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"Lord, Where is my Creativity?"

If your a designer like me, you may experience this question very often, “Lord, Where is my creativity?”

As a designer you are usually required and expected to have a good, creative, and imaginative mind, but that’s not always every designers strong area. Yes, sometimes you have a splurge of creativity flowing in your brain whenever your pushed or under pressure working on a project, but what about when your project is done, and there is no project…..what would you do then to spark your creative flow?

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The Social Web: Distraction or Interaction

The Social web

One thing I know is that I am a social geek. I love to talk and chat with others. Whether online or in real life, that’s just who I am. And in these days, socializing through the net is everything. From

Compared to Myspace and Facebook, Twitter, Socialthing and Pownce make socializing simple and easy. No fancy web graphics with flashing gifs running around, no profile space with tons of distractions taking away from the most important thing, chatting with your friends.

I have to say, the ones that I am guilty of using often is: Twitter and Pownce

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