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All We Need is Love

Submitted by Godspace
By Talitha Fraser —  It’s Australia’s turn to have the Marriage Equality debate.  Rather than allowing a conscience-vote in Parliament, this week the Australian Government has launched a non-binding plebiscite on the definition of marriage, which has lead society and media at large into a free-for-all bun fight. While this is largely a bid for […]

Can You Hear Me Now?

At the beginning of August, my team chose individual goals for the month to help us stay intentional with our free time. I wanted to grow in intimacy with the Lord through prayer. I planned to spend 20 minutes in prayer in the morning and 30 minutes in prayer in the evening. However, the Lord changed my prayer life a lot more than just in the amount of time spent.  Every Wednesday in India, I stayed home and helped cook with my teammate Grace. She is so wise, and I learned so much through

When you go down a forbidden staircase in a Romanian salt mine...

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Life in Battambang

     I'm currently laying on a balcony in Cambodia, listening to the strums of my fellow squad mates guitar flow faintly through the village streets. I live in a home with 48 other people. It's full of laughter and love as people and village kids come in and out of the doors. We crowd around the fans as we come in sweaty from a day full of ministry.The house is lively and I feel so at home with people who were strangers a couples of weeks ago.      We have been wak

Believing In Jesus vs. Believing Jesus

Think about this: the disciples had spent three years with Jesus.  They had followed Him all over Galilee and all the way to Jerusalem.  Most of them had given up a lot to follow Jesus on a risky mission, so they obviously believed in Him.  But then things started to get dicey. Quickly.  There was a riot and Jesus was taken by the religious police.  After that, Pete, their unofficial team captain, panicked and threw Jesus under the bus.  Then Jesus went and got hi