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Lord of the Harvest

The Lord is in charge of the harvest.    “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. So pray to the Lord, who is in charge of the harvest, to send more workers into the fields.” -Matthew 9:37-38   “You do not have because you don’t ask God…” -James 4:2   “You don’t waste your life by where you work, but how and why.” –John Piper, Don’t Waste Your Life   This month I witnessed over 100 peop

The Lord Called Me

   Sometimes even doing what you love can be exhausting. After 6 months on the missions field, ministry can feel like work. My only job while I’m here is to do the things my heart delighted in while I was at home, but now I find myself counting down the hours until I can get back to our ministry site and hang out in my hammock again. My heart once was so full doing this work, and now sometimes it feels like an obligation. When did I lose my joy? When did my excitement for servin

Is It Really Picture Perfect?

  From the moment I stepped foot on this continent, I’ve been overwhelmed with the perfection of it all. Driving from Lilongwe to my ministry site in Blantyre, it all seemed like a dream. The rolling hills, green landscape, towering mountains, dirt roads, and colorful side markets took my breath away as I gazed out our window, wide-eyed and mystified at the scene unfolding around me. It rains every day on the tin roof, and everywhere you turn there are the cutest of little ones laugh

Stranded In Kenya

“Option one: you stick to the plan and we send you all to Kenya tonight, 48-hour layover, no food, lodging, no nothing.”   Those are the words that were spoken to me just a short 4 hours before my squad’s flight to Kenya was about to take off- it’s a very promising option isn’t it?! Not.   This year I get to serve as logistics coordinator for my squad along with my co-leader, meaning that my job is coordinating all of travel day- transportation, chec


 VISION     Defined: 1.The ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom Or 2. A mental image of what the future will or COULD BE like.   Vision has always been something I have strived to have for my life. As a daughter of the Most High, I know that my life has so much purpose. Throughout my life I have seen ideas or suggestions and my natural thought process always goes to “what can physically be done to achieve this?”   I l