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There's beauty in the ashes

Imagine yourself standing in the middle of some forgotten slum nestled in the alleys and back roads of a third world country. Can you see it? There’s no grass, no fences and certainly no trees for the children to play in. All that exists, all that they have, are cinderblock shacks that droop like willow trees from the skinny wood planks and nylon advertisement posters that frame them. Close your eyes and soak in the poor, the starvation, and the desperation. In your mind, try to wrap your

Philippines In Review

Well, the Race sure has accelerated at a pace that I never anticipated! I'm already in Thailand working with a church that does outreach in the Red Light District here, but I must take a blog post to briefly describe my month in Manila. After spending a few days in Debrief, our entire squad of 33 missionaries traveled a little ways outside the city of Manila to the Kids International Ministries compound.  Their facilities were well accustomed to accommodating large groups of volunteers, an

Calling All Angels

My dear friends and family, this blog is a special call.  Just a day before we leave to head to our 3rd country together, the Lord has asked me to reach out on behalf of my beautiful squad.  On February 30th we had our 3rd deadline to have the $13,000 each raised and our 4th and final deadline of $17,700 to be fully funded is quickly approaching.  I truly believe that I speak for all of F squad when I say that if one of us is not fully funded, none of us are fully funded.  If

Albania Check-In. (Aka an overview of my entire life rn).

These first two weeks in Albania have been nothing short of amazing. We’ve already been plugged in with a local youth group, started helping with our church’s Sunday services and done some house visits, kindergarten visits and an orphanage visit (can I get an amen for holding cute little babies all day?). On top of that, we’ve already made some awesome friends from the local universities and high school, who we are hoping to pour into more over the next three months. And we got