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Phillip Bess: Jesus, Aristotle, Architecture, and the City: CCDA 2007 Audio

This workshop urges a holistic understanding of good traditional towns and neighborhoods as communities of justice and generosity, and focuses especially on the importance of traditional urban and architectural form and the place of faith communities in promoting a beautiful civic realm. The workshop will entail an hour long slide presentation followed by a 15-20 minute discussion.

79:58 minutes (8 MB)

Vince Campbell: Theology & Culture: CCDA 2007 Audio

This workshop will examine the various theological methodologies on the question of the interaction of faith and culture in order to provide a more theologically equipped approach to the multiethnic ministry of the urban ethos.

75:00 minutes (8 MB)

Dr. John Perkins: Sunday Morning Bible Study: CCDA 2007 Audio

Dr. John Perkins leads the Sunday morning Bible study at CCDA 2007.

79:34 minutes (8 MB)

Clark Baurer: How to Design and Construct a Physical Space to Fulfill Your Mission: CCDA 2007 Audio

Is your non-profit evaluating whether your current facility best meets your needs and mission? Are you engaged in developing a real-estate strategy for the future?  In this session, your non-profit can learn how to meet the exciting challenges of growth and development involved in the creation of a new facility.

65:32 minutes (8 MB)

Noel Castellanos: Get Off the Couch - Honoring God with Our Bodies: CCDA 2007 Audio

In this workshop, Noel will share what has happened in his life in the last 6 months to motivate him to lose 40 pounds and get his diabetes under control.  All of us in CCDA are running so hard working to take care of others, that we often neglect to take care of ourselves, both spiritually and physically.  Come and get motivated and informed on how you can take 3 practical steps to regain control of your health today.  If Noel can make these drastic changes in his life, you can too!

68:26 minutes (8 MB)

Jeremy Del Rio: WebSpace: Relocation When the Neighborhood Moves Online: CCDA 2007 Audio

Corporate profiteers produce and market media for a target youth audience they call mooks and midriffs, "caricatures that exploit adolescent insecurities and hormones," a strategy described as, "grabbing below the belt and reaching for their wallets." The result: average teens now consume digital media for 72 hours each week and increasingly digest that media online in what the New York Times calls, "Websites Without Rules."

65:21 minutes (8 MB)

Bill Dillon: Raising Ministry Funds through Personal Solicitation: CCDA 2007 Audio

This workshop will focus on a proven 12-step personal solicitation program based on the popular Moody Press book People Raising: A Practical Guide to Raising Support. Also a 6-hour DVD/video curriculum and web site will be introduced for ongoing fund raising training.

71:28 minutes (8 MB)

Mindy Finnerty: Launching Point - Getting the Ministry Started: CCDA 2007 Audio

Launching Point is an innovative program developed for people interested in starting a nonprofit ministry in their community.     CDP will provide step-by-step instructions to help a ministry team to...     (1) Form a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation; (2)Establish and train a governing Board of Directors; (3) Develop a strategic plan, establishing goals and objectives for the short and long term; (4)Develop a Resource Development Plan to bring ongoing revenue into the ministry; and, (5) Create an Image Development Plan to build a positive image and market the organization both inside and outside the community.

74:55 minutes (8 MB)

Dr. Bob Lupton: Empowerment: CCDA 2007 Audio

Dr. Bob Lupton presents the "Empowerment" workshop at CCDA 2007.

227:51 minutes (8 MB)

Phyllis Freeman: Where is God When It Hurts? Disaster Response and Partnership Strategies: CCDA 2007 Audio

In the midst of disasters, the Christian community has the opportunity to be the hands and feet of Christ to people who are hurting.  World Vision is implementing a national strategy to more effectively respond to disasters at the local, regional and national level.  We will present a few models and ideas on how to be more strategically effective in mobilizing resources and share opportunities for partnering together to serve those impacted most by disaster and crisis.

60:50 minutes (8 MB)

Mike Ivers: Seeing the City as Parish: Methodological Framework of St. Paul, Cities, Churches: CCDA 2007 Audio

LFA has leaned on St. Paul as the first urban minister and used his genius of strategically concentrating on key cities and his ability to adapt the Gospel to a particular context.  This seminar will explore how, in our post-modern, global, and urban world, to take the timeless truths of the Gospel and adapt them to current realities.

71:58 minutes (8 MB)

Dave Howe: Generation Next Challenge: CCDA 2007 Audio

This workshop is about ways to put the Word of God back into the public schools. It describes how to partner with churches to set up "Good News clubs" in the schools, train volunteers how to minister to children and how to reach into the families of those children as well.

69:45 minutes (8 MB)

Andy Krumsieg: Urban Ministry 101...Where Do I Get Started?: CCDA 2007 Audio

Designed for those beginning their "urban ministry" journey: volunteer, relocator, donor, neighbor, old or young.  "Where do I begin?"  "Should I plug in with an existing ministry or start my own?"  We will look at 5 types of ministry structures, their expectations, limitations, and how they affect the neighborhood.

72:34 minutes (8 MB)

Paula Nightengale: Funding Your Mission with a Charitable Thrift Store: CCDA 2007 Audio

Got Stuff?  Everybody does!  Learn innovative ideas to increase funds, provide employment opportunities, and broaden public awareness of your ministry through thrift, recycle, and scriptural redistribution!  Is thrift right for your ministry? Do you want to improve an existing operation to make it produce more?  Join this fun workshop.

76:11 minutes (8 MB)

Lowell Noble: Spirit, Kingdom, and Justice: CCDA 2007 Audio

The Holy Spirit and the present and social dimensions of the Kingdom of God such as social oppression and social justice issues will be the focus. Key Scriptures will be the Messianic passages from Isaiah which tie the Spirit, Kingdom, and Justice together. See also Luke 4:18-19, Acts 1:1-8, and Romans 14:17. How can we release the Spirit to incarnate the Kingdom among the poor and oppressed?

72:06 minutes (8 MB)

Dr. John Perkins & Rev. Wayne Gordon: 8 Components of CCDA: CCDA 2007 Audio

How do you develop a Christian community development ministry?  Learn the key elements needed to have a successful ministry.

73:40 minutes (8 MB)

Darin Peterson & Will Samson: Economic Conspiracy - Sparking Imagination for Relational Redistribution: CCDA 2007 Audio

Using the Relational Tithe as a model of redistribution, this workshop will explore purposes of the tithe as described and prescribed in the Bible.  The workshop will also facilitate dialog around common contemporary congregational uses of the tithe and where those uses converge or diverge from the Biblical tithe's original intent.  Workshop will include Q&A with people who have implemented the Relational Tithe model of redistribution in the community and congregational settings.

72:24 minutes (8 MB)

Dr. Amy Sherman: Economic Literacy: Biblical Foundations: CCDA 2007 Audio

CCDA’s third “R” (redistribution) refers to the economic empowerment and justice that can result from creative, accountable stewardship. This workshop explores the Biblical foundations of stewardship that brings economic transformation, with a special focus on understanding the free market.

79:58 minutes (8 MB)

Dr. Mary Nelson: Economic Development in the Hood: CCDA 2007 Audio

Dr. Mary Nelson presents the "Economic Development in the Hood" workshop at CCDA 2007.

237:27 minutes (8 MB)

Dr. Steve Smith: Mentoring the Children of Inmates: CCDA 2007 Audio

This workshop will inform participants about utilizing mentoring to reach out to the children of prison inmates and their families.  The resource of local Christian University faculty and students will be discussed.  The Taylor University-Ft. Wayne/ Prison Fellowship Mentoring program will be discussed.

64:47 minutes (8 MB)

Rev. Efrem Smith: Raising Up Young Heroes: CCDA 2007 Audio

Rev. Efrem Smith presents the "Raising Up Young Heroes" workshop at CCDA 2007.

72:12 minutes (8 MB)

Andrew Stern, Len Scruggs & Barry Henning: Core Values of Community Churches: CCDA 2007 Audio

What makes a church a visible demonstration of Jesus' grace and justice in a community? Is it normal to struggle when my church looks more like dysfunctional Corinth than the spotless Bride of Christ? New City Fellowship St. Louis has been asking itself that question for over 15 years in the context of white/black hatred, an influx of 50,000 immigrants and refugees, decaying urban infrastructure, political ineptitude and New City's own mess of sin! Join us as we discuss the core values Jesus has guided us in for the past 15 years and, we hope, many decades to come...Core Values of: the Gospel of Grace; the Kingdom of God; Reconciliation; Team Ministry; the Promises of God; Humility and Weakness; and Trials.

77:40 minutes (8 MB)

KJ Swearingen & Shelly Travis: Balancing Competing Time Demands: CCDA 2007 Audio

The needs in urban ministry can be overwhelming and often time intensive. This workshop will consider how to balance competing time demands. We will look at a model to evaluate your priorities and set appropriate boundaries.

63:36 minutes (8 MB)

Hans Tokke: Confronting Consumptionism - The Prophetic Challenge to Urban Marketing: CCDA 2007 Audio

Urban communities are prime targets for marketing products, images, and ideologies of conspicuous consumption. The drive to build false images of wealth in urban communities is tempting and pushing the poor into lives of consumption and credit. This workshop will provide an overview of the issue, and present a prophetic biblical model to speak against the domination of the poor as profit-engines for corporate wealth.

74:51 minutes (8 MB)

Sandra Valentine: Tools for Sustaining Ministry - Interdependence: CCDA 2007 Audio

Effective leaders are effective collaborators, aware of the rich resources present in their organizations and communities. Participants are challenged to identify those resources, build healthy partnerships, and work closely with others.

64:41 minutes (8 MB)

Luis Villarreal, Jill Meyer & Trudy Swain: Build Your Mentoring Manual for Effective Mentoring: CCDA 2007 Audio

Mentoring takes many shapes and directions.  This workshop provides you with a comprehensive description of foundational essentials to build a successful mentoring ministry to reach urban youth for long-term growth.  At the completion of this workshop you will have your own mentor manual to refer to after the conference.

296:52 minutes (8 MB)

Dr. Barbara Williams Skinner & Dr. Isaias Mercado: Reconciliation: CCDA 2007 Audio

Dr. Barbara Williams Skinner & Dr. Isaias Mercado present the "Reconciliation" workshop at CCDA 2007.

198:50 minutes (8 MB)

Craig Wong & Shane Claiborne: Redistribution: CCDA 2007 Audio

Craig Wong & Shane Claiborne present the "Redistribution" workshop at CCDA 2007.

245:16 minutes (8 MB)

Arthur Bonner: John Wesley - the Seeds of the Gospel Rescue Mission Movement: AGRM 2003 Audio

This talk by Arthur Bonner from the 2003 AGRM annual convention is used in City Vision College's course, "The History of Urban Missions."

63:57 minutes (58.55 MB)

Russ Reid: How to Involve Your Whole Community in Funding Your Ministry: AGRM 1987 Audio

This talk by Russ Reid from the AGRM 1987 Convention is used in the Basic Fund Raising course offered by City Vision College.

40:38 minutes (37.21 MB)

Board Leadership by Mark Fisher

55:55 minutes (51.19 MB)

Building a Great Board by Bobb Biehl

74:24 minutes (68.12 MB)

Organizational Comparison Template

13:01 minutes (11.92 MB)

Statement of Cash Flows

14:09 minutes (12.95 MB)

Employee Retention by Linda Brown

75:20 minutes (68.96 MB)

Human Resource Management

66:36 minutes (60.98 MB)

Performance Standards

55:15 minutes (50.58 MB)

Revitalizing Your Auxiliary

65:25 minutes (59.89 MB)

The Ministry of Volunteers

72:58 minutes (66.8 MB)

Twists and Turns of Employment Laws

79:39 minutes (72.92 MB)

Working Together in Harmony

54:07 minutes (49.55 MB)

Writing Usable Job Descriptions

69:49 minutes (63.92 MB)

Homelessness and Addiction

88:09 minutes (80.7 MB)

Overcoming Denial

Overcoming Denial audio file from A Guide to Effective Rescue Mission Recovery Programs by Michael Liimatta, AGRM, 1993

72:38 minutes (66.51 MB)

Spiritual Foundations for Recovery

- from A Guide to Effective Rescue Mission Recovery Programs by Michael Liimatta, AGRM, 1990

55.64 MB

Three Phases of Recovery at the Rescue Mission

from A Guide to Effective Rescue Mission Recovery Programs by Michael Liimatta, AGRM, 1993

65.38 MB

Andrew Sears: Using Technology Programs in Community Development: CCDA 2002 Audio

Andrew Sears, Executive Director of TechMission, discusses implementing the use of technology programs in Community Development.  Presented at the CCDA 2002 Conference.

