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Do You Need A Good Sabbath Rest – Read This Prayer

Submitted by Godspace
I posted this prayer on the Facebook page Light for the Journey this a few years back. It is a beautiful prayer and I wish I knew who wrote it. As you enter this weekend and prepare for your own Sabbath rest, sit quietly for a few moments and rest your own soul. Read the prayer aloud […]

SORRY MOM part 2

Leaving the Ukraine was gut wrenching. (Especially when everyone comes down to the train station to see us off *cue the waterworks*)  This is a little insight into what debrief in Budapest was like.  Budapest ranks as my second favorite debrief so far, mostly because I knew exactly what I wanted to do as soon as I got there. 


It’s been some time since I have written a blog (pardon my serious writers block)!   FILLING IN ON WHAT HAS BEEN HAPPENING IN RWANDA.   I am now writing to you from Rwanda, Africa. Everything about this place is great! I got a new team this month and they ROCK! I thank God for giving me such sweet teammates/friends. My host, Fatier, is the sweetest women you could ever meet and the family here are the most servant hearted people I’ve encountered. Everyone here is so ca


 So, I have these things I like to call thoughts. They are just random writings that I write in my journal or type up when I’m feeling particularly inspired. And what do you know, something I wrote a year and a half ago just came back to hit me hard. This last week, I’ve felt challenged to come home from training camp and really start to question, what needs to die in me? I’ve got a whole list of things to tackle in the next 6 weeks. I want to live fully for Christ and wit