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For All Women Who Are "Over-Emotional"

I cry a lot. I cry when I'm sad. I cry when I'm mad. I cry when I'm frustrated. I cry when I'm happy. I cry when I'm overwhelmed. I cry when I'm overjoyed.  I've been told that I "cry too much" or "you cry really easily" or that I'm "over-emotional" so naturally I apologize every time I cry in front of people.  But this year I'm trying to embrace the fact that I shouldn't have to apologize for FEELING.  I feel other people's emotions, I always try to put myself in their s

3 Big Lists of Church Social Media Policies

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Doing social media for churches is easy, that’s why social media is so popular, because it’s easy. But, when a church is larger and complicated or there’s questions about how effective or strategic social media has to be, then social media becomes work that takes some thinking and planning to do.

Part of the work of social media with churches isĀ setting some policies to guide the church’s social media usage. Lots of people find it easier to learn from examples. So here are 3 big lists of church social media policies and resources to help:

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We're Certified Teachers Now!

Here's a snippet of the 2nd of the two English camps we taught during our time in Thailand. We had a blast sharing the Gospel through conversational English. And dancing. LOTS AND LOTS of dancing! Because Thailand has such a deep history in cultural Buddhism, we hosted these camps to help them walk away feeling more confident in their English speaking ability and slip in some good news. Our host offered these classes with the stipulation that we would be able to teach about Jesus through skits,

God Warned Me About This

It's safe to say Africa has not been exactly what I envisioned. I did not see myself getting typhoid and malaria, roughing it for a month with no running water or electricity, or paying $2 every time I need to get wifi. What I did know is that the Lord was going to break me. I did not know when but it is only fitting it has happened here in Africa. So here I am, in a thousand tiny peaces scattered all over the floor. God told me before training camp back in October of last year that He was goi

I don't know what to say

Coming home seemed so overwhelming. So much time, so many stories, and not enough words.     How do I begin to explain these past nine months? How do I tell you about some of the most life changing nine months of life? How do I even begin to put into words all the emotions and all the things I’ve seen? I’ve seen some of poorest parts of the world.  I’ve seen brokenness in its fullness I’ve prayed for miracles to happen. I’ve watched th