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The importance of exegetical preaching in the Christian Church

Submitted by Christian Theology
Everyone claims to be doing “exegetical preaching”. There is no camp that says, “We’re going to stick strictly to isogetical falsifications of the text.” There is no camp that doesn’t claim they are preaching the… More

Getting Our Families Ready for Advent and Christmas

Submitted by Godspace

I love getting ready for the Advent and Christmas season and am already planning our activities and decorations so thought you might like to do so too. I update this resource list each year but realize that many of you may not see that so thought that this year I would repost it too.

Think Outside the Box

In some ways I am a traditionalist when it comes to Advent celebrations. I love to set up our Advent wreath and decorate the Christmas tree. However I also like to get creative during the season and love to encourage others to do the same.

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"Adopt-a-Box" and Highlights

  “Adopt-a-box” to help me be fully funded by November 30th!   Highlights on the World Race, so far:   Meeting the President of Vision for Children in Chile and daydreaming on ministry opportunities for when I come back home or for the future, wherever I end up. Meeting local artist, Julio, in Cusco and hearing him talk about his passion for art and meeting his family. Watching God connect us to our AirBnB host, Sarah, who is a logistics coordinator for

I didn't believe in God.

I did not believe in God.   I have had my doubts my whole life about how big our God is by constantly putting him in a box that is way to small for him. I doubted how good he is because of how life is so unfair and painful at times. I doubted that he would choose a sinner like me to go out to the nations and tell of his great love. I doubted that since I did not meet the requirements for this race that there was no way possible he was calling me to go. I doubted that I could ever raise $1

Nov 12, 2018

we were sitting in her tent, for five years she’d lived  away from the land she  had known as home fleeing war-torn Syria, she lives in the camp in the valley of Mt. Lebanon; for sometime we enjoyed  one anothers company and  shared God’s love with her sleeping babies in our  arms, sharing miracles of  our savior Jesus both in the gospel and  in our own stories— stories of deliverance stories of forgiveness&