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Training Camp!!!

It's 9 am. For the first time in 10 days, i've woken up in my own bed with clean clothes and a cup of joe.    First things first, God speaks. Walking into training camp, I had a clouded mind, and a lot of baggage. Part of me was expecting that i could walk right into camp, and everything that i was holding onto would disappear. I was partly right, but it wasn't that easy. The sin that i held on to would be forgiven, but not forgotten. As i worshipped and prayed, i felt alone,

Rockin' In Rwanda!

Helloo You!!! This month we have been in Kigali, Rwanda, the land of a thousand hills, partnering with Hope Ethiopia/Rwanda! Hope Rwanda empowers women and men to reach their God given potentials and gifts that the Lord has already given them. We are living in the middle of Kigali at the ministries main location. We are staying in a little duplex building and on the other side of our living area is a classroom. Hope Rwanda empowers women by teaching them how to sew. Providing them with sustainab

World Race Training Camp

After 11 long days, I realized just how quickly Training Camp flew by. It started out with me coming a day early for a storytelling workshop and not having a clue what I was stepping in to. There were only two other people from my squad that came for the workshop, so this forced me to make friends with complete strangers which was totally awesome! The next day the rest of my squad showed up and I made several great friends and we grew in our relationships to God together as a family. We battled


10 day training camp was a blast!! I got to finally meet my squad, team leaders, and mentors! GO U SQUAD! So each day the dress code and meals that day were centered around a different region of the world. So, there was Asia day, where we ate mostly rice and noodles with chopsticks. Then Central America day, where we had tacos every meal! (I love tacos so that was a really good day!) Village day where we had stews that simulated what we will probably eat when we do ministry in villages. South Am

Words From the Lord

Rest PeaceComfortRelease Joy HappinessKindnessCraftiness LoveBloodCrossDeath LifeTombThreeArise WearinessTiredStrengthPerseverance SicknessLethargicHopeHealth DepartureTravelingRejoinReturn The Lord has shown me a lot of different ways of expressing myself over the past year. One way I enjoy that is by writing poetry or words that help describe how I can see God moving in certain ways. This month has been a great month of realization and also wisdom from the Lord! I hope all of you, that