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For a few months now, I've been sending my squad weekly emails, sharing whatever I'm learning, issuing a challenge to them, and/or relaying whatever the Lord has put on my heart for them! It's been a fun way to write out my thoughts while corporately encouraging Gap G! Well, a week or so ago, my World Race teammate Brad (that blessed human who got all 11 months with me) kindly called me out on how I haven't written a blog in...a long time. Sorry, y'all! But I immediately thought, why don't I ev

Support Letter

Dear (Insert your name here) Five years ago, I came to the decision that I was going to spend my entire life in ministry. I wasn't sure exactly where God was leading me, but I decided to go to Bible college, espite my uncertainty. Over the past five years, I have volunteered in the church in various capacities as I went through school, and I graduated with a ministry degree this past May. About a semester before graduation, I felt God pulling me to something crazy. Something that would stretch

A Saxophone in Madagascar

When deciding to embark on the World Race, you are making the decision to leave behind many things you love. The Lord calls you to sacrifice what you deem important in exchange for the incredible journey He has for you.   For me, one of those major sacrifices was my saxophone.   Music has been one of the most important aspects of my life since I was a small child. I have grown up performing in theatre, singing in choir, playing the piano, and a multitude of other music-filled activ

One cup of coffee

Ethiopia is my final country in Africa and it wasn’t what I was expecting. We arrived in the capital city of Addis Ababa, the population of 3.3 million. Addis is a massive city with tall building, nice restaurants and bright lights. You will however find the streets lined with homelessness, prostitution, street kids and extreme poverty. I fell in love with this city even though it broke my heart. We spent one week in the centre of the city not really knowing where to begin. Myse

The Thai Breakfast Club

She was eating an ice cream cone, giggling as small rivers of melted vanilla slid down her fingers. With an effervescent grin, she licked the sides of the cone, hoping not to lose any part of her sweet treat to the heat of the afternoon. Her friend sat beside her, also giggling, knowing that it was futile trying to stay clean while eating this cone. And yet, the girl persisted, enjoying every little taste of her treat as if it were won in sweet victory. “These are the Muslim girls I tol