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Christmas is Over in Payatas

Do you remember seeing all the hullabaloo about Christmas for Payatas? The sites are still up on the internet.
Foundations, public figures, stars of all kinds and many bloggers pushed this event that would be the end all and be all to help those at the garbage dump.

They rolled in, gave the kids t shirts, shorts, sneakers and had them put them on so that they could start shooting the photos. Many pleas were spoken (by what I believe to be some very sincere people) to help these poor kids.

Promises went as follows, 100,000 people would be afforded livelihood programs, 25,000 children will be educated, presents for the kids and on an on. Even "hopes" of providing housing.
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"Give" is a four letter word."

Perhaps one of the hardest things for which to raise money is humanity.

People love to save whales, trees, spotted owls and an entire host of variables. Yet you tell them about people who are starving and so many times you will hear. "that's a shame".

Now of course I am plugging my own cause of which I am very interested in seeing succeed but this really does apply to all such causes.
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