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Welcoming Jesus into our Neighborhood

Submitted by Godspace
Andy Wade – I’m ticked! Seriously upset. I planned to write a cheery feel-good story about how my family celebrated St. Nicholas’ Day on Dec. 6th to honor the faith of this ancient Bishop of Myra. I planned to tell how we loved to come together to put a variety of tasty homemade cookies into […]

Training Camp (Or Choosing to Share a Tent)

I’d heard the rumors about weird sleeping scenarios, food that was a bit too culturally accurate, and bucket showers.  Those were all true, but they were not the craziest part of training camp. The craziest part was how a group of 58 strangers became my family in 10 short (but endlessly long) days.  We arrived at the Adventures in Mission (AIM) headquarters, and I was enveloped in a hug by a stranger the second I stepped out of the van. Oh boy, what a shocking 10 days I was in

20. Things I learned in Guatemala

1. Don’t eat a spoonfuls of habaneros, even if you are dared to. Even though isn't hot in the moment you’ll stomach will pay for it down the road. 2. Make friends with the kitchen crew, thats how you get extra food at every meal 3. Always check your shoes for spiders (or scorpions) 4. No one in Central America says Aye Carumba! (Even though I though everyone would) 5. Dont wash all your clothes at the same time. Sometimes it takes days for clothes to dry and you’ll only be