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A Miracle in Swazi

In the American culture, we are dead to a lot of realities of our God. More blinded than dead, but nonetheless we are unaware. From my church experience from as long as I can remember til this past July, I have personally had no experience with healing. It was something I heard about from "super Christian," far-out missionaries and evangelists, but never saw with my own eyes.  I thought for a long time that miracle healings were limited to third world countries because that's

10 Ways God Has Loved Me Well This Week

God loves me mightily. He gives me gifts everyday, and sometimes I think it is important to simply acknowledge those gifts to bring power and adoration to His name! Here are my top 10 favorite gifts He’s given me this week, in no particular order. 1. At the beginning of the week, I told God I hadn’t seen a colorful sunset in a while and asked Him for one. Every night since, there’s been a beautiful, colorful sunset. 2. My team did super feedback- the most dreaded form of the

Aubious Answers

Here is my blog following up the Q&A! Thanks for the questions! Enjoy.   What is your favorite picture of the race so far? Who is the most memorable person you’ve met so far? Nompendula aka Nomps. She was one of our ministry contacts in Botswana. She loves coffee and Jesus. She not only runs PR at the organization but she has a magazine and edits. What is the weirdest place you’ve done ministry? We did prison ministry in Botswana and that was definitely not some place

seed planting

I’m going to be real honest. I am tired of planting seeds. It feels like my whole Race has just been planting seeds, telling people about Jesus, but them not accepting; doing children’s ministry, but them being too young to grasp the concept; living with a mourning family who doesn’t even really need Jesus because they already so intimately know him; being in places where hearts are too hardened to see the glory of God. It is exhausting planting seeds and not seeing it come to

When Is It and Who Are You Racing? The Truth Behind The World Race

Contrary to popular belief the World Race is not an actual race, ha! I’ve received those comments on a daily basis. While it can be frustrating at times, I have come to realize it is my fault. I have failed to fully explain what it is, what we will be doing, and why I even want to go. For a vast majority of people, including me, there is a whisper inside that keeps saying, “there must be more.” And there is. I have found that more in Jesus Christ. Now I am acting on that whisp

A Little Song I Wrote

So today me and my brothers went out for some evangelism little did we know that we would arrive at this church that claimed Christianity. The thing is a lot of what they thought was prosperity gospel which totally switches the relationship between man and God. the switch comes into play by this that through prosperity gospel you ask what can I get out of God, while in reality God wants you to be apart of his plan. This prosperity gospel mindset I believe is more common than you know, so when

What am I doing after the Race?

So I've gotten a lot of questions asking what I'm thinking about doing when I get home. I've been asking myself that exact same question. Well, when I get home I'm going to live at home in the summer but I'm moving in with my best friend Sam and two of her friends. We got an apartment in Cedar Falls so I'll be moving sometime in August, which is super exciting. I'll look for a job when I get back but I'm not sure what job. Something that's always been on my heart is prison ministry. My dad wo

Knowledge isn't Good Enough

Know Him, Really KNOW Him; not just ABOUT Him. These words were spoken over me a few days ago by a fellow sister in Christ I met here in beautiful Nepal. She was such an encouragement with the life she spoke over me. Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace.Ephesians 4:2-3 Here I was out trying to find ministry, searching out a way to share God's love, and I ended up being poured i

Skating Through The Streets With My Bros

Hey everyone it’s been a while! Just wanted to update y’all on a cool ministry opportunity we found while here in South Africa.   So Nick, Ben, and a few other people we are staying with bought skateboards couple weeks ago so the boys (Nick, Ben, and I) started riding them around while we are evangelizing in the mornings. Well yesterday, we were looking for people to talk to as well as big hills to bomb and at the bottom of one of the big hills we ran into some nice guys, that

unadorned clay pots

This chapter. It’s been ringing in my ears, the kind of thing that won’t get out of my head even if I tried. These words are a big piece of my heart and headspace lately. Moving from fear of man to fear of God. Heavenward mentality. Give grace. Be a doer, not just a hearer. The weight of glory. Courage, dear heart. Be countercultural. We’re the vessels, the clay pots, the home of the Holy Spirit. Take risks. Live generously. Reorienting my life around this, every aspect of it.

The agnostic evangelist - guess my theology degree was helpful after all

This past year I graduated college with a degree in theology and a focus in worship ministry. I was absolutely wrecked with the questions it brought up because I realized how much of my faith was rooted in fear. I started having to research the writers of the Bible, the historical accuracy of biblical stories, critical methods, history of Christianity, etc. Which was amazing and terrifying and freeing all at the same time. But I think I came on the Race having enough doubts and questions to fill

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Until Next Time Mate

   Wow 3.5 weeks is gone and we are saying goodbye to Australia. It was a great first month of this journey. The whole squad of 40 was together most of the time this month which made for some fun times getting to know each other on a deeper level. This also created some chaos, controlled chaos I will call it. Over 30 girls sleeping in one room is bound to form some sort of chaos :)     I feel like this month was a month of development. Development of community among us as a

What are we DOING?

Parent blog:   We are 4 weeks out until we leave for our Parent Vision Trip (PVT) and it’s starting to look real. We’re tacking a couple of days in Delhi before our PVT to Hyderabad so we’ll be gone from home 10 days. Ten days with just carry on luggage! Before this point, a trip to India was not on our radar, and now suddenly we’re getting malaria meds, typhoid shots and worrying about getting “Delhi belly”. The process to get a visa for our trip while

unexpected plans

Welcomeee to my very first blog! I've finally found the words to explain this new chapter in my life.  If you aren't already familiar with The World Race Gap Year, it is a 9 month mission trip that consists of traveling to 4 different countries with a team of about 50 people. My route includes Thailand, Malaysia, Costa Rica and Ecuador (!!!!). In just 7 months I'll be packing my bag to begin this new journey that has me feeling anxious but also very hopeful. We will be serving the local com
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