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Photo Credit: Matt Kane (thank you!) On March 8th, we arrived to Astana, Kazakhstan, the largest land locked country in the world, and the 9th largest country in the world.  It’s  about 4x bigger than Texas and mostly flat and barren, however there are beautiful snow-capped mountains in the south commonly referred to as the Swiss Alps of Kazakhstan. Minerals and oil are plentiful, and the income it brings can be seen in the elaborate futuristic architecture throughout the Capi

Mongolia in a Word: LOGISTICS

Logistics: A complex mixture of numbers, pain, and joy   When I arrived in Mongolia I prayed as normal to start my month. I asked God what He had brought me here for and what He had for me this month. His reply:                Get Chinese Visas That’s it? Really, nothing more? Nope. That’s it. Get Visas. The next two weeks I spent running around Ulaanbaatar nonstop balancing team meetings, sending emails

From My Private Journal

In Honor of my final week of the World Race, let me let you in on some of my favorite journal entries from the past ¾ year. These are some of my thoughts that I’ve chosen to put on paper from around the world. Enjoy! 1/30/18 (South Africa) Some days are lighter than others. Some days offer true rest. The rest that brings a freshness to the body. I liken the feeling of rest to this: a shower and a shave, add a well-fitting flannel, good jeans, and a freshly brewed cup of coffee. Wi

Adventures in Restrooms

There’s one topic of conversation that is surprisingly common for the World Race—for the girls, at least—and that is toilet talk!! Who knew we would have so many “restroom stories” or abdominal complaints as we travel the world.  Everybody has dealt with it.  And after a trip like this, nobody is afraid to talk about them. So here are some restroom stories from around the world:   El Salvador—we were blessed with a normal bathroom and shower

sry, wut

I am going to be able to hear other people’s conversations around me because they’ll all be in english!?What do you mean kids won’t jump all over me and people won’t come up and talk to me when I walk down the street?? I can’t just go up to people and ask to hold their babies? Coffee costs more than $1??? You paid how much for that shirt? Her shorts only come to her mid thighs- how scandalous! Why isn’t everyone around me asking to take pictures with me? I can