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Color Me Gray

Gray is what I see. It is the color of the streets we walk, the buildings rising from the ground, the clothes on people that pass us by on the street. Grey is the sky, the puddles made by the rain, it is what I feel.


Bulgaria, a country still trying to recover from former Soviet and Turkish rule. The landscapes seem eerie as we ride through on trains and buses. The buildings on the horizon have stories to tell of former times. I am sure they hold many tales and could speak volumes f

Fresh Perspective

I’ve been in transition since coming to Guatemala, and even after 3 months the transition has continued.   Teammates have come and gone, houses have been moved into and out of multiple times, our vision has been tweaked and modified, new positions have been delegated as leadership has changed—these things have brought about some uncomfortable feelings & challenges.   But one thing has been constant. His love…   As well as our desire to seek His face.

Open Heart Surgery

"I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh."  -Ezekiel 36:26


I figured things were fine. Not getting along with someone and being frustrated with someone on my team was okay. I mean everyone has someone they don’t get a long with at some point in their life. . . 


But this was bigger than all of that.


My pride was an issue of my heart and I didn&

I made this for you!!!

  Hello All! Friends, Family, Framily, Acquaintances, People I may not know at all,   Welcome!   I'm going to be traveling the World starting in September! Crazy right? I'll be going to 11 countries in 11 months! What's that you say? Shocking eh? Tell me about it! India Nepal Thailand Laos Cambodia Vietnam Malaysia Japan China Mongolia aaaaand The Philippines   phew....   "So Steff, I mean come on...what's the deal? What will you actually be doing

Love Doesn't

Many of my squad-mates read the book “Love Does” on the race. I was not one of those people. Since I did not read the book I cannot tell you all of the things that love does. However, over the 23 short years of my life I can tell you about a few things that love does not do. It does not have you sign a contract: There is no disclaimer. You go into it blindly. You fail to notice the fine print that says once you sign up there is no way out. I have tried it on a few occasions. I ha

Arrive At Your Goals

In excitement for reaching my first deadline, here is something I spoke about with some guys at the college I intern at. A few weeks ago I gave a short devotion to the group of college men I work with for my internship. Since the end of the semester was coming and summer was on the horizon, I decided to talk about goals that each of them had over the next few months, specifically the time they had left this semester. I thought it would be good to share this because regardless of your situation,

Support video!

This is a video I made as kind of a "digital support letter."  It has information about the race as well as how you can support me financially!  Please view and share to get the word out - I really appreciate it!  

Pray For My Death

Many mornings in Mae Sot, I woke up earlier than my teammates and would sneak downstairs to the kitchen area. I would mix a cup of instant coffee and sit cross-legged on a counter. And I would, after some time of pointless internet snagging, because I am still hoping to one day get my priorities straight, spend some time writing, and talking to God. I would listen to, and write or read His responses. Sometimes, I heard from Him and sometimes, I heard nothing. And sometimes, He would help me to u

A Day In The Life- Leon

A Day In The Life- Leon from Isaiah Fogle on Vimeo.

JUMPING for joy

    "I'm thanking you, God, from a FULL heart, I'm writing the book on your wonders. I'm whistling, laughing, and JUMPING for joy; I'm singing your song, High God." Psalm 9:1-2        They all came from different villages around the main city of Kampala there in Uganda, walking miles to that community center. Some showing up with no shoes, old torn clothes... these children were taking care of babies. Babies with diseases, little girls who had been

Join Us for 4/30 Lunch for Launch of ReGenerant Network

Pastor Ray Chang and I will be in Orlando next week at the Exponential East 2014 conference, the mother of all church planting conferences, and on Wednesday April 30th, we want to invite you to a free lunch (sponsored by Ambassador Network and EFCA – Evangelical Free Church of America) to experience the public launch of ReGenerant Network and to hear the vision of Ambassador Network‘s ReGenerant initiative.

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Earth Day Blessing and New Free Resource

It Earth Day and I wanted to celebrate first by sharing a new free resource we have produced Creating a Faith Based Community Garden. You can download it here.  Second, as our gardens here in Seattle are in full swing earth day seems like a great time to get out and pray over them. This prayer comes(...)

The Life I Live: Thailand [pics]

I spent February in Mae Sot, Thailand, bookended with time in the cities of Bangkok and Chiang Mai. Mae Sot is on the western edge of the country, bordering Burma. Here are some of the peculiarities of life there. The majority of people that live in Mae Sot are Burmese Refugees. There has been civil war in Burma for over 60 years and because of this, people have been seeking peace in Thailand and other bordering countries. Trafficking and smuggling of people, drugs and weapons are common activ

It's Just a Layover!

Okay, so I'm coming home but only for a 24 hour layover because I'M FULLY FUNDED!  Honestly, I never thought this day would come. Fundraising has been a roller coaster of a ride for me. The majority of the time, I chose to sit in my insecurities with asking people for money and felt like people didn’t want to help me. I spent a lot of time believing I wasn’t important enough to give money to or God wasn’t actually fighting for me. It seemed like He wanted other people to

Philippines Recap Video

Hey all, check this awesome video that my squadmate Owen made for our month in the Philippines!

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