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Wandering. Wondering.

I have wandered most of my life. Wandering means to either travel without a purpose or destination, or, to leave a fixed path or straight course. Wandering can be fun, it can take you on an adventure, but most, if not all of the time, the adventure is not what you planned. Much like this, is my World Race.... an adventure that was never planned. I personally can say I have wandered through high school and college, making relationships that both have lasted and crumbled; I have wandered throug

You, too, are World Racers (Video)

After much hard work in its construction and video is up and running! (Many thanks to Team VALOR! for your help and patience with me!)  "You, too, World Racers" is my first -ever fundraising video!  Please enjoy my original spoken word and Jason Mraz's song, "Love Someone" I only need $1,420 in order to stay on the Race! Whoooo!  ENJOY!   

Kim's Fundraising Vid from Kim Harris on Vimeo.      

Don't Let Your Eyes Adjust to the Dark

We were riding in a bus in Managua, Nicaragua and traffic started to slow down. Horns were honking and we could hear sirens getting closer.   I heard someone say "He's dead."   We looked out the window and traffic was stopped behind a fallen motorcycle and a man lying face-down on the ground. I was horrified. I felt physically sick. I don't actually think I've ever seen a dead body outside of a funeral. I said a short prayer, not really even knowing what to say.   Then some

The Prophecy is Fulfilled: Africa, I'm Comin' Back!! (part 2)

Yes, indeed! I am goin' back to Africa ... and Thailand, too!!! Thailand was one of my favorite countries to live in on The Race, so I am quite excited to be returning so soon! And, even better, I have not been to South Africa or Mozambique yet, so its about time to get some more Passport stamps!      Here is a bit of info to let you all know where the Lord is taking me in the coming weeks! I will be transitioning to a new blog as well, since I am working with a different organi

Being the one left

It is never fun to be the one left. Especially when your adventure is right around the corner. These past two weeks have been very difficult on me. Both my brother and girlfriend have gone off to start there futures, while I remain here. God shows himself to people in very different ways, and in my case, I see God often through other people. It is this absence of "my people" that has me distracted and spiritually low. I realize God is with us all our days, but the feeling of absence is a terribl

Seeing with God's Eyes

It's all-squad month and we are in India! We're working under India Christian Ministries. They have a few different programs and each of G squad's 7 teams are working with a different one. Team Gladiators is doing Covenant Children's Development Centers, a tutoring program held at churches in rural villages. Each day this month we are going to a different village to do prayer ministry in the homes of the villagers and a special program for the children in CCDC. We teach a bible lesson, hygiene,

Are You a Slave or a Child of the Living God?

Tom and I have just returned home from a wonderful time of rest and relaxation on Mayne Island B.C. Both of us are returning feeling refreshed and renewed and more aware than ever of the incredible privilege of our lives. So many in our world are held captive by violence, disease and despair. Others are bound(...)

If Not Us, Then Who?

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Crazy close and BIG plans and some pics at the bottom :o)!

Welp, yes welp :o)...had to make sure you had an update!!!  Praise God!  We are at $15,000 in 3.6 months!!!  Crazy UNBELIEVABLE and crazy close ;o)!  Love it!  THANK YOU!!!!  I know not everything has processed yet...because I have been told that :o) (checks n'such), so I'll continue to keep you updated (and continue to press the refresh button ;o)), but I just can't THANK YOU enough!  This is a God-led, God-blessed, God-heart mission and trip and it is&nb

I've Fallen In Love

As I use my polished fingers to select letters on my keyboard to create this blog, sunlight pushes my city east towards a northern night, and Calgary busies itself directing drivers through traffic lights, providing supply for the dinner demand, and welcoming athletes, families, and domesticated animals to its parks and pathways.   I love evening. Usually I am out there in it.  But tonight, I am at home alone, and I can't remember the last time I did this, even prior to the Race, bu

Timing is Everything

Timing is Everything

This month my team has prayed a lot. A good hour and a half to three hours before church we go around the village and pray for believers and even nonbelievers. Most of the time we pray for healing, financial provision and blessings. Team Aperture has even cast out demons. 

When I came on the World Race, I knew I would encounter some of these things, however I don't think I was really prepared. In Nepal, two of my teammates and church members cast out a demon f

Support Update

Hello friends & supporters,

Great news!  Because my God is AWESOME I now have a ticket to ATL on Sept.5th!  Woohoo!

I also have received some donations towards my JE vaccine.  However I still need $457 to meet this need by this Sunday August 31st.  Addtionally, I hope to be able to meet the $600 fee for my school field credits for the fall semester (The Race is fulfilling my internship credits for my degree).  If you can give towards these e

Dominican Republic

It’s been a month since I committed to the World Race. And one month from today is my first financial deadline of $3,500. Everything in my life seems so normal right now, but it’s almost as if I am clinging onto the “normal” to keep my world from turning upside down. Though a part of me has been preparing for this potential endeavor for well over a year, it’s hard to adjust to a new reality. It takes time. And I know I’m not going to fully realize it until Ja

God’s Story, Our Story & the Ancient Church: The Christian Life is Like Shakespeare

Narrative of God

Last night we continued in our series at Pangea Communities called Threads. This is a look at our core values as a church and how when we weave them together, they produce what Paul calls “a tapestry of love.” [PODCAST]

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As Sand Through the Hourglass

– Andy Wade – Our kickstarter campaign ends Wednesday, 7:19 AM, PDT and we’re down to the final $585!  Here’s where your contribution, no matter the amount, can really make a difference. Even if you’ve already given, you can still click on the link and “Manage Your Pledge” to increase your amount by $5, $10,(...)

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