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Masters of Science, Technology, Society, and MinistryCity Vision College/TechMission is announcing a new online accredited Master's Degree in Technology and Ministry. In the past 15 years, we have helped train thousands of people in using technology and ministry. We are excited to be able to turn much of that experience into an accredited Masters program. The program is modeled after Science, Technology and Society programs like at Stanford and MIT, but with a focus on practical application toward ministry.
Visit: MTM Program Website

7th cityTechMission's Executive Director, Andrew Sears, explains in Christianity Today's latest online issue why Christians need to use technology to fight poverty. "Christians often resist technology," he said. "We are fighting battles against injustice, but are using antiquated tools. It's like the other side has tanks and jet planes, and Christians are fighting with sticks."


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City Vision College offers year-long internships with free accredited college courses in exchange for serving in urban ministries across the country. It's like a "work study" program, but where you gain practical experience in the organizations where you want to serve on graduation. Learn more at the City Vision internships website.

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Have We Forgotten About All Saint’s Day?

Submitted by Godspace

November 1st is All Saints’ Day, and to be honest I almost forgot. There is so much happening at the moment that All Saints Day hardly registered for me. Which is a shame as remembering those who gone before, and those who continue to impact our lives is very important. The Episcopal Church website explains:(...)

What are we remembering?

I believe our memory is one of the greatest gifts God gifts us. He has wired it so that every single sense we have is tied to our memory. 

For parents, you still remember the moment you first heard your child utter the words, "mama" and "da-da."

For children, you still remember the smell of grandma's famous spaghetti.  

For daddy's, you still remember that moment you first saw your daughter in the wedding dress of her dreams. 

For women, you


Intrepidus: Latin; lack of fear in dealing with something new or unknown.  This word has been  unknowingly a theme to strive for on the world race but even more so as of today. These last four months, I have dealt with a lot of new people, places of things and just about as many unknowns. It was something I knew would be "a thing" coming into the race so I had been relying on the one tangible thing that remained constant this far: my team.  This morning, that all changed. Our sq

Monk Chatting

This is a story of a girl who decided to take a risk and chat with a monk and see what The Lord had in store.One day a lovely squad leader challenged a girl to talk to a monk. It wasn't that the girl was flat out refusing to speak to monks. She had asked a question here and there. But the girl was definitely more comfortable letting someone else take the lead in that kind of conversation.So one day this past week was THE DAY. It happened. The girl carried on a conversation with a monk, with the