92:00 minutes (8 MB)

Andrew Sears: Using Computers In Educational Programs: AGRM 2002 Audio

Andrew Sears, Executive Director of TechMission, discusses the use of computer technology in educational programs.  Presented at the AGRM 89th Annual Convention in 2002.

93:02 minutes (8 MB)

What's Behind the Income Statement?

35:11 minutes (32.22 MB)

Shawn McKnight: Youth Track: Developing the Next Generation Leaders Around You: CCDA 2006 Audio

In this Youth Track workshop, Shawn McKnight leads a group of young people in a discussion on how to cultivate leadership skills.

136:55 minutes (8 MB)

Written Client Recovery Plans

- from A Guide to Effective Rescue Mission Recovery Programs by Michael Liimatta, AGRM, 1993

40.89 MB

Improving Discipleship Offerings

68:53 minutes (63.06 MB)

Referrals by Cassie Sorenson

24:03 minutes (5.5 MB)

Leadership & Ethics by Barbara Clemeson

66:54 minutes (61.25 MB)

Motivational Interview by Lorraine Minor

70:15 minutes (64.31 MB)

Church Relations by Mark Fisher

72:57 minutes (66.79 MB)

Blazing Grace: From Porn To Grace: Blazing Grace Conference: 2007 Audio

Mike Genung and others share personal testimonies during the first hour of the Blazing Grace Conference, "From Porn To Grace," held at the Fellowship Bible Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado on May 10, 2007.

65:27 minutes (8 MB)

Juanity Irizarry, Maryann Bolton & Travis Clark: Calm in the Storm? Seeking Shalom in the Midst of Gentrification: CCDA 2008


Calm in the Storm? Seeking Shalom in the Midst of Gentrification (as the Gentrification Wave Crashes over Your Neighborhood)

Chicago’s Humboldt Park community will serve as an example of what “the storm” looks like as government powers are used to facilitate the market’s takeover of a neighborhood.Read more Listen
76:14 minutes (8 MB)

Crissy Brooks & Susie Kook: Women in Ministry: Wrestling with our Fears: CCDA Conference 2008 audio


Women in Ministry: Wrestling with our Fears

There are a variety of factors that affect women in ministry: Fear of doing it wrong, fear of being alone, fear of what others will think, fear of not having enough….This workshop examines the story of Deborah and extracts Biblical models for facing our fears. We will discuss different paradigms of women in ministry and how different cultural factors affect us. You will walk away encouraged to move forward in ministry!

Read more Listen
73:53 minutes (8 MB)

Holistic Hardware: Tools for Preparing Prisoners and Preventing Recidivism by Joe Holland CCDA Conference 2008


Holistic Hardware: Tools for Preparing Prisoners and Preventing Recidivism

Through a combination of spiritual and practical tools and Principles, Holistic Hardware: Tools That Build Lives enables men and women to overcome addiction, poverty and incarceration. The workshop demonstrates how these holistic tools can be implemented to achieve a reduction in the recidivism rate of its participants.

By Joe Holland


61:17 minutes (8 MB)

The Great Commission: On a Child's Level by Glenna Trotter CCDA Conference 2008


The Great Commission: On a Child's Level

In order for Community Development to be truly holistic, it must include evangelism. This workshop teaches an effective way to reach the elementary-aged children in their community with the Gospel. Through the model provided by Child Evangelism Fellowship’s Good News Club, paticipants will learn how to personally implement programs that reach children on a spiritual level. Brainstorming is encouraged!

Read more[audio-player]
43:25 minutes (7.46 MB)

Get Off the Couch: Honoring God with Our Bodies by Noel Castellanos CCDA Conference 2008


Get Off the Couch: Honoring God with Our Bodies

In this workshop, Noel will share what has happened in his life in the last year to motivate him to lose 40 pounds and get his diabetes under control.  All of us in CCDA are running so hard working to take care of others, that we often neglect to take care of ourselves physically.  Come and get motivated and informed about how you can take three practical steps to regain control of your health today.  If Noel can make these drastic changes in his life, you can too!

Read more Listen
59:31 minutes (8 MB)

The Terror by Night: Finding God's Shalom When Tragedy Strikes by Maria Garriott CCDA Conference 2008


The Terror by Night: Finding God's Shalom When Tragedy Strikes

Job lamented, “What I feared has come upon me; what I dreaded has happened to me.” What do you do when disaster comes to your house? Where is Jesus when your family is wounded in the midst of your call? This workshop encourages veterans and newcomers with practical ways to find God’s shalom in the midst of suffering.

By Maria Garriott


65:54 minutes (8 MB)

John Fuder: A Spirituality for the City: CCDA Conference 2008 audio


A Spirituality for the City

Sustaining a vibrant ministry in the city requires a balance of loving God and man (Micah 6:8). This workshop focuses on cultivating the spiritual life of the urban worker, encouraging a prayerful, passionate walk with the Lord, characterized by holiness, humility and compassion.

By John Fuder


79:58 minutes (8 MB)

Pamela Toussaint: Beauty for Ashes: Ministering Shalom to the Brokenhearted: CCDA Conference 2008 audio


Beauty for Ashes: Ministering to the Brokenhearted

Externally, we are spiritual giants and "super Christians" in our church communities, but internally many of us are burdened, fearful, angry and broken-hearted. In this workshop we will learn practical, biblically-based steps for ministering inner healing to ourselves, and to others. Let's quit being "wounded healers" and get whole in our souls! (1Thess. 5:23)

By Pamela Toussaint

74:37 minutes (8 MB)

Larry, Kathie and Nathan Stoess: Is it Time to Move? The Risk and Reward of Relocation: CCDA Conference 2008


Is it Time to Move? An Honest Look at the Risk and Reward of Relocation

This workshop invites beginners and seasoned veterans to share stories related to relocation and discuss how shalom for the family and the city is impacted (for better or worse) by our decision on where to live. The presenters share their experience of relocation from three perspectives: husband, wife and son.

Read more Listen
70:05 minutes (12.03 MB)

The Parent Project: Transforming Families by Jill Shook CCDA Conference 2008


The Parent Project: Transforming Families

Gang prevention and intervention efforts leave parents out of the equation. The Parent Project®, a course created for parents with out-of-control adolescents, teaches strategies to combat destructive behaviors such as truancy, drug use, gangs, practice of the occult, running away, violence and suicide. This workshop teaches how you can bring this proven-effective tool to your community.

By Jill Shook

Read more[audio-player]
72:24 minutes (8 MB)

Jonathan & Melinda Carter: Parnters in Peace: Shalom in Marriage and Ministry Together: CCDA Conference 2008 audio


Partnering in Peace: Shalom in Marriage and Ministry Together

Shalom is a Hebrew word meaning peace, nothing missing, nothing broken, complete. When we serve others as Christian couples, we need to display love, joy, and peace, regardless of the gender, marital status or nationality of those with whom we are working. Before we can do this effectively, we must “tend our own gardens” and make sure there are no little foxes in our marriages that can steal our shalom. This workshop offers simple ways to discover and activate that peace.

Read more Listen
75:05 minutes (8 MB)

Jim Swearingen & James Brown: Radicial Unity in a Racially Divided World: CCDA Conference 2008


Radical Unity in a Racially Divided World

In this workshop, Jim and James share their stories and the principles they learned as Christ brought them together to live and minister with one another in a violent inner city community–one where the shalom of God was birthed.

Read more Listen
79:58 minutes (8 MB)

Alicia La Hoz: How Anger Interrupts Emotional Healing: CCDA Conference 2008 audio


Anger: An Interruption to Emotional Healing

Anger is a spontaneous response that has a vital function in life. It is not wrong as such. When anger is indulged and individuals turn away from emotional healing, it can become a toxic poison that corrodes the soul, creating inner turmoil that disrupts couple and family relationships. This workshop discusses anger as a barrier in sustaining shalom in the home and offer an invitation for reconciliation through emotional healing.

Read more Listen
68:45 minutes (11.81 MB)

Shalom in Your Personal Calling by Mae Cannon CCDA Conference 2008


Experiencing Personal Shalom

What does it mean to be at peace with your calling and to be a prophetic voice wherever God has planted you? There is a delicate balance between trying to tilt the scales without blowing up the community to which you are called to minister. Agents of justice are always pushing against perceptions, perspectives, and the system. Experiencing peace (shalom) in our personal callings is a necessary component to being in the game for the long haul. This workshop focuses on learning how to live in God’s “shalom” as you live out your calling.

Read more Listen
65:35 minutes (8 MB)

Reordering Church Outreach: Market Forces or Beloved Community? Traduccion Disponible by Paul Metzger CCDA Conference 2008


Reordering Church Outreach: Overcoming Market Forces, Building Beloved Community

This workshop focuses on ways that the church can overcome market forces that foster race and class divisions. Rather than seeing the church as a static location dispensing spiritual goods and services, it envisions the church as a relocating, reconciling and redistributing force that is active in re-binding the broken world and seeking the peace of the city.

By Paul Metzger

Read more Listen
75:57 minutes (8 MB)

Youth-Adult Partnership World Vision by Matt Belgie CCDA Conference 2008


Youth-Adult Partnerships

World Vision US Programs is committed to community transformation that engages young people from the start. This requires a commitment to building partnerships between young people and adults. This workshop challenges us to see the importance of creating authentic opportunities to partner with young people in our work, to see the barriers that we may not be aware of, and discover the difference between seeing young peoples as true partners rather than token participants.

Read more Listen
59:08 minutes (10.16 MB)

How to Experience Shalom in Marriage, Parenting, Life & Ministry by Ty Schenzel CCDA Congerence 2008


How to Experience Shalom in Marriage, Parenting, Life & Ministry

Ty shares his personal journey of going from living a “driven” lifestyle to a lifestyle of “shalom.” The workshop covers issues such as: unhealthy motivations, fear of failure, living with an eternal perspective and experiencing shalom in every area of our lives.

By Ty Schenzel

96:11 minutes (8 MB)

Penny Salazar-Phillips & Maria Sierria-Mendoza: Partnering with Homeless Families in Transition: CCDA Conference 2008


Partnering with Homeless Families in Transition

This workshop explores best practices for partnering with homeless families in transition and will cover partnership and advocacy, the different faces of empowerment and how our language transcends into action. Serving our families in complex situations holistically is the healthy way to connect them to one another, their families and their communities as well as increase their stability and their shalom.

Read more Listen
74:54 minutes (8 MB)

Shane Claiborne and Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove: Becoming the Answer to Our Prayers: CCDA Conference 2008


Becoming the Answer to Our Prayers

Prayer is not so much about convincing God to do what we want as it is about convincing ourselves to do what God wants us to do. Through exposition of biblical prayers, Shane and Jonathan provide concrete examples of how a life of prayer fuels social engagement and the work of justice.

Read more Listen
75:54 minutes (8 MB)

Wounded Spirits: Helping Survivors of Sexual Abuse Heal by Lilada Gee CCDA Conference 2008


Wounded Spirits: Helping Survivors of Sexual Abuse Heal

Survivors of sexual abuse face distinct challenges in dealing with the spiritual ramifications of their abuse. The faith community is uniquely positioned to be a place of peace and sanctuary. This workshop addresses ways in which the church and faith community can be catalysts for their healing.

By Lilada Gee


78:00 minutes (8 MB)

Kyle Meyers: Yoga & Conflict Resolutions: CCDA Conference 2008 audio


Respond vs. React: Yoga & Conflict Resolution

This initiative brings together both body and mind in order to address the single issue of violence in our poor neighborhoods. This workshop offers an opportunity to understand the importance of breathing and mindfulness, so that they can respond to conflict, rather than react to it. This was developed out of our concern that cognitive methods (Anger Management, Counseling, Bible Study) are not enough to change the cycles of violence.

Read more Listen
66:50 minutes (8 MB)

Dorothy Moore: The Unique Role of the 'Women in the Hood': CCDA Conference 2008 audio


The Unique Role of the Woman in the Hood

This workshop addresses the fears some white women leaders have that they will be unable to minister effectively in the inner city.  Drawing from her work with teenagers, Dorothy discusses reaching and building relationships cross-culturally: what works and what doesn't, and the unique advantages of being a woman in the 'hood.

By Dorothy Moore


79:58 minutes (8 MB)

Answering Tough Questions on Sexual Identity by Andrew Marin CCDA Conference 2008


Answering the Tough Questions on Sexual Identity

When someone tells you they are dealing with same-sex attraction and then asks you: “Do you think that my thoughts and feelings are a sin? What if I do not act on them? Was I born this way? The Bible says I’m an abomination and I should be put to death. Why?” These are serious questions and can affect the rest of a person’s life. This workshop explores each of those questions and how to answer them productively, so as to build a bridge for eternity.

