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Tools for Sustaining Leaders in Ministry - Leverage DeVos by Curt Gibson CCDA Conference 2008


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66:54 minutes (8 MB)

Curt Gibson: A Discussion Regarding Implementing Assets in Your Ministry: UYWI 2006

The Search Institute’s 40 Developmental Assets gives us the framework for how we build healthy students in our community. Participate in a discussion of practices from people who are both theorists and practitioners implementing positive youth development strategies.

73:42 minutes (67.48 MB)

Curt Gibson: Embrace the Chaos of Junior High: UYWI 2006

Junior Highers are real people! In addition, their lives ARE chaotic. Learn how to develop their potential and live a life that reflects their relationship with Christ. We’ll talk about what creates junior high chaos and how to use chaos to your advantage. Hear practical program ideas.

73:33 minutes (67.35 MB)

Curt Gibson: A New Evangelism In Urban Ministry: UYWI 2004

Curt Gibson - Working with the School System - UYWI 2007

Let’s move beyond the Bible Club. Come
hear how public schools are partnering with
churches and faith-based organizations
in ways that would have been considered
“unheard of” 20 years ago. Mentor programs,
after-school programs and church adopt-aschool
programs are just a few ways that
faith groups and public schools can interface
on behalf of the student. We will discuss
several models that will take you beyond
basic programming but will NOT discuss the
latest debate or legal issues surrounding
prayer in schools.

62:30 minutes (57.23 MB)

Curt Gibson - Mentoring Urban Youth For Life Change - RELOAD 05-06

Mentoring is a relational experience in which one person (mentor) empowers another (mentee) by a transfer of resources.  Who was that “one” for you?  Mentoring is one of the most powerful, yet under utilized forms of transformation.  It is still the best strategy for strengthening youth from broken families!  Explore key models of mentoring, core-characteristics of good mentors, learn best practices for having great talks in your mentoring relationships, and get  practical ideas you can used in your existing programs or to launch a mentoring program in your community.

77:06 minutes (70.59 MB)

Curt Gibson: Tools for Sustaining Leaders in Ministry--Leverage (DeVos): CCDA 2009 Audio

True wisdom manifests itself in decisions that are consistent with God’s long-term plans, not reactive decisions based on the challenges of the moment. Exercising leverage is all about making wise choices based on a deeper understanding of the ‘big picture,’ and includes an examination of what has led to the current situation and what may happen as a result of various courses of action. This workshop discusses how to reconceive one’s appoach to handling common situations in order to sustain leaders.

71:36 minutes (65.56 MB)