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Immediately upon arriving at our host’s home, we met a sweet little boy named Mark. Though he owned pants, he didn’t like to wear them. He lived across with street wth grandma (or “auntie”) and his younger brother. Dad came home late and left early every day. But where was mom?? A year ago, mom and dad had been regular attenders at our host’s church and had even gotten baptized. However, the spirit of hopelessness sat heavy on their hearts and home. Upward mo

Sacred Spaces

Submitted by Godspace
Gregory Nelson — It is 5 AM in the Pacific Northwest and I am listening to the ancient choral music of Thomas Tallis in my den. Each morning I light three candles in front of a small wooden cross on my bookshelf.  Above the cross is an impressionist painting of four dancers – a reminder […]

How do you say T H A N K Y O U. . . .

I wanted to just give the biggest thank you that I can think of, I have no idea how to even begin to explain how much your love and support means to me! Thank you for praying for me, for thinking of me in your busy lives. Thank you for making me feel more loved then I have ever before. I am grateful for your giving hearts because without every single person who has donated to me I would not be here in Nicaragua, and I truly from the bottom of my heart thank you. In some of your situations I know

Adopt an Ornament

New Fundraiser just in time for the Christmas Holiday! The first two months of the World Race have been nothing short of incredible and my squad has been able to accomplish so much work here in Central America. In order to continue that work we need a little help getting funded.  Adopt an Ornament  This year for Christmas I will be in Honduras which means I cant enjoy having a real Christmas tree. Instead I have a construction paper tree and I need help filling it with ornaments, 100

The Reality of the Worldrace

The race has been the most difficult thing I have ever done. They say the first few months are the most challenging but I wasn't expecting this. My heart and soul has been stretched and I'm struggling. The Worldrace isn't this light hearted adventure. Yeah, you might get some great pictures and stories about traveling but it's so much more. Its the people you encounter and the ministry that you engage in. Its impossible to love without attachment and leaving again is heavy on my heart. There is