Read more Listen
77:49 minutes (8 MB)

Peter Scazzero: Urban Monasticism in the 21st Century: CCDA Conference 2008 audio


Urban Monasticism in the 21st Century

This workshop addresses the critical place of the ‘Desert Father of North Africa’ and a contemplative spirituality to building effective church communities in Western urban culture today. It will consider the radical power of silence, solitude, and a ‘Rule of Life’ to slow both us and our people down. Moreover, it will consider the long term impact on our community development efforts today.

Read more Listen
73:24 minutes (8 MB)

Pre-Emptive Peacemaking by Brian McLaren CCDA Conference 2008


Pre-emptive Peacemaking

Most conflicts fit in a handful of story patterns. This workshop explores how Jesus told and lived an alternate story that redeems these other stories.

By Brian McLaren

79:58 minutes (8 MB)

Domestic Abuse: Implications for Community Shalom and Safety (traduccion disponible) by Kate Johnson CCDA Conference 2008


Domestic Abuse: Implications for Community Shalom and Safety

This workshop explores the basic issues and dynamics of domestic abuse, focusing on intimate partner or spousal abuse. It explores the prevalence of abuse in our churches and society, examines its ministry implications and discusses ways to create a culture of safety and non-violence in the local congregation.

By Kate Johnson

79:35 minutes (13.67 MB)

‘The Four Worlds’ Model and Urban Ministry by Caleb Rosado CCDA Conference 2008


‘The Four Worlds’ Model and Urban Ministry

Urban ministry is not possible with a singular worldview, one-size-fits-all approach. It must encompass the global diversity of the human family. This workshop introduces a new way of looking at the global community, one that embodies shalom (wholeness), moves away from fragmentation, and understands the uniqueness of the West, North, East and South.

By Caleb Rosado

78:20 minutes (8 MB)

Building a Cross-Cultural Learning Community by Arloa Sutter & Keith Johnson CCDA Conference 2008


Building a Cross-Cultural Learning Community

This workshop highlights the creation of a transformational learning environment that engages diverse groups of people in non-threatening conversations that expand cross-cultural sensitivity and awareness. The Breakthrough Urban Institute of Leadership Development (BUILD) was created by Arloa Sutter in an effort to facilitate cross-cultural understanding.

Read more Listen
64:53 minutes (11.14 MB)

Michael Faulkner & Stephen Kemp: When Did the Church Stop Being a Good Place to Train Leaders?: CCDA Conference 2008


When Did the Church Stop Being a Good Place to Train Leaders?

This workshop addresses the unique nature of church-based leadership development and evaluates school-based and church-housed options for Biblical training. It takes seriously the central role that a church should play in community development and helps to evaluate various leadership development options in light of Biblical teaching.

Read more Listen
75:22 minutes (8 MB)

Susie Kook: Praying Korean-Style: CCDA Conference 2008 audio

Praying Korean-Style by Susie Kook CCDA Conference 2008

62:13 minutes (8 MB)

Being Missional and Multi-ethnic: Global Shalom by Jim Spoonts & Guests CCDA Conference 2008


Being Missional and Mutli-ethnic: Global Shalom

In John 17, Jesus prayed that all his disciples would be as one. He also prayed that as the Father sent him, so he sends his disciples into the world. This workshop includes testimonies from pastors and ministry leaders who mobilize multi-ethnic churches and teams for impact in the community and beyond; dialogue welcome.

By Jim Spoonts

75:37 minutes (8 MB)

Don’t Get Served by Volunteers! Utilizing Service Teams and Missionaries by Eric Iverson CCDA Conference 2008


Don’t Get Served by Volunteers! Utilizing Service Teams and Missionaries

“Hey, got any service we can do?” If this is a question that has been asked of your ministry, then this workshop is for you! It offers tips for working with and finding groups to serve with your ministry next summer and throughout the year. Learn what organizations are looking for, what you should be charging to host a volunteer group and how this can become a legitimate revenue stream for your ministry.

Read more Listen
70:34 minutes (8 MB)

Access to Civil Justice by Steve Thompson & Sulma Mendoza-Rios CCDA Conference 2008


Access to Civil Justice

The saying “if you want peace, work for justice” rings true in regard to Shalom for people on the margins. People struggling with poverty in the US have little access to representation in civil matters. This workshop explores God’s call to “defend the cause of the poor and needy,” discusses the history of Christian Legal Aid, identifies common legal issues people in our neighborhoods face, and shares successful models from around the country.

Read more Listen
72:25 minutes (8 MB)

Engaging Hip-Hop Culture for Shalom'hood by Marque Jensen, Jesse Ross & Stacey Jones CCDA Conference 2008


Engaging Hip-Hop Culture for Shalom’hood

Hip-hop is the primary cultural language of the urban world, breaking down barriers of race and class. Unity and peace are historical themes in hip-hop that are often lost in the commercialized rap of the day. This workshop examines the history of hip-hop and looks at some models that empower youth and exemplify the shalom of God in the community; dialogue encouraged.

Read more Listen
86:01 minutes (14.77 MB)

Jeremy Del Rio & Curt Gibson: 2020 Vision for Schools: Transforming Public Education Within a Single Generation: CCDA 2008


2020 Vision for Schools: Transforming Public Education Within a Single Generation

First graders in fall 2008 will graduates high school in 2020. Adults promise children that if they stay in school they will be equipped to succeed in life, but we have failed to make good on that promise for generations. This workshop explores how urban ministries can transform public education within a single generation of students.

Read more Listen
61:18 minutes (8 MB)

Mayra Nolan: Tools for Sustaining Leaders in Ministry - Balance DeVos: CCDA Conference 2008 audio


Tools for Sustaining Leaders in Ministry - Balance

Scripture describes godly leaders as people who attend to their families and other important relationships, who care for their bodies, and who live with moderation. Balanced living is seen as both a means to and a byproduct of godly living. Effective leaders understand the importance of living a balanced life and are concerned with the development of the whole person. This workshop teaches how to identify priorities, examine use of time, and develop personal growth plans.

Read more Listen
57:05 minutes (8 MB)

Shane Claiborne: Jesus for President: CCDA Conference 2008 audio


Jesus for President

A workshop to provoke the political imagination.

By Shane Claiborne

79:18 minutes (13.62 MB)

Making Housing Happen: Affordable Faith-Based Housing Models by Jill Shook CCDA Conference 2008


Making Housing Happen: Faith-Based Affordable Housing Models

This workshop examines the theology of housing and eleven ways that churches have created affordability including: co-housing, community land trusts, cooperative housing and more. Tools for evaluating various models appropriate for your local context are provided.

By Jill Shook

79:58 minutes (8 MB)

Leroy Barber & Nate Ledbetter: Neighboring: Basic to Following Jesus: CCDA Conference 2008 audio


Neighboring: The Basics to Following Jesus

This workshop presents neighboring as a proven concept and a foundational commitment to being a follower of  Jesus.

By Leroy Barber and Nate Ledbetter


75:47 minutes (8 MB)

Leneita Fix & John Fix: For Men: Supporting Developing & Encouraging Women in Ministry: CCDA Conference 2008


For Men: Supporting, Developing & Encouraging Women in Ministry

Men in leadership within a ministry are often challenged with how to best develop the women on their staff. This workshop gives a very practical method for how to mentor and grow the women within your ministry. We will look at the concept of walking women from support staff into leadership roles, and how specifically men can develop the women leaders in their ministries. We will also discuss the dynamics of husbands and wives walking in ministry and raising a family when both are called to unique leadership roles; taught by a husband and wife team.

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73:46 minutes (8 MB)

Being a Missionary Order: How the Rhythms of Order Sustain Us in the Urban Landscape by Tim Lockie & John Hayes CCDA 2008


Being a Missionary Order: How the Rhythms of Order Sustain Us in the Urban Landscape

Community development in an urban setting is exhilarating–but can be exhausting. How do we live incarnationally in a way that brings life, deepens joy, and sustains a community of workers for the long haul? Several InnerCHANGE members discuss the rhythms of work, prayer and community life that sustain us as an international missionary Order.

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77:05 minutes (8 MB)

Generational Acculturation by Gilbert Contreras CCDA Conference 2008


Generational Acculturation

A definition of acculturation is the extent to which ethnic-cultural minorities participate in the cultural traditions, values, assumptions, and practices of the dominant white society. Acculturation has been described as a powerful determinant of attitudes and behaviors and it affects many aspects of child and family functioning. This workshop will discuss why many of our immigrant families fail this transitioning process causing chaos and strife within what was once a culturally sound family.

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72:37 minutes (8 MB)

Parenting and Teaching with Music for Shalom by Robert Triggs & Ron McCrary CCDA Conference 2008


Parenting with Shalom

This workshop presents Life to Life, which equips parents and leaders to align their efforts with schools, after school programs and churches to Biblically prepare children for godly living and penetrate all aspects of a child’s life so they experience shalom.

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69:00 minutes (8 MB)

Kimberly Oram & Elizabeth Skjodal: How to Develop Margin: The Space Between Our Loading and Our Limit: CCDA Conference 2008


How to Develop Margin: The Space Between Our Load and Our Limit

The demands of ministry can at times seem overwhelming. This practical workshop helps you assess your current coping strategies, find better ones and develop the concept of margin in your life. Margin is the space that enhances vitality and resilience and guarantees our sustainability. It is also the space where healing occurs, where our batteries are re-charged, where our relationships are nourished and where wisdom is found.

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75:10 minutes (12.91 MB)

Spirit, Kingdom, Justice, Shalom by Lowell Noble CCDA Conference 2008


Spirit, Kingdom, Justice, Shalom

To bring shalom to our troubled, poor, urban areas, the Spirit, Kingdom and justice are key Biblical concepts. Drawing from ten years of reconciliation work alongside Dr. John Perkins, this workshop explores my paraphrase of Romans 14:17 - “The Kingdom of God is Justice, Shalom, and Joy in the Holy Spirit,” plus the messianic passages from the book of Isaiah, Luke 4:18-19 and Acts 4:32-35.

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72:46 minutes (8 MB)

Gabe Veas & Glen Peterson: Mentoring by Senior Leadership: CCDA Conference 2008 audio


Mentoring by Senior Leadership

Many organizations do not recognize the need to develop strong mentoring programs within the ranks of leadership. Due to this, emerging leaders who are the future of the organization do not receive the accountability and training necessary to ensure that shalom is not only established, but continues past the current leader’s reign.

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73:20 minutes (8 MB)

A Theology of Assessing Ministry Impact by Heidi Unruh CCDA Confrence 2008


A Theology of Assessing Ministry Impact

How does a kingdom theology shape how we define and assess the outcomes of community development ministry? Is there a tension between being faithful and being effective? What are the indicators of shalom? This workshop applies the theology of shalom to the realities of practical ministry evaluation.

By Heidi Unruh


70:29 minutes (8 MB)

Leonetta Elaiho: Youth As Agents of Change: Civic Engagement and Advocacy World Vision: CCDA Conference 2008


Youth As Agents of Change: Civic Engagement and Advocacy

In this workshop, World Vision’s US Programs shares about curriculum that has been piloted in nine cities across the country. Learn to practically engage the passion, experience and wisdom of your young people as they identify and address important issues that affect their lives on a daily basis. We will share an inspirational model for youth civic engagement and advocacy that has helped young people move and shake their communities in powerful ways!

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30:54 minutes (5.31 MB)

Intro to CCD by John Perkins CCDA Conference 2008


Intro to CCD

Come and learn from CCDA’s co-founder and chair emeritus about the basics of Christian Community Development. This acclaimed speaker and author shares the history and principles of our Association and its vision to holistically restore communities with Christians fully engaged in the process of transformation.

By John Perkins


67:21 minutes (8 MB)

Reaching Out to Pregnant Teens by Ginger Sinsabaugh MacDonald CCDA Conference 2008


Reaching out to Pregnant Teens

Three out of every 10 girls will get pregnant before the age of 20; in Latino communities, it is five out of 10. This workshop offers ideas on reaching teen moms and pregnant teenagers, and creating a life-changing community of shalom–not shame.

