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Question Pro Donates Online Survey Software to TechMission

We would like to thank QuestionPro for their generous donation of their online survey software.  We will use their software for surveying students and other stakeholders for our online college serving the poor, City Vision College.  Find out more at:

Helping the Homeless Who Suffer from Mental Illness - Part 2

This is the second installment on the topic of helping the homeless who are mentally ill. With a basic knowledge of the issues these people confront, knowlegable Christian workers can make a huge difference in their lives.

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Why should addicts avoid new relationships with members of the opposite sex in the first year of recovery?

For addicts, real lasting change occurs only after a long and often painful process of self discovery.  Becoming involved in a romantic relationship too early is a sure fire way to short-circuit the process.  It is actually one of the most frequent causes of relapse.

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Live Your Calling Book and Website (

Kevin and Kay Marie Brennfleck (Pasadena, CA) are nationally recognized experts in career counseling, work satisfaction, and productivity. Their Web site,, is the most visited Christian career site on the Internet.


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India -----> Nepal

Hey friends, I apologise for the delayed update. Our time in India has come to an end. We arrived in Kathmandu, Nepal 7 days ago and are enjoying the cooler temperatures, the mountains, and the percs of being in a backpackers hot-spot (wifi, apple pie, & so much more)! To summarize our final two weeks of India; We had the privilege of spending our time in the famous city of Kolkata which is located in the state of West Bengal. Kolkata was a blessing to experience. All the pre conceived

What happens when you say YES!!

The past year has have been a roller coaster ride to say the least.  From leaving my job, to leaving Florida, to leaving my girls that I mentor, to leaving my mini human niece, to leaving friends and family, to fundraising and discovering the people who truly believe in you, to packing my life up into a 65 liter big pack and a small back pack and leaving America with 24 strangers to live life out like Jesus did..yall it's been a roller coasters of learning to say yes to EVERY single thing G

Q and A - part 2

So I asked you all to comment with questions you would like me to answer so here are some of the responses, the second part will come Wednesday so keep a look out :) Kate askedWhat's the funniest food encounter I've had? What food have I enjoyed the most so far? And do I have any crazy monkey stories? Ok I can't actually think of a time at all where something happened in relation to food, but I definitely have eaten some peculiar things. I did miss an opportunity to eat liver whilst in Nicarag

Goodbye Magic School Bus

  When Magical School Bus landed in Nepal we knew our time together was coming to a close. It’s hard to describe how good this team was, it was so good. From Preston I learned gentleness and intentionality. He is a man who cares deeply and loves hard. He gets down on himself sometimes but I’ll miss how much he cared. You are my very tall southern brother. From Katherine I saw how greatly she loved through service. Her gentle words carried weight, she is wise beyond her years.

Alive in Christ

A question that was asked in response to my last blog post was "what does it look like to receive Gods grace and to abide in it." In this blog post I will try to answer this question to the most biblical and God honoring way possible. I once heard a pastor quote "if someone tells you that they got hit by a semi truck while crossing the road and they approach you completely unchanged, then how much harder is it to believe someone that says they've had an encounter with Almighty God without portr

Q & A

Hello All! I opened the floor for questions a very long time ago and here they are, complete with my responses. If you have any more questions feel free to contact me here. I’m always open to talk. What have I been doing so far? My team has partnered with a different ministry every month and we basically just do whatever they ask of us. The majority of my time has been spent doing various kinds of manual labor (building a soccer field, fixing up houses, landscape cleanup) and spendi

Do You Want to Get Well?

Yesterday my team and I woke up in the wee hours of the morning to catch a 6:30 bus to Pokhara. After we got to the bus stop, put our big packs underneath the bus and prayed, a man came over to us begging. We have encountered so many beggars in Nepal, two of which became very close to the hearts of my teammates and me, but, of course, we can't dish out money for every beggar who crosses our path. This man who approached us at the bus stop had a limp. He was bitten in the leg by a dog, and

Legacy-The Very Beginning

We are in Nepal. It’s month 5 and our squad of 32 people just had team changes. Team Tent will remain forever in our hearts but in this new season I am now on a coed team and our name is Team Legacy. Our team is made up of Kaydan and Katherine Field (the beautiful married couple on our squad), Preston Robinson (prayer warrior and worship leader), Michael Pickett (Our team leader), Chandler Whidden (treasurer), and Kaysha Spence (former Team Tent member). God is so good because at some poi

The One When We Formed a Band

Greetings from Chiang Mai! It’s been a WILD month and one that has I am SO excited to share about! Between splitting our time between two ministries in Thailand and taking a week of regular ministry off to serve with our parents, Thailand has by far been the busiest month of the Race. And I’m going to be honest; I wasn’t too excited for the two weeks we’d spend in Chiang Mai. Having left an incredible ministry in Southern Thailand after only a week and eagerly anticipatin

Mosaic - A Prayer

Jesus, make a mosaic out of me. Take my broken pieces and make beauty of each and every one. Put it on display and use it to show people that their brokenness is beautiful, too. Jesus, thank You for loving every crack, crevice, and rough edge. Thank You for thinking that I am a work of art, but more importantly, thank You for being the Artist. Jesus, give me the eyes to see and the heart to appreciate the beauty in others. Thank you for making masterpieces out of dust. Amen.   You are

Traveling through Thailand!

My squad and I have been in Thailand for about two weeks now. The first week, my team and another team worked in Phang-Nga with an organization called Share the Love. Then we hopped on a bus for a 24 hour ride to Chiang Mai to meet up with the rest of our squad at the AIM base here in Thailand! At Share the Love, we did yard work, a special song at a church service, helped with a Bible contest for youth, ran an English camp, got to know the staff, saw a GIANT Scorpion (scary.), and saw God do a
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