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servant hearts.

This month has been a rare experience. A place has only ever been so hard to leave one other time on the race for me. I have come to find home here in Lima, Peru and it really caught me unaware. We have spent this month working with a huge church called Camino de Vida. By all standards, this is a mega-church and they're even affiliated with Hillsong. They have six campuses throughout the city of Lima and host a minimum of 24 services per week. In the past I have been critical of mega-churches..

Being a missionary before I leave

Fundraising Update :   I am so excited to update you that I’m 82% fundraised!  I am feeling overwhelmed by the support of my friends and family.  It is such a blessing to be this far along in my fundraising already and for that I am grateful.   Life Update:   I am still working with the youth ministries of my church, and I am loving it!  I feel as though I am learning much more than the students I'm teaching by preparing the lessons, and that is pro

Life in the Philippines

  Family, friends, supporters, and newcomers,   I’m sorry I haven’t blogged in so long! Here is an overview on my last couple months here in the Philippines. I am currently in Manila, Philippines with a christian ministry called Kids International Mission, or KIM for short. KIM’s main goal is love the people in surrounding communities through the message of Jesus Christ. Their focus is of course, the children. Here at KIM, our teams are given a wide variety of mini

Sex in the City: Phuket, Thailand

I remember sitting in an abstinence class in junior high. I was interested because we were talking about the “s” word (sex) but I wanted to appear bored and detached because who wanted to admit that they were curious about sex in front of 20-30 other newly-teenager peers? It was the definition of awkward as we all sat there suppressing laughter as the presenter talked about all forms of STDs and pregnancy and all the scary things that sex can bring about. Sex was linked with fear a