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It's Name is |C A N C E R|

It doesn't discriminate. It doesn’t care how many loved ones you have. It doesn’t mind what age, race, or background you come from. It doesn’t think about how many memories you have made or how many you have left to make. Its name is C A N C E R. I thought I had already been given my hardest challenge on the World Race after my Grandma died while in Romania, but I was wrong.  “The doctors say she only has a few months left to live”.  This was th

"The Brewer" A Lesson on Pure Faith

During our last full week working with Ignite South Africa ministry in Qwa Qwa we did relationship evangelism with a pastor there. This meant that we went house to house with the pastor in the area surrounding his church, talking with people, listening about their lives, and sharing with them the Gospel. I loved it!!! It was one of my favorite weeks so far on the race. Our team got to encourage Christians in their faith, share the full Gospel for the first time with many including a man who coul

Missional Living

  What is missional living?  It is the posture of our hearts, minds and behaviors as we take on roles as missionaries to engage others in the gospel message of Jesus Christ. We are ALL called to be missionaries. We all have a MISSION. Sometimes our biggest mission field is in our own backyard. I am bringing this up because I have never considered myself a "Missionary" well at least not until now :)) I felt that it was a unique call on someone's life and


Houston…We have landed in the Dominican Republic! I don’t even know who Houston is but he sounds important! My team and I have been ordained by God with our destinies intertwined within His will to be here to serve Him. As soon as I signed up for the race, I made it my mission to see it as God’s mission alone. Seeing this mission underneath Him has been such a blessing to know that whatever I go through and ministries I am put in…it is because of Him! I love to think th

Unsung Heroes Thailand Video

Check out this video recap my fearless leader Isabella made for the past month! My team was a part of what we call "Unsung Heroes." Our goal this month was to connect with ministries that could be potential hosts for future World Race teams. An unsung hero is: Men and women who are dedicated to serving some of the most impoverished populations in the world, yet rarely receive recognition for their dedication and service. These givers may also live with meager conditions but give consistent

Time Flyyys- Gotta Make It Count!

Today is the last full day that we have at our contact's house in Rwanda. Month Five is ending. In just a couple of weeks my race will be half over. It is so crazy to think of... so I won't. This month, God has been showing me              First, how He has EVERYTHING in control- He's got this, there is no reason for me to waste any energy worrying about what is happening. I'm big on examples, so here is a big one.  I was not supposed to come here.

Mountains and Valleys

Getting off of the cable car, a sense of excitement was building up in each of us. After 2 weeks of praying for good weather, it finally came. Today was the day my teammates and I would climb Pichincha Rucu. The sun was shining and the sky was blue. This is something we hadn’t seen in days. The view: breathtaking. My first thought was, “God created this”!  Side note: I am not an athletic person. I am not in shape. But I was determined to reach the summit of this magnifice

When Ministry Looks Like a Cup of Coffee and a Swimming Pool

          This month has brought so many adventures and a couple of challenges as my team and I have been on the search for “Unsung Heroes” here in Cambodia. At the beginning of the month, my team of six split into pairs to focus on different ministry leads. Taylor was my partner for the month.             We had a great start, and we emailed a number of potential ministries. The other pairs did, as well

Danger of Wonder.

In everything we do, at first we have wonder. I can’t help it. I’m a dreamer. It is what I do, I love to think about something and create an entire scenario… But when it’s time to take action, I have a tendency to just let it stay in my head. I have a problem with realizing, something I've dreamed of for a long time is actually happening. I wait for the perfect opportunity to act, just long enough to see that it has already gone by. I let my wonder with my situation get

Put It In the Bank

The Ignite South Africa coaches. Photo by Ignite South Africa.

This month I had the opportunity to speak to a dozen youth coaches that teach grades 7-9 on how to dream big, live with a purpose, safe sex, and speaking up and living out the gospel. These people have testimonies far beyond anything the general American public society could ever relate to. Their job is to travel from school to school teaching classrooms of 40-60 roudy kids ranging in ages of 12-18.

Definition o

Meditation Monday – I Walk This Path of Life

Find a comfortable place in which to sit. Cut out as many distractions as possible. Focus on your breathing. Take a deep slow breath in from the depths of your abdomen and hold it for a moment. Then breathe out slowly. Relax your body and your mind. Read the prayer above imagining the presence of […]

Jesus said "Go"!

Psalm 40:7-8 "Then I said, 'Here I am, I have come—it is written about me in the scroll. I desire to do your will, my God; your law is within my heart.'"   "It is written about me in the scroll." What an awesome thing to think about, that God has written about me and the works I will do for him, so that when I show up it doesn't go unnoticed that I am the one who it was foretold about. At least to the angels in heaven right? or maybe not. I mean God tells the Jews r

World Race Month One Video

Video of some of my favorite moments 

Lessons in unexpected places.

The Philippines! It is January 26th and we have an off day. My team woke up early had breakfast and then headed to hike and see the waterfalls. The falls were beautiful ... but the physical falls were not. The hike was bit more challenging than we anticipated bc the ground was slippery and hard to get a good footing but it was a good time for growth. I got a chance to show a friend, teammate and sister what it looks like to just be there for her. It reminded me a lot of our daily walks we have w

Not 11but 12 with Wisdom!

As if The World Race wasn’t an amazingly huge calling to wrap my arms around and carry God’s love gratefully to reach 11 countries…He strategically snuck in another country. I know your at the edge of your seat in wonder of which country this may be, but first I would like to share with you how God has been connecting me to knowledge and growth.   Courtney, my sister in God invited me to study the word “Wisdom” with her, and share what each of us had learned

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