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Family Connections

Submitted by Godspace
Hailey Joy Scandrette – This reflection is excerpted from the book, Belonging and Becoming: Creating a Thriving Family Culture,  chapter 5, A Thriving Family Fosters Connection. At their best, the words family and home represent safety, love and acceptance. Growing up, I was fortunate to experience the reality of these words. There are obviously many factors […]

My Heart is in Zim...

yMy heart is in Zimbabwe. I love the culture, the atmosphere, the people, and their overall perspective on life. I want to experience and see more of how you've captivated the hearts of those who live here and are willing to be bold in their culture and bring others into that. It's not just a show to speak the NDebele language- it's actually quite beautiful and I'm in love with it and them! Psalm 119:76 May your unfailing love be my comfort, according to your promise to your servant. Here's a

The Day I Couldn't See the Sunrise.

Going into Africa, the Lord gave me the phrase to dwell in the fullness of my presence. In Zambia that looked like a season of silence. Where I received the words stay and wait, sit and rest from my mentor and learned how to quiet my spirit to align it with His. I learned how to hope. I learned how to receive grace. In Botswana it looked like recognizing my fullness in the Father’s. Wherein I wrote a list of all things He says I pour out, and it wasn’t until the end of that list tha

VIDEO: Team Manna

Here's a video about Team Manna and our experiences together in Mozambique! 

Happy Feet

The kids here love to dance and showed us how they do here in Rwanda. This is the second time they've danced for us and I got to capture it on video! They take turns going by grade...although you can see that the little ones join in almost every time. My heart is filled with so much joy and I can't stop smiling when I watch these little angels! Sorry for the shakiness and blur...I'm still learning to use the video setting of my camera.