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Free this Wednesday?

If yes, this is for you. Come out and join Victory Campus Ministries (with Boston University) for a powerful night of modern musical worship. Christian music performances include the rap group- Gifted Prophets, rapper- Richman, and soul-singers- Ayana Mcdonal, Rashad McPherson, and Jeremy Butler. Musical worship will be followed by Pastor Wayne Mitchell discussing why there is a need for young people to rise up, be themselves, and know God.

Don't miss this once and a lifetime, FREE event.

There will be free give-aways, free activities and free refreshments. All out of love for Jesus.

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"Obama bad?": An Blogger's View on Our New President

Whether or not you like Obama, I stumbled upon this article by a great pastor, John Piper. In it, Piper is talking about Obama making Christ a minister of Condemnation. It is a fascinating arguement. Read-

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New Year. New You?: Romans 12:12

Most people walk into the New Year with hopes of bettering themselves in some type of way. Just like the majority- I was no exception. God whispered to me one recent morning while I was reading the book of Romans. For some reason "something" kept urging me to read Romans 12:12 over and over. And for some reason, I know that this verse is something that needs to be implanted into my everyday life. Hopefully you can find a way to implant it into yours too. :)

"Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer"
-Romans 12:12

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21 requirements for a successful relationship

I was watching a sermon by Mr. Creflo Dollar and he gave the following 21 checkpoints your significant other must pass/ do well in, in order for your relationship with that person to be successful in a marriage. Many of these requirements require us to know what our bibles say in order to make these decisions. If you're involved with someone and any one of these questions makes you weary of that person- I suggest reevaluation of your relationship and something that never goes wrong- prayer. Here they are:

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Christmas- Are we celebrating the true cause?

It's Christmas!

What an amazing time of the year! There's bright lights, decorations, get togethers and a ton of baked goods everywhere. And if you're a college kid, like myself, you're finally resting from school (One of those things that can typically consume all your life and time if you want to do well). With so many factors involved with the season, it's hard to remember what this big celebration called "Christmas" is all about. I mean- I just thank God that it's actually called CHRISTmas, otherwise many of us might actually forget.

It's all about Jesus! His BIRTH, His sacrafice, and the part many of us like most- His promise.
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Stand on something!

Hey there.

It's about 1:30 a.m. on the East Coast and all I can think is -God is GREAT! He's never false, never a liar, and never someone who will lead you on and then leave you hanging. I say this now because I am feeling His grace more than ever and recently I recieved something special from God that I was hoping, praying, and standing on a word for. Therefore, I can not just be content with the gift God has given me; I MUST tell you about a fundamental skill that is pivitol to your livelihood as a Christian (and human being for that matter).
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Tired of Suffering?

Suffering is one topic that is constantly on our minds. People everywhere seem to be suffering. We see it in foreign places, in our own neighborhoods, and even in ourselves at times. And when we encounter these situations they seem soo hard; sometimes they even seem hopeless.

But did God create us to be a hopeless people?
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It depends on you

I was running on the track in my hometown when the holy ghost TOTALLY caught my attention. A question popped into my mind and made me stop right where I was (looking a little crazy, but hey, that's how it happens sometimes). The question was- "What if it all depends on you?".
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Live it up!

Usually when you hear the phrase "Live it up", it's followed by something that sounds utterly ridiculous, but how do we really live our lives so they are not wasted?

No matter what age we are, society seems to be telling us that our life is best fulfilled when we're content with worldy success. 'We should be joyous when we look like celebrities. We should feel joy when we have multiple sexual partners. We should have joy when we're rich and can go to the club with whoever we want and pop bottles. We should feel joy when we have that new car that everyone else is driving. We should feel joy when we don't really have to work for what we're earning. so basically- WE SHOULD FEEL JOY THROUGH EVERYTHING BUT THE AUTHOR OF JOY- JESUS CHRIST."
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What's the point behind this whole Christian thing?

I was asking God what I should start blogging about next and a question came to my mind- What is Christianity all about? Many preachers and teachers could go on for days with heavy theology that discusses what being a Christian entails and blah, blah, blah... but what is it REALLY about? Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to discredit anyone's teachings by discussing this or trying to push you in one direction over another, but Paul says in 1 Peter 3:15 to "Always be prepared to give the reason for the 'hope' that you have".

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Hey there, Welcome to a place where you can come to seek God's truth and learn about who you were meant to be in Christ. This is not a place where you sit back and are forced to digest what has been presented to you, but a place where you are free to ask questions, gain new insight of who God is in you, and grow.

Let me introduce myself- My name is Gabriella Martay. I am 19 years old (this August) and passionate about living for our Lord, Jesus Christ. Even more than this, I understand that young people desire to get to know God better and I realize the obstacles we all face while doing so.
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