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Meditation Monday – Preview of Coming Attractions Three Lessons I Learned

Submitted by Godspace

by Christine Sine

Last week I did a retreat with Springwater community in Portland. It was a great opportunity for me to preview some of the ideas I talk about in The Gift of Wonder.  I experimented with new concepts and ideas, some of which worked and some of which didn’t. They were very direct with me, more what I expect from an Australian then an American audience. I loved it. I learned a lot from the experience and appreciate their willingness to help me shape what I do and how I present my material. Here three important lessons I learned.

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Give Us This Day, Pan Sin Gluten

This is literally a prayer from my time in Spain.   Food allergies on the Race aren't the worst, but they're not the easiest either. And as far my 'allergies' go, I'm pretty blessed because nothing will kill me--even when I get that feeling like my throat is closing, nothing has ever gotten bad enough to kill me.   If you're new to the food allergy world, let me give you a run down. There are 8 most common food allergies: peanuts, tree nuts, gluten (wheat, rye, barley), dairy, eggs

Long days. Short months.

This is what our leadership warned us about this year. They said we would experience long days on the race, but that time would also go by quickly as we moved from country to country, from month to month. And man, they were right! It’s already the middle of September and there’s less than three months to go until I return home. It’s a bittersweet thought for sure! What’s Next?This month my team and I will be serving with a few local churches in Turkey! This nation is pre

woo launch and travel to Cambodia!

Hello!! It has been a while since I have written a blog but the time has finally come. (Disclaimer: A training camp blog may or may not come, it was the craziest 10 days of my life that I seem to still be processing everyday) In other news, I made it to Cambodia!! We landed Friday and have been slowly easing into what life looks like here and let me tell you, it’s pretty amazing. I will go into details later with other blogs about what ministry looks like (we’re only 1 day in!) but f

First Impressions

Four days. Its been four days since I left America. I flew from Atlanta to San Fransisco on Wednesday, spent all of Thursday on an airplane, and landed in China on Friday. Then on Friday I flew in another plane to Cambodia, took a four hour bus ride and arrived in my new home. Right now I am in Battambang, Cambodia. Everything here is new and different, from riding a tuck tuck to buying food and even sleeping. This place is… incredible.   It would be very easy for me to look at Ba