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Masters of Science, Technology, Society, and MinistryCity Vision College/TechMission is announcing a new online accredited Master's Degree in Technology and Ministry. In the past 15 years, we have helped train thousands of people in using technology and ministry. We are excited to be able to turn much of that experience into an accredited Masters program. The program is modeled after Science, Technology and Society programs like at Stanford and MIT, but with a focus on practical application toward ministry.
Visit: MTM Program Website

7th cityTechMission's Executive Director, Andrew Sears, explains in Christianity Today's latest online issue why Christians need to use technology to fight poverty. "Christians often resist technology," he said. "We are fighting battles against injustice, but are using antiquated tools. It's like the other side has tanks and jet planes, and Christians are fighting with sticks."


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City Vision College offers year-long internships with free accredited college courses in exchange for serving in urban ministries across the country. It's like a "work study" program, but where you gain practical experience in the organizations where you want to serve on graduation. Learn more at the City Vision internships website.

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Lets Get Creative – Doodle Your Way Through the Lenten Calendar

Submitted by Godspace

Several people have sent me links to wonderfully creative Lenten practices that make me feel – I wish I knew that before Lent! If you are like me now that the first week of Lent is over you may be looking for some more creative inspiration. So I thought that I would make Saturday a […]

Final Push...Urgent!

As members of the same body, I'd like to let you in on a need of our squad.  Here we are :o)... (Picture taken in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam...aka Saigon) Here's the deal.  The following squad mates are still in need of funds...the deadline...MARCH 1st.  I wanted to make you, our prayer support, aware.  Please, please send up prayers for our squad as we head into the second half of the race!  Pray first and if you feel led to give, go for it :o), knowing that prayer is more

Day 49

Okay so I know that it has been a little while since I last blogged.  I am truly sorry that it has taken me so long to send you all an update about how the race is going and how God is moving.  I will start where I left off, at the end of Month One. During our last week of ministry in the DR, my team was asked to plan an English camp for the children of the village.  We prepared a bible story, skit, craft, and game time for the kids.  There were about 50 kids that attended.&

Draganesti, Romania - Pache

Welcome to all squad month #2! So for the month of February, my team has been living with the rest of the entire squad. All 41 of us under one roof, eating at one table, cooking in one kitchen. It feels cramped. It feels overwhelming. And I'm going to miss it so much when everyone moves and leaves and next month begins.My squad's first all-squad was month 2, in Ongole, India. And India was a blast. Ministry was overwhelming, living conditions were simple, and the heat was unbareable. But

Secret Things Belong to the Lord

So I'm sitting here and I'm thinking about the race. I'm a little discouraged... Ok a lot discourage. I'm trying  everything I can think of to raise my support and I feel like I keep hitting brick walls. I've called church after church over the past few days to ask about speaking about the trip and I've got 5 solid answers of  no and not a whole lot more of anything. I start stressing because I have raised less than $4000 and still need SO much stuff and I don't have enou