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Being Interrupted

I saw the time and quickly finished drinking my coffee got my things and headed to work. I pulled out my phone to continue reading Acts and to listen to music. I’m about 20/30 min away from work so I set out.   As the second song starts to play I immediately turn off my phone. I automatically start to tear up.    I love You Lord, and I lift my voice To worship You! O my soul, rejoice!   Take joy, my King In what You hear May it be a sweet, sweet sound In Your


Happy Fri-YAYYY my people!! I hope you have had a wonderful week and I want to thank you for stopping by my blog today to check out post #21 of my month-long blogging extravaganza! Today is also day #7 of my 11 day country series, which means we will be talking all about the country that my squad and I will have the pleasure of serving in during the month of April... yooouuuu guessed it, it's SERBIA!!!    GEOGRAPHY & POPULATION: Serbia is a country of Southeast Europe's Balkan

Storyteller [video]

  On the rooftop in North Africa.     Let’s tell the story. Jesus proclaims freedom to the captives, releases prisoners from darkness, comforts those who mourn, exchanges beauty for ashes! I have seen Him do this in my own life and in those around me. What a privilege to reflect on and record all that He has done. He is the truth. These stories of redemption point to Him. Let’s tell the story!    Check out this beautiful story recently told by Landry!

"Why Do You Love God?"

This is an excerpt from my journal on the evening of 9/20/18. There is some ugly, raw truth in here that I am not necessarily proud of, but I felt the Lord leading me to post.   Today I met the wisest 12 year old along the side of the road. She spoke phenomenal English. After exchanging names, (her name is Su-Tee & that is the best way I could think to spell it) the first question she asked me was “Why do you love God?” First off….what twelve year old asks this?? S