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Meditation Monday – Building Resilience

As I Sit

While on a bus from where we had our debrief to where we were to meet our ministry hosts It began to rain very lightly. It put this emotion of peace in my mind and spirit. I’ve  been asked how I experience God and I tell them in times of natural chaos. During extreme rains with heavy thunder and a crap ton of lightning. Where anything and everything can go wrong. In all it’s power and terrifying intensity, I find peace.  So, here it goes. This is what I wrote on that bus r

A night on the streets (Singapore)

Walking around Singapore the past few days has been a blast, on literally every corner there is a high end shopping mall, the architecture throughout the city is amazing, there are gardens on the tops of buildings, the streets are clean, people are nice, and the food is great…...but where are the city’s less fortunate living?.... what does life look like for them? One has to dig a little deeper into Singapore to find the spots where people aren't living fairly comfortably.  

Fear of the pool

When I left the pool back in October, I can honestly say I didn't really expect to be in an aquatic environment until I was back in America. I found myself missing it often over the course of the last few months. When we showed up to Lasting Impressions for ministry this month, I was surprised to see a pool at the camp. I was SO excited. It got even better though when our host asked me to teach swim lessons to the preschool kids. I about died because my heart was so full. As I was having them

2018 round 2!

January 12 2017 Atlanta Georgia. This was the day I left on an amazing trip around the world. I remember it so clearly sitting in the sessions, getting to know my team. I was nervous and excited to embark on a crazy thing they call the World Race. Fast forward 12 months and now I'm here for a second time. Most of nervousness is gone I still have excitement but this time I know what it can be. I know what God does when you step out of your comfort zone. When you decide to follow Him and leave eve

Baby Steps

Disclosure: We are in a country that is predominately a different religion.  Some details are left out to honor those who are helping us.  Please be mindful of your wording in any comments.  Thanks!    What do you do when God asks you to go to the train station and trust him? You do it.   Jenny, Holly, Kimberly, Erin, Megan (one of our squad leaders), and I had been staying in a hostel in Indonesia for a few days seeking where God wanted us to go next. Since

The One about a Train, a KFC, and Baby Steps

We are here in Indonesia and man is God working! I have so much to share!! This may be a long one, but I promise you want to read it all! :)  Also, this blog will be a little more vague because of the country we are currently in. Please be mindful of this when submitting comments, also. Thank you!! (Left to right: Kimberly, Jenny, Megan, Chelsea, me, Holly) After 30 hours of traveling here and a 13 hour time difference, you can imagine we were all quite exhausted. It took a long ti

Angkor Wat

Our day trip to Angkor Wat Temple. The recording is definitely by a Taylor. Hope you enjoy this awesome experience I had with great friends.

Homeless, no more.

Ladies and gentleman, he’s done it again!   So, I left you all at a KFC in Indonesia. Waiting. Anticipating.   And because God has a pretty great sense of humor, the answer came literally minutes after I posted that blog. Our three scouts returned with tales to tell of the divine appointment that was ready for them to find, a diamond in the rough.   They had walked around the city for only a few minutes when they came upon a church. The church was gated - the type of g

Sunday and Day 1 of Ministry [Jan. 14,15]

[Wrote this on day 1 of ministry from 1 week ago Monday, January 15]   Hello!   We are currently having our time between our two ministries that we’re partnered with and some of us are resting, getting supplies for crafts, or spending time with the time. I feel that I’ve had a lot go on this past couple days so I figured I’d share what life looked like in day 1 of ministry (Monday) and then a little about Sunday.   Starting off on Sunday morning, we had the

Coffee in the Woods

On January 18th, at 12:25am, our squad landed in Jakarta, Indonesia. After more than 20 hours of airplane time, we grabbed our bags and loaded up into taxis to head to a local backpackers hostel in the city of Jakarta.  Half of my team squished (bodys, big packs, day packs and a guitar) into a car to head to Wonderloft Hostel. When we arrived we were greeted by two smiling faces (at nearly 2am), Ferry and Kai. You could tell by their interactions that these two were basically brothers. Lit

A Train To Somewhere

How crazy is it that last week at this time I was still in America preparing to leave on The World Race, and now I am sitting across the world in a Guest House in Indonesia writing this blog?!?!   My Squad and I made it safely to Jakarta Indonesia on the 18th of January at 12:30 am after a 30ish hour travel day. Our travel day started on the 16th of January at 5am. We all woke up gathered our stuff and headed downstairs to meet up with the whole squad to head to the Atlanta airport to cat

Today, our home is KFC

Hey y'all! The following blog was written by my alumni squad leader, Megan. She has done the Race before and is joining us for our first five months to help us out and disciple us on the field. I loved what she wrote and felt God ask me to share it with y’all! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did! . . . Today, our home is KFC. Yep, exactly what you think. Kentucky Fried Chicken. The restaurant. They say home is where your heart is. Or maybe it’s your pillow… Either way, mine

At Home in this World

I want to start this off by saying I love America. I love Texas. I LOVE my family and will take any opportunity I can to spend time with them. Onward.Today I got to FaceTime some of my family. One of the questions I was asked was whether or not being in another country felt normal or weird to me at this point. My response... Normal. Thus far the easiest part of squad leading has been the country and culture change. Even though Ive never been to Indonesia before. My normal for the past

Myanmar...A month of Memories

Myanmar was a month of memories.  This month I did so much more than teach English.  I got the opportunity to share Jesus' love and plant seeds that I know the Lord will be faithful to sew.  I pray that I will see some of these beautiful faces in heaven some day and hear how the Lord brought them to himself.  They all have such unique stories and this month I got the chance to hear them and become apart of them. To the beautiful souls that I got a chance to love on this month
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