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Sons & Daughters

Last week, I got to make my students crowns. When they received their crowns, they found so much joy in that moment. They were skipping and running around the room. As I placed them each on their head, I couldn’t help but think that this is what its like when we accept Jesus into our hearts and fully surrender our lives to Him.  Because of His sacrifice on the cross and wearing the crown of thorns, we get to wear crowns that represent the daughters and sons of the King. When we recei

"Your presence is Heaven to me..."

Today was my second weekend here in Thailand attending Abundant Grace Church. This church, let me tell you.... If I found myself living here in Thailand, let's just say, IT WOULD BE MY CHURCH. Both Sunday's have just been wild in the ways the Lord has used a man, Pastor Nathan Gonmei, to bring so much joy, life, excitement, and fresh word to my spirit. The single greatest thing hands down about this journey has been worshiping with different churches and cultures around the globe. I have been se


There are points in the Bible that can be debatable and I think its always good to hear other people’s theologies. It can widen your view and make you seek more wisdom from the Lord. It can also grow your relationship with Him which is what we always need to be striving for. But I don’t think we should get caught up in who’s right and who’s wrong because that’s where the devil attacks and distracts us from the most important thing; the Gospel. There are also some th

Freerange Friday on Saturday: Are you Steeping or Fussing?

Submitted by Godspace

The Lectionary Gospel reading for American Thanksgiving Day is Matthew 6:25-33. It’s a passage that’s very familiar to those of us who live with anxiety and deal with fear. And it’s a great passage to consider as we approach the holiday season ahead. Take some time to read it slowly. Read it through a couple of times. Try reading it aloud and let the Holy Spirit speak to you through the words. What word or phrase pops out to you? What image speaks to you? What questions come up as you read and listen to it? What do you notice?

Matthew 6:25-33

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Moses and Me: A Biblical and Personal Case for Honoring Birth Mothers

Submitted by Godspace

by Sara Easterly

November is National Adoption Awareness Month in the U.S. – a good time for adoptive parents to grow their awareness around the importance of honoring birth mothers. I’ll make my case, first and foremost, by going biblical.

Moses is the first abandoned baby mentioned in the Bible (Exodus 2). Moses gets a lot of airtime throughout the Bible, but what about his hardly-mentioned birth mother, Jochebed?

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