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Dear X-SquadLetters From Past Racers, Part 2

Here are letters from two of my sister's squadmates!     Dear 4th Generation X-Squad, When Bethany asked us to write to y’all I immediately got super excited and then almost in the same heartbeat was filled with instant anxiety. Finally the chance to word vomit all of my feelings and thoughts to those who would benefit the most from it – Racers fresh off the field – but also, dang, what a daunting task. You are so fresh, still sunburned and with a dirt-stained

The Hardest Part About Training Camp was God

Hello followers! I am not sure how many there are of you out there, but here is my first blog post after experiencing something with the World Race… training camp last week!   Since May 5th, when I graduated, life really has not stopped. After graduation, I went straight to a conference with Reformed University Fellowship (RUF), then on a cross country road trip with a friend from college, and finally to training camp for the World Race in Gainesville, GA. I had absolutely no idea

A Letter To My 23 Year Old Self

In about 10 weeks I’ll be turning 24. Which is crazy because last time I checked I had just celebrated my 23rd birthday in El Salvador with new friends, a Dora piñata, and cake. The 42 weeks since then have been life changing. I’ve grown into a person I only dreamed about and have more joy that ever before.  ••••••• Dear Hannah,  Wow, 22 was a year. A year full of goodbyes. A year full of heartbreak. Let’s be honest, it was

Chasing the Green

We arrived in Split Croatia on June 18, and we are excited and expectant for what God has for us in our time here. We know we are not here by accident, simply because of all the random things that got us here… when we were searching for places to stay we typed in every imaginable combination of words into the search bar on Air BnB and NOTHING came up in our price range, until one of the girls got an e-mail from someone she had been talking to sent her a link to houses on Air BnB with very

Craig Keener on Acts, Paul, and Miracles | S1 E9 (EP-67) – Paulcast

Submitted by Groans From Within

Subscribe via iTunes or Google Season 1, Episode 9 (Spring Season, 2018) In this episode, Kurt chats with biblical scholar and classicist Craig Keener. He has done extensive research on the book of Acts including producing a massive four volume commentary, which some have said may be the largest commentary ever produced on ...

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