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Pics from month 4

I really enjoyed living in our last home. It felt like college life again which I have missed. We had people over most nights to hangout, play games, or discuss topics to practice their English. That was the majority of our ministry there, building relationships with the group of people and asking questions. It was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed getting to know everyone and have conversations about how our faith was similar but different. Here’s some pictures from the month! Realmente

Guess Who's Back

  Hello my amigos, Tis I. I know it's been like years almost since I last posted, but wifi and data and things like that don't always work overseas. Fear not, I've got a few blogs for ya; actually several. But I'm going to just post 2-3 a week so I don't overload your brains (and mine).    Just a little update before we jump into things. I just want to thank all my supporters. Because you have been so generous I've been able to live some of the most incredible 3 months of my l

I Need an Inhaler pt. I...They Say It Gets Easier

I'm sure you all remember my first hike with World Race. If you don't, I'll recap quickly. We hiked 2.2 miles in 38 minutes with fully packed bags on our backs. It was hard, but we did it.   And boy am I glad we did.   Because Nepal is literally ALL MOUNTAINS.   The majority of my ministry was made up of bussing and/or walking/hiking to different homes and churches to fellowship with believers of the community. I gained a little muscle, along with a few scrapes and bruises.

I'm Engaged

One question I have been asked frequently throughout the first two months of this trip is: do I miss my fiance? The answer: nah I'm good.   Just kidding. I miss him with my entire heart. But I'm ok (she says as she rocks back and forth in the fetal position).   In all honesty though, the answer I most often give is to express my gratitude for the ability to spend my engaged season in this way. I am travelling to new places with a rather large group of people, learning how to serve,

Gabarone to Kumakwane

ALOT has happened over the last two weeks so here is a rundown of why I have been a little MIA: Ok, so it was a regular monday night, I was eating dinner with my team and still celebrating the fact that our squad leader, Zack, finally arrived to be with us for the next two weeks. Then all of a sudden the caretaker of our house, Milton, comes to the front door and tells Joe to look out the back window. I'll never forget Joe getting up, looking out the window and saying "wait I'm looking for a hu