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Humbled to Tears

So you may have seen my YouTube video of Tondo, Philippines. Well here I am to tell you about it. Before we arrived we where warned about the smell and the living conditions in Tondo aka: Trash City. So going in I was trying to mentally prepare myself for what I was about to witness. There is no proper prepare time to what I saw and smelled and felt yesterday. When I say these people have nothing I mean nothing. Children walking around in filth, naked and barefoot in literal trash. It was like n

Hello from the Philippines!!

FIRST BLOG POST FROM THE PHILIPPINES! Wow it has been an amazing first few days in the Philippines and I am excited to share what this time has looked like for my team. We are working with street kids from Manilla at a camp called New Beginnings, where they have a roof over their head to sleep, good food and water and lots of space to play. Our ministry role so has not been evangelizing to the people sharing the gospel, but by being an example of Jesus to these street kids. As they live on the

Beautifully Messy!

I have only been in the Philippines 11 days but somehow it feels like a lifetime ago and leaving the states is a distant memory. I can only describe this past week as beautifully messy. I’m not going to sugarcoat it, it has been rough. I failed to mention that during our travels I came down with a major cold. The 14-hour flight from Taiwan to Philippines were the longest hours of my life (altitude pressure was my enemy). One of the things they tried to stress to us was when you start to c

My Friend Nat

My Friend Naté Since arriving in the Philippines we've had the privilege of living life with our boys at the Children's Garden, sharing the Gospel with street kids, working in prisons with men and women (you'll hear more about that in another blog - they are awesome), and getting to know our new friend Naté. Naté used to be one of the boys who lived here at the Children's Garden, and now that he's 20, he's going to college to be a teacher! About two months ago he started e