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Adventures in Los Angeles

Wow I don't even know where to begin but I guess I could start by telling you that I really like the city. I guess sometimes when you get so caught up in wanting to go to other parts of the world outside of the US, you forget how much need there is in the city.Read more


It was a cool, clear Monday night in Philly. We gathered with our visiting group, Sugarloaf United Methodist, on the Art Museum steps (affectionately referred to as the ‘Rocky’ steps). They are a group of about 50 high school underclassmen and leaders that have traveled all the way from Atlanta, GA to serve with CSM for the week.Read more


Today, I didn't really know what I was doing until I woke up (which is a nice change of pace). We just finished training, and our groups aren't coming in until tomorrow evening. So, the hosts called me up and told me they were gonna hang out at the beach this afternoon. Hang out at the beach and work on my tan? Why not? Sounds like fun.

Read more

Frontlines of Urban Ministry in DC

Everything is going well here in D.C. Friday was our last day of training. This past week, we visited some of our ministry sites and concentrated on learning directions here in the city. I feel fairly confident with the directions...I'm just ready for the groups to start coming, so that I can put into practice the things I've been learning.Read more

A NY Reality

China Earthquake Update

I have been getting updates from my parents, and they are doing well. My mom traveled to and from ChengDu safely, and she is now back in Shanghai.Read more

Cool Organization in Oakland!

We love hearing how people are able to use their unique gifts and passions to serve others. Check out this video to see how this organization is revitalizing a neighborhood in the San Francisco/Oakland Bay Area!

Learn how you can serve with CSM in the San Francisco/Oakland Bay Area!

Life Lessons from the Street

When you think of homeless people, what are some of the things you think? Perhaps it’s that they are all drug users. Maybe they have an alcohol problem. Or it could even be that they are too lazy to do anything about their situation. Sit back and grab hold of something.Read more

Here died a homeless person

Everyone deserves respect, right?Read more

"A Prayer"

For the heart to work among the poor, God this I ask.
For the courage to stand for what is right, God this I ask.
For the spirit to lead those who come, God this I ask.
For the perseverance to continue working when I am tired, God this I ask.
For the rest that I will lack, God this I ask.Read more

City of (homeless) children

Chicago is in the midst of a tough debate. It is looking to spend over $100 million in creating a Children's Museum on one hand, but on the other it continues to have over 10,000 homeless children.Read more

We <3 Volunteers!!

Volunteering has become somewhat of a phenomenon these days. Of all the fads to come - we say hooray to helping others. Our prayer though is that it transforms from a fad (temporary, fleeting, based on emotions) to a lifestyle (permanent, passion-driven).Read more

US Christians urged to cancel church services and help poor

Christians in the US should close their churches and channel their energies into helping the poor. This is the message from the campaign 'Faith in Action', a resource developed by Christian humanitarian organization, World Vision, church communication resources provider, Outreach, Inc., and Christian communications company, Zondervan.Read more

Homeless Vets

While 11% of the general population are veterans, a whopping 25% (every 1 in 4) of the homeless population in the United States are veterans!Read more

Young People in Action

The St Vincent Day Home, located in the heart of Oakland, CA, is one of CSM San Fran Bay Area’s most popular ministry sites.Read more

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