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Are Men Really in Charge? Women and Headship with Lucy Peppiatt | S1 E6 (EP-64)

Submitted by Groans From Within

Subscribe via iTunes or Google Season 1, Episode 6 (Spring Season, 2018) The idea of headship is odd to modern readers of the New Testament. Paul’s view of women in the church and home is one of the most challenging teachings to understand. In this interview, Lucy Peppiatt helps us to demystify 1 ...

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Goody Goody!

This month has been amazing! I love Romania and the beautiful people I get to work alongside here in Hope Church! This month was special. This month I am in Draganesti-Olt, Romania! Me and my team are staying in a mission house along with two other teams doing all different ministry! Hope church is beautiful and Raul our host is the BEST! He loves all of us so well. We started this month with spending 3 hours with Raul asking and talking to each Racer that will be here! I have had some pretty

The Lie of Comparison

At the beginning of this month I had the opportunity to speak in front of 80+ World Racers! (Initially extremely intimidating) Taking it way back to before the race I want to paint a little picture of how I got here. In August I was praying and asking the Lord what he wanted me to grow in this year. One thing was prayer and the other was public speaking. I started to laugh at the thought of public speaking but the Lord gave me a vision. A white room, blue chairs, and lots of people. I decided,

I Need To Pick My Head Up

Have you ever just been walking to a destination and eventually when you get there you think to yourself, “How did I get here?” What I mean is I realized that when I walk I often just look down to the ground and go on autopilot to my destination. This usually happens when I’m walking to familiar places so I can only be sorta focused and I can still get there. To be a little transparent sometimes I feel that way when I’m driving... Don’t judge I know you have been th