By Ginger Sinsabaugh MacDonald


68:48 minutes (11.82 MB)

Samuel Trujilio & Jeff Johnsen: Issachar Leadership Development with Young Adults: CCDA Conference 2008 audio


Issachar: Leadership Development with Young Adults

The Issachar workshop introduces a leadership program committed to: 1) helping young adults from high risk communities make the transition to healthy adult living, 2) mentor younger leaders as they follow Christ into a life of service, 3) equip those leaders, and 4) enable them to lead people of faith and emerge as agents of shalom in the city.

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63:34 minutes (8 MB)

Building Beloved Community by Mary Nelson & Onleilove Alston CCDA Conferece 2008


Building Beloved Community

Sharing Biblical and King’s understandings of “beloved community,” using the examples of the Poor People’s Campaign and current experiences, the workshop helps provide insight and tools for building beloved community in faith-based settings; interactive.

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63:36 minutes (10.92 MB)

Toward Civic Justice and Economic Empowerment by Rudy Carrasco & Amy Sherman CCDA Conference 2008


Toward Civic Justice and Economic Empowerment

This workshop focuses on the importance of prayer (individual and corporate) when serving the poor, and demonstrates how prayer and practical service filled with love and mercy will lead to peace–with ourselves, our clients, our neighbors and our community.

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68:50 minutes (8 MB)

The Right Connection: Success in Grant and Major Gift Fundraising by Falicia Brewer & Ha Merz CCDA Conference 2008


The Right Connections: Success in Grant and Major Gift Fundraising

Fundraising is a vital part of securing the resources needed to sustain ministry work. This workshop demonstrates two vital skills: how to put together a successful grant proposal or major gift appeal; how to engage a faith-based board of directors and church leadership. The presenters have helped many faith-based organizations achieve funding success using these principles.

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74:43 minutes (8 MB)

From Fragmentation to Wholeness (Shalom) by Caleb Rosado CCDA Conference 2008


From Fragmentation to Wholeness (Shalom)

This workshop utilizes a quantum physics framework to present a holistic model (where the whole organizes the parts) that moves the conversation from content to context, in order to effect integral change. Much of what passes for urban ministry is fragmentary in approach (the parts organize the whole). On the other hand, what seeks to be “holistic” ministry is often no more than the addition of the spiritual dimension.

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73:03 minutes (12.54 MB)

The Board-Executive Director Relationship and Shalom by Edith Yoder & Beatrice Smith CCDA Conference 2008


Shalom in the Board-Exec. Director Relationship

For a CCDA ministry, seeking community shalom starts in the relationship that the board creates with its executive director. This workshop explores practical ways to build shalom and overall health in the board-executive director relationship. Learn how this profoundly impacts your staff and the community your ministry serves.

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73:06 minutes (8 MB)

Transitions: Retiring From Your Organization Repostitions for Full life by Mary Nelson & Marcia Turner CCDA Conference 2008


Transitions: Retiring from Your Organization, Repositioned for Full Life

This workshop shares information and experiences in planning for one’s retirement from a long held job and scoping out future opportunities for making a difference in justice and community in a new kind of way. It assists in reflection on personal journeys, hopes and fears of the future.

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The Terror by Night: Finding God's Shalom When Tragedy Strikes by Maria Garriott CCDA Conference 2008


The Terror by Night: Finding God's Shalom When Tragedy Strikes

Job lamented, “What I feared has come upon me; what I dreaded has happened to me.” What do you do when disaster comes to your house? Where is Jesus when your family is wounded in the midst of your call? This workshop encourages veterans and newcomers with practical ways to find God’s shalom in the midst of suffering.

By Maria Garriott

65:54 minutes (8 MB)

Emotionally Healthy Leaders: Leading from Within by Peter Scazzero CCDA Conference 2008


Emotionally Healthy Leaders: Leading from Within

Most Evangelical leaders in North America are characterized by a “frenzied busyness.” Our lives are filed with endless “To Do” lists, distractions, and crammed schedules. The demands of our ministries cut into our marriages and families. This does violence to ourselves, and to our relationships with God and others. This workshop considers a radical remedy to ensure a growing spirituality, and looks at emotional health, limits, and Sabbath-keeping to help us live faithfully.

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61:13 minutes (8 MB)

David Warren & Michelle Warren: Managing Personal Finances: CCDA Conference 2008 audio


Managing Personal Finances

This workshop discusses many aspects of personal finance including God’s attitude toward money, how to make a budget, how to stick to a budget, managing credit cards, short term and long term savings, and working with your spouse on your finances.

By David Warren and Michelle Warren

64:35 minutes (11.09 MB)

Gerald Davis: Building a People of Relational Power: CCDA Conference 2008 audio


Building a People of Relational Power

This workshop focuses on equipping churches to become communities of relational power that can bring about significant transformation of its neighborhood, its neighbors, its city, and itself.

By Gerald Davis

59:00 minutes (10.13 MB)

Essential Building Blocks for Starting a Mentoring Program Save Our Youth by Luis Villarreal & Trudy Swain CCDA Conference 2008


Essential Building Blocks for Starting a Mentoring Program

This workshop captures the principles for starting a quality mentoring ministry for at risk youth.  Many variations of mentoring programs exist that have different results and impact.  Attendees receive help to determine where to start for realistic results suited for the size and scope of their ministry.

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75:27 minutes (12.96 MB)

Conflict Engagement in Community Organizations by Brandon Sipes & Kyle Meyers CCDA Conference 2008


Conflict Engagement in Community Organizations

Too often, the response to conflict is either flight or fight. These responses neither solve the conflict nor create cooperation between antagonists. This workshop presents the ARI A Method, which leads to cooperation and common cause between actual or potential antagonists, by fostering a new awareness of shared values and goals.

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74:28 minutes (8 MB)

Tim Isaacson & Peter Choi: Prayerful Following: Chaos, Confusion & Transformation in Making the CCDA Turn: CCDA Conference 2008


Prayerful Following: Chaos, Confusion, and Transformation in Making the CCDA Turn

This workshop uses story and picture to present one church’s lessons in its transformation from the suburbs to an industrial, immigrant community in Atlanta, Georgia. What will become obvious is how the Lord has led throughout this four-year process through unlikely leaders, unexpected circumstances, and all-out commitment to follow Him.

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66:21 minutes (8 MB)

When Grief and Trauma Affects Your Community by Tova Kreps CCDA Conference 2008


When Grief and Trauma Affect Your Community

Individuals within a community who have been traumatized profoundly affect those around them, are often misdiagnosed, and find it difficult to move on or avail themselves of opportunities for healthy change. This workshop presents an overview of the dynamics of trauma, the emotional effects of traumatic memories and the potential remedies for these effects. If time permits, there will be a discussion of the dynamics of a trauma on a community (such as a natural disaster or community violence).

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66:34 minutes (8 MB)

Prove Your Ministry's Success to Donor's by Yvonne Sawyer CCDA Conference 2008


Prove your Ministry’s Success to Donors

If your donors asked you about the measureable impact of your ministry, how would you respond? This workshop introduces a process which will help you plan for the measurement of your impact and offers tools to accomplish it. This will be especially helpful if you plan to submit proposals to foundations as many are now requiring these planning tools as a part of the application.

By Yvonne Sawyer

63:14 minutes (8 MB)

Including the Excluded: Mental Illness and Recovery by Jimmy Dorrell, Shannon Ford, Mary Girard & Matthew Standford CCDA 2008


Including the Excluded: Mental Illness and Recovery

Of all folks in our communities, the mentally ill and those recovering from addiction desperately need to be loved and included. Yet the average church or ministry struggles to find meaningful ways to embrace those on the margins. The panel discusses the important threads that are missing in the tapestry of Kingdom Shalom and how intentional community can be formed to include and empower these that are commonly “excluded.”

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87:05 minutes (8 MB)

Rudy Gonzalez & Terri Larson: From Charity to Development: CCDA Conference 2008 audio


From Charity to Development

We are called to be compassionate, which literally means “to suffer with.” Providing relief, or even betterment programs that meet immediate needs, is not a substitute for being available and entering into the life of a broken and hurting individual. What should a church do and not do if it wants to help people and the community? This workshop helps address this question and provide a tool for developing an informed response for your context.

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67:32 minutes (11.6 MB)

How Asset Mapping Can Unite a Community by Monika Grasley CCDA Conference 2008


How Asset Mapping Can Unite a Community

Asset Mapping is a way to look at the community as a “glass half full” by looking for the assets that are already there. This workshop offers practical ways to discover the assets individuals, churches, businesses, and organizations have that could lead their communities toward genuine shalom.

By Monika Grasley

72:02 minutes (8 MB)

Creating Space for Community Listening by Delia Caderno & Michael Philip CCDA Conference 2008


Creating Space for Community Listening

Community development is an inside story; all stories have one thing in common–a storyteller! Utilizing an Asset Based Community Development framework this very interactive workshop explores ways to create “Listening Spaces” so that all the storytellers (young and old) of the community are able to share their hopes, dreams and concerns, mobilizing them into action.

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79:58 minutes (13.73 MB)

Keeping Shalom in Times of Change, Crisis & Chaos by Paul Baker CCDA Conference 2008


Keeping Shalom in Times of Change, Crisis & Chaos

Keeping shalom (peace & order) in urban ministries and community organizations facing extreme crisis, change, and chaos in their day-to-day operation can be very difficult. Though having different aims and situations, the circumstances and solutions so often are so common. This workshop draws on my ten years of experience as a ministry consultant, and will offer practical ways leaders can turn crisis into gain.

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72:05 minutes (8 MB)

A Shalom Rite-of-Passage: Youth Violence Prevention by Mark Harden & Mayme McCorison CCDA Conference 2008


A Shalom Rites-of-Passage: Youth Violence Prevention

Many youth are willing to engage in violence or gang activity in order to get basic human needs met. Rites of passage programs are a creative way for adolescents to become reconciled within their community, with their peers, and with adults in ways that address those needs in a godly way.

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70:02 minutes (8 MB)

Can There Be Peace Without Fathers? by Carey Casey CCDA Conference 2008


Can There Be Peace Without Fathers?

God’s plan for the family includes mothers and fathers raising children. Yet more than 70% of African American children are born into homes with an absent father. This workshop summarizes the impact of fatherlessness on urban families, and outlines strategies for the church to address this crisis.

By Carey Casey

67:25 minutes (8 MB)

Train the Trainers: Enhancing Ministry Partnerships World Vision Anna Kalepo CCDA Conference 2008


Train the Trainers: Enhancing Ministry Partnerships

Do you have a unique skill or model to share with other groups and community members? Do your trainings for ministry partners need to be refreshed? World Vision’s US Programs team offers a dynamic training platform for community transformation, believing that the greatest work is done when community groups and partners are equipped and trained to carry it out. This interactive workshop provides an overview of adult learning, instructional design, workshop planning and training delivery.

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69:50 minutes (8 MB)

Middle Class Shalom and CCD by George Montoya & Dan Hutt CCDA Conference 2008


Middle Class Shalom: Church Engagement in CCD

Five pastors in California are exploring how community development concepts and practices could be used to bring shalom to their mostly middle class and above communities. This workshop explores best practices on how established churches can bring community shalom to any neighborhood.

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73:30 minutes (8 MB)

Ron Pate & Dave Frenchak: ABC Time Banking: Rebuilding Communities of Trust: CCDA Conference 2008 audio


ABC Time Banking: Rebuilding Communities of Trust

Abundance in Beloved Community (ABC) Time Banking is an asset-based model for community change that builds up the non-market economy of safe neighborhoods, strong families, and trusting friendships. This workshop discusses the concept of time banking to promote the shalom of God in our cities by incorporating the capacities of all community members–everyone is valuable, everyone has something to offer.

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61:13 minutes (10.51 MB)

Recovery Coaching by Jean LaCour CCDA Conference 2008


Recovery Coaching

Recovery from addiction is possible! Coaches and mentors make the difference. This workshop teaches practical and godly ways to encourage people to build “recovery capitol”, identify their own strengths and goals through accountability, and a personalized recovery plan that works; great for people in recovery who want to give back, pastoral and clinical counselors, family members and friends.

By Jean LeCour

37:55 minutes (6.51 MB)

Christian Community Development: The BIG Picture by Jay Van Groningen CCDA Conference 2008


Christian Community Development: The BIG Picture

If a church or faith-based organization starts an after school program is it doing Christian Community Development? What if they also help families leave poverty one at a time? Is that community development? This workshop provides a platform for participants to think about their efforts in terms of six broad dimensions of community development.

By Jay Van Groningen

48:20 minutes (8 MB)

8 Components of CCD: Starting a Ministry by Wayne Gordon CCDA Conference 2008


8 Components of CCD: Starting Your Ministry

How do you develop a Christian Community Development ministry? Learn from CCDA’s co-founder and president some key elements needed to bear witness to the Kingdom of God by reclaiming and restoring under-resourced communities.

