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Teeth Marks and Answers

Well if you have never been a part of an angry mob then you probably will not relate very closely with parts of this blog. This month we are in Mongolia, and the plan was to spend the first week in Ulaanbaatar applying for Chinese visas and preparing for the final month of the Race. The teams were to spend this time writing proposals for where they felt led to go throughout the final month. There were so many options: visit Mongolian nomads, trek into the wilderness, go west and see the eagle hu

Embrace the Thumbprint

They say there are about 7 other people in the world that look like you. I personally have been told I look like a young Demi Lovato, someone's cousin, Adele, and other random people. While I'm extremely flattered because dang, some of my vocal "idols"..I mean DEMI??? (Yeah right but she's so beautiful..but I'll take it as a compliment)..I will never be identical to those people. No matter what I do, it is impossible to look just alike. There are makeup artists that do look-alikes of celebrities

Blood, Rice, Demons, Hair & Groceries

Kathmandu, Nepal The short time I’ve been in Nepal has been so different then the rest of my race thus far. Our squad has been back together this week which means one never knows what kind of shanagins will occur... Let’s start explaining the title now. Blood: Our squad was asked to help a nonprofit organization who has a banquet house whose mission is to simply love people well. We were able to be apart of this through talking and praying for people and serving them food. Iris al

Random experiences of a Filipino on the world race

* Hey Jackie Chan!! ( is what the little kids in Haiti called me. They loveeee kungfu movies there lol) * Nepalese people starts to speak Nepali to me...(daily occurrence here in Nepal, my face seems to fit in here :) ) * “Hey Spanish boy!! “( Jamaican man yells at me to try to sell me something. There are actually a lot of Asians in Jamaica due to some economical migration, but they are mostly Chinese descent. So I guess to this guy I didn’t pass the “Asian” look