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Things I've learned by month 3 on the World Race...

Good-morning from Phnom Penh, Cambodia!   It's beautiful here in Phnom Penh, and my team and I are excited to have a couple days of rest before heading out to ministry. I'm working on writing some things from Nepal, but for now here are some things I've come to learn entering into month 3 of the World Race...enjoy. 1. Even as an extreme introvert, I now get lonely when away from my teammates for more than a half hour. 2. Air-conditioning = luxury. 3. Seeing the occasional rat o

Month 3: MALAWI!

We have been in Malawi for four days now and I am already in LOVE with this country! Here is little information on what our month will look like in “the warm heart of Africa”! City: Mzuzu Language: English and tumbuka Currency: Kwacha (about 495 kwacha to 1 USD) Area: Mzuzu is the third largest city in Malawi, from what I understand, in the northern part of the country. The population is about 175,000 people. People get around by car (on the left side of the road!) and bicycle. I

What does it look like?

If you are on this page you now know that I am going on a journey across the world to spread the love of God to others. One question that I often ask God is what does your love look like in any given situation in a day. I know this one thing that God's love doesn't see color, religion, race, intelligence or skill, but that his love is boundless and reaches out to every heart that is willing to open itself to him. Ive done a lot of ministry here in the US and I've enjoyed much of it, but the

This Is Hard...

[An Open Letter to Pre-Race Rachel] Dear Pre-Race Self, So here I am. Surrounded by pillows, I lay on my comfy bed. I’m comfortable. I’m safe. I hear my family upstairs. I get a slight chill from the cool temperature of my room, so I wrap a blanket around me. Music quietly plays from my laptop. There’s a cup of ice cold water on the table beside me. And in one week, I’m leaving all of these comforts behind to go on an 11 month journey to 11 different countries call

Support Letter

Thank you so much in advance for taking the time to read about the most significant and exciting adventure of my life thus far. Whether I knew it or not, I have always been on a journey to find God’s purpose for my life. I would like to take this opportunity to share with you a portion of my testimony, some notable areas of my journey and the place I am currently. Testimony: Some of my friends and family already know this about me, but many do not... From as far back as I can remember I s

A New Season, A New Continent

People had a lot of questions when I left for the Race. “Will you be safe? Where are you going? How will you pay for it?” And I had answers to almost all of them. “I’ll be as safe as I can be. I’m going to this continent and that country. God will provide the funds.” But the one question I didn’t have an answer for was, “What will you do when it’s over?” And I was fine with not knowing. I was pretty sure I wouldn’t have an answer

A Most Helpful Review for the $149 Chromebook by Poin2

Poin2 is a new startup (from what I can tell) with one amazing Chromebook for $149, I think the value is unbeatable and it’s worked great so far. I’m using it right now to make this post.Read more

God Open Our Eyes – A Prayer for the Week

Today’s prayer flows out of my reflections this week on walking with Jesus and my renewed sense of focus on God’s purposes for our lives. To draw close to God and neighbour we must open our eyes to the world around us and to the hoped for and much anticipated shalom and wholeness towards which […]

Operation: Get Brandon Home!!

So here I am sitting in a Filipino international airport about to fly to Africa which will start my final three months left on the World Race. That is mind blowing for me and in only THREE months I will be BACK HOME... which is something I wanna ask help for. We will be flown back to the states from Africa in November. Probably somewhere on the east coast... And then AIM no longer provides funds for us, meaning, we have to find our own mode of transportation home once we are stateside

God Works, Even In Parties!

It is nearly midnight here and for those of you who know me, you know it is way past my bedtime! My heart is just so overcome with Joy and Love that I have to share with you what all Christ has done tonight, or... yesterday I guess. Tonight I had a sweet friend throw me a "Prayer Party" and as I am sure you are all thinking, "What is that?" I will try and combine all of the fantastic things that happened into a blog. Basically the church, not the building but a group of believers, gathered toge

A letter to my pre-race self!

Dear pre-Race Kristen,There you were standing at the top of the hill looking down upon the longest rattlesnake you have ever seen in your life (but let’s be real, it is the first one you have ever seen). You were determined to get to Triple Falls for the breathtaking view of three connected waterfalls. The only way to get to Triple Falls was around this rattlesnake. The snake was not paying attention, so you decided to make your way over the snake. But instead, you lost your footing and at

Preparing for Launch!

Thinking about leaving my family and friends for nine months is not an easy thing to stomach. As the date of my departure from PA is drawing closer (September 6!!) the fact that I am leaving my home country for a what seems like an eternity is becoming very real, very fast. In the midst of my stressing out, a verse came to mind: "Peace I live with you; My peace I give to you; I do not give as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid." John 14:27 As I let Jesus t

I am NOT ok.

"When do you leave?" "Are you excited?" I went back to my home away from home today. I was greeted by a crazy amount of hugs but also by these two questions. As I encountered more and more people throughout the day, my reaction to both questions became more and more honest. An overly excited "Yes!" turned into a hesitant and questionable "yeah, I mean I guess." I don't say this as a bad thing but as an honest thing. Going on the Race hasn't changed me into superwoman. I don't have it together

It shall be well..

There was an author called Joseph Heller who never began to work on a story until he had written both the first and last line. At this point I've now done just as he did. If you just skip to the last line of this blog, I will have said all I need to say and you will have read all you needed to read. But I'll write quite a few words anyways.    This summer has been the pits.   I'm not even being over dramatic. Asking God to make me more like Him was something that I was so con

Stepping Closer to God Each Day

Tom and I have been away for the last week on Mayne Island BC. This is an annual trip for us – part vacation and part retreat time, an opportunity to refresh ourselves and renew our sense of purpose. It is also a time to listen intently to God, to evaluate where we feel we […]
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