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Arreba Stafford's blog

More Than A Woman: Using Technology To Empower Women

About a year ago, I created an online women’s group called “More Than A Woman.”  Based on the late Aaliyah’s song by the same name, my intent was to not only honor her, but to honor ALL women.  Overall, I sought to create an atmosphere where bloggers could creatively dialog about women’s issues; in turn, the creation of this atmosphere would not only create a discourse community, but generate a book that centers on contemporary thoughts on—and about—women. 
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Finding Eric Lowe: A Reflection

Like many teenagers, I had a deep yearning to fit in with my peers.  But sometimes, I would break away from the status quo and befriend students who were often ignored.  This "breaking away" was something that  [I would like to think] made me different from the rest.  After all, it is not often that a teen possesses the ability to relate to students that were often ignored—or even blatantly dismissed—at their high school.  But while the intent of sharing this story has little to do with patting myself on the back, it is my hope that in writing this brief excerpt, I can discuss a friend that was very important to me:  Eric Lowe.

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Rihanna Puts a Face on Domestic Violence

Since news broke about Chris Brown’s alleged physical confrontation with pop star sensation, Rihanna, both stars have been surrounded by media speculation and discussion.  Rumors have bitterly swarmed around both stars—ranging from Rihanna being a victim of domestic violence because she “gave Chris Brown an STD,” to Rihanna provoking a physical confrontation with Chris Brown by “hitting him first.”  While the public anxiously eats up whatever information the media has to offer, it is not hard to discern that Rihanna is more than an artist now; this is because she puts a face on the issue of domestic viRead more

Why More Discussion Is Needed On Economic Abuse

[img_assist|nid=76129|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=77|height=100]In the movie, "Baby Boy," Jody and his "baby momma" Yvette are seen bickering over Jody's over-use of her vehicle.  Though Jody often offers husband-like companionship to Yvette by taking her to work, he tends to take advantage of the freedom afforded him.  This is because he not only takes Yvette's car keys without her permission; he is also seen throughout the movie running a host of miscellaneous errands in her vehicle.  These miscellaneous errands includes "boosting"--or selling stolen merchandise--in her car, going to see his "other baby momma," Peanut; and driving his friends around in her vehicle.
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Black Is...Roscoe Jenkins? I Don't Think So...

I recently paid a visit to the Boston Public Library, and came across a pamphlet called "Black Is...2009."  The pamphlet lists an array of suggested fiction and non-fiction readings, as well as DVDs that seemingly represent what it means to be Black.  Though I was enticed by the title, I was also in a hurry.  For this reason, I quickly grabbed the pamphlet, bolted out the library door, and walked back to work.

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Before Rosa Parks, There Was Ida B. Wells-Barnett

Because history is largely based on perspective, many historical greats are seemingly omitted from history. For instance, it is believed by many that Rosa Parks was the first to protest the giving up of her seat to a white man. While this story is often heralded as a testimony of protest and change—particularly in relation to the formation of the Civil Rights Movement, there was a woman who refused to give up her seat 71 years before Rosa Parks. Her name was Ida B. Wells-Barnett.

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A Reflection on Dr. King's Stance on Non-Violence: A Personal Perspective

When I was 12 years old, I made an oath to never physically fight another person unless I had to do so in self defense.  This oath was not a rash one made out of vehemence and frustration; rather it was as a result of realizing that the act of committing violence is a choice we all have.  

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My New Year's Resolution: Getting Married and Starting a Family

While I often think that the idea of establishing a New Year’s Resolution is silly, I have decided to articulate a yearning that I have had for a few years now:  For my New Year’s Resolution, I would like to get married and have a family.

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Ethnocentrism and Cultural Relativism: Limitation and Use In the Church and Online Sector

When one begins their spiritual journey, they often start in the church.   To many, the church should not only preach the word, but convey a source of comfort. 

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Viewing Women Through The Eyes of "The Wife of Noble Character" (Proverbs 31:10-31)

"Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised." ~Proverbs 31:30

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World Kindness Day: Be Kind to Your Customer Service Representatives Everyday

Though today is World Kindness Day, we should practice kindness toward one another on a daily basis.Read more

Facilitating A Discussion on Racism: My Hope for Barack Obama

Like many of my fellow Americans, I am thrilled that Barack Obama won the 2008 Election.  As an African-American, I am also elated because the dream of my ancestors has been finally realized; all the sacrifices and blunt trauma that my ancestors experienced at the hands of their oppressors were not in vain.  Yet while I regularly remind myself that the systematic oppression of my African-American ancestors was (and still is) also detrimental to many White Americans, my mind often recalls the suffering of African Americans that regularly functioned under the yoke of racism. Read more

Interracial Dating and Marriage: Does It Really Aid In The Race Reconciliation Process?

When one finds true love, one may believe that the love they have for the other person is capable of moving mountains.  Because of this belief, they want to shout their love at the top of their lungs; they may even desire to demonstrate it through public affection [i.e.--hand holding, kissing and cuddling, etc.]  Because this love is so huge, there may even be a chance of the both of them successfully challenging societal norms, including norms inherent within the system of racism.

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A Note To My High School Peers...

NOTE:  This excerpt is meant for readers to get to know me a bit better.  I plan to retie this excerpt to race reconciliation at a later date.  Meanwhile, please be patient with me, and enjoy this blog entry:)!  

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Some Ideas On How To Spread the Word about Fair Trade

Overall, Fair Trade sounds like a wonderful way to empower those who have been historically exploited by corporations.  This is because Fair Trade allows for these individuals to directly profit from their hardwork; in addition, it also acts as a way to empower them by acknowledging their cultural heritage.  In this sense, the ability to Fair Trade is a reputable one--specifically for those who have been historically and economically disenfranchised .

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