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Freerange Friday: Clean Slate! God’s Eraser

Submitted by Godspace
By Lilly Lewin Psalm 103:8-12 The Lord is compassionate and gracious,     slow to anger, abounding in love. The Lord will not always accuse,     nor will he harbor his anger forever;   he does not treat us as our sins deserve     or repay us according to our iniquities.   For as high as the heavens are […]

EVER wanted to see EVERest?

Hey you. Since my last post was extremely heavy, I thought I would show you a glimpse of the lighter side of my time in Nepal. I vlogged my morning that I took a flight through the Himalayas--and I filmed it with YOU in mind! Video below. Strap in! Love, Kayla


  ANXIETY, DOUBT AND WORRY. These are the three things that plague me still. I toss my thoughts back and forth in my mind like a pin ball machine, accept there never seems to be any victory. I’m a master event planner. I can concoct descriptive scenarios and life events in my head before they even happen (and for the most part what I prepare for doesn’t actually happen). This is what I like to call Mental Sabotage. Another term for this is an overthinker. Yes, that’s me.

Light on the Train

As I sit here at 11:30pm, not even to the half way point of our journey, on a bus somewhere in the middle of Bulgaria, my mind begins to wander through the last week and it's events. I left my home for the next 9 months of life, said goodbye to my family, got travel plans changed due to a hurricane, had an unexpected afternoon to explore Portugal, arrived in Romania, have begun living in a house with 40 other people, been told we had the opportunity for a few days in Greece (Where I am headed no

I Fell In Love.

I fell in love. I can’t quite place the exact moment, or even the day, but it’s happened. I’ve fallen in love. The location: Cambodia. The love interest: Tuk-Tuks. While my first official tuk-tuk ride didn’t happen until my third day in Siem Reap, that’s not when it happened. See, I correlate tuk-tuks with adventure. My first one took me and my new team to town to help us make a memory. We visited the market, got coffee, ate, you know, all the good s