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Meditation Monday – The Hospitality of Friendship

Submitted by Godspace
by Christine Sine Tom and I are on the final week of our 25th anniversary trip and I find myself reflecting a lot on whom we have met and what we have experienced. So much to process, and I know that the first couple of weeks at home will be a rich time of looking […]

Butterflies in the (AMAZON) Jungle: a story and a video

Bolivia Recap Video October 2016. Atlanta, Georgia. Hours before our first flight to India… We were lingering around in the hotel conference room, chatting it up and drinking the last dregs of complimentary coffee. Excitement, thick and buzzing all around us. I pulled out this little coloring book “for adults” and debated on whether or not to drop it on the “free table” (a common place where racers drop items they no longer want - one man’s trash is ano

How can you love yourself more?

So I'm sitting here pondering this all reality this is something that has been going through my head in all different ways for the last few months.  Is there anybody else that sits in front of the mirror and just picks apart everything that they are looking at? "Your eyelashes are too short."  "You aren't tan enough." "Your face is so round..especially when you smile." "Your eyes are too small." "Your hair looks frizzy." "This outfit makes you look chubby." "There'

There's No Plan B When You're Walking With God

The proverbial tether connecting me to the shore of security has been cut and here I am freely floating above the face of the waters. I am satisfied. My oars are left behind, and I am at the whim of the waves as they gently carry me out into the ocean. I am happy. Lord, I pray this year would be a year of drowning in your glory. Remind me to lift my sails to catch your wind rather than attempt to swim against the current and beg for my oars back. I want to learn what it means to be a daughter wh