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77:16 minutes (8 MB)

Churches and Non-Profits: Building Collaborations by Bruce Jackson CCDA Conferece 2008


Churches and Non-Profits Building Collaborations

Church and non-profits working in partnerships and in unity provide an aspect of shalom in the city. This workshop presents foundational principles to building collaborations and offers practical tools to assist in the establishment of partnerships.

By Bruce Jackson

74:57 minutes (8 MB)

Harnessing the Foreclosure Crisis: Turning Lemons into Lemonade (Traducción Disponible) by Bob Lupton & Nate Ledbetter CCDA 2008


Turning Lemons into Lemonade: Harnessing the Foreclosure Crisis

Enough hand-wringing over the foreclosure meltdown! It’s time to act to avoid more foreclosures, and time to see foreclosed homes as opportunities for affordable housing; this workshop offers a practical strategy for doing both.

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79:25 minutes (13.64 MB)

Becoming King: A Local Movement's by Troy Jackson CCDA Conference 2008


Becoming King: A Local Movement’s Impact on MLK

Without the grassroots organizers in Montgomery, we might not know Martin Luther King’s name today. MLK did not arrive in Montgomery as a civil rights activist or leader, but spent his first six years of pastoral ministry demonstrating the power of local community organizing and development. This workshop explores how participation in and relationships with local people struggling together for justice can build an effective movement.

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72:49 minutes (8 MB)

Building Community Between Church and Neighborhood Residents by Betty Glover Palmer CCDA Conference 2008


Building Community Between Church and Neighborhood Residents

This workshop is a case study of a church and its affordable housing residents in tension, and how the church took positive action towards diffusing tension and building community.

By Betty Glover Palmer

54:05 minutes (8 MB)

Mentoring Principles for Advanced Practitioners by Luis Villarreal & Trudy Swain CCDA Conference 2008


Mentoring Principles for Advanced Practitioners

This workshop focuses on best practices to sustain your mentoring ministry at a high level while addressing mentor match longevity and the use of research tools to increase the credibility and quality of mentoring in your community. The “systems model” for training of staff and mentors will also be addressed.

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78:50 minutes (13.54 MB)

Cross Cultural Fundraising by Rob Robertson, Rudy Carrasco & Christy Lambertson CCDA Conference 2008


Cross Cultural Fundraising

This workshop assists new and experienced Latino leaders and those working in the Latino community with the cross cultural skills needed to increase their funding. Hear how Radio Nueva Vida (Los Angeles), Neighborhood Ministries (Phoenix), Rev. Brenda Salter McNeil (Chicago), Harambee Ministries (Los Angeles), and others learned to diversify their partnerships, dramatically expand their income, and gain the cross cultural skills needed to raise the budget

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76:51 minutes (13.2 MB)

Conflict Management for Leaders by David Warren & Jude Del Hierro CCDA Conferece 2008


Conflict Management for Leaders

This workshop tackles the tough issue of dealing with conflict and maintaining troth (pledge of fidelity) as a manager or leader. The shalom of our organization and the individuals in it depend on good leadership. We’ll discuss the importance of humility, brokenness, love, honesty, and commitment in handling conflict.

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71:33 minutes (12.29 MB)

Developing Student Leaders by Tommy Carrington CCDA Conference 2008


Developing Student Leaders

The statistics on young people leaving the church (or never attending) is staggering. It is estimated that more than 85% of those who attended church as teenagers were not involved in church within five years of graduation from high school. This workshop teaches leaders how to disciple young people and take them to the next level of leadership, so when they graduate from high school they don’t graduate from church!

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78:24 minutes (8 MB)

I Need a Job! (Helping People Keep Work) by David Spickard & Paula Bryan CCDA Conference 2008


I Need a Job!

What do you do when someone says those words? What if they are an ex-offender, have a poor work history, little education, or few skills? How do you help them overcome these barriers to find and keep meaningful work? Where do you find companies that will hire them? This workshop explores the barriers keeping people in our community from succeeding at work and offer a proven biblically-based strategy your church or organization can use to help men and women find and keep good jobs.

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73:32 minutes (12.63 MB)

Shalom in the Board Room by Glen Peterson & Gabe Veas CCDA Conference 2008


Shalom in the Board Room

A board of directors needs to know its job and have the right tools. Real governance is the highest level of organizational leadership, creating community transformation and shalom. The job of governance is about values, vision, empowerment of both board and staff, and the strategic ability to lead leaders. This workshop looks at a case study of how one board brought added value to a new organization; will help both beginners and veterans.

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70:33 minutes (12.11 MB)

Hector Alicea & Chris Ramsey: Prayer, Peace & the Poor: CCDA Conference 2008 audio


Prayer, Peace and the Poor

This workshop focuses on the importance of prayer (individual and corporate) when serving the poor, and demonstrates how prayer and practical service filled with love and mercy will lead to peace–with ourselves, our clients, our neighbors and our community.

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70:50 minutes (8 MB)

Making Children in Poverty a National Priority by Heidi Unruh CCDA Conference 2008


Making Children in Poverty a National Priority

Almost 13 million children in the US live in poverty. With poverty comes multiple barriers to shalom, the wholeness of life God intends. This workshop makes the theological and practical case that ending child poverty must be a national priority, and will identify key policies and practices toward this goal.

By Heidi Unruh

74:49 minutes (12.85 MB)

Experiental Tools to Train "New Gen" Urban Leaders by Phil Skei & Beth Eckloff CCDA Conference 2008


Experiential Tools to Train “New Gen” Urban Leaders

This workshop provides experiential tools and training structures to develop a new generation of urban leaders who seek the shalom of the city. Those desiring to get others engaged in the inner-city, will learn how to utilize interactive structures like ministry houses and local urban plunges to accomplish this. Tools used successfully by InterVarsity’s Fresno Institute for Urban Leadership will be provided.

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68:22 minutes (8 MB)

Hip Arts: Using the Arts to Bring Peace to Schools by Gilbert Chaidez & Demone Carter CCDA Conference 2008


Hip Arts: Using the Arts to Bring Peace to Schools

Working in schools using the arts allows you to create a space for youth of all ethnicities to come together and create together. This workshop teaches ministry leaders to build positive relationships and bring peace to their local schools using hip-hop and urban arts.

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63:54 minutes (10.97 MB)

Developing Global CCD Partnerships by Troy Jackson, Boler Cuy-Castellanos & Diana Cuy-Castellanos CCDA Confrerence 2008


Developing Global CCD Partnerships

In light of increased global awareness through media and the great work of people like Brian McLaren in his book Everything Must Change, many Christians recognize a need to engage the world, but also know the missionary models of the past century are problematic. This workshop tells the story of an emerging partnership between University Christian Church and Santa Maria de Jesus, and offers practical advice on how to have a global impact in ways that honor indigenous peoples.

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66:16 minutes (8 MB)

Building Bridges with Gays and Lesbians by Andrew Marin CCDA Conference 2008


Building Bridges with Gays and Lesbians

This workshop takes participant through the mindset of gays and lesbians and their thought processes about God and Christianity. It examines The Marin Foundation’s unique research, theory, practice and application on how to effectively build bridges from an evangelical perspective within the broader gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender (GLBT) community.

By Andrew Marin

76:26 minutes (8 MB)

25 Years of CCD in Haiti by Jean Thomas CCDA Conference 2008


25 Years of CCD in Haiti

This workshop discusses how the holistic rebuilding of a poor Haitian community provided a solid basis for shalom, and addresses the spiritual, educational and economic dimensions of Haitian life.

By Jean Thomas

75:32 minutes (12.97 MB)

Church-Prison Collaboratives for Re-entry by Wil McCall & James Reed CCDA Conference 2008


Church-Prison Collaborative Re-entry

This workshop discusses how to connect formerly incarcerated men and women back to community by collaborating with churches, non-profits, neighborhood associations, social service agencies and court systems. This collaboration also helps build and establish healthy relationships with the community and engages the formerly incarcerated to use their talents to restore and revitalize their neighborhood.

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73:07 minutes (8 MB)

Jill Shook & Mary Nelson: Fighting Gentritfication: Housing Policy 101: CCDA Conference 2008 audio


Fighting Gentrification: Housing Policy 101

This workshop offers a brief history of U.S. housing policy and examines models of how people of faith have fought gentrification and created affordability through advocacy. Models to be discussed include: Inclusionary Housing Ordinances, Condo Conversion Ordinances, Second Units at city, state and national levels. Participants gain tools to evaluate which models are most appropriate for their community.

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75:34 minutes (8 MB)

Militarism and Poverty: The Cost of War by Craig Wong & Bob Kaiser CCDA Conference 2008


Militarism and Poverty: The Cost of War

Four decades ago, Dr. King spoke prophetically to the inextricable relationship between America’s militarism and the plight of its poor. This workshop helps the church examine this costly and egregious relationship, and discusses how to bear witness to God’s shalom in the world today.

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74:53 minutes (8 MB)

Noel Castellanos, Wayne Gordon & John Perkins: Q & A with CCDA's Leaders: CCDA Conference 2008 audio


Q & A with CCDA's Leaders

Glean from the wisdom of CCDA’s leadership as they field questions about Christian Community Development. Come with prepared questions!

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75:34 minutes (8 MB)

Youth and Sex: What Can the Church Do? Orlando Liscano, Arthur Athis, Kenny Blanco & panel CCDA Conference 2008


Youth and Sex: What Can the Church Do?

Today’s youth are bombarded with messages that “hooking up” is okay, without understanding the devastating physical, emotional, and spiritual consequences. In this workshop the Project U-Turn team tells the truth about teen sexuality and offers tools that engage minority youth, as well as ways to work within public schools to reach them with positive alternatives.

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68:33 minutes (8 MB)

Global Shalom: Not Just for Us by Brandon Sipes & Curt Luthye CCDA Conference 2008


Global Shalom: Not Just for Us

In order for there to truly be shalom, it cannot be limited to one nation, one ethnicity or one religion. This workshop focuses on the reality that a peaceful and just existence cannot be experienced by only one portion of our world’s population.

By Brandon Sipes and Curt Luthye

66:10 minutes (8 MB)

Rusty Pritchard & Leroy Barber: Environmental Racism in the City: CCDA Conference 2008 audio


Environmental Racism in the City

One of the most insidious sources of injustice in urban America is the uneven distribution of environmental goods and bads. Air and water pollution, toxic waste exposure, traffic and other burdens multiply the economic injustices affecting intown neighborhoods, threatening to undermine other community development efforts. This workshop will help Christians doing community development discover what the church can do to overcome these hazards and create healthy places, caring for creation and caring for people.

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67:59 minutes (8 MB)

Jember Teferra:Social Justice in East Africa: CCDA Conference 2008 audio


Social Justice in East Africa

Learn from Ethiopia’s leading Christian Community Developer as she discusses social justice both in secular and scriptural terms, as well as Christian responsibility to bring about both holistic social justice and peace. She will use case studies from her more than 25 years of ministry in Addis Ababa.

By Jember Teferra

69:03 minutes (8 MB)

Marcos Gamez & David Vega: The Realities of Spiritual Warfare in Community Development: CCDA Conference 2008 audio


The Realities of Spiritual Warfare in Community Development

For too long our para church organizations have struggled to holistically represent God as Word (evangelism), God as deed (community development and relief), and God as sign (God’s power in spiritual warfare). Using efforts in Miami as a basis, this workshop offers a tune up on the spiritual warfare aspect of community development.

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78:54 minutes (13.55 MB)

Hans Tokke & Melvin Hadley: Urban Consumerism and the Credit Crisis (traducción disponible): CCDA Conference 2008


Urban Consumerism and The Credit Crisis

From media, to fashion, to shopping, city people are enticed to indulge in credit madness. Piled on this is the mortgage meltdown that has sent many urban homes into foreclosure. This workshop provides a theoretical background to urban consumerism, marketing, and images that invade the urban community and offers practical tools to help alleviate the credit crunch.

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71:58 minutes (8 MB)

Daniel White-Hodge: Baptized in Dirty Waters: The Gospel of Peace According to Tupac: CCDA Conference 2008


Baptized in Dirty Water: The Gospel of Peace According to Tupac

This workshop focuses on the theological message of hip-hop artist Tupac Shakur as it relates to peace in the city and living within community in the inner city.

