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Acorn Faith

Submitted by Godspace
Kristen Kludt — Excerpt from her new book, A Good Way Through.  Available now! In my experience of Los Angeles, everyone who lives there, regardless of years, seems young. You have to be resilient, creative, and perhaps just a little bit self-focused to survive there. On my first day of teaching, just after we had […]

Thanks God for constant comfort!

“I need you to trust in me, I will provide for every aspect of life if you simply TRUST in me and the peace I can provide.”- those are the words that I kept hearing while taking a nap today and hearing the voice of the Lord so clearly, dang is He cool.   So this week has been stressful and I'm really not sure how to explain it. I have to get my wisdom teeth out next month or things could get bad. I had an appointment here where they told me a tooth is infected and I need all

The Day I Jumped Off the Side of a Mountain

This month I ran off the side of a mountain and I flew. I had complete faith in a man I had never met and a parachute to keep me safe. I knew the risk was worth the adventure. As we floated higher, the world seemed so beautiful. My pilot told me to sit back and enjoy the ride. I had given up control and all I could do was try and take in as much beauty as my senses would allow. We soared through the clouds (literally. I sat in a stinking cloud!) and with every passing moment I could feel my wor

Rebellious At Heart

Africa is over.What.HasHappened. I’m struggling right now to write the words in my mind and heart on this blog post – because so many various things – internally and externally – have happened in my past three months of living life in Africa… So many heart breaks that The Lord has gently led me to that have constantly reminded me to look back on these past three months with such awe and tears of the faithfulness of my Heavenly Father… Despite all the diffic

I Brought The Word Five Times in One Day

“There are three things I want us to notice about this story.” I had just finished reading the story of Jesus healing a paralytic in John 5, my go to story when the ministry host says, “And one of you will be preaching.” I had shared this sermon in church the week before and was using it again in a hospital waiting room in the week before Christmas. My team was doing hospital evangelism, something that was difficult for many of us to swallow. Yet there I was, sharing how