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The Big Finish: CHINA!!!

What a whirlwind of a month, an emotional rollercoaster, new cities every few days...we went to CHINA! Praise God! There was a moment - that lasted a few days - in Mongolia where China was a 1% chance. I felt so defeated and hit my breaking point (yes I know, during Month 10). I lost the will power to fight for it. Luckily I had Meghan, my teammate who fasted and prayed for it along others.In short, we got our visas at the Chinese embassy in Ulanbataar. That day it snowed. It was crazy, we were

Portraits of Ethiopia

Some basics for those of you just now dropping in: My sister and I are on an 11-month Christian mission trip to 11 different countries across 4 continents. We’re headed to: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Uganda, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Cambodia, and Thailand. The work will range from country to country in partnership with established ministries in each area. It's month 9. My team is in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.   In every month, I’ve done portraits

Woah, we're half way there! Woah, livin' on a prayer!

Alrighty folks here is the highly anticipated 1/2 way Q & A blog I promised y’all… we passed the 1/2 way mark this past week, so I am officially closer to the end of my Race than I am to the start of it. I can’t wait to be home and share more in depth stories, but I am also so looking forward to all that God has instore for the remaining 5 1/2 months!! Q: What has been your favorite mission so far on the race?   A: I would have to say it’s a tie between The

It's not about me.

I get this weird feeling when people commend and affirm me on leaving America for a year to go on the World Race. I thought it was because; I figured people are thinking I’ve been living in a tent, eating chicken liver every night for the past 6 months. When in reality I’m in a cozy apartment, staring at the mountains and re-enacting an episode of Friends (Jesus edition) with my teammates. (that’s a joke… the Friends part) But it’s deeper than that. It’s not

Lockdown in a Resort

Ethiopia has been one big adventure. One of my teammates asked God for an adventure in Africa, and dang did we get an adventure. Our month started out with a bus ride down south to Hawassa, Ethiopia. The minute we stepped off the bus we were in a whole nother world, granted I was the only blonde person for miles (all my teammates have dark hair). Our ministry was with a man named, Hizkias, and his family, we proceeded to their house and spent about two weeks preaching and teaching in different


Ohhhh, we’re half way there!!! June 24, 2018. The Race is half way over. I can’t believe it. Here are some lessons I’ve learned so far. This blog is fun because I can tell ya a lot of the funny things I have learned and experienced abroad.   Check it: 159 days 159 lessons Pawpaw tastes like mango + cantaloupe = mangalope  Africans eat all parts of the fish-fins eyeballs and all Also Asians eat chicken feet Ivorians trap their neighbors cats for dinner I lov

More than words

When you have talented teammates you take full advantage of their work.  Hope you can enjoy a video of what our life has looked like in Ethiopia.  

Testimonies Galore


Day in the Life - Refugee Camp in Ethiopia

Check out this video my teammate Miranda made of a day of ministry and life here in Ethiopia!

A Day in the Life - Ethiopia, Africa

A Day in the Life - Youtube Vid Click the link for a look at what a typical day in Ethiopia looks like! 

From Witch Doctor to Spiritual Doctor

It’s month 6 and we’re in our sixth country - Nepal. I’m on an 8 hour bus ride to our next ministry - trek through the Himalaya Mountains to villages of the Unreached people. My squadmate sits next to me sleeping and other teammates around me talking. Each conversation different but now that we’re half through with life on the WorldRace, our conversations are starting to become similar. What will life be like after we come back to the States? All the stories we have to sh


The reality is setting in. I have to raise $15,800. So many people have given. So many of my friends have given what they can. A dear friend painted pictures for me to sale. I have seen so many people's generosity pour out in efforts to help me reach my goals. I have emailed every person I can think of. As much as people give I am still failing to reach my goals. I have seen God show me not to give up. When I started to lose faith someone anonymously donated $1,000. If you're reading this, than

Lock-down in Hawassa (More Than I Expected )

New team, new continent, new country, new language and new currency, basically what started out as “routine” (routine has a meaning all its own on the race) quickly became anything but. Allow me to explain. Our ministry this month was in Hawassa, (for a little more on our ministry read my blog Unmet Expectaions). Life in Hawassa was frustratingly boring… Until Thursday June 14. Our ministry for the day was cancelled so we decided to go somewhere to get off the compound, find

Praise God!

It is amazing, how God reveals Himself to us in our need. This post will be very brief.  As it stands now it is 11pm and I've been working hard on my stuff for the yard sale tomorrow and I must be up and going very early. This week God has been showing me a great deal in His word about how He provides in impossible situations, but that how He often waits to do so until we have come to the end of ourselves.  From the story of the great prophet Elijah, the story of the religious leader

Racine Wisconsin

This last week I went on a mission trip to Racine Wisconsin. Actually, as I type this Im sitting on a church floor after one looonggg closing worship with my dear friends in Christ. I prayed for a long time after worship ended and we had taken communion. I prayed for guidance, wisdom, strength and courage. This week compares only to a slight fraction of what I will experience on the Race, but I have seen God so many times in the past six days and if each week throughout the the Race is like this
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