By Daniel White-Hodge

69:14 minutes (8 MB)

Getting to Justice by Jay Van Gronginen & Adam Taylor CCDA Conference 2008


Getting to Justice

Peace or shalom comes when there is a level playing field, when citizens have access to power and use it. Shalom comes when citizens use their power and voice to make desired changes. This workshop introduces practical methods and actions any community can take to make positive systemic change locally, regionally, or nationally.

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56:49 minutes (9.76 MB)

Heidi Aspinwall & Krista Dutt: Utilizing Volunteers Without Community disEmpowerment: CCDA Conference 2008 audio


Utilizing Volunteers Without Risking Community Empowerment

Volunteers are an incredible asset to any organization but only if they fulfill the desired outcome of the organization. From donors to well-meaning church groups, volunteers can inadvertently overrun your organization’s mission and trample on your community. This workshop offers ideas on this from organizations from around the country.

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77:24 minutes (8 MB)

Bruce Miller & Steve Noblett: Is there a Doctor in the Hood? Creating Healthier Communities: CCDA Conference 2008


Is There a Doctor in the Hood? Options for Creating Healthier Communities

Everything would be solved if we just had national health insurance, right? Well it might be a good start, but health disparities like obesity and diabetes would remain. So what can your ministry do now to have an impact? This workshop reviews national health care policy and how it plays out in low income communities, provides practical options modeled by the national Christian Community Health Fellowship (CCHF) network of physicians and health care leaders and presents programmatic models.

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75:35 minutes (8 MB)

(re) Building Communities with Art by Mandy Smith CCDA Conference 2008


(re)Building Communities with Art

In 2007 Mandy ran a city-wide art project which revealed the power art has to create community and bring healing. This workshop tells the story of the project and provides resources for other organizations can develop it for their own settings.

By Mandy Smith


61:58 minutes (8 MB)

Rebuidling, Restore, Renew: Faith Community in Under-Resourced Neighborhoods by Geoff Ryan CCDA Conference 2008


Rebuild, Restore, Renew: Faith Community in Under-Resourced Neighborhoods

The 614 Network is based on the scripture from Isaiah 61:4. This workshop examines the strategies of The Network, a cross-denominational movement that emphasizes incarnational community life and a redemptive theology of salvation.

By Geoff Ryan

78:53 minutes (8 MB)

Seabury Nyabero, Jared Onserio & Silas Musyoka: "Mission Tourism" In Africa: A Great Adventure: CCDA Conference 2008


Empowering Christians Through “Mission Tourism”

Tourism is a great source of revenue in Africa, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors and missionaries, serving as a major source of foreign exchange. In view of the needs facing churches in Africa, this workshop proposes how “tourist missionaries” can twin up their adventure with evangelization with CCDA Africa facilitating the process.

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62:16 minutes (8 MB)

Pepe Montenegro : Helping Kids Caught in the Trap of Drugs and Alcohol : UYWI 2004

by Pepe Montenegro
Talk presented Sat, May 15, 2004 Urban Youth Workers Institute Conference 2009.

The war on drugs is never ending and "Just Say No" is falling by the wayside. You will gain insight into the current drug trends and what is being done to address them. You will be equipped with ready to use tools designed over time to help you effectively pull young people and their families free from the traps of drugs and alcohol.

68:37 minutes (15.26 MB)

Efrem Smith & Phil Jackson : Rethinking the Urban Church in the Hip-Hop Postmodem Context : UYWI 2004

by Efrem Smith & Phil Jackson
Talk presented Thurs, May 13, 2004 at the Urban Youth Workers Institute Conference 2004.

This learning lab will explore principles and ministry models for the church to consider as we minister in a world that is heavily influenced by Hip Hop culture and is increasingly multi-ethnic. We will wrestle with needed changes in worship, outreach, preaching, and discipleship in order to bring the gospel to the un-churched of the city.

52:22 minutes (11.06 MB)

Rudy Carrasco - Justice and The Poor - UYWI 2004

by Rudy Carrasco
Talk Presented Sat, May 15, 2004 Urban Youth Workers Institute Conference 2004.

Come learn the biblical basis for justice ministry among the poor. Interact with topical issues of justice such as redistribution of skills and opportunities as well as economic globalization. Open discussion on these and other topics will ensue.

76:50 minutes (16.94 MB)

Steve Lowe : Starting a Juvenile Hall Ministry: Leading Small Groups on the Inside : UYWI 2004

by Steve Lowe
Talk presented  Fri, May 14, 2004 Urban Youth Workers Institute Conference 2004.

Small groups such as Bible studies can provide a safe place for youth to grow in their interpersonal relationships. This workshop provides selected tools that group leaders can use to maximize the maturing process of the youth in their care.

70:56 minutes (15.69 MB)

Larry Acosta : Personal Growth for the Next Generation Leader : UYWI 2004

by Larry Acosta
Talk presented Sat, May 15, 2004 Urban Youth Workers Institute Conference 2004.

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69:52 minutes (16.21 MB)

Brenda Salter McNeil : Operation P.U.S.H. Praying Until Something Happens : UYWI 2004

by Dr. Brenda Salter McNeil
Talk presented Fri, May 14, 2004 Urban Youth Workers Institute Conference 2004.

Jesus always experienced 100% accuracy in prayer. What was his secret? If we are to win the battle for racial reconciliation in this generation we must learn how to pray more effectively. There are powerful, spiritual resources available to us from God that we can tap into through prayer. Come to this seminar and learn how to PUSH–Pray Until Something Happens!

65:43 minutes (16.17 MB)

Jaime Puente : Power Point is Dead: Now What? : UYWI 2004

by Jaime Puente
Talk presented Sat, May 15, 2004 at the Urban Youth Workers Institute Conference 2004.

You've used PowerPoint for years but know that there's a lot more out there, LOTS MORE! Join us as we show off the latest software, tools and tricks that will take your events, camps, youth meetings and worship experiences to a whole new level. Some gadgets are hard to find, yet some of the coolest tools are hiding inside your computer. Go behind the scenes of our General Session media boards and see why VJs are the next new thing.

79:56 minutes (16.66 MB)

Doreen Ong : Tell the Story: Capturing the Imagination to Stir the Soul : UYWI 2004

by Doreen Ong
Talk presented  Fri, May 14, 2004 Urban Youth Workers Institute Conference 2004.

God is not boring, and neither is His house! We've got the greatest story in the world, so let's tell it with gusto, creativity, intrigue and imagination, and stay true to the Word! Doreen Ong, large group programming director for Noah's Place (NewSong Church), shares favorite stories and storytelling tips to make the Bible come to life.

76:36 minutes (16.8 MB)

Kara Powell : What Every Woman in Youth Ministry Needs to Know : UYWI 2004

by Kara Powell
Talk presented Fri, May 14, 2004 at the Urban Youth Workers Institute Conference 2004.

Exciting. Unique. Scary. Challenging. These are all words that describe what it's like to be a woman in youth ministry today. In this seminar, you'lll learn philosophy and tips that will help you not just survive, but thrive, as a woman in youth ministry. You'lll learn practical ideas to help you develop better relationships with your students, your co-workers, and your God.

71:14 minutes (15.41 MB)

Alex Gee : Accepting Your Acceptance By God : UYWI 2004

by Alex Gee
Talk presented Sat, May 15, 2004 at the Urban Youth Workers Institute Conference 2004.

Ministry leaders spend their lives encouraging and supporting other people, yet we rarely have people in our own corner who pour into our lives. This workshop is designed for the leader who needs to really believe that God loves them dearly. In fact, He dotes on us. He sings over us. And He desires nothing more than for his partners in ministry to be confident, encouraged, supported and effective. This all begins with understanding how God truly sees us. Participants will look at Jeremiah 1:5 and Psalms 139 in order to begin the journey of accepting their acceptance.

73:54 minutes (16.99 MB)

James Zo : Developmentally Appropriate Leadership in Urban Settings : UYWI 2004

by James Zo
Talk presented Sat, May 15, 2004 at the Urban Youth Workers Institute Conference 2004.

Young people in urban settings walk through unique stages in life. A leadership philosophy might be constructive for some but destructive for others. How do we differentiate? This seminar provides an essential foundation for effective teaching, counseling, and mission.

58:53 minutes (12.61 MB)

Wounded Warriors

Wounded Warriors - from A Guide to Effective Rescue Mission Recovery Programs by Michael Liimatta, AGRM, 1993

87:38 minutes (80.3 MB)

Alex Gee : Accepting Our Acceptance by God : UYWI 2004

Ginny Olson : Advanced Leadership - Organizing Your Ministry, Staff Management and Strategic Planning :UYWI 2004

Wanda Parker & Jamie Johnson : After School Center Round Table Discussion : UYWI 2004

Jamie Johnson : Beyond High School: Inspiring a Vision for the Future Possibilities for Youth : UYWI 2004

John Lewis : Building a Bridge to a Post-Christian World : UYWI 2004

Mildred Fisher : Child Abuse Intervention and Prevention : UYWI 2004

Joby Harris : Creating Stage Sets and Ambiance with Little or No Money : UYWI04

Chris Hill : Emerging Urban Evangelists Roundtable : UYWI 2004

Chris Hill : Fireproof : 101 Ways NOT to Burn Out in Urban Youth Ministry : UYWI 2004

La Verne Tolbert : From Scratch to Sunday: Organizing Your Sunday School Hour : UYWI 2004

Joy Skjegstad : Grant Writing: How to Get Started : UYWI 2004

Christina Reid : Great Games that Work with Urban Youth : UYWI04

Glen and Brenda Collard : How Can You Measure the Value of One? Reaching Out to Teen Moms and Dads : UYWI04

Job Lara : How to Plan an Effective Mission/Service : UYWI 2004

Tommy Carrington : Implementing a Discipleship Program for Urban teens : UYWI 2004

Fred Lynch : Kingdom "Jack-o-nomics" - Learning Effective Guidelines for Highjacking Youth Culture for the Kingdom : UYWI 2004

Johanna Townsend : Learning Includes Wiggles, Squirms and Speaking Out of Turn : UYWI 2004

Brenda Salter McNeil : Living Out Racial and Ethnic Reconciliation In Your Fragmented Community : UYWI 2004

LaRoya Jordan : Making Scripture Stick with Kids of All Ages : UYWI04

Lori Ybarra & Melanie Hawbaker : Mental , Emotional and Spiritual Development: How to Make Truth Make Sense to 2nd -10th Graders

Michael Mata: Not All Latinos Eat Tacos: UYWI 2004

Jaime Punte: Power Point is Dead - Now What?: UYWI 2004

Pepe Montenegro: Reclaiming Gang-Influence Youth: UYWI 2004

Archie Honrado : Refueling Your Forgotten Soul : UYWI 2004

Efrem Smith & Phil Jackson : Rethinking the Urban Church in the Hip-Hop and Postmodern Context : UYWI 2004

Donna Perkins: Strategic Planning 1- For New Centers: UYWI 2004

Dean Borgman: From Failure to Success in Urban Youth Ministry Programs- Part 1: UYWI 2006

Having watched urban programs succeed and fail since the 1960’s, we’ll discuss critical principles and current resources, including the Ten Stages of Youth Ministry and the Four Basic Questions. Best practices will be discussed and further resources provided.

74:57 minutes (68.63 MB)

Jimmy Dorrell: Holistic Ministry: UYWI 2006

Based on a biblical theology of ‘wholeness,’ it is important that Christians doing community development understand how to assess needs, develop programs, sustain funding, train staff, and evaluate efforts. This elective will focus on integrating faith and appropriate program development that addresses the holistic needs of people.

72:04 minutes (65.99 MB)

Marvin Jacobo & Job Lara: Developing the Right People for Your Youth Ministry: UYWI 2006

Becoming the right person and recruiting the right people are the keys to being successful as you start a youth ministry. Come and learn about these ministry essentials from over 20 years of ministry experience in youth ministry.

72:22 minutes (66.26 MB)

Michael Mata - A Theological Framework for Transforming Your Neighborhood: Nurturing Youth as Agents of Change: UYWI 2006

How do we equip our youth to actually help change their “hood” into a “neighborhood?” Participants in this elective will be provided with a theological basis to develop an
effective ministry that is rooted in building capacity in youth and their community.

79:25 minutes (72.71 MB)

Fred Oduyoye: What's in Your Hand-How to Access Your Community: UYWI 2006

Learning practical approaches to building local relationships and resources for your ministry.

72:04 minutes (65.99 MB)

Benny Salas: Helping Youth Navigate the GLBT Matrix: UYWI 2006

This elective will expose the challenges youth workers face in the area of sexual lifestyle choices and address the various issues youth workers deal with in serving this community.

