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month ten // moldova

month ten came and went. it's hard to believe that tomorrow morning my squad and I fly to Spain. month eleven is almost in full swing and holy smokes, time has literally flown. in exactly one month, i'll be stateside. HOW DID WE GET HERE. WHAT HAPPENED. month ten was beautiful. this month we worked with the local baptist church. we put on kids club every day and worked with the youth. we spoke at church on sunday's and became worship singers. it was restful and refreshing and just plain fun.

Don't freak out.. but I got a tattoo.

Don’t freak out.. but I got a tattoo. Some of you might say that’s awesome! Others In my life might be freaking out. But I first want to tell you the why behind, getting a tattoo. What happened when I got it. And now why I’m even telling you... Growing up I saw tattoos through a very conservative southern lens. Tattoos were seen as trashy, gross and very bad. I thought all tats were either a big heart that said “I LOVE MOM” a skull or a big rose tattoo. I didn&rsq

Flowers of Kyrgyzstan

Spring is here! We moved south to Kyrgyzstan from Kazakhstan and with the move came warmer weather. The mountains and city alike held plenty of beautiful flowers. The fresh air brought new life in many ways. After feeling very wore down by the race, the mountains solitude brought strength back to my heart, mind, and soul. And with it the flowers also returned. Kyrgyzstan was probably one of my hardest and favorite months yet with a perfect ending in the mountains Enjoy!

Flowers of Mongolia

Mongolia flew by! By far the fastest two weeks of the race. All my time was spent walking the streets of Ulaanbaatar to and from the Chinese Embassy. But during my walks I passed many flowers and was able to sneak a few photos. We even had one day rock climbing in the hills and I was able to enjoy the wild flowers of Mongolia. I think I found my new favorite flower! Points to whoever can guess which one. Enjoy!     and sometimes, in May, the flow

Don't Go On The World Race.

I’m 18 years old. It’s been quite the year. I turned 18 in July, right after going to training camp for the race. In the last 9 months, I’ve seen more of the world and of God than ever before. But as I finished these last few weeks of the race, I can’t help but reflect at the Lord’s goodness in my life up to this point. I’m at a loss for what I’m supposed to do with my future, but I can’t find a time, looking back at my life so far, where the Lor