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Peace With “Them”

Submitted by Godspace
by Gil George There “They” are, walking down the street in my neighborhood. Who do “They” think “They” are? Coming into my place as if “They” belonged here, coming into my faith, my country, my neighborhood, my screen, my mind! Why can’t “They” go somewhere else, be someone else, or be more normal like me? […]

When the sun is hot and God is amazing.

Ministry has been great. From everyday things like walking to school in the blazing sun to the one time things like chess tournaments and visiting the local maternity center, I’ve been seeing God working in this city, in this ministry, in my teammates, and myself. Sometimes it really just blows my mind how amazing God is. Like I know that he is the Infinite of Infinite, but knowing that he has an unique plan for every individual that has ever been created is so hard to think about. I can

New Blog!

Hey everyone! I have a new blog that I will be updating, I really appreciate all of my readers and subscribers, if you'd like to continue following my journey check my new blog out at:    Thanks again for all your support!

What I learned about pain on the Camino de Santiago

Pain I just walked 150 miles over the course of 10 days. Give or take a few miles.Day 1 was pretty good. We walked about 7 hours and in that span covered close to 14 miles. My feet weren't really hurting until the last couple hours, but even then, I was still excited and positive about the days ahead. The scenery that day proved to be incredible and breath taking. Day 2, I was hurting more than the previous day. I had to put music in my ears to help me focus on the words & scenery rather th