71:31 minutes (65.49 MB)

Shane Claiborne, Jeremy Del Rio, & Michael Mata - A Dialogue About Living Out Social Justice in Your Community: UYWI 2006

In this forum, a cacophony of voices will invite you to consider what it means to embody God’s Kingdom on earth, and what it looks like to begin enacting God’s justice in our neighborhoods and beyond.

77:45 minutes (71.19 MB)

Justine Conley: Active Listening: Can You Hear What I'm Not Saying?: UYWI 2006

This elective will take a sometimes funny look at how we listen or don't listen to each other. We will address some of the hindrances to active and effective listening. Sometimes our inability to listen can affect our effectiveness in ministry. You will learn practical skills to help you hear what someone is trying to comminicate.

78:32 minutes (71.92 MB)

Evan Chase, Brad Fieldhouse, Mary Glenn, & Ryan VerWys: Building City Wide Networks: UYWI 2006

Dialogue about creating interdependent and collaborative networks as we work together for God's Kingdom. We will talk about why we should network, how to network, what some of the barriers might be. We will discover our roles in the process.

66:48 minutes (61.17 MB)

William Branch: From the Concert to the Classroom to the Corner: UYWI 2006

A Power Point presentation of hip hop’s
progression from music to missions.

70:52 minutes (64.9 MB)

Michael Freeman: How to Build a Ministry on an Urban Public School Campus: UYWI 2006

Our urban public schools have the highest concentration of urban youth present during school hours than any other venue has during non-school hours. This elective teaches how tap into this great opportunity without crossing or being hindered by the line that is supposed to separate church and state.

71:49 minutes (65.76 MB)

Dimas Salaberrios: How to Preach the Gospel to 50 Cent: UYWI 2006

Preaching to 50 cent will empower you to minister to a rap star, wealthy drug dealer or a brother struggling in the community. You will walk away with the information on how to reach a unique type of audience.

72:01 minutes (65.94 MB)

Jeremy Del Rio: Joshua Paradox- Empowering Indigenous Leadership: UYWI 2006

Emerging leaders need mentors and spiritual disciple-makers to invest in their lives like Moses invested in Joshua. As much benefit as he received from his mentor, Joshua
failed to reproduce the investment, and his spiritual legacy did not survive. As indigenous leaders emerge around you, will they find a Moses or will they find a Joshua?

68:17 minutes (62.53 MB)

Benny Salas: Teaching Urban Youth About Good Sex: UYWI 2006

This elective will help youth leaders understand how youth think about sex by exposing the do’s and don’ts of abstinence education. It will also give leaders a chance to deal with the issue that challenge the youth culture of today with issue’s of sexual behavior.

73:30 minutes (67.3 MB)

Kirk Scott & Eric Knox: The Emerging Urban Church: UYWI 2006

Tommy Kyllonen: What the Purpose Driven Urban Church Looks: UYWI 2006

Can it work in my hood? Well, being that the model is based on biblical principles yes, it can! In this elective we’ll discuss what the principles of evangelism, worship, ministry, fellowship, and discipleship look like in an urban cultural context. We’ll explore how an urban New Testament-style church can impact its community.

75:08 minutes (68.8 MB)

Viv Grigg: 30 Years Pioneering Churches in the Slums of Asia- Come Join Us: UYWI 2006

Viv Grigg wandered into the slums of Manila and began to preach. Then in Sao Paulo, then in Kolkàta, India. Out of that came churches, social and economic change. What is thi~ seed of preaching among the páor that transforms poverty and the poor? Could you have a place in planting seeds like this or in being a seed?

80:47 minutes (73.97 MB)

Noel Castellanos: A Day Without a Mexican: Dealing with Immigration & Other Issues Facing the Latino Community: UYWI 2006

In this workshop we will give an update on current immigration reform, as well as look at what we can continue to do to support our brothers and sisters. Caught in the middle of this chaos. Even if positive reform becomes law, we must be aware of the huge challenges we will have to overcome.

79:58 minutes (73.23 MB)

Curt Gibson: A Discussion Regarding Implementing Assets in Your Ministry: UYWI 2006

The Search Institute’s 40 Developmental Assets gives us the framework for how we build healthy students in our community. Participate in a discussion of practices from people who are both theorists and practitioners implementing positive youth development strategies.

73:42 minutes (67.48 MB)

Dimas Salaberrios: A Plan to Launching a Church in the Projects: UYWI 2006

Mayra Nolan: A Volunteer's Role in the Program: UYWI 2006

Jimmy Dorrell: HolisticMinistry: UYWI 2006

Larry Acosta: Being a Leader Who is Solid at Heart: UYWI 2006

How can you continue to lead bold ministries among the challenges of the hood without losing your own heart and soul in the process? In this elective you will gain insights forbalancing life and ministry, Self-care and setting boundaries in singleness and marriage, being a leader of character first, and staying solid at heart.

77:29 minutes (70.94 MB)

LaVerne Tolbert: Teaching Like Jesus in a Post-Modern Culture: UYWI 2006

Francois Augustin: Technology in Youth Programs: UYWI 2006

Are you considering adding technology to your youth program or increasing the capacity of
your computer center? This elective will present what we have learned from
TechMission’s Association of Christian
Community Computer Centers (AC4). The
workshop will feature program models, lesson plans, grants, software/hardware donation, etc.

69:13 minutes (63.38 MB)

Justine Conley: Women in Ministry: Owning and Answering Your Call: UWYI 2006

You are gifted and qualified to~be a daughter of God. This elective will examine who you are as a daughter,. and how you are to be utilized in the ministry of the Kingdom. We will address some of the hindrances to living as we are created to live. Men are welcome to attend as they seek to help empower their female co-laborers in Christ.

73:52 minutes (67.64 MB)

Alberto Cuellar: The New Wild West-The Changing Demographics of the West: UYWI 2006

Come get the facts as they relate to the
ever changing face of America. We’ll look at the trends and stats that describe major ethnic groups ever growing presence, and the implications for ministry at the start of 21st Century on the West Coast.

61:19 minutes (56.15 MB)

Archie Honrado: Creating an At-Home Personal Retreat: UYWI 2006

Busy and no time to go to the mountains for retreat? Retreat is a way of life. A spiritual discipline practiced regularly. Experience a retreat at your own home. Learn how you can put together your own retreat program because only you can understand the rhythm of your soul, your needs and yearnings.

66:06 minutes (60.52 MB)

Michelle Lang: Do's and Dont's of Urban Camp Retreat Praise and Worship: UYWI 2006

Is leading music for your youth group a scary subject? Does it need an upgrade? Properly using music can go a long way in helping your kids draw and stay near to God! Join in the music and get some tools and techniques to help you make music a more meaningful part of.your-youth group’s worship experience.

0 bytes

Noel Castellanos: Eight Components of CCDA: UYWI 2006

Over the last 20 years, thousands of inner- city churches and ministries have worked together to compile a list of eight principles that have guided their approach to urban ministry and community transformation. In this electives, we will present an overview of these eight principles.

62:54 minutes (57.6 MB)

Curt Gibson: Embrace the Chaos of Junior High: UYWI 2006

Junior Highers are real people! In addition, their lives ARE chaotic. Learn how to develop their potential and live a life that reflects their relationship with Christ. We’ll talk about what creates junior high chaos and how to use chaos to your advantage. Hear practical program ideas.

73:33 minutes (67.35 MB)

Eric Iverson: Empowering Your Youth to Serve- Going From Renters to Owners: UYWI 2006

Junior Highers are real people! In addition, their lives ARE chaotic. Learn how to develop their potential and live a life that reflects their relationship with Christ. We’ll talk about what creates junior high chaos and how to use chaos to your advantage. Hear practical program ideas.

79:58 minutes (73.23 MB)

Efrem Smith: Engaging Urban Youth Culture: UYWI 2006

Urban youth make up various sub-cultures which give us insight into the values, language, and customs of this emerging gener ation. This elective will explore aspects of hip-hop, multi-ethnic young, gangs, and other urban youth subcultures. Theology and practical ministry models designed for engagement will be presented as well.

78:51 minutes (72.19 MB)

Marvin Jacobo and Dario Lariosa: Family Guy- An Old School and New School Perspective on Balance & Ministry: UYWI 2006

Sometimes we need to be “reminded and “refreshed” by “revisiting” those foundational principles that govern our roles as a man, husband, a father. It is also our desire to equip you with some fundamentals concerning how to balance both family (our 1st ministry) and our roles as urban youth workers.

74:12 minutes (67.94 MB)

Dean Cowles: Funding for the Future: UYWI 2006

Rudy Carrasco, Jeremy Del Rio & Jaime Puente: Have You Seen Your Kid's MySpace?: UYWI 2006

Ruben Austria: Helping Incarcerated Youth Transition Back into Society: UYWI 2006

Tali Hairston: A Dialogical Model for Youth Ministry: UYWI 2005

Justine Connely: Active Listening- Can You Hear What I'm Saying: UYWI 2005

Chris Brooks: Beyond Networking- Developing City-Wide Strategic Relationships: UYWI 2005

Fred Lynch: Coaching Kids for the Cause- Empowering Teens to Reach Their Campus: UYWI 2005

Bill Dillon: Designing a Fundraising Strategy for Your Organization: UYWI 2005

Tommy Kyllonen: Developing a Relevant Message: UYWI 2005

Cheryl Beard: Developing a Strategic Plan for YourMinistry: UYWI 2005

Bill Dillon: From Non-Donor to Major Donor: UYWI 2005

Brian Jenkins: Helping Youth Launch Youth Entreprenuership Programs: UYWI 2005

Donna Rene Hopkins: How to Help Youth Navigate the "GLBT" Matrix: UYWI 2005

Amy Sherman: Introduction to FASTEN (Faith & Service Technical Education Network): UYWI 2005

FASTEN (Faith And Service Technical Education Network) offers a website rich with hundreds of practical, relevant resources for urban youth workers. It includes how-to skills, model programs, free curriculum, grant writing advice, information on best practices, and more. Come see his demo of the website, and take advantage of all fasten has to offer your ministry.

58:00 minutes (53.11 MB)

Ruben Austria: Ministry to Adjudicated Youth: UYWI 2005

Alex Gee: Preferring One Another- Striving for Racial Healing: UYWI 2005

Efrem Smith: Raising Young Heroes: UYWI 2005

Jimmy Lee: Starting a Church- Based Recovery Program: UYWI 2005

Heather Starnes: Street Soldiers- Understanding the Disease of Youth Violence: UYWI 2005

Brenda Salter McNeil: The Heart of Racial Justice- How Soul Change Leads to Social Change: UYWI 2005

Shane Claiborne: The Irresistible Revolution- Justice for Our Cities: UYWI 2005

Christian Washington: Thriving in Ministry- How to Avoid Burnout: UYWI 2005

Adam Durso: Using the Arts to Attract the Unchurched & the Hard to Reach: UYWI 2005

Curt Swindoll: What Makes Great Boards Great: UYWI 2005

Phil Jackson & Efrem Smith: Youth Ministry in the Hip-Hop Postmodern Reality: UYWI 2005

Pamela Epstyne King: Assets in Action: UYWI 2006

Virginia Ward: Awakening the "Two-Faced" Urban Church Youth: UYWI 2006

Brenda John: Beyond Hoping and Dreaming- Equipping Youth for the Thirty Something Years: UYWI 2006

Exploring the difference between raising good, godly kids and preparing kids to be great and godly adults. Get some practical reality learning ideas that will help prepare your youth to succeed in the adult world.

73:23 minutes (67.19 MB)

Tommy Kyllonen: Building an Economic Base to Fuel Your Emerging Urban Church: UYWI 2006

Can a young urban church really become self-sustaining? It’s definitely not an easy journey, but with perseverance it is possible. Come get some practical advice and creative ideas as you hear Crossover’s story of how they’ve grown to 7 full-time staff members in just over 4 years.

51:32 minutes (47.19 MB)

Daniel Hill: Church-Based Community Development: UYWI 2006

A prophetic message by John Perkins eventually led to an inner-city Chicago church plant focusing on worship, reconciliation, and neighborhood development. This elective will be a sharing some of the lessons we have learned dealing with issues of holistic urban transformation and howto integrate community development church.

75:27 minutes (69.09 MB)

Wayne Gordon and John Perkins: Developing Leaders from the Community: UYWI 2006

The sustainability of an effective urban ministry is fueled by the presence of indigenous leaders in .every area of ministry and leadership. Learn biblical, principles and key best practices that can be utilized to create a ministry culture where young men and women are prepared to become the next generation of church and community leaders in your city.

