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Teaching that Changes Lives (Part 2)

UYWI Training Workshop 2002 Listen
76:41 minutes (52.66 MB)

The Messenger, Message and Method

UYWI Training Workshop 2002 Listen
93:44 minutes (64.37 MB)

Juggling Marriage and Ministry

UYWI Training Workshop 2002 Listen
40:09 minutes (27.57 MB)

Hip Hop 101

UYWI 2001 Training Workshop

70:55 minutes (48.7 MB)

Jeremy Del Rio: WWJD (What Would Jay-Z Do?) - Engaging Youth Culture: UYWI 2005 Audio

In the last thirty years hip hop has revolutionized pop culture while evangelical Christianity has created an insular subculture. How have self-proclaimed “controversies” like Eminem and “hard-knock” lifers like Jay-Z sold millions of records to suburban kids all across America? Fundamentally, it’s because Jay-Z and his counterparts have become better fishers of men than we are. They identify with kids’ pain and address their needs in language they understand and in a forum they frequent. The question for the Church is no longer whether to engage, but how to do so effectively.

54:29 minutes (6.24 MB)

Jeremy Del Rio, Michael Mata, Shane Claiborne: Living Out Social Justice in Your Community, Part II: UYWI 2006 Audio

A panel of workers in urban ministries discuss the often-contentious topic of social justice, striving to flesh out its implications - both for ministry and for one's personal life.

23:07 minutes (2.65 MB)