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Masters of Science, Technology, Society, and MinistryCity Vision College/TechMission is announcing a new online accredited Master's Degree in Technology and Ministry. In the past 15 years, we have helped train thousands of people in using technology and ministry. We are excited to be able to turn much of that experience into an accredited Masters program. The program is modeled after Science, Technology and Society programs like at Stanford and MIT, but with a focus on practical application toward ministry.
Visit: MTM Program Website

7th cityTechMission's Executive Director, Andrew Sears, explains in Christianity Today's latest online issue why Christians need to use technology to fight poverty. "Christians often resist technology," he said. "We are fighting battles against injustice, but are using antiquated tools. It's like the other side has tanks and jet planes, and Christians are fighting with sticks."


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City Vision College offers year-long internships with free accredited college courses in exchange for serving in urban ministries across the country. It's like a "work study" program, but where you gain practical experience in the organizations where you want to serve on graduation. Learn more at the City Vision internships website.

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A Journey Toward Home – An Exciting New Resource Now Available.

Submitted by Godspace

It here, its here, its here!  I am very excited to announce that after months of hard work by Kristin Carroccino, we have launched  A Journey Toward Home: Soul Travel For Advent to Lent.  For most of us, the birth of Christ conjures up images of a dirty stable where Jesus and his family are alone(...)

A Heart of Sacrifice

So, in the bible study I am a part of right now, we are in a series on commitment to different aspects of how we can be fully committed in our faith.  One thing we discussed tonight was sacrifice, and truly putting other people first, as a way to commit to loving our friends. It got me thinking about our culture, and how rarely we see a person put someone else's needs before their own, or give of themselves to make another person's life better. We live in such a dog eat dog world where we

Dear Training Camp...

Dear Training Camp, I am not your biggest fan. Thank you for forcing me to see through the lens of uncomfortableness and the messy side of life.  I walked into training camp not knowing one thing about it. I did not envision that it would be a super difficult thing or super uncomfortable, but I did not read any blogs about it. The only thing I read was the packing list. I am a no schedule, no set plan kind of gal. Therefore, not having any clue of what I was stepping into was right up my a

Imagined Identity

Well we’re now in the latter part of October and my time in Guatemala is just over a month from over. This also means I have less than 7 months left on this trip. Yes, time does fly by pretty quick. This has been such a great experience so far and I only expect it to get better. It’s been a little while since my last blog post, so here’s a bit of my life in Guatemala for you. Often God uses other people to confirm in you or teach you new things. For me a lot of the time these

Training Camp Craziness

Forewarning: This blog may of may not be super coherent. I am still processing a lot of what happened last week and I am also still catching up on my sleep.   Last week I flew to Georgia for training camp. It was both horrible and amazing. I'm not going to get into too many details about what I did (don't want to spoil the surprise for any future world racers), but I will tell you what God taught me in the last week.     The first thing I learned? God can heal. You know that