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Nepal is a beautiful country surrounded by mountains. Everywhere you turn, you see God's amazing creation. This month the Lord has been teaching me that ministry is everywhere I go. It doesn't have to be at a formal event or designated location. It can be on a bus ride, a coffee shop, a football game, or even while walking down the street. There is always an opportunity to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ! AND what an amazing privilege it is! A few days ago we went to the slums. Whil

I'm Pregnant!

You see, it started on a rooftop. The thought never even crossed my mind that getting pregnant is what we were doing. It was a quiet day and it was just the two of us. There, in the still and in the quiet, only hearing the busy streets below. Looking around, the scenery was amazing, everything you could ask for. There were mountains off in the distance and it was just me and him there together.   Ok by now you are thinking what is going on, what is she talking about? We got to ministry he

Himalayas: Sacred Geography

Our squad has landed in Nepal for debrief, a time of rest and processing our first month on the Race. Kathmandu is such a vibrant city resting at the feet of the Himalayas. To look out my window and see the peaks of those world-famous mountains each day is a gift.  Mountains hold such spiritual meaning, these ones especially. In my first year of following God, He sent me on a trip to share His love to small villages. While backpacking in the mountains, we reached our summit and could see

Harder Than We Thought

          Debrief was a five-day trip to a hostel in South Africa where we came back together as a squad. During that time, we all processed the last month as well as renewed our minds to go back on the field. Then we first got there, I didn’t think I needed to process. I thought we had plenty of time for that, and was thinking ministry was a slower month. That is, until we went to night sessions where they talked about ministry and what it was.     &

Moments from Mozambique

Hi Everyone! It’s been a minute since I’ve posted. It’s probably not surprising, but wifi in Africa is pretty much nonexistent. Regardless, here are a few of my favorite moments from my first month on the race in Mozambique. Thanks for being so patient! I hope you enjoy these pictures of what I’ve been up to. As many of you know, I am on team Ignite with these lovely ladies below. Although I was a bit apprehensive about beginning this journey together, I can honestly say