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Just A Mom

Submitted by Godspace
By Shelby Hofer – In the midst of an emotional breakdown last night I uttered a cry of complete desperation to my husband, “I am just a mom!” and was drawn up short by just how true that feels to me these days. Now, I don’t mean “just a mom” in the sense of what […]

Was The World Race Worth It?

Well, this is it. This is my final blog for the World Race and the end of this journey. I’ve had a lot of thoughts and feelings about leaving the Race. Some good and some bad, but I’m starting to understand some of it. I don’t understand the World Race at all; no of us can fully understand it. Some of my squad was asking each other this question recently “Was it all worth it?”. So I began to think if I really thought all of this was worth it and then decided to writ

I Would See More Fruit at Home

  The first 5 months of the race were hard physically, emotionally, and spiritually. My Month 1 in Mozambique was physically challenging. I went from 30below weather to 120 degrees with 80% humidity. There was no fan, breeze, or shade. Our shelter from the sun was a 2 person room and there were 6-7 of us. My diet changed significantly. The beetles, spiders, and moths attacked us like the zombies in the Walking Dead. My Month 2 also challenged me physically. We had no toilets for a while,

The BEST Month Yet, ALBANIA!

Albania was a month of rest and finding a fresh perspective on all that God is doing in us through the World Race. I have been so beyond blown away by the friendships and beauty that have come out of our sixth month on the race. THANK YOU Jesus for blessing us with such a sweet ministry and vibrant community in Albania! Take a look at the video that Anna Beth put together for our ministry host in Albania. I have thoroughly enjoyed spending a month with R116 and know that they will continue to i

Snapshots of Albania

I am so thankful for those of you clicked on this link expecting a long post, and ready (with a mug full of coffee in hand, of course) to read all the words. But lucky for you, this post is just going to be a quick update of what ministry has looked like this month, along with some snapshots of what both ministry and Pogradec looked like. Like most months on the Race, this month has flown by, but this month has been one of the most life-giving, sweet months of my Race thus far. While many month