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Jeremiah Journey Wk 3

If a man divorces his wife
    and she goes from him
and becomes another man’s wife,
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The Jeremiah Journey Continues with Week 2

Follow the Jeremiah Journey as we enter Week #2 and a study of chapter 2.  


Last week we started with chapter 1 and learning about Jeremiah being called "whom Jehovah has appointed."




Jeremiah Journey 2018: How It Works

How the Jeremiah Journey Works

  • Read a chapter of the Book of Jeremiah week by week during 2018
  • Check the midweek Bible study questions to further explore each week's chapter
  • Sign up for our weekly e-newsletter for inspiration on reading
  • Visit this blog week by week to get insights and reflections on the weekly reading, even comments on the journey

What we can expect through such a Bible reading and study program:

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