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Jeffrey J. Rodman's blog

It is National Small Business Week – My Journey!

I want to thank all of the small businesses out there who are willing to take risks, work hard, make sacrifices, and do what so many other people are not willing to do.

I have been self-employed most of my life.  When I did work for someone else I worked in small business in management positions.

I started working when I was 11 years old delivering PennySavers (weekly Newspaper) in NY.  When I was 12 I added a Daily News route (daily, morning delivery) and then a Daily News (daily, afternoon delivery) route a few months later.

By the time I was 14 I was working as a dishwasher in a restaurant and when I was 15 I started FT work doing HVAC work having already dropped out of school.

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What donors are looking for in your nonprofit

Why are some nonprofit organizations having an easier time raising money than others?

In this Movie Mondays video, Mark Hurtubise talks about what donors are looking for before investing their philanthropic dollars in a nonprofit organization. Mark is the President & CEO of the Inland NW Community Foundation, so not only does his organization look for certain things before investing in an organization, he also represents donors and what they want to see in an organization before making any donations.

Some of the key insights from the video include:

“No longer can the vocabulary be around, we need.  Because everybody needs.”

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Is Grant Writing Still Viable in THIS Economy?

By: Jeffrey J. Rodman, M.Ed., CFRE, CGS

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Grants to Help Nonprofits Impacted by Recesion

APPLETON, Wis. – The Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region has launched a new grant program designed to help charitable organizations deal with the added budget pressures created by the recession.

The Foundation is redirecting about $650,000 from existing grant programs to its new “Bridge Grant Program.” Bridge Grants, to be awarded in fall, are designed to support a limited number of charitable organizations that had been stable going into the recession and that have good prospects of returning to fiscal health.

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Should Christian Groups Accept Government Grant Funding

Of course, this is a decision each Christian organization will need to make based on their mission, vision, calling, and leading.  There is no single answer or right answer for all Christian organizations.
The decision, in my opinion, should also not be any different under the Obama administration than it was under the Bush administration.
There were a number of organizations that got into legal trouble under the BuRead more

White House Office on Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships

Earlier this year, President Barak Obama signed an executive order amending Executive Order 13199 that created the Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives. As a result, the President made the following changes:

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