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Married People are Key to HIV prevention Strategies

Uganda is internationally praised for controlling and managing the HIV/AIDS pandemic. However, recent studies indicate that new infections now occur among marrieds, who exhibit ignorance of the way the virus is transmitted. Care providers and policy makers are concerned about this new trend and argue that solutions must be found urgently.

In its effort to address the issue, Uganda compiles two-yearly national HIV progress reports, which it presents to the United Nations General Assembly.

The latest report submitted in January 2008, shows that most new infections are among people aged between 30-34 years and 40-45 years.
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Aids in Uganda

 Ugandans fear testing for HIV, says Jinja official

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Very many people are living in Discordant relationships. Discordance simpliy means having different HIV test results i.e. one of the two people in the relationship is positve and the other is negative. The most at risk is the negative person so a lot has to be done to help that person not catch the deadly virus.

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