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The Country isn't Closed to Him

So far it’s been an awesome month in Vietnam with some pleasant surprises along the way. I would be lying if I said it didn’t feel like an extended vacation with the beach being so close to our hostel. We do coffee shop ministry for 3 hours a day and my down time has been filled with surfing, beach running, parasailing, and hiking. But just because its been fun does not mean it has not been fruitful….   I was skeptical about doing coffee shop ministry in a closed countr

It's Snack Time

My teammates AnnaGrace and Saraya started a new vlog series about snacks that we come across. Yours truly makes a guest appearance. Enjoy!  

Without Power for 30 hours!

In Vietnam, the power tends to go out about once a week. Generally after it rains pretty hard. The first time it happened for about 30 hours, the following week it happened for only 4 hours. These times were actually really good for our team. We were able to come together and come up with creative solutions that we wouldn't have happened otherwise. Definitely a bonding experience. The cheer when it came back on was so loud. So if you ever find yourself in need to amuse yourself for 30 hours with

The Art of the Spring Roll

  We got the opportunity to make spring rolls one afternoon for lunch. Can't tell you the name in Vietnamese, but I can tell you they were DELICIOUS!