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A little about Colombia and a little about me

Colombia (and Me) This the first blog of eleven where I introduce the countries I’ll be serving in! In addition, I’ll also share a bit about me: my personality, my fears, my favorites, my hopes. I hope you find this interesting!   Colombia, located in South America, has a population of 50 million people with a GDP per capita of $15,000, and has the forth-largest economy in South America. Ecologically, it is one of the world's 17 megadiverse countries, and the most dense

Hello from Kosovo

Hello! It has been a while since my last update so I wanted to let you in on some of the things we are doing these days. My squad arrived in Pristina, Kosovo a little over a week ago. Our first week has been jam packed with sessions and outreach. We had the privilege of joining one of the three churches in Pristina for their huge evangelism outreach week: Impact Kosova 2018.  More than 350 people from 22 different nations traveled to the city of Pristina to join in and share the Gospel w

Lessons Already

  Wow! I can't believe how much the Lord has taught me already and I haven't even left yet! Holy cow, it's only been the first month of preparing and the stretching has already begun. He has begun to reveal places in my life that He would have me to grow and places where I just have to let go and trust Him which is not easy for a planner and a fixer to do. I have begun receiving support from some very dear friends and family and collecting the supplies I need to rough it out there in the wo

Dreaming of....

A Sandwhich.  I kid you not, I do not consider myself a foodie but you know your missing home when you find yourself dreaming about eating a good old fashion bulky roll roastbeef sandwich. My other desire has been a tuna melt from the Roundabout diner in Portsmouth with their amazing fries and a shake. Walking in the grocery store in every country is like going on a treasure hunt. More often then not with very little English on display it is a guessing game. Sometimes you win like I found K

p u r s u i t

Pursuit.  Such a funny word, I know.   Pursuit is the act of pursuing. So what does that even mean?   It’s a verb. Meaning it’s active. Something that you engage in. Something that you follow up or proceed with.   Currently, I have experienced this lack of pursuit. While I do believe my feelings are valid, I believe the enemy chooses critical areas of our life to attack and turn into a lie.   When I left in January I knew things would be different w