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Week 3 Advent Activities

Submitted by Godspace

Week 3 of Advent from John Lewis’ book, Finding the Treasure in Christmas: A Guide to celebrating Advent for Families 

Special Activities:

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Time in Thailand brought a lot of things, among those things were a lot of dreams. In my previous post (click here to read it), I talked about a girl who said she had no dreams. This launched my heart into a wild place. I started seeing life different. I started seeing people different. I started dreaming again. I started not only dreaming my own dreams, but partnering with others in prayer over their dreams. I felt a call to ministry at 17, at Mission Lake Christian Camp, my summer home, w

When the Leaves Change

As the seasons change, the one noticeable change that most people can see are when the leaves on trees begin to change from green to orange, yellow, and sometimes red. We don’t think of the science or chemistry behind it, but rather admire the change and move on. But the Lord slowed me down one morning on my way to work, and started showing me a new perspective. You see, what the Lord presented to me that morning was a sea of green trees. All different shades of green, but nonetheless they

My Story

Hi everyone!!! My name is Chandler Adams and I am so excited to be going on the world race!! I wanted to share with anyone who might be reading what led me here.   I have been a “Christian” my entire life. I grew up going to church and went to a Christian school K-12th. I mostly just went through the motions of being a Christian for the first 22 years of my life. I had no relationship with God and didn’t make much of an effort to build one. I don’t know exactly how