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January 2018 Routes are Live!

We’re kicking off the new year with a BIG announcement: the January 2018 Race Routes are open!   Route 1: Featuring East Africa Away from the tourist destinations, you’ll see a different side of the Caribbean: the areas of poverty and brokenness. Partner with local ministries, churches, and programs committed to impacting lives for Christ. Then venture to Southeast and Central Asia, sharing Christ where Buddhism and Animism are the leading religions. Finally, head t

Jesus, we're listening and responding

The day of the big announcement is finally here! After 6 months of prayer and preparation - we have decided to join an international missions organization called Adventures in Missions and serve through one of their programs called The World Race. The World Race is an 11-month-long mission experience that travels through 11 countries, partnering with local ministry organizations to bring the freedom and joy of the gospel to some of the most forgotten places in the world. Sounds exciting, right!?

On A Roll

Sometimes life looks a lot like a roll of toilet paper when it’s dropped. It begins to roll gaining speed. It rolls fast enough that you have trouble catching up to it trying to gather it on the go, but when you gather it as you go, you feed it to unravel more. Sometimes it gets wet and dirty as it treks across the floor. It no longer remains pristine white, wholly pure. Or it rolls just far enough that it stops right beyond your reach when you’re in desperate need. If in fact you do

Tatted and Pierced for Emily's Birthday?!

On December 15, we celebrated Emily's birthday in Manila. We first had an American dinner at Chili's. Then, we spontaneously went to a tattoo parlor for tattoos and piercings. Check out what we got by watching the video below. 

Calling Boys to Men

After weeks of prayer and preparation we finally had our first day of a gospel event at STI West Negros University here in the Philippines! I can’t begin to even describe the power of the Holy Spirit I experienced yesterday. WE HAD OVER 20+ STUDENTS GIVE THEIR LIVES TO CHRIST!!!!! While I celebrate the fact so many did, that isn’t the only amazing part of yesterday… The event started with my teammates leading worship for about 1,000 students in the gym, then they were split u