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Malagasy Saturday

Hello Family and Friends!  I was gifted with another video that I wanted to quickly pass along to you all! This one gives a little visual of one Saturday in Madagascar! Although we were crazy blessed with a large, quiet, safe compound to stay in - we wanted an opportunity to go out and spend time with local people in the city! So we asked our translator to guide us through the madness of Malagasy public transportation to the city center, to wander through the famous markets, eat ice cream,

Travel Dazes

Enjoy a little video about R squads travel dazesssss........

I'm Basically a Doctor

I'm basically a doctor now The race introduces you to a lot of different skill sets, and this week I was exposed to one I never thought would happen. I pricked peoples finger and drew their blood to test for Malaria. Yes. You read that right. I'm now basically a doctor. The patient would come in and hand me their medical passport with a bittersweet grin caked on their face, and then they'd wait patiently as I opened all of the packages needed. There was an alcohol swab, finger pricker, plast

The Pain of Free Will

The Mags are in Indonesia for another three weeks of “Ask the Lord” ministry. After spending a few days in Jakarta, we made our way by train to the city of Banyuwangi. Our first day here we decided to walk around the town and get a feel for where places are- mainly to find out where good restaurants are, where we could buy snacks, and where we could get coffee (because food is definitely a priority on this team. We love to eat). We made our way back to the train station and we were

"I just want someone to listen to me"

The word "listen" has been around me a lot lately. I believe that is God's way of telling me to listen to Him. How often do you just sit and listen without any distractions? Often times we listen with the purpose of giving advice, but we don't necessarily listen just to hear what the other person has to say. Listening is a very important thing that I personally need to practice doing-especially when it comes to listening to God. He has so much to say, but I always seem to be rushing to the nex