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Kids Only

There is a children's club in Malawi. For the sake of security, I will not reveal the name, but that doesn't mean I can't share it's heart. When I hear the term 'street rat’, I'm sure I'm not the only one who jumps to the charming Aladdin who steals and thieves to the beat of catchy tunes, but in Malawi, it's a sad and very real problem. There are children who come from abusive homes, parents who cannot support them, some are orphaned, and they all come together in the streets. It's the o

What happens when a Chicken is your roommate

Three stories from our life in the village: 1. One day I walked into our room and found Jo (my hilarious teammate) sitting upright on her knees on her small wooden twin sized bed. She looked at me and said “Kim! I was bending down behind the bed to grab my sports bra that had fallen and to my horror and surprise, I found a chicken just laying underneath the bed!” It was about maybe 2pm in the afternoon. Jo has a huge phobia of chickens. If one even flaps its wings too fast she will

Goodness and Grace

Holy cow my best girl got married to the love of her life on this side of eternity. Praise the Lord. It's an everyday kind of love. Getting a ride to the Hilton from the hotel and then from expedition racers so we didn't have to walk in the cold. I wanted fries at chick fil a but I didn't wanna pay for them but Jenny gave me her extras fries. Dancing to church clap with D Squad and someone was holding their baby while they joined in. The meal table, with everyone gathered around playing gam

Love From El Alto

This month of ministry has been such an amazing one. We are in a small little town called El Alto, straight up the mountain from La Paz, Bolivia. El Alto is home to a ton of stray dogs, a corner store with knockoff oreos, and three incredible homes that offer rehabilitation to teens and children struggling with addiction. Mission Adlum was founded by a missionary from Holland who heard the Lord tell her go to Bolivia. She has such a passion for these children and for their lives be restored.&nbs