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11 Things

These are 11 things that Racers (or maybe just me) get dis-proportionally excited about. These things may cause squealing, jumping, giggling, or complete awe when we (I) come across them. 1. American style toilets that you can flush toilet paper in. Seriously though, the 2 questions in every new country are, "Are there toilets or squatties?" and "Is this a flush or no flush country?" Don't judge. 2. Ethnic food not indigenous (I'm in a big word mood this morning...sorry) to the country you're

Open doors in the least likely place.

Recently I was asked to do a photo job that I had to pray whether or not to take the job. Not because of timing or money but because of the fact I knew it was going to be awkward and because I didn't want to hurt someone I love and care about. You are probably wondering why it would be awkward or why it might hurt someone I care about well I will give you a little background with out any real details or names because that is not the important part. The photo job was a wedding for the brother o

My Testimony (In a format easily translatable)

*(this is an EXAGGERATIVE short story that I wrote to illustrate my testimony when I share it with other countries and regions that do not relate to American culture. Written with simple wording to be easily translated)*

I’d like to tell you a story about 3 very different men: a young man, a loving father, and a rich old man.The young man grew up in a small town in a very nice family but it was a very poor family and he only saw his loving father every Sunday.Every Sunday the


"Do not think that I came to bring peace on earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I have come to 'set man against his father, a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law'; and 'a man's enemies will be those of his own household.' He who loves father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me. And he who loves son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me. And he who does not take his cross and follow after Me is not worthy of Me. He who find

The end is where it begins...

In many regards, this seems like the end. Today will be my final "travel day" and if I'm being honest, it hasn't hit me that I'll be traveling back to America. Yes, I'm excited to come home, see my loved ones, share stories and hear stories...But part of me is aching inside. You see, for the last eleven months W Squad has been my family-my brothers and my sisters, my safe places, my encouragers and my "level-heads". They walked, ran, crawled, and carried me, month to month, through a year of in

See The World (Race) in Three Minutes.

The World Race can be hard to explain. We serve. We explore. We pray. We take risks. We love the unlovable. We get dirty. We grow. We change. I try to put words and images around what I’m experiencing out here on the Race. Sometimes I nail it. Other times, you just kind of have to be there. Until now. The team at Adventures in Missions put together an epic video to help you be a part of what I’m experiencing. It’s not long, so please take three minutes to watch it here. Then c


The ocean waves are rolling, white caps turn lazily on the surface of the deep blue. My mind is taken up in captivity by God's love and beauty as I stare into the sapphire sky, wispy clouds streak through the shades of blue. As the sun continues to rise, streams of yellow and pink pastels dance across and kiss the top of the ocean. The waves are calm and soothing, they simply roll over onto each other, relentlessly. They don't stop, they just continue, and I can't get enough of their beauty. "Y

Cry of my Heart

This is a poem/song lyric I wrote earlier this year but this burns in my heart, this is my prayer everyday.   Give me your Heart, so I will love like you do. Unconditional, so deep, so real. Give me your eyes, so I may see like you. Not where they are now but where you will lead them. Open up my ears, so I will hear, where you are sending me and what to say. Speak to me and through me. So I may reach your people Lord.   Give me your Heart, so I will love like you do. Uncondition

The Call to Missions in the World

While I was a teenager God called me to go out and share the gospel in many ways. I was on a drama ministry team, helped with kids church and I started a bible study with friends in a public high school. After High School I was called to go into Master's Commission, which is a nine month discipleship program where we did biblical studies and we helped the church with any ministry they had, helped lead youth ministries and did drama ministry. We also did an east coast tour sharing the gospel thro

Visions in an Empty Glass

On Sunday at church I had a vision. No I don’t think I am going off the deep end but I do believe that God touched me in a special way. As the rector lifted the empty cup, a handblown clear glass chalice, before filling it with wine for communion it caught the light and(...)

Give Us A Kick Start

Well it has happened. We have just launched our first kickstarter campaign.  We are starting a new venture into E-courses and ask you to help us launch this. We think that this is part of the exciting future of Mustard Seed Associates, and I mean E-Courses, rather than a single e-course.  We’re starting with Re-Imagining How We Pray this(...)

Two: A Dad Reflects on His Daughter’s Second Year of Life

Two Year Old
Two. Years. Old.

Seriously. My little Elliot Grace is two years old.

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When God Walks Out on You


I was looking back on a blog I wrote over 7 years ago and I saw something I felt God speak to me during a time of powerful worship:

“When pride walks in, I walk out.”

I remember God speaking in His still, small voice like He has so many times over the years. I remember my on-going struggle with pride and that those words stung, but resonated. God help me to walk in humility. God help us to walk in humility.

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My Team

"Devon Kester!"  I heard chanted loudly from one of the group of leaders in front of me. All of the sudden I was in a dark tunnel and my walk from where I was standing to the person who had called my name seemed like miles long. It was hot and the sun was beating down on the pine-straw below me. The brown straws shifted as I walked. They existed like lifeless corpses just to provide an illusion and expectation of soft ground. "Don't have any expectations." I remember Adventur

Never Satisfied

         I have somewhat of a sickness. Yesterday I woke up at 2:50 A.M. to run 26.2 miles. No, I am not a paid athlete. My income is not based on my performance. The fact that I willingly run these distances and I pay good amounts of money to put my body through pain and suffering makes me some type of nut job. I wake up at ungodly hours to train and it is hard for me to explain why. I am a running addict. Many people think I am crazy and I confess it does tak

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