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Best practices for preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS in developing countries

I am new to this forum. I will wish to use this opportunity to share my ideas and experiences on HID/AIDS with members and non members of this forum. Developing countries with a high birth rate are the most victims of HIV/AIDS. In the rural settings, the spread of HIV/AIDS is uncontrollable; as the basic sex education and preventive tools are lacking. In most developing countries like Cameroon, basic education is a privilege not a right. Most young girls don’t have access to basic education and are prone to HIV/AIDS infections more easily. International HIV/AIDS organizations, donors and rich countries should promote the spread of sex education to the rural and urban areas of the developing countries and should encourage developing countries government to place priority importance to basic education for girls in the urban and rural areas. International HIV/AIDS prevention organizations should coordinate the distributions of condoms to the developing countries to ensure that the poorest communities have access to the basic preventive tools like condoms.