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aligning my plans with His

i want it to be God’s way or the highway. my friends, we serve a loving and gracious God. a God that gives us freedom and free will. a God that has a perfect plan for us, but He also gives us the choice as to whether or not we follow His plan. in America when children are born, parents immediately begin imagining their children’s futures. once the child is born, the parents often set up a college fund and begin teaching the children. they will teach their children to read, to write


   You know how nothing ever quite turns out like you expect it to? I go into almost every situation with an idea of exactly what everything should look like and play out. My aunt calls it the movie in her head. Trouble is, real life isn’t that simple. Things are messier. More visceral. But that’s not to say every unexpected outcome is inherently bad. For every time I’ve stayed up all night studying Microbiology only to barely pass the test, there are so many times so

Support money cash Break down

As I mentioned in an earlier blog, I am support raising an extra $1,000 to cover some additional costs not included in my main goal. So far I have spent $800 of the cash I have been given plus my monthly tithe. Any remaining cash donations I have put in my main mission account since I won’t need to other $200 or so until I buy my plane ticket to meet up with my team to leave the country in August. $265 Plane ticket to Atlanta, GAI am going to spend 10 days in June near Atlanta for our tra

I need your help God

SO yesterday (April 22nd) I had my yard sale fundraiser! Now, this was my first yard sale ever and those things are no joke. So much time is put into it and it is not a one person job.  I am super thankful for my mom and dad who helped me get everything done! Honestly, I had an army of people who helped, but my mother went above and beyond. She rocks. Anyways.. My best friend Ella helped me price clothing the night before which was super helpful and fun. Then it was saturday! Tal

Freedom of the field

Trying to explain seasons of life and seasons in relationship with the lord seems impossible sometimes, but I am going to try hard to explain the walk the lord and I just made.So let me tell you, Africa shook my world. In Africa the lord and I walked through the hardest season we have had yet. The visual representation the lord gave me of this season was a dark, scary forest, but at the end there was an opening. This opening was a huge, warm and welcoming field. Exactly what Dorothy sees in the

Adopt-A-Country - Fundraiser!

Hey guys! I'm starting a new fundraiser called Adopt-A-Country. I have made 11 different jars each representing a country that I will be living in.  What I need you to do is choose a country you want to support me in and commit to filling that jar with all of your spare change! This can be a dollar here and there, spare change after a work day or even coins in your couch - it all works for me!  I would love it if you would also fill the jar with notes of encouragement/prayers


.... WE ARE FULLY FUNDED!! Thank you to all 126 donors who have given during the last 17 months to make this World Race trip even possible for us. We feel immensely blessed that we have finally reached this point and just so in awe of God's swift provision! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!! If you would like to continue supporting us, give through this link on PayPal - - DO NOT donate on our blog, after we reached our deadline, ALL the overflow is given to the organizatio

Case of the Mondays

Last Monday I had a case of the Mondays. You know those days when you wake up in the morning and just know its about to be a bad day? Then of course you realize its Monday and mutter, “of course it is..” I had many expectations for the day that were quickly being shot down as the hours ticked by. I set myself up really because if I have learned anything on this race it’s to never have expectations. Even if it is written down in black and white, things change. Always. So I w

In the Middle of the Mess

Africa is not at all what I expected. To be really honest with you I wasn’t super excited about coming here. Africa has never been somewhere that I have felt called to go or would find myself thinking maybe I would go one day. Africa also intimidated me a bit. I came into this country not knowing anything and had no idea what I would encounter. I never expected to fall in love with a community, a culture, and a country in such a short amount of time. This place has a piece of my heart and

When the Red Bumps Aren't From Mosquitoes

It started with a sore throat. Last week was Semana Santa, spring break for us westerners, holy week for Honduras as we led up to Easter. Now during Semana Santa it is mandatory to give your employees the last 4 days of the week off. Our hosts of course always give their employees the time off they deserve, but two of their workers still come in on their days off because the animals still need to be let out in the morning, and let them back in that evening. But since we were here our hosts ask

Me, the World Race, and a backstory...

Hi! My name is Holly Rogers I am 21 and a native of Georgia. I grew up in Gainesville Georgia, but now I live in Kennesaw and attend Kennesaw State University! I am an only child who grew up on Lake Lanier with my loving parents and close friends. I am currently working as a Lifeguard and finishing out my Bachelor's degree in Psychology and minor in Management. I will be graduating in July!! I’m very excited, relieved, and even a little sad that this chapter in my life is coming to a

Bruised, bleeding, and broken (round 2)

Month 9 of the race, my team and I joined up with team “Joyful Awakening” for the month in Brown’s Town, Jamaica. We worked alongside Pastor Raymond evangelizing and building relationships in Brown’s Town and the surrounding communities.    The breakdown of our day was pretty much the same everyday, except for Sunday when we’d travel to Aboukir for church. Most days, we started our morning in prayer for the people of Jamaica and for God to lead and dir

Sojourning through Malaysia

This month, God asked my team to be sojourners, moving to a new place every few days. The past few months on the race my team has always had a desire to be planted somewhere and invest in the community. We were hesitant whether we'd be able to make an impact and create real change if we were leaving after only a few days. Then, Jesus reminded me of the way he and his disciples ministered. They were constantly on the move, stopping in towns for a night, sometimes only staying briefly for an


A couple of days ago we flew from Kuala Lumpur to Colombo, Sri Lanka, where we are now. I am back with my team, and we are going to head out tomorrow to some place that I cannot remember the name of. We, again, have no set ministry this month, and are freewheeling it. Thanks for your continued support, I really appreciate it. 

The holy spirit surprised me!

The holy spirit surprised me! - English below - Ik kon het zelf bijna niet geloven, maar na een week van debrief, was ik totaal uitgeput. Ik was moe, geestelijk en lichamelijk. De jetlag, Van Arika naar Azië, de nieuwe omgeving die vol is van de geest van hebzucht, een totale cultuurschok. Ook het weerzien van mijn squad genootjes – waarvan ik heel veel houd – en het ontmoeten en samenzijn met R-squad – onze grote zustersquad – maakte dat ik zo overweldigd was, dat
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