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We would like to thank QuestionPro for their generous donation of their online survey software.  We will use their software for surveying students and other stakeholders for our online college serving the poor, City Vision College.  Find out more at:

Masters of Science, Technology, Society, and MinistryCity Vision College/TechMission is announcing a new online accredited Master's Degree in Technology and Ministry. In the past 15 years, we have helped train thousands of people in using technology and ministry. We are excited to be able to turn much of that experience into an accredited Masters program. The program is modeled after Science, Technology and Society programs like at Stanford and MIT, but with a focus on practical application toward ministry.
Visit: MTM Program Website


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City Vision College offers year-long internships with free accredited college courses in exchange for serving in urban ministries across the country. It's like a "work study" program, but where you gain practical experience in the organizations where you want to serve on graduation. Learn more at the City Vision internships website.

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God Open Our Eyes – A Prayer for the Week

Submitted by Godspace
Today’s prayer flows out of my reflections this week on walking with Jesus and my renewed sense of focus on God’s purposes for our lives. To draw close to God and neighbour we must open our eyes to the world around us and to the hoped for and much anticipated shalom and wholeness towards which […]

A letter to my pre-race self!

Dear pre-Race Kristen,There you were standing at the top of the hill looking down upon the longest rattlesnake you have ever seen in your life (but let’s be real, it is the first one you have ever seen). You were determined to get to Triple Falls for the breathtaking view of three connected waterfalls. The only way to get to Triple Falls was around this rattlesnake. The snake was not paying attention, so you decided to make your way over the snake. But instead, you lost your footing and at

God Works, Even In Parties!

It is nearly midnight here and for those of you who know me, you know it is way past my bedtime! My heart is just so overcome with Joy and Love that I have to share with you what all Christ has done tonight, or... yesterday I guess. Tonight I had a sweet friend throw me a "Prayer Party" and as I am sure you are all thinking, "What is that?" I will try and combine all of the fantastic things that happened into a blog. Basically the church, not the building but a group of believers, gathered toge

Operation: Get Brandon Home!!

So here I am sitting in a Filipino international airport about to fly to Africa which will start my final three months left on the World Race. That is mind blowing for me and in only THREE months I will be BACK HOME... which is something I wanna ask help for. We will be flown back to the states from Africa in November. Probably somewhere on the east coast... And then AIM no longer provides funds for us, meaning, we have to find our own mode of transportation home once we are stateside

Stepping Closer to God Each Day

Submitted by Godspace
Tom and I have been away for the last week on Mayne Island BC. This is an annual trip for us – part vacation and part retreat time, an opportunity to refresh ourselves and renew our sense of purpose. It is also a time to listen intently to God, to evaluate where we feel we […]