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A New Type of Heart

Living fully alive and having a broken heart just go together. You let your heart break for the beauty in others. You let your tears shine with the joy of knowing Jesus. You let your actions demonstrate the way God’s taken your hand and led you forward.   A fully alive heart stops at nothing to show love and to feel everything.   A constant thought in my life is that I know a constant God. I know a God that forever stays good, fighting through all the pain and hurt and sin th

When I am weak

The world race isn't always grand adventures and picture worthy moments. I want people to see the unglamorous parts of my life on the race as well. So, here's a glimpse into my day yesterday... Weak. Exhausted. Nauseous. Homesick. Homesick? I NEVER thought that would happen. After all, I'm a grown adult who hasn't even lived at home for years. Yet, here I am craving a hug from my mom. 8 hours tossing & turning on the tile floor. Shifting from side to side sliding around in a puddle of my

Just an Update

April has been an awesome month. First of all I am officially brace free and no longer look 11, I am at least 13 at first glance! But besides becoming a women, I have had a really cool month of realizations and intimacy with God. Since I am graduating in 31 days, I've started transitioning into the college group at my church. Since I met Jesus my freshman year I've grown a lot and recently I've felt stuck in a place where I can't bloom. The college group is called HCAM and God provided. HCAM en

Hello My Name is Homeless

This 7th month of our race in Bosnia, we don’t have a ministry or a host to partner with as we usually do. Instead, we have been doing what we called ATL. When I first learned about ATL, I thought I was gonna dance to a 90’s Atlanta hip hop song. Not sure why that was my initial thought, but I was definitely way off base. ATL, also referred to on the World Race as “Ask The Lord” has made a huge change in the way I view life and my relationship with Christ. Our ministry th


Right now, I am sitting in a coffee shop (trying not to pull my hair out) as I desperately search for an open door to help a young girl my friends and I met on the street one day. Her case is difficult, her life is seeming like one big question mark and really this past week has been one of a lot of blind trust in The Lord as it feels like the whole one step forward two steps back dance is unending. This is hard. We are going at this basically alone, blind, grasping and swinging and missing. But