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Lesotho Update!

After debrief with my squad, squad month was over (broken heart) it twasss hard to say goodbye. Each team split up to different ministry bases my team and I, along with another team (Eliora) arrived in Malealea village in Lesotho, South Africa on the 8th of October. We have been settling into this cute lil' place in the world, high up the the mountains of Lesotho. It's quite chilly and snowed not where we are, but on other mountains, where we could see. The base here is called Africa 4 Jesus. Th

Thoughts of my mind

Sunday, October 8th It’s Sunday today. The 8th of October. I haven’t written in awhile. Not much to write about due to the rest and the Sabbath like time during debrief. Let’s talk about the drive from Nelspruit to Lesotho. Went from busy city life. To wide, carefree land. The flat land that held the crops were attractive to me. The perfect rows. The water systems, in them, making the green stay. The flat, rural scene slowly faded into the mountains. The outlines of the monstr

Chile Ministry

Hola! Buenos dias de Chile! This month my team and I are partnered with a ministry in Santiago, Chile called Vision for Children- Chile and the House of Hope. The vision of the ministry is to be Christ and be an example of healthy, functioning humans to the children and young girls in the house. We are staying in a very low-income, high-crime rate area of town. It is saturated with drugs, alcohol and abuse. The ministry is involved with a few orphanages and schools in the area. Since the govern

Made it to Serbia!

We made it to Serbia! Check out my first ever vlog! *Shoutout to Kristin and Korynne for getting me a GoPro for this trip!

He's in the waiting

We arrived in Santiago, Chile on Wednesday, October 11th around 9am, and quickly realized that this was not one of those countries that spoke English in addition to their native language (Spanish). Maybe it was a little naive of me to think that most people would know some English because in the past when I have traveled to foreign countries, most of the natives know some English, too. Don’t get me wrong, I expected to practice Spanish while I was here, but I didn’t realize the exten


When they told us at training camp that our first month of the race would be all squad month, everything in me felt as if I was holding my breath with all my strength. I LOVE being around people, it’s one of my favorite things to do! Building relationship is a huge part of my life that I can’t imagine giving up. BUT. I also love my own personal quiet time. Time to sit and be, talk with the Lord, listen to music, read a book… this time recharges me. The idea of being in ONE hou

First ATL!

Today was an eye-opening day, filled with the Holy Spirit and unforgettable moments shared with my team. I learned that 'ATL’ is more than the short form for 'Atlanta’. In World Race culture, ATL stands for “Ask The Lord.” Due to Cambodia’s endless random holidays, our normal ministry placements were cancelled, and as a squad, we did ATL ministry. Honestly, I was sort of nervous that nothing would happen. I worried that the Holy Spirit wouldn’t speak to me,

day in the life - round 2

in Malealea, Mafeteng, Lesotho... I wake up at 6am and roll out of bed, making sure that I don't kick anybody in the face. We are sleeping on the floor in very close proximity... some people even closer for warmth. Next, I grab the community TP, open the door, greet the mountains in front of me, and walk to the bathroom on the other side of the base. The sun is already up, so I squint the whole way there. There are four stalls to choose from, but I only really like one of them. I make my way ba

Surrendering In the Slums

Both hands gripping onto the metal bars I push off my right foot into our tuk-tuk. I place my bag on the floor at my feet and take a seat. A spot that I have sat in many times this past month, however, this time it felt different. I look out to my left focusing on each person we pass by, and all the rugged buildings surroundings us. Buildings I had passed by everyday heading to ministry but somehow it was as if I was looking at them all for the first time. As we reach our destination I cannot he

Done with this "Christan lifestyle."

  Quick Intro/ side note!   First and for most, I must apologize for not blogging in so long. I love to write, and love to share stories with you all. I must be honest and say I entered into a season of writers block....which sucked! I must have had 10 blogs in the works at once. I just couldn't express things with that being said, that season is over and a new one begins!   With only having 35 days left on the Race, I'm going to be very intentional with blogging /

The Day I Fell In Love With Cambodia

October 16, 2017 - The day I fell in love with Cambodia.October 15, 2017 started off in the fashion a day like it should have. I woke up in anxious terror, visions of my home not being mine anymore and fear running through my bones. It hadn't been my first morning waking up to this kind of anxiety, but the strongest by far. The night before I had gotten little sleep, my body still fighting ear, sinus and bronchial infections. I felt restless and scared and the day proceeded to be hard. Tears w

Not All Captains Are Pirates

“No! I’m not a pirate. It’s Captain. That’s different than a pirate. Not all captains are pirates.” I try to make my case, but my new little friend continues to put one hand over her eye and make a hook with her other hand as her giggles get the best of her.    I am now writing to you from Thailand. We are working with Sending Hope International, a girls’ home for 40 girls between the ages of 4 and 17. They are beautiful, smart, and so fun. We have


  Today in Cambodia was a Holiday to remember the king, so instead of teaching at the school (since it was closed for the day), our squad leaders decided that we were going to do a different type of ministry. This ministry is called "Ask The Lord" ministry, otherwise shortened to "ATL" ministry. This meant that we had the opportunity to pray in our small teams about what the Lord was leading us to do that day, and go out and just minister to the people that God was leading us to.   Be

Thailand & Month 10!

       I am almost done with month 10!? How did that even happen? There are so many questions that run through my head as I process this year and also realizing this year and the World Race is coming to an end.        A few questions I believe people will ask us when we get back:       What is your favorite country? I have unexpectedly loved Southeast Asia.       What was your favorite ministry? A childr


Heartbroken. I just watched it happen. I sat helpless and did absolutely nothing. Sunday morning sitting at the local coffee shop watching my weekly church podcast. Out of the corner of my eye I see movement. I look up and know instantly. The feeling in my gut says it all. It wasn't the skirt that was far too short that gave it away. It was the uncomfortable standoffish vibe she gave off. I watched her carefully knowing what I was seeing but denying it. Just as I've worked up the courage to go
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