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Hey hey hey! Hope this week has been finding you well. I have a cool testimony to share with you about how God reconnected me with a family that I met in Holland Michigan about 4 years ago, in Nepal just the other day. You might be thinking, "what the what & who, what, when, where, how, why?"Haha, hold on, let me explain: I have been traveling through Nepal this month.. About 2 weeks ago, I went to a resturant to eat with some friends. As we were looking at the menu-an american man close by

Last world race blog??

*NOTICE* IF YOU HAVENT READ MY LAST BLOG TITLED “NEXT STOP, LUBBOCK” PLEASE READ BEFORE READING THIS NEXT BLOG THANKS <3       I am currently on a plane. I have my flight from Quito to Dallas and then to Lubbock so I should be home in a couple hours after this is posted. I got robbed a couple months ago (sorry I didn’t write a blog about it, it really messed me up and if you have questions then feel free to ask in person J ) and I lost my phone (only my ph

What's next.

While in Cambodia (month 4) on my World Race, I met a squad of young adults on World Race Gap Year. I had really great conversations with some of them and immediately fell in love with their boldness, curiosity and enthusiasm. I thought about what a great opportunity this is for them. I immediately started dreaming about leading them and having the opportunity to share some of the things that the Lord taught me in that season of life.   As I was praying about working with this age group,

1 week

1 week from tomorrow I say farewell to my team, my squad, our leadership team, and my experience of the world race and say hello to many old/new things. The Drew that is coming home in 1 week is not the same person that left 9 months ago, actually I’m completely different. If you have been keeping up with my journey as a whole or in bits and pieces you’ve read the stories, seen the pictures, and felt the feelings alongside me. As my time in Cambodia, our first country came to an end

Dances With Wolves

You are so very welcome :) Click below for enjoyment    Wolf Pack Music Video