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Debriefin and Team Changin

Yup folks, it happened, they split up the A-Team but before that lets talk about debrief. We are now halfway through the race which continues to blow my mind, how time truly does fly. So much has happened since I left, I have learnt, grown and been stretched so much but I am ready and expectant for so much more! Debrief allowed me to rest, something that is so good and important that I definitely need to work on and it also allowed me to sit, refocus and decipher the things I want to grow

Putting My "Yes" on the Table

November 2017 "I didn't want to look in the mirror at the end of my life and know that I didn't fight as hard as I could for what I believed in." These words came from a wounded-in-battle U.S. Marine veteran from the Ken Burn's docuseries "The Vietnam War." This was his answer to the question of why he signed up to be on the front lines of the war. He could have chosen a easier, safer job, but he wanted to fight for what he believed in. Those words struck me. As I sat in my bed that night, I p

Today's Mentality of "Normal"

In society today, majority does not strive to be different or stand out, we strive to fit in and be normal. Kid’s in school get bullied for not being “normal”. Some families look down upon their children or relatives for not doing the “normal” thing and attending college. Girls look to magazines and celebrities to keep up with the current “norms”. We try to meet the worlds unspoken expectation of appearance because that’s what determines our worth.

Sponsor A Day

I still have about $4,500 left to raise and the last deadline is quickly approaching. Until I am fully funded anyone who donates $25 or more can choose to “sponsor a day.” For every multiple of $25 you donate, you can pick more days to sponsor. If you would like to participate, here’s what you need to do.1. Donate $25.2. Pick a date and between now and August 15.3. Leave a comment/send a message with the date you have chosen and your email. On the day you picked, I will write

God is at work!

Hello amazing people! I’m in a new country!!! Guatemala!!! The weeks to come in this country are about to be amazing! God is at work here and the two weeks I’ve already been here have been some of the best weeks of my life. These next 6 weeks I’ll be teaching English to a class of about 20 middle school aged kids and a class of about 30 elementary aged kids. I’ve learned to trust and rely on God so much. The wisdom being poured into me by the leaders I keep coming across