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What words do we ever have to express our love well?

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What are we DOING?

Parent blog:   We are 4 weeks out until we leave for our Parent Vision Trip (PVT) and it’s starting to look real. We’re tacking a couple of days in Delhi before our PVT to Hyderabad so we’ll be gone from home 10 days. Ten days with just carry on luggage! Before this point, a trip to India was not on our radar, and now suddenly we’re getting malaria meds, typhoid shots and worrying about getting “Delhi belly”. The process to get a visa for our trip while

Until Next Time Mate

   Wow 3.5 weeks is gone and we are saying goodbye to Australia. It was a great first month of this journey. The whole squad of 40 was together most of the time this month which made for some fun times getting to know each other on a deeper level. This also created some chaos, controlled chaos I will call it. Over 30 girls sleeping in one room is bound to form some sort of chaos :)     I feel like this month was a month of development. Development of community among us as a

Meditation Monday – Going For The Gold

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