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How to see Twitter client used to tweet?

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Twitter used to display the twitter client used in a tweet’s footer, but they stopped displaying that at for an unannounced reason. They can do that, because things do change from time to time. Some have speculated the reason being that “apps are the enemy,” or “make it feel more homogeneous,” or Twitter wants to “control the reading experience.”

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We Lost A Friend.

A little girl our team worked with last month has passed away. Below is a link to Ally’s blog, so beautifully written and thoughtfully composed. I was only able to visit her once, but she was a sweet child, a quick learner, and always smiling. Please pray for the family and volunteers that were involved in her life.

World Race Video

The time has finally come! We leave for our final flight to Miami this evening. 11 months of travel. 11 months of developing new friendships. 11 months of experiencing more of the heart of God. 11 months to launch us into our next season of life.  I thank God for Wonder Church, our faithful squad that brought so much life and love into every situation.  Wonder Church, this video is for you!   

You have my yes.

  I just got home from my World Race training camp about a week ago, and let me tell you- it was wild. In the span of 10 days I met all of the people that I will be traveling with for the next year, I participated in my first ever door-to-door evangelism, I learned, I slept outside in a tent, I cried (you’re shocked- I know), I worshiped and I discovered what it means to say yes. There are a hundred things I could write about training camp, but I want to tell you about what has stuck

When God Shows Up, He Shows Out

"When God shows up, He shows out." I have heard that phrase countless times in my life. It's a very "churchy" phrase and when people used to say it, I would nod and agree. Yes, I have always known that God will prove himself faithful, but before the process of fundraising and preparing to go on the World Race, I never really understood it.  _______________________________________________________________________ Fundraising is hard. It's really awkward to ask for money. It's uncomfortable