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Meditation Monday – Dance Your Way to Reconciliation.

Submitted by Godspace
by Christine Sine. Last week I shared my blog post on the Facebook group Holy Disorder of Dancing Monks and commented How can we dance when there is so much violence in our world. Just after that I came across this inspiring article Fight Fascism with A Dance Party. in Yes Magazine. It made me wonder: What are the […]

Bulgaria Update!

This has been a beautiful month, and also one of the harder months since I’ve started the race. I can’t quite understand why, but the Lord is faithful through it all. I’ve been exhausted and not feeling the best, but I’m thankful for the joy that the Lord continues to bring. It started out with Eric and I going to Santorini for a week away for our marriage. It was such a sweet time of rest and just getting to hang out with one another alone. It is such a beautiful place

You Will Be Missed

Four more months done and another team change coming our way. I continue to stand by my statement that life on the World Race is at time warp. Days feel long but, months go by too quickly. These past four have flown by at an even faster speed and I am not ready to say goodbye to these incredible women I’ve had the blessing of doing life with.  (video made by my incredible teammate, Linsey!) WARRIORS, I wish I had the words to explain how much I love and appreciate every single one

Peru: While in the Jungle

Peru was a great month full of emotion, tears, and fun. The Lord has brought us to the end of an excellent year, but it is only the beginning of what God is going to be doing in my life and my squad as well. I hope you enjoy the video. 

Where was God yesterday?

My teammate, Sierra, wrote a blog about one of the hardest days myself and three of my teammates had in Nepal. If you're following my journey you will want to read this one! Love y'all! Kayce     ***Names in this blog have been changed to respect the privacy of my friends. We are working with a ministry that builds relationships with women who work in brothels and dance bars. The ministry offers these women an alternative job (sewing and crafting), housing, and discipleship. Y