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Albania Recap and Redefining Ministry

When I started my month in Albania, I had my ideas of what ministry looked like on the World Race.  I was, in part, expecting to always be in poverty stricken areas where basic needs were unmet.  While some locations have been like that, these past two months have been different.  Being in Europe, most physical needs are already met, but I learned that there’s so much under the surface that you can’t see.  When we got to Albania, there was a familiarity to bein

Travel day

We have been moving around a lot this month and I loooove travel days because it gives us the opportunity to discover more about the landscapes of the country we are in, it means we are gonna get to discover a new place, step into the unknown and have new ministry opportunities or even make us grow in our relationship with God as travel days can sometimes be challenging...It challenges our patience, our trust in the Lord that He is gonna provide, our trust in each other, it teach us to always se

FUN FACTS: Malaysia

•The people of Malaysia are called Malay. •All Malay people are forced to be muslim. •The punishment for a Malay person is imprisonment or whipping for switching from Muslim (known as speaking illy of Allah) to another religion. •If a Malay marries a non Malay they both must become Muslim. If one of your parents is Malay you must become Muslim. •Every neighborhood has a mosque. •Public prayer rooms are literally everywhere. Restaurants, parking garages, airport

War Remnants Museum--Vietnam War

Our last days in Vietnam were spent in Ho Chi Minh for a thing called LDW--a time for us as a squad to rest, reflect, and use our gifts to encourage our squad. While we were there, my teammate Maggie, squadmate Sara and I went to the War Remnants Museum--because I cannot be in Vietnam and NOT go to something related to the Vietnam War (which is called the American War of aggression in Vietnam). I would just like to share about what I saw and my thoughts on it. Going into it, I had heard th

Join Me in Praying!

Hey guys! Lately, I have had a lot of people asking how all of you can be praying for me, so here’s a list of prayer requests! - Pray for my fundraising. In just 8 days, I have to hit my next fundraising deadline, so please pray that the rest of the squad and I hit that deadline, so we can all continue our race. If you feel called to donate, go to the bottom of the blog for the list of people and donate to me, or you can donate to my teammates, some of whom are also in need of financial s