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Celebrating the character of our youth (while encouraging them in their gifts and talents)

      Celebrating the character of our youth

How often we are filled with pride by the moving vocals, muscianship, artistic and/or athletic achievements of our youth and stedfastly encourage them to reach for the skies with the goal of achieving greatness in every level of their creative endeavors.

At social gatherings, religious or civic events, even at Grandma"s 88th birthday celebration, we enlist them to showcase their gifts and talents to every available seeing eye and listening ear.   We desire that all present and those who may hear of them in the future, know that their gifts and talents place them in a realm of being "special"  and obviously, are deseRead more

Teaching our Youth, what to thank God for and what not to thank Him for (secular hip hop music)

As we well know hip hop music has not just become an art, but has it's own culture.  For over twenty years, youth and twenty somethings' have begun and are currently in effect, mirroring themselves after their favorite rapper, hip hop artist, and/or etc.  They have not only embraced their music, but their style of clothes and obviously their thoughts and opinions, which have led to a different standard of beliefs and morality than that which most have been brought up with.

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My Sisters In Christ.......Are we......Passing the Truth...on to our girls.....?

Passing the Truth.....

Day in and day out, I pass the younger versions of ourselves, trying to create an identity out of looking like the latest fashion icon (within their financial portfolio), behaving in the manner of whoever the "It Girl" is at this current moment.  And striving to be known for being themselves while taking on the attributes of whoever is notorious for getting what she wants.


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The Queen Esther Movement 2

          The Queen Esther Movement 2

This site is geared towards urban high school and college entry level females to encourage them to hold it down it the grace and beauty, God created them in.

           www.theRead more

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