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dave capozzi's blog

The Heresy of Unreconciled Church

hi everyone! it's been a while! as everyone knows, this election has been a whirlwind. here is a post from Greg Boyd's blog that is somewhat of a recap, but it also delves into racial reconciliation:

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new monasticism and racial reconciliation

hi everyone!

i haven't written in a while, because i have been feeling a bit unworthy! who am i to be telling other believers that racial reconciliation is necessary when i don't live it as well and as often as i speak about it?!

but there has been an ongoing conversation on the God's Politics blog concerning new monasticism and the struggles that many have faced regarding racial reconciliation within that environment. there are some EXCELLENT blog posts from various leaders and perspectives. it's very encouraging to see the change that is happening through cooperation and conversation. i highly recommend that everyone checks it out!


ambassadors of the Kingdom

here is a great quote that i found on the God's Politics blog written by Jin S. Kim, who is the pastor of the Church of All Nations in Minneapolis, MN.

"As "ambassadors" of God's kingdom, we Christians ought to be the leaders in racial reconciliation, for "they will know we are Christians by our love." Instead, we lag behind a secular society in getting along, even among so-called Christians! That the segregated church in America is patterned after a racist society, and not the other way around, is an indictment of our life together and cause for national repentance and revival. How did we get here, and how do we move forward?"

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segregated churches

Check out this article and let me know what you think. To me, it is very disheartening to know that the people who are supposed see all races, genders and classes as equal under the banner of Christ are more divided than those who do not know Christ. This article was difficult for me to read, but it was also very necessary.



in and not of

it is easy for many of us to look back in history and point the finger of judgment at our ancestors for their faults, but can we do the same with ourselves today? racism/slavery, the crusades, burning heretics at the stake, etc. these are all easy targets. but what are we missing today? and once we are able to pinpoint our own issues, are we able to correct them? if we notice racism, homophobia or a tendency towards violence in our community of believers (or our own hearts), can we stand up against it?

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race recon

last night at Bible study we discussed Romans 15:1-7. in chapters 14 and 15 Paul is urging his readers to seek unity among the body of believers and to put the needs of others before their own, just as Christ did.

springing out of this passage is a very important issue that much of the Church has neglected for quite a while...racial reconciliation. unity among worshippers of all colors and races. i know that the issue has been glossed over because i mentioned the term last night and no one knew what i was talking about. but once the discussion got rolling it was clear that there were a lot of opinions on the topic.
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first entry

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to formally welcome you to the racial reconciliation blog! Here, we will discuss a major issue that is facing the global body of Christ. I look forward to the constructive conversations that will take place here in the future!



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