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danielharmon's blog

Just a Few Words about a Few Things (by Daniel E. Harmon)

What if I were to tell you I will give you a million dollars? Yep, I’ll put it in your hands, and you can spend it however you would like! And what is the price to you? The only thing you have to do is touch your nose for an hour. Sounds crazy, huh? Sure, but what if I was serious about it?

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Tips on Prayer (by Daniel E. Harmon)

Beginning in the Garden of Eden, our direct communication with God was destroyed because of sin. As a result, people must experience life without a direct relationship with our Creator. But there is one lifeline as a Christian: Prayer. Prayer is the outward manifestation of the inward spirituality. When we pray, we thank God for His strength and guidance in our lives and request God to answer problems very important to us.

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"Planting the Seed" (by Daniel E. Harmon)

“Planting the Seed:” An Introduction (by Daniel E. Harmon) I bet all of us have friends that have a problem that they themselves don’t see. Being friendly, we subtly pointed out the problem. It’s good we tell our friends those things. After all, we don’t always see our own problems—especially when they are so close to what we want. We can’t always see when we are on the wrong path because the path we are on seems so right. We look out for our friends.

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The Time is Now! by Daniel E. Harmon

(Since this is my first article, I would like to briefly touch on the area of evangelism in general terms.) The Time is Now! (by Daniel E. Harmon)

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