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My House In Bucharest

R O M A N I A I’m still here in Romania, the most beautiful country I've been to yet.  Our ministry in Alba Iulia was cut short due to the Parent Vision Trip (PVT). Since my parents didn’t come, I had the option to either help out behind the scenes of PVT, or go to Bucharest to let the Lord lead us through Ask The Lord (ATL) ministry. The decision wasn’t hard. I’m happy where I am, in Bucharest, staying with three other girls in an air b&b. It’s

Awaken the Soul

What a neat surprise to be able to meet up with another squad on the field and have some time to intentionally pour into one another while seeking a word from the Father. For an extended weekend, we gathered together and reconnected from Training Camp. I loved getting to spend time with the D squad folks and learn from them. Each day we had worship, prayer, breakout sessions, fun time, and a message from Gary Black. We were able to bridge hospitality, intercession, worship, and storytelling int

Beach by Day, Bars by Night

Picture this with me for a moment. Roads with constant movement streaming by. Sun shining down through the palm trees, kissing your skin as you walk through the town. Cafes, nail salons, and souvenir shops line the road- all with their owners calling out to you and smiling as you walk by. The sounds of crashing waves and views of families enjoying the many water sports available as you walk along the sand of one of the most beautiful beaches. The refreshing feeling of a splash in the ocean as

WorldRace >Bachelorette Edition<

When fundraising for the race you are given a lot of advice, you are asked a lot of questions, and hear a lot of assumptions. One of the things I heard most often was something along the lines of "you're going to meet your husband on this trip". After speaking with the girls on my squad we came to the conclusion that this is a pretty common statement amongst our friends and family. Hearing these things tend to open a door in your mind. However, close the door.... And close it quick. Reality is