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Spiritually Stretched

This past week has stretched me. This week was physically exhausting and I never thought that me being physically stretched would lead to being spiritually stretched. All week we shovelled and moved around dirt as we worked on levelling land for a house. We sweat and got blisters and sore muscles but despite it all we kept going. We sang along to music, laughed with each other, kept encouraging one another, and at the end of the week we were proud of what we accomplished. On the weekend I had

So WHY was I worried??!!

" not be anxious how you are to speak or what you are to say, for what you are to say will be given to you in that hour."-Matthew 10:19 (ESV) "What shall we say about such wonderful things as these? If God is for us, who can ever be against us?"-Romans 8:31 (ESV)   "Don't worry about it." "Why are you worried about it? It's going to work out." "The Lord will help you figure it out." I'm pretty sure that many of you have heard or even quoted the statements mentioned above. Often ti

Love God. Love People.

Crazy to think I only have a week left in Guatemala. You start to look back when you realize your time is about to be over here. As I reflect, all I can say is that I have learned an incredible amount. Thru all my doubts and worries, I've learned my faith has boiled down to the following phrase "Love God and love people". Juan, my host, has really put this on my heart and it stuck as something I remind myself daily. I believe Christ wants faith to be simplistic for us. He wants us to truly un


HI ALL!!! I pray and hope that life is treating you beautifully and that you’ve found joy in allllll the sweet, sweet moments this life has to offer. This is a thank you to each of you. A thank you for all of your love and support. A thank you for prayerfully covering me, and interceding on my behalf from half way across this beautiful earth. A thank you for caring for me so well, from so far. A thank you for your faithfulness, and for allowing God to demonstrate His provision for me

"Deeper Still" and Lessons in Dependence

“Slowly, I began to see that Jesus doesn’t call us to a life of ascent where we move further and further away from the things of this world. Rather, I believe he calls us to a life of descent, of downward mobility, where we move down into the trenches of real life, real pain, real hope in our own lives and in the lives of others.”   Friends, I’m coming to you after a long while. And, I’m sorry that it’s been so long. Our sweet, sweet Father has been w

Nicaragua Alive and Well

Hey guys! Once again I'm sorry for the lack of blog posts. It's harder than it looks to sit down and write about your life. I figured I'd give you all a quick update of what God is allowing my team and I to do in Nicaragua! Our ministry hosts' name is Sara. She is amazing. She's the pastor of a beautiful church all the while handling being a single mother of two teenagers, Scarleth (13) and Anderson (19). Her services are full of life and truly embrace the energy the Holy Spirit brings. Next ye

Glory in the ordinary

hey everyone!!!  wow I can't believe I have litrally only been here almost 3 weeks now! God is doing incredible things in me and through me so far. Most of my ministry I have been doing so far on my trip has been alot of English classes and alot of physical labor. The physical labor has definitely been taking a toll on my body and I am very tired at the end of the day. A lot of people think that the physical labor doesnt have that much affect on people, but doing physical labor is still br

crazy corn and birthday parties.

yesterday was one i will never forget. it started off like a normal sunday would..people eating breakfast, drinking coffee, pulling out their best clothes to wear to church. we walked downstairs to chairs that had been set up for the service and lucy practicing the keyboard for worship. hellos were said, hugs were given, and a very lively honduran church service began, with running around and hand motions included. after roger finished preaching a very excitable sermon (i wish i could tell you w

Ministry Hosts: Part 1

Our ministry host this month is absolutely incredible. Roger has been running Loyalty School (where we teach) for the past 8 years and running his church for 4 years. He does so much all the time. Let me tell you about Roger. This man serves the Lord SO well. I’ve never met anyone like him. During the week, you’ll find him picking up kids and dropping them off for school as well as taking them back home. He teaches and manages his school during the day and has meetings almost every

Guatemala in Pictures Part Two!

Only two weeks left in Guatemala and I'm absoulutley devastated to have to leave! Here are a few of my favorite pictures that tell a few of my favorite stories from my time here so far :) This is at an Eco-Market I volunteer at every Saturday. My friend Emilio is working on a prototype for this irrigation system that does not require much room or much water. It's so cool!   Same Eco-Market with my friend Kayla. We tried a rabbit burrito and it was delicious :)   This is one of the

A Drawing and A Toothbrush

I sat in my hammock, wedged between feet and heads, alternating between reading and staring at the jungle on the edge of the Amazon River. This had become my normal the past few days, as we are in the process of boating the entire Amazon River from the mouth back up to its origin. As I sat, one of the Brazilian girls on the boat walked up to me, her mouth curved upward in a grin like she was hiding a secret. Even without understanding her language, the message was clear. She sought approval for

What do you wanna know?

Here they are. The answers to the questions you asked about my race.   1. Where was the most unexpected place that I found God, or rather that God found me? My time on the race was full of God finding me in unexpected moments. There are lots of big moments where God shows up in huge ways, however I think that the most unexpected place I met God was in the everyday. While instagram and Facebook do a great job of showing the adventures of the World Race, they often do not show the days whe

Apple Cider Salvation...on a bus...

We were leaving Cape Town (which is difficult because I have grown to love the people here...) and were headed to Johannesberg on an 18 hour bus ride to catch a 5 hour bus to Swaziland. That morning when I was packing my things, my Bible didn't fit into my back pack so I just decided to carry it. I was sitting on the bus ans I noticed two kids in front of me. Turns out that the boy, Tyrese, is 15 and his little sister is 10. As my teammates were talking to them I overheard that they are return

Meditation Monday – Choosing Christ or the World.

by Christine Sine Do we really choose between the world and Christ as between two conflicting realities absolutely opposed? Or do we choose Christ by choosing the world as it really is in him, and encountered in the ground of our own personal freedom and of our love? Do we really renounce ourselves and the […]

Churachandpur, India

I have been in the village sielmat, India for the past couple weeks - it's that little chunk of land in northeast India that looks as though it should belong to China. It is quite safe and we have incredibly gracious hosts that cook our food, give us clean water, and house us in their newly built dorm. We are using the facilities of the trinity college and seminary (TCS) that our hosts are running. TCS offers extensive education, including a full masters of divinity program, and is under the umb
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