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Luther Whitfield-General Session - RELOAD Indianapolis 05-06

by Luther Whitfield
Talk presented Sat, November 1, 2005 at Urban Youth Workers Institute RELOAD Indianapolis 05-06.

47:45 minutes (11.44 MB)

Tim Ware - How to Ignite a Social Justice Revolution in Your City - RELOAD 05-06

Over half of the world’s population lives in desperate poverty and the vast majority of those people are children.  Can you imagine a movement, motivated by people of faith, which interrupts the cycle of poverty and reverses the systems that keep the impoverished oppressed?  What constitutes injustice and what should our response be to the unmet needs of children and families in our communities who deserve better education, more mentors, and access to learning practical life skills?

How do we move from “band-aid” solutions to bringing about lasting change?  This session will:
•    Help you to answer these questions and moreRead more Listen
79:35 minutes (72.88 MB)

Michael Mata - Conflict Transformation: Peace Building in an Era of Conflict - RELOAD 05-06

Our cities are in a world of hurt!  As such, our communities and often our own lives are filled with conflict.  Fractured relationships and historical differences have resulted in misunderstandings, suspicion, mistrust and rage.  Christians are to be intentional agents of reconciliation and peace-building.  Learn skills for identifying the sources of conflict and dealing with it constructively whether in our personal relationships, school, workplace, church, home or community. 

73:16 minutes (67.08 MB)

Steve Gerali - Counseling Urban Youth - RELOAD 05-06

The pain and trauma of growing up today is overwhelming.  Issues like suicide, sexual abuse, gang violence, sexual identity confusion, pornography, and race riots, almost make drugs, alcohol and premarital sex seem “tame” by comparison!  Since none of us feel adequately prepared to deal with these challenges, let’s learn together and develop some critical helping skills that go beyond the day-to-day support of a shepherd.  Gain valuable strategies and resources for helping youth face, identify and work through their brokenness.

62:25 minutes (57.15 MB)

Noel Castellanos - Developmental Urban Youth Ministry - RELOAD 05-06

Explore the unique characteristics of a youth ministries that are ‘developmental’ in both philosophy and practice.  Developmental Youth Ministry sees evangelism, discipleship, life-skills development, education, and a radical commitment to social justice and community transformation as essential to the process of raising up a new generation of emerging leaders in our ministries.


79:11 minutes (72.5 MB)

Curt Gibson - Mentoring Urban Youth For Life Change - RELOAD 05-06

Mentoring is a relational experience in which one person (mentor) empowers another (mentee) by a transfer of resources.  Who was that “one” for you?  Mentoring is one of the most powerful, yet under utilized forms of transformation.  It is still the best strategy for strengthening youth from broken families!  Explore key models of mentoring, core-characteristics of good mentors, learn best practices for having great talks in your mentoring relationships, and get  practical ideas you can used in your existing programs or to launch a mentoring program in your community.

77:06 minutes (70.59 MB)

Larry Acosta - Being a Leader Who Remains Solid at Heart - RELOAD 05-06

Let’s face it, urban leadership is a high calling, but a most difficult one at that!  How can you continue to lead bold ministries among the challenges of the hood…without losing your own heart and soul in the process?  How can you lead from a position of greater wholeness and health?
In this session, you will gain insights for:
•    Balancing life and ministry
•    Self-care and setting boundaries in singleness and marriage
•    Being a leader of character first, and
•    Learn the best practices for staying solid at heart.

75:18 minutes (68.95 MB)