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Live Your Calling Book and Website (

Kevin and Kay Marie Brennfleck (Pasadena, CA) are nationally recognized experts in career counseling, work satisfaction, and productivity. Their Web site,, is the most visited Christian career site on the Internet.


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How Google and Social Entrepreneurs Perpetuate the Digital Divide Among Nonprofits

google.pngIn the past 10 years, I have been working to address the digital divide, which is the gap between those who have access to and training with technology and those without. I serve as the Executive Director of TechMission, which runs the largest association of Black and Latino led nonprofits addressing the digital divide and manages, which is one of the most visited web portals of Black and Latino nonprofit leaders. During that time, I have seen many effective initiatives in addressing the digital divide. At the same time, I’ve seen many efforts that have been very well-intentioned, but in the end may have only made matters worse.

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Proposal for a "Digital Second Harvest" to Help the Poor and End Piracy

harvest.jpgIt seems like every day I'm reading a new article about the battle between corporations and individuals over copyright and piracy, and it gets old. The problem is that both sides have lost the moral high ground in the debate. Here is a proposal to put both sides on the moral high ground and end the wars over copyright.

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Open Source National Service Presentation

What if… there were hundreds of millions of training articles, videos, podcast and resources freely available on every nonprofit and social change topic …90% of media is user created and directly reflects the diversity of the world …there were thousands of free college courses available online on every topic of nonprofit management and every person is able to find the area of greatest need in the world where they can serve that matches their skills and interests.


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Summary of the Stimulus Bill for Nonprofits

Find out how the Economic Stimulus Package could affect nonprofits and ministries.




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Update on Faith-Based Hiring Policy under President Obama


For those of you who have been wondering how the hiring practices of faith-based organizations that receive government funding will be affected, below is the latest update. It is from Stanley Carlson-Thies, who was involted in the original Charitable Choice Faith-Based legislation.

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Will My Children Have to Become Vegetarians?

[img_assist|nid=72219|title=|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=100|height=66]I love to eat meat. I'm from Kansas City where we love to BBQ everything.   There have been times in my life when I consistently ate at least a pound of meat a day.  So let me tell you, that I'm frightened by the idea that in the future becoming a vegetarian might be increasingly an issue of justice, but that may be what happens over the next century. 

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The New Divide: Online Segregation in the Church

As I've been getting into the social networking world with sites like MySpace, FaceBook and LinkedIn, I've been seeing more how the digital divide is morphing into a new divide--online segregation. As I look through social networking sites and people's friend lists, I can see how segregated our country still is. I remember reading a Newsweek article a year or so ago that said that we are now more segregated than we were before the 1960s. A recent article by Dana Boyde highlighted the class divisions between MySpace and Facebook as an example.

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