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Meditation Monday – Choosing Christ or the World.

Submitted by Godspace
by Christine Sine Do we really choose between the world and Christ as between two conflicting realities absolutely opposed? Or do we choose Christ by choosing the world as it really is in him, and encountered in the ground of our own personal freedom and of our love? Do we really renounce ourselves and the […]

Churachandpur, India

I have been in the village sielmat, India for the past couple weeks - it's that little chunk of land in northeast India that looks as though it should belong to China. It is quite safe and we have incredibly gracious hosts that cook our food, give us clean water, and house us in their newly built dorm. We are using the facilities of the trinity college and seminary (TCS) that our hosts are running. TCS offers extensive education, including a full masters of divinity program, and is under the umb

What to do when there is no hope.

    Sunday night we went out to do ministry and as we were walking around we ended up in front of a bar called “Mikey's”. After a few minutes my teammate Nina said that she was sure we needed to go in. My immediate reaction was “wait, we’re going in there now?”. Feeling very out of place we walked to a booth in the back and ordered some tea. Eventually the booth began to fill up. Two hours later we had a full booth and were chatting with the women who work

The Lord is Not Impressed with Me

India is absolutely incredible, and it’s not even remotely close to what I imagined it would be. When you think “India”, your mind goes straight to Slum Dog Millionaire…at least mine did.    Where we are exactly is Northeast India in a village named Sielmat. The district is Churchandpur, and the state is Manipur. The natives here trace their ancestors back to China. The culture here is very different from what you would typically expect when talking about I

And now we have to leave (Pt. 1)

  We have been gone for 3 months. We have spent the last 3 months in community in Albania. We have shoveled pig poop, white washed many walls, over and over again. We have worked with many kids and the people of our little town Lushnje. We have learned some of the Albanian language. We have consumed obscene amounts of very strong coffee. We have met people that will have an impact on our lives forever.   And now we have to leave.   I can’t deny that the 3 months w