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Is Grant Writing Still Viable in THIS Economy?

By: Jeffrey J. Rodman, M.Ed., CFRE, CGS

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Study Guide for Chap. 7 of the Gospel Rescue Mission Update "Internal Business & the Mission Community"

This study guide contains helpful questions for members of Christian communities.

Misgivings, Joseph McCafferty

Recent studies raise an uncharitable question: Is nonprofit accounting off track?


Who Are Accountants, Anyway?What Do They Do?, Barbara Clemenson

Barbara Clemnson offers an explanation of what accountants do. 


Curso 406 - Teología de trabajo


Curso 406 - Teología de trabajo ( 3 créditos) Este curso se verá en la teología del trabajo y cómo el trabajo se inscribe en el ministerio y el Reino de Dios. < / p>

Profesor: TBA

Semana Uno

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Accounting/Finance Volunteers

Charles L Dick Jr
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