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Audio by artist mae_cannon

Mae Cannon: Social Justice: Moving Your Congregation From Apathy To Advocacy: CCDA 2007 Audio

This workshop provides practical steps for moving a suburban congregation from a point of apathy to active engagement with social justice issues.  We will talk about some of the barriers that suburban churches face and how to overcome them.  We will address both individual and corporate ideas about how to live out social justice within your congregation.

76:03 minutes (8 MB)

Shalom in Your Personal Calling by Mae Cannon CCDA Conference 2008


Experiencing Personal Shalom

What does it mean to be at peace with your calling and to be a prophetic voice wherever God has planted you? There is a delicate balance between trying to tilt the scales without blowing up the community to which you are called to minister. Agents of justice are always pushing against perceptions, perspectives, and the system. Experiencing peace (shalom) in our personal callings is a necessary component to being in the game for the long haul. This workshop focuses on learning how to live in God’s “shalom” as you live out your calling.

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65:35 minutes (8 MB)

Mae Cannon: Social Justice Handbook: Small Steps for a Better World: CCDA 2009 Audio

Living out Christ’s call to respond to the needs of the least of these is a vital component of the Gospel message. This workshop, based on the title of Cannon’s book, provides practical tools for moving individuals, communities, and churches from apathy to advocacy for Jesus’ sake. It teaches the Biblical process of spiritual transformation and new birth necessary to become an advocate for the poor and oppressed.

71:01 minutes (65.02 MB)

CCDA2010-Mae Cannon- Developing A Dynamic Staff Team

CCDA2010-Mae Cannon- Developing A Dynamic Staff Team

67:00 minutes (61.34 MB)