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Masters of Science, Technology, Society, and MinistryCity Vision College/TechMission is announcing a new online accredited Master's Degree in Technology and Ministry. In the past 15 years, we have helped train thousands of people in using technology and ministry. We are excited to be able to turn much of that experience into an accredited Masters program. The program is modeled after Science, Technology and Society programs like at Stanford and MIT, but with a focus on practical application toward ministry.
Visit: MTM Program Website

7th cityTechMission's Executive Director, Andrew Sears, explains in Christianity Today's latest online issue why Christians need to use technology to fight poverty. "Christians often resist technology," he said. "We are fighting battles against injustice, but are using antiquated tools. It's like the other side has tanks and jet planes, and Christians are fighting with sticks."


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City Vision College offers year-long internships with free accredited college courses in exchange for serving in urban ministries across the country. It's like a "work study" program, but where you gain practical experience in the organizations where you want to serve on graduation. Learn more at the City Vision internships website.

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What If the Goal of Our Economy Wasn’t More But Better?

Submitted by Godspace

Advent and the Christmas season are racing towards us at warp speed and the hyper-consumerism that has already invaded our favourite stores is incredible. I hate it. And I find myself wanting to change the culture in which we live. And to do that I think we need to do what The Story of Stuff Project suggests:(...)

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I'm not really even sure what to say today.  Happy Birthday Brooke.  You captivating human.  

Quite the pouty face.  About the cutest baby human around. And the funniest.

Despite my charming haircut, I love these pictures.  And how lady like Brooke and I are sitting.  Susan tells me that Brooke used to sit by my crib and remain very attentive when I was a babe. I love that. We are our mother's daughters.

Brooke and her life was beautiful. B

Surrender...Who me?

Control. It is this thing most of us strive to hold on to. We look for it in the smallest areas of our life, and we freak out when we lose it in the biggest areas of our life. This is something I have struggled with for a majority of my adult life, and if we are being honest, most of my adolescents as well. And then God spoke. He reminded me that my control over every facet of my life was hindering His ability to work through me. I had created a mental block in my own life that kept me from wan

I'm No Savior

In one of my classes this semester we have spent much of our time reading the many patterns of historiography, which refers to both the methodology of a particular historian and to the development of historical study itself. Enthralling, I know but I think the most important thing that I have learned is that the world is a far more complicated place than we could ever understand. No matter the amount of reading, no matter the amount of lectures you listen to, you will never understand the world