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Korean Culture

Korean culture influences Koreans living in America today. This broad overview of Korean American statistics and trends will provide the youth worker keen insight into serving Korean American youth. It is important to remember that this overview does not depict all Koreans or Korean Americans. It should be understood as a generalization based on history and noted trends. It is also important to remember that the longer a Korean family has been in America, the less likely they are to follow predictable Korean patterns of behavior and the more likely they are to have meshed American practices and values into their lives.


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Koreatown tolerance is model of promise



Racism usually ushers notions of strained black and white relations. However, in the very diverse Los Angeles area, Korean and Latino relations have evoked recent interest and study:



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10 Things You Can Do to End Online Segregation

Ending online segregation is about using online tools to leverage your social network and friends in order to advocate for social justice. Every person could help bring thousands of dollars of resources to at-risk communities with just a little effort toward ending online segregation. The following are some important ways you can help end online segregation:


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Greater Boston Chinese Community Service Brochure (Grace Chong 08-09)

Member Name: Grace Chong

Service Site: Quincy HERC

Site Location: Quincy, MA

Project Description:

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On Being Korean American and the role of church in many Korean people's




With the influx of Internet use, young people are taking advantage of the wide audience to voice their many opinions. Z&D: Korean American is one of many Internet magazines created by and for young Korean Americans. This author is one of many writers who wants to voice her opinion on being Korean American and the role of church in many Korean people's lives.

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A Champion of Justice in Korea

Michael I. Choi, Michael (2006) “A Champion of Justice in Korea.” Public Justice Report. Quarter 1.

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