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Was Jesus Really Born In A Stable and Why Does It Matter?

Submitted by Godspace

by Christine Sine

Advent is half over. We still wait for the arrival of the Christ child. But to where will we welcome him? Do we really want him taking up residence in our homes or is easier to relegate him to the stable, to see him as an outsider, not really part of the family? Seeing Jesus in an out of the way place where disreputable people like shepherds can come to worship without us having to worry about them messing up our homes makes life easy for us. We get that glow that tells us Jesus is here but there is very little commitment required of us. 

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A Contemplative Service for Advent

Submitted by Godspace
 For the past 4 years, Cedar Park MB Church in Ladner BC, Canada,  has held a contemplative service to mark the beginning of Advent. My good friend Tom Balke just sent the outline and photos to me and the pastor, Lee Kosa has graciously given us permission to share on Godspace:


!!Quick Update!! Current Location: Kampot Province, Cambodia Ministry for Month 5: Teaching English and the Word, door-to-door evangelism, and spending time with children Percent Funded: 79.86% Final Deadline: 13 days ago… Why is there a picture of me staring off into space in my sleeping bag? I’ll tell you, but first, I will ask you a question. Do you ever find yourself feeling…...detached? Like everything around you isn’t really happening, or at least isn

Adios Costa Rica! ????

Howdy there,As most of you all know I have been living in Costa Rica for the past 3 months! It has been crazy being here just from all the things that I have learned within such a short time. It truly is a blessing to be here. There are things that the Lord has open my eyes to in my time being here. What I have is not mine, Community and Relationships, Finding Joy, and my relationship with the Lord. The First is realizing that what I have is not mine. It was and sometimes still is hard for me t

welcome to my day in swaziland

November 14 2018 — welcome to life here in swaziland!!!!  i thought I’d give you guys a first hand look at what life looks like on a daily basis. (even though I’ve been living life here for about 2 and a half months!!!) this is my routine from tuesday — friday!!!  from our compound in the morning to the bus ride to ministry to serving food to playing and meeting my kids to then back to our compound !! this has been my life for 3 months !!! routine is good bu