kelly.  Diane is still in the support raising process so if you LOVE the video feel free to give a small free will gift to her. The link to her blog can be found on the left hand side of our blog.   Thanks!  

Count it all Joy

Heya! SOoo, I did not hit my first deadline.  Which means, I was unable to attend Training Camp; which means I will not be launching in January; which means that my race will now be pushed back to July 2015. Not gonna lie, I was really disappointed... in myself, in others, in God. Disappointed that I was not going to meet my squad-mates who have become my family; disappointed that I'd have to experience training camp at a later date; disappointed that "yet again" I was a failure at

Hope vs Wish

  We like to use "hope" whenever we wish for something to happen. Wishes are granted by Disney fairy god mothers and are wanting something that may or may not come. Biblical HOPE means anticipating Good and waiting for something real to come. God is good and He gives good gifts to His kids. So what does this look like to live like I anticipate Gods good hand working all things for the good in every situation? This month in Cambodia, I'm giving that a try. Here are Some of the ways I have s

Why Ebola Doesn't Scare Me

I'm currently sitting in Phnom Penh, Cambodia enjoying a lovely day off from ministry. This year I have lived in 10 different developing countries. I have traveled through more airports than most people will in their lifetime. I’ve prepared food on a plate in the dirt and cooked it over fire. I have kissed babies and held dirty little hands in Africa without a seconds hesitation. I've been in foreign hospitals in nearly every country I've been in, some with drastically different standards

Training Camp!!


ok so here's a ruff break down of training camp, days kind'a ran all together, Food was weird and different each day, cause they fed us food from a different continent each day, I really liked most of it :)

we took on different camping senerios each day to challenge and train us for the field, not to mention it was raining almost nonstop and cold,slept in our own tent one night the next they took half the squads gear as if it was lost in an airport, and of course my pack was one

Fundraising Deadlines!

Welcome to my World Race Blog! I will be updating everyone during my trip from this blog!  Please "FOLLOW ME" to keep up on my adventures in missions!   Fundraising Status  Deadline #2: $7,500 by December 18th!- LET'S DO THISSSS!   Deadline #1: $3,500 by September 26th-DONE!!!  (Thank you supporters)   You can donate online by: - Using the link on the left “SUPPORT ME!”  OR - Finding me on VENMO! OR  - Using the LINK BE

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