71:26 minutes (65.41 MB)

Tommy Carrington: Developing Student Leaders- Involving Youth In Your Ministry: UYWI 2006

Pamela Epstyne King and Kelly Schwartz: Holistic Urban Youth Ministry-Applying Two Nationwide Studies: UYWI 2006

Kafi Carrasco: How Does Your After-School Program Impact Academic Growth: UYWI 2006

Learn about creating academic goals for your after-school program. Also learn what are some limitations to your after-school program, and how to work around them to move students to higher academics. See a model and discuss practically what you can do for your program.

76:16 minutes (69.83 MB)

Luis Villarreal: The Middle Class Disconnect- Can Those In The "Middle" Mentor Urban Youth Effectively? : UYWI 2004

Luis Villarreal, Kenneth Scarborough & Trudy Swain: The Whole Mentoring Enchilada-The Spices that Make it Good: UYWI 2004

James Zo: Understanding Generational Issues in Immigrants Families: UYWI 2004

Brian Bakke: Using Creative Arts to Connect with Urban Youth: UYWI 2004

Michelle Lang: What's Good About Waiting?- Teaching and Talking About Abstinence: UYWI 2004

Curt Gibson: A New Evangelism In Urban Ministry: UYWI 2004

Romanita Hariston: Justice and Redistribution: UYWI 2006

Am I my brother’s keeper? This elective will take a theological, social and economic look at the issue of justice and redistribution. It will explore how and why redistribution can help, hinder or stand mute as a way to build healthy community or address the issues facing urban communities.

74:52 minutes (68.56 MB)

Kafi Carrasco: Launching a Performing Arts Program: UYWI 2006

Alise Barrymore: Live Strong, Live Long: UYWI 2006

Ruben Austria: Mentoring At-Risk Youth: UYWI 2006

Mentoring is one of the most effective and least expensive forms of ministry, and is a wonderful tool for reaching-young people - who need adult support. This elective will explore different models of mentoring, som sàriptural principles that make- mentoring
work, and provide some practical guidance on how to start a mentoring program.

18:17 minutes (16.75 MB)

Christy Lambertson: A Roadmap for Beginning Activists: UYWI 2007

So, you’ve decided that you want to work
for social justice but you’re not sure where
to start? In this workshop, we’ll discuss
what activism is and isn’t, the theology and
spirituality of activism along with practical
how-tos. Learn how to avoid burn out,
collaborate with diverse groups in your
community and empower yourself and others
to advocate for social change.

64:01 minutes (58.61 MB)

Noel Castellanos: A Theology of Shalom: UYWI 2007

Shalom is a biblical concept that pushes us
as Kingdom people to examine the depths
of our understanding of wholeness, justice
and community. In Jeremiah 29, the Lord
commands his people to pray for and to seek
the shalom of Babylon, where they were
in exile. In this workshop, we will explore
how to do the same in the marginalized
neighborhoods of our nation and world
in such a way that people’s lives are
transformed and communities are revitalized.

51:04 minutes (46.75 MB)

Jeremy Del Rio: Adopt a School - An Idea Whose Time Has Come: UYWI 2007

Move the debate beyond non-denominational
prayers and private school vouchers. Explore
ways to engage public education reform
one school at a time. Equip your students
to become the men and women God made
them to be. Dare we expect that test scores
might improve and the trillions currently spent
on public education be managed better?

53:22 minutes (48.86 MB)

Deshonna Collier: Baptized in Dirty Water - Emerging Urban Prophets: UYWI 2007

This session will discuss the relationship
between hip-hop and the church. It seeks to
address three basic concerns hip-hoppers
approach the church with:
What have you taught me? Where have you
sent me? Where are we going and
when will we get there?
Until we begin to look at the strong criticisms
of the church that many young people hold,
we will not be able to reach them. We will
delve into the lyrics of many rap legends,
including Tupac Shakur, Lauryn Hill, Kanye
West, Nas, and others, to decipher at what
point can we forge a ministry opportunity with
the hip-hop culture.

70:17 minutes (64.35 MB)

Juan Gonzales: Benefits of Multimedia in Youth Ministry: UYWI 2007

This generation of youth is multimedia
orientated. This class will teach you some
of the basic ways to use multimedia for your
benefit. You will learn about topics from
ordering your services, using video clips in
your messages, to making videos.

44:31 minutes (40.76 MB)

Ginger MacDonald: Beyond the Used Car Seat - Reaching Out to Teen Moms: UYWI 2007

Teen moms are at-risk for dropping out of
your program and high school. Many times
the church doesn’t know what to do. Discover
how your program can help the teen mom
when she needs help the most. Discuss
key issues from current statistics to spiritual
matters to helping her plan for her future.

53:32 minutes (49.02 MB)

Shelton Mercer: Bridge-Layer or Bomb-Thrower - The Intergenerational Church: UYWI 2007

So you’ve got the “…all nations…” part of the
scriptures down pat, right? Many emerging
urban ministries are reflecting on the diversity
of the city as people from various ethnic
groups gather regularly. How many old-heads
or O.G.s are in your ministry? Are the haves
and have-nots equally valued? This session
will challenge and inspire you to consider
whether you are building bridges or lobbing
grenades at age and class groups.

54:03 minutes (49.49 MB)

John Liotti: Building Community Partnerships: UYWI 2007

You’ve heard the proverb, “It takes a
village to raise a child.” Likewise, it also
takes inspired partnerships to change and
impact your community. You just can’t do
it alone! This workshop will give you an
overview of what it takes to build successful
community initiatives from inside and outside
your community. We will include building
suburban/urban partnerships and developing
collaborative and cooperative relationships
within your community. Come and be inspired
to see how much more we can do when we
work together!

54:35 minutes (49.98 MB)

Jay Grant: Building a Prayer Team That Will Battle for You and Your Ministry: UYWI 2007

Every leader and ministry will face times
of intense spiritual warfare, as well as
seasons of great challenge, frustration
and discouragement. Intercessory prayer
and worship overcomes the fiery attacks
of the enemy, as well as bringing release
from hindrances in our personal lives. This
workshop teaches you how to build a team of
effective prayer warriors and intercessors who
will stand with you in the battles you will face.

49:09 minutes (45 MB)

Anthony Flynn: Building and Maintaining Your Youth Ministry Team: UYWI 2007

This elective is a guide on how to bring
others along with you to share the ministry.
It gives helpful advice about intentionally
putting together a team of co-ministers- -
people who will share in the inner workings of
the ministry. Leaders will walk away learning
how to become more successful and effective
in youth ministry by being equipped with
specific strategies, tools, and ideas to build a
team-centered youth ministry.

48:11 minutes (44.12 MB)

Edward "Spec" Bayonet: Campus Design - Architecture is Language: UYWI 2007

What does your facility say to people?
There’s always potential! Crossover’s older
building has blossomed into an innovative
model. As the visionary for the campus
master plan - come check out this session
that will discuss creating specific space for
fellowship, prayer, sports, children and more.
You’ll see how being intentional about light, art,
paint and patio blocks can go a long way.

67:42 minutes (61.99 MB)

Juanita Irizarry: Capitalism and Christianity - How Did We Get to "the American Dream with a Jesus Overlay"?: UYWI 2007

Inspired by this phrase from author Tom Sine,
“we will consider whether money has become
our God in this country.” As we do so, we will
look at some history of religion and politics
in the United States. And we will think out
loud together about the implications for what
we should be teaching our urban youth as
we seek to be models for them and mold
them into mature Christians and “successful”

40:42 minutes (37.27 MB)

Jose Dobles: Charity Does not Equal Justice - Looking at the Important Distinctions: UYWI 2007

Jesus was not killed because he healed the
sick and fed the masses but because he
questioned the way the sick were treated and
why poverty exists. Are soup kitchens and
clothing drives enough or is Jesus asking us
to dig deeper and find a different approach to
addressing the injustices we see plaguing our
country? This workshop will explore what we
need to do to be more faithful to Jesus’ call to
“carry our cross” and follow him.

61:45 minutes (56.54 MB)

Gregg Moder: Children and The Kingdom of God - Theological Reflections on Urban Ministry from Matthew 18:1-14: UYWI 2007

This text radically re-images the importance
and value of children from a Kingdom
perspective providing a provocative
theological framework with implications
in particular for urban youth ministry. For
revolutionaries only.

55:41 minutes (50.99 MB)

Ben Stephens: Christian Collegiates Gone Wild - Bringing the Gospel to the College Campus: UYWI 2007

This class will be designed to start campus
ministries and to develop strategies for
ministering to the college student and campus.

54:03 minutes (49.49 MB)

Micah Espinoza: Community Based Strategies for Reaching Hip-Hop Culture: UYWI 2007

In this workshop, you will explore strategies
that fall outside the context of traditional
church-based outreaches to urban youth.
There will be a case study on a successful
community-based organization that is
effecting practical change in the day to
day lives of youth and connecting them to
the local church. You will walk away from
this workshop with an understanding of
community-based organizations and practical
tools that you can immediately put to use in
your ministry.

68:37 minutes (62.83 MB)

Vince Campbell: Contextual Theology (Part 1): UYWI 2007

Taking a brief account of how the interaction
between theology and culture has been
perceived throughout the history of the
church, this workshop will synthesize the
various approaches in order to provide a
biblically-based approach toward an allinclusive
theological method with special
attention to the theological reflection of urban
youth culture.

79:58 minutes (73.22 MB)

Larry Acosta: Core Competencies of the Next Generation of Urban Leader: UYWI 2007

What is in your leadership toolbox? What are
the micro-skills that Next Generation Urban
Leaders need? This learnshop will clarify
the core competencies that will distinguish
effective city-changing leaders from the rest
of the pack.

61:40 minutes (56.47 MB)

Josh Chavez & Jonathan Decuir: Creating Relavent Worship Experience for the Urban Church (Part 1): UYWI 2007

Do you want to know why a certain approach
to praise and worship works or doesn’t
work in your services? This 3 hour lab will
introduce the basic “dos and don’ts” of
worship, particularly for an urban setting. You
will learn what attitudes help or hinder the
flow of worship, as well as how to engage the

63:07 minutes (57.79 MB)

Mayra Nolan: Creating a Voluneer Strategy that Works: UYWI 2007

From building community to setting up an
environment for successful ministry among
your volunteer staff, we will cover everything
from background checks to backyard BBQs.
Learn from our research and experience
along with nationwide best practices on
recruiting, training and the invaluable time
and heart-work of volunteers in your ministry.

50:28 minutes (46.2 MB)

Amy Jacober: Cultivating Theology Today: UYWI 2007

Many of us are told to have our theological
beliefs guide all that we do but are never
told what this really means or how this
plays out in real life. Recognizing your own
theology and being intentional to reflect on
it will begin to unravel this mystery. We’ll
spend some time doing just this and giving
tools and resources for impact long after the
conference is over.

46:32 minutes (42.6 MB)

Lisa Leith: Culturally Responsive Teaching/Learning in a High Risk Context: UYWI 2007

This seminar begins with a review of the
current literature around meeting the
educational, social and emotional needs
of the student who may be at-risk. We will
explore the impact that race, culture, socioeconomic
status, chaos, media influence and
other factors can have on a student’s ability
to successfully participate in the classroom.
Most importantly, we will investigate what
teachers can do to help students overcome
barriers to positive academic and life

59:47 minutes (54.74 MB)

Blinky Rodriguez: Dealing w/ the Spirit of Violence - A Holistic Ministry Approach to Servicing the Youth Gang Population: UYWI

The Spirit of Violence is attacking the minds
of youth and young adults through every
known air wave, (i.e., multi-media, video
games etc.) A holistic approach to serving
gangs begins first with building relationships
before you can serve the many needs of
a wannabe or active gang banger. In this
workshop you will learn practical steps to
begin the process in your community.

57:52 minutes (52.99 MB)

Evan Chase, Brad Fieldhouse, Mary Glenn & Ryan VerWys: Develop A Citywide Prayer Movement: UYWI 2007

Brad Fieldhouse (p.45) Ryan VerWys (p.56)
Come join the dialogue about creating a
citywide prayer strategy, as we partner with
God, who is calling us to pray for and in
our cities. We will talk about why we should
pray, how to network with others who are
praying to bring together a collaborative
prayer movement, what some of the barriers
might be and we will discover our roles in the

66:34 minutes (60.95 MB)

Lina Thompson: Pacific Islander Roundtable- Rebuilding the Island Community: UYWI 2006

Discussing the issues that we are encountering as Islanders and those who ministers to the Islander Community as we work In a collaborate effort to meet the needs of Island-youth and families.

78:24 minutes (71.79 MB)