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Details, Details

So many details! Packing for 10 days is crazy. I'm afraid I'll forget something I need for training!Honestly, I don't know what to expect in training except that we will be pushed physically and spiritually.I'm grateful for a God who is in the details. He doesn't forget a thing. Even when my heart is feeling overwhelmed and my brain feeling foggy, He is there beside me, reminding me to take things one at a time.This week I took my tent out for the first time to set it up and take it down. It's a

Walking to Thailand

  We head to Bangkok to start ministry!  

A Morning with the Most High

The room was thick with discord.   Our team had set a goal to meet every morning at 9:30am to pray for the day and prepare our hearts for what God was going to do. As we gathered, the events from yesterday played through my head.   “Why, Lord? I don't understand how we got to this point."   Our goal for ministry that day was to set out into the streets and pray for people but there was an unsteadiness in my spirit. I knew that the Holy Spirit wanted us to settle whatev

Child Voice International

With a heavy heart, and tears in my eyes my team and I have finished our first month on the World Race. I am able to look back and see how blessed we were to be at Child Voice International. Child Voice International is a non profit organization located in Lukodi, Uganda. Child Voice that strives to restore the voices who were silenced by the war. The women and their children come to the Lukodi center for an 18 month program there they receive group and individual counseling, learn to live in co

To Shed A Light On It

My team and I have now visited two African countries on our World Race journey. I’ve gotten to see first hand what Malawian and Zambian life is like. And oh my is it different from what I thought it would be. There were certainly things I was prepared for (i.e. squatty potties, bucket showers, and unreliable electricity). But I’m embarrassed to say that I had a lot of incorrect generalizations and stigmas of Africa. I’ve never once looked down on Africa as a whole. In fact, I&r

The little things of Costa Rica

How many days have you coasted through life? How many days have you wondered if you have made an impact on someone? Life goes by faster than we could ever imagine. I sit here, my final day of Costa Rica, and I wonder where the time went. I wonder if I did enough? Did I talk enough? Did I do enough? Did I love enough? This month went by so fast and I have changed more than I could ever say. The people at ZOE have poured into me so much and have shown me how to love a complete stranger so fiercel


The following is not based on actual events.  The following actually occurred during month one and includes things that happened to either one or all of us at one time or another. Enjoy! -Sometimes you make babies cry because they are not used to seeing white skin and it scares them. -Sometimes you receive marriage proposals from completely random strangers, and sometimes you receive two of them within about five minutes. -Sometimes it takes a total of six hours standing in line at the A

Uganda be kidding me! These people are amazing!

So I've been on the world race for a month now and thats so crazy! I've been saying for so long that it's 11 countries in 11 months but now its 10 in 10 and I'm actually here doing it. I'm living out the plans that God has for me, travelling the world, meeting the most amazing people and spreading as much love as possible. I feel like so much has happened and I have so much to tell you but I don't even know where to start. Month one here in Uganda has been an awesome adventure. My team and I hav

Peaceful Swaziland

Peaceful Swaziland In my month in Swaziland I found a lot of peace, and it was a peace like I haven't felt before, and I am thankful to God for that since prior to coming to Swaziland, towards the end of the month in the Philippines, The Lord had been speaking to my heart about trust, and what it truly means to trust Him, especially in hard times. During that previous month, I had experienced some really hard times and through it, I realized that God was growing me in trust. Part of trusting Hi

Divine Simplicity

Where do I start!? This journey has been a lifetime in itself pressed down in a year’s time. What a privilege it has been from month to month to see, learn, embrace, and love in many different ways and bring God’s Kingdom here. A lot of the race has been inward transformation in deep parts of my life, from past, present, and yes even the future. I love how God is outside of time and is inside us at the same moment.  One of the main growths I have really stepped into is meeting

Trekking the Lonely Pilgrimage of Hardship Into Wholeness by Steve Wickham

TIMES of distress are paradoxically also times of challenge. When we least want to make for change, change it seems most wants to take us with it. And this makes for somewhat a lonely pilgrimage, full of doubt and groaning contemplation. We want the answer to what ails us, but amidst the confusion that overwhelms […]

A Lesson From The Ocean

Have you ever been in the ocean? The rolling tide, the waves and the under tow. I spent my off day in the ocean. I sat on my knees talking to God as each wave pounded into me. I realized that this moment could easily describe my life.  Let me explain: the ocean as a whole is my life, there are days of calm and days of raging waves. When you step into the ocean you are entering a life with God. The further you go into the ocean the closer you are with God. At high tide you c

Living with 19 other people

Community living is tough. I live in the same house as 12 other girls and 7 guys. We share the same living room, bathrooms, dining room and kitchen. Our house is smaller than what I live in at home, and I live with 4 times as many people here.   Here are a few things I learned in my first month of living in community:   -Making meals for 20 people is harder than it sounds, we are almost always in a constant state of hunger -Making a set schedule and time for chores is a must, or e

Finding My Passion

One of my big prayers for the Race: God, show me what I'm supposed to do with my life. Whatever you ask me to do or wherever you ask me to go, I will follow You.   I came to the realization that not everyone is as passionate about business as I am when I started to talk about micro-loans with my team...the whole time I was wondering why they weren't more interested in this fascinating topic (not kidding).    Don't worry, I won't bore you with the details in this blog..I've le

*Wet Eyes*

Its been one month(ish) since I got to El Salvador and started this race and I can hardly believe it! Time has flown by and sometimes I have to remind myself this is only a trip because life here feels so normal. Although this is the most incredible season of my life so far, it hasn't been easy. Living with people I've only recently gotten to know is a rougher challenge than I imagined but God has still been so faithful to show up and flood me with blessings and joy. Within the first 3 days of
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