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Worship and Prayer

  The month we spent in Turkey was full of worship and prayer, which I enjoyed very much. We started the month with a “burn” - which is 100 hours of prayer and worship. Then, we served at a house of prayer for the second half of the month. As we prepared to leave for Turkey, the Lord gave me the words prayer and worship. This was so cool since my ministry this month was all about prayer and worship.  In preparation, the Lord also told me that it was not only to be used

Frustrated & Yet filled with Hope

  Hola! Buenos Caminos!   How are you? I hope this blog post finds you well!  Currently, 6 friends & I are hiking a famous and historic Pilgrimage called Camino de Santiago. The Camino de Santiago is a network of pilgrimages leading to the place where the remains of James were buried.  My friends & I are hiking this Camino for a variety of reasons, several being it's a great time of reflecting on this year & what God has done in

Mattress Surfing: Am I Doing This Wrong?

I know how to savor joy that I’ve wrung from the tough fruit of pain, but how on earth do I accept joy that isn’t borne of heartbreak? The past two years of my life have been hard. Good, but hard (I was surprised that it can be both). I learned a lot about embracing hurt and letting God comfort me, about searching hard to find joy in something deeply painful. But I have realized that I let myself get stuck in that mindset. I’d been tensely holding onto God’s hand for so

10 Things to Take Away from Debrief

Before I begin the list, debrief is a time where the squad goes away from our central location of ministry for a few days to have a mini-vacation. This was our first, so we were gone for 5 days in Jaco. We stayed on the beach in a hostel called Room2Board. Each day, we either had a team meeting to discuss the past month, a one-on-one with a leader (if desired), or a session at night. If nothing was planned for you or your team, you could do whatever you wanted - walk into town, lay out on the be