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Grammarly adding extra HTML code?

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I want to like Grammarly. I really do. And for the grammar errors that it catches for me, Grammarly is working pretty good.

But the other day, I noticed that the Grammarly extension was adding extra HTML code at the bottom of some of my blog post. I haven’t figured out the pattern yet and I don’t want to put in all kinds of time to troubleshoot.

There’s one that showed up at the bottom of this blog post. To see if it shows up in your blog post, click on the HTML tab of your blog editor. It looks like this:

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Luther Vandross Sings This Is Christmas

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Why World Race?!

I have loved Jesus since I can remember. I have grown to know him in ways I never thought I would and can I just say......HE IS GOOD!!!! When I was 15 years old, I was baptized at my, then home church, Harvest Bible Chapel in Naperville, IL. It was such a cool experience and so refreshing. The baptismal itself was everything, but it was the night before that made me on fire for this magical moment I was going to have with the Lord. The night before my baptismal, my grandparents gave me a class

Grace Through Bekah's Eyes

   Grace's supporters and friends,           When I think of my teammate Grace, I immediately think of Joy. A smile, loud laughter, and good jokes. She is not just nice, but she is a kind soul. Not only those things, but her knowledge of God's word, and her wisdom is grand, and she walks boldly in those gifts. She loves deeply, and encourages me with her strong faith.       Grace is a woman of self discipline; this month, she